MR. TITO: My Pro Wrestling (WWE and AEW) Christmas Wishlist for 2022

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all! Thank you for tuning back into the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING on this great holiday. I always try to make it a point to post columns on holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas as it’s a reward for my many readers but also making my columns available when other content providers aren’t doing so. I’ve been doing it for a while but I was vindicated by a story from producer/record executive Jimmy Iovine making himself available in a recording studio during Easter, when nobody else could attend, and in comes John Lennon to record music.

For many years now, I have written “Christmas Wishlist” style columns for my Christmas based column and this year will be no different. Christmas is about keeping with tradition and why not keep it up with my columns?

Oh, and I say this every year and I 100% mean it… If you see anyone struggling this Christmas or throughout the Holiday Season, acknowledge them or put your arm around them. Many people are lonely this time of year because they don’t have the same blessings as you with a stable family or friend network. Go out of your way and make someone feel special. You know never know, that one glimpse of hope will get someone through a day or week, maybe more.

Onto my wishlist.


I WISH that both WWE would try something new with their Creative Teams. Actually, scratch that with the WWE… They already tried this and that was during 1996 when they gave one of their WWE Magazine writers a chance to join the Creative Team. The rest was history as Russo added a fresh perspective to the WWE to prompt the Attitude Era. Why can’t the WWE tap into its fanbase for the next members of the creative team? Ditto for AEW? There are many knowledgeable and dedicated fans out there who would be willing to dedicate their lives further to pro wrestling. I said it last year about Aaron Rift and Sean Ross Sapp… He’s a pain in my arse, but Virtue would give everything he has to help a company creatively. All of these ex-Hollywood writers are failing the WWE and Tony Khan needs serious help backstage. Why not try dedicated wrestling fans who have a proven talent for content providing online?

I WISH that both WWE and AEW would BAN gimmick matches. No more exploding rings, no more TLC, no more Hell in a Cell, no more Elimination Chambers, GET RID OF ALL OF IT. BAN IT! Instead, just focus on the in-ring product and only use specialty matches when the confines of a wrestling ring cannot sustain two wrestlers. Having full Pay Per Views around a specific gimmick is stupid.

I WISH that Pro Wrestling would care about THEME MUSIC once again… Sorry, but the music in both WWE and AEW totally sucks right now. How blessed were we with Jim Johnston creating original tracks that fit perfectly as theme music. Music these days are from artists whom the WWE contracted for theme music and the passion just isn’t there. Johnston was a composer and the WWE needs to hire someone who can compose original tracks. AEW, too, as all of their music is complete garbage.

I WISH that wrestlers would learn more about in-ring psychology rather than relying on high spots. You’re killing yourselves with high risk maneuvers and won’t be able to enjoy bigger paydays late into your 30s or 40s. That, or you’ll seek self medication to cure that ailing pain in your body. AEW has guys like Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson backstage… TALK TO THEM!

I WISH that Tony Khan would never show his face on AEW cameras, ever again. LESS IS MORE, Tony. You haven’t learned from Vince McMahon over-exposing his “heel boss” character, nor have you learned from Eric Bischoff when he started hogging the camera from 1997-1998. Ditto Vince Russo and Dixie Carter who loved the camera, too. We need you to internally improve the company and let the wrestlers do the actions on-screen. WCW began eroding internally during 1997 because Eric Bischoff paid less attention to the internal affairs of WCW and more attention to his heel NWO character. Besides, you have other things on your plate like hiring a new head football coach for your NFL team…

I WISH that when Jim Ross beats skin cancer because he’s a tough S.O.B. (no harm intended) that AEW or maybe even WWE (if his contract expires) listens to him. If I were running either company, I’d hire 5 direct reports to work under Jim Ross and have Ross educate/train each one on wrestling philosophy and talent development. Since 2004 when the WWE decided to push him aside when Ross wanted to live in Oklahoma, we’ve let that brilliant mind go to waste. WWE would be DEAD had Ross not revamped their talent pool and created a developmental system for future stars.

I WISH that people would stop complaining about the WWE Network. It was $9.99 in 2014 when it launched and the premium version of Peacock is $9.99. 7 years later, you’re getting about the same amount of content plus lots of NBC/Universal content on the side. Furthermore, you can decide to spend $4.99 to get a few commercials. What a steal. With all of the inflation in town right now, this price has never changed and is in fact cheaper with the commercial plan. What a bargain. How can you ever complain about that?

I WISH that women in the WWE, particularly, were allowed to push sexuality again like they did in the 1990s and 2000s. What, are you offended by that statement? Then go look at every female wrestler’s Instagram and then compare that to what was on WWE programming during the late 1990s or early 2000s. It’s OK to sell sexuality, as it opens the door for other possibilities for women in the WWE. Those Playboy paydays were HUGE for women in the WWE, but other non-nude magazines want to hire them too. You put one of your most beautiful ladies in weird and goofy outfits in Alexa Bliss. Why? She’s naturally beautiful… Just have her walk out and let her show off. Again, look at their Instagram accounts! If you think that I’m full of crap, why is Mandy Rose having the best moments of her career right now in NXT?

I WISH that WWE would listen to me and change that 10-11pm hour of RAW to an adult rating. Let wrestlers swearing, push hot women, and get a little more violent. Your fans are older, anyway, so what are you afraid of? Lower ratings won’t draw for advertisers, so why not spruce things up?

I WISH that someone could write a rulebook on what people are allowed to say and what they cannot. I also wish that people would understand that people can evolve from past behaviors. We’re so quick to cancel someone because of what they did in the past or what they accidentally said now. The “censored words” list keeps growing everyday and not enough memos are being sent out as to what is now on it.

I WISH that COVID-19 would just go away. Get the vaccine, as you’ve been injected with vaccines and other preventative medicine your entire life. Fact is that you’ll increase your likelihood with the vaccine instead of without. Get the boosters, too, to fight off new variants. Then, we can all return to normal and attend live wrestling events without fear.

I WISH that people would end this “Chris Benoit/WWE Hall of Fame” debate. He’s not getting in. He murdered his wife and child. Period, end of story. There is no going back after that. Sure, if Benoit were alive and not a murderer, he’d be in the WWE Hall of Fame, no question. But he killed his own family.

I WISH that Bret “the Hitman” Hart would just chill out in his old age. Recently, he was hammering Hulk Hogan and other times, he’s been openly critical of other wrestlers. For one, it’s hard to criticize Hogan because he drew way more on top than you ever did. Secondly, pro wrestling is a business… Let it go. WWE screwed you and then you made a major chunk of change in WCW. Sure, things ended badly in WCW, but remember, the easier way out of all of this was to opt out of your WWE and negotiate for a more financially reasonable one. Instead, you took the big WCW money and have since been bitter about they way they used you.

I WISH that Stone Cold Steve Austin would somehow wrestle Roman Reigns at the Dallas Wrestlemania this year. I don’t care how old Austin is, to have an all-time great square off against Roman would cause people’s heads to explode. For one match, Austin would bring it.

I WISH that Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer would just announce that they are loosely affiliated with AEW and join their Creative Team. I’d love to see both of them put their money were their mouths are, as we’ve heard them rip WWE’s creative team for years. Well, now go prove to us what you have!

I WISH that CM Punk would assert himself backstage and take control over his character. Nothing more to it that that…

I WISH that Tessa Blanchard could get a real chance at redemption. Court of public opinion has cancelled her from ever joining WWE or AEW. Quite the shame, as very few are as talented at her in the industry. If you’re willing to accept Hulk Hogan returning to the WWE, and he SAID IT ON TAPE, then you need to be consistent and be forgiving of Tessa has only hearsay from rivals backstage.

I WISH that Alberto Del Rio would look back at his opportunities in the WWE and wonder “might what have been”… Seriously, through early 2011, he was being groomed to be a top star. Had he remained on Smackdown and didn’t interrupt “Summer of Punk”, that could have happened… But something snapped in Del Rio and he’s been in legal troubles and social media drama for the past 5 years. That’s a shame because he could have been a major star. Sure, WWE creative screwed him over with the SummerSlam 2011 stuff and botching his return by placing him with Zeb Colter, but he could have weathered those storms, kept working hard, and he could have mattered by 2015 when the WWE needed top stars. What a shame.

And finally…

I WISH that AEW or WWE would have read one of my many columns down below. Folks, I put my heart and soul into not just my columns, but being a wrestling fan. My columns are well thought out, informative, researched, and I incorporate my business experience and education into them too. I’ve posted idea after idea, 100% free, that either promotion could use to improve their programs. Do they ever listen to me? Of course not and that’s why AEW cannot stay above 950,000 now and why RAW us sinking below 2 million. WWE probably spends millions on consultants and AEW is overpaying wrestlers posing as EVPs. All they had to do was ready my columns, baby, free of charge and they would have greatly improved their products. Instead, they’ll keep blowing money on fools and get nothing out of it in return.

I wish that more of you would have realized how right I was about Pro Wrestling for the past 23 years.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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