MR. TITO: WWE Wrestlemania 37 Predictions – Who Should Win and Who Will Win?

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It is time to predict the Big Show… No, not what Paul Wight will be doing in AEW, but to make my official Wrestlemania 37 predictions. I was going to slap this in a section of this Saturday’s “Ask Tito” but making these predictions are worthy of the big Tuesday slot instead. Honestly, I’m a big fan of this card as I feel that the WWE is getting the maximum effort out of the card. Furthermore, the variety here is impressive and it a card that features “something for everyone”.

I praised this Wrestlemania 37 card in my latest Ask Mr. Tito and yet many of you bashed me for being POSITIVE about the Wrestlemania 37 card. Huh? Many of you are actually calling it “one of the worst Wrestlemania cards of all time”. Are you crazy? Really? I have Wrestlemania 9, 11, and some of the cards of the last 10 years to show you.

Wrestling fans are confusing me… In previous years, the were BASHING the WWE for having Part-Timers appearing in big spots for Wrestlemania shows. “Why can’t you give those spots to Full-Timers?” You know, criticizing MAJOR stars of the past like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, the Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, and Batista for taking high profile matches on Wrestlemania cards. Well, this 2021 Wrestlemania 37 card has NONE OF THEM and you’re STILL complaining. You know why WWE is struggling right now? They have no idea how to please you because YOU don’t know what YOU personally want. Picky as hell… You call me cynical about the WWE? Look at your own reaction to this Wrestlemania 37 card.

But then I hear the excuse of “this build has been terrible”. My response is go look at the builds of the LAST 20 Wrestlemanias. Go watch the Monday Night RAWs and Smackdowns before Wrestlemania 18. Chris Jericho was a pawn in Triple H and Stephanie’s bitter break-up where they fought over custody of their Dog. Seriously, that happened… Then, look at Hulk Hogan vs. Rock. Hogan tried to commit vehicular homicide on the Rock by ramming a tractor trailer into an ambulance carrying the Rock. And all of you have the NERVE to criticize this year’s build? When the WWE Roster was STACKED back then, Creative was still terrible. Go watch the build up of Booker T vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 19 if you don’t believe me. How, by the way, Cancel Culture hasn’t seen Triple H’s performance during that feud is beyond me.

Unbelievable. And I used to hear people nitpicking about what was or wasn’t on the WWE Network. For freakin’ $9.99, the WWE gave you the farm on top of LIVE streaming Pay Per Views. Remember when you had to fork over $44.99 for regular Pay Per Views and $59.99 for Wrestlemania… You know, PER SHOW? From February 2014 through March 2021, the WWE gave you an AMAZING streaming service and many of you nitpicked what was on that. Hell, many of you threatened riots if the WWE even dared to raise their price above $9.99. Now, the WWE places their WWE Network like content on Peacock thanks to the major NBC/Universal deal. Yeah, that WWE Network wasn’t so bad, was it? Maybe if we were willing to pay more for the WWE Network and appreciate it, Vince wouldn’t need to take the NBC/Universal deal? Maybe… Probably not, because money talks.

For anyone who is cynical about this Wrestlemania 37 card… Enjoy being a hypocrite about your Part-Timer criticisms while your Peacock App struggles to stream both nights of Wrestlemania 37.

I, on the other hand, LOVE this Wrestlemania 37 card and my only grief is that I have to pay for Peacock to watch this show. I really dislike what the NBC channel airs as “news” and as “primetime shows”. Just awful and now I’m financially supporting that to watch WWE’s biggest show of the year.

Oh well…. The things that you do for love.

Onto my predictions.


Mr. Tito’s PHAT Wrestlemania 37 Predictions

First and foremost, the NoDQ crew made their predictions on YouTube which you can enjoy by CLICKING HERE.

And I’ll be providing my predictions in the format that I made famous with the “WHO SHOULD WIN” and “WHO WILL WIN” format. I’ll give you my take on who should win the match and then prediction whom the WWE will actually book to win that match. Simple as that.

Before I begin, I’m impressed that the WWE is actually advertising Night #1 and Night #2… I would have made both nights a surprise, but again, the show is so loaded that it doesn’t matter.


Tag Team Turmoil: Lana/Naomi vs. Mandy Rose/Dana Brook vs. Riott Squad vs. Natalya/Tamina – Winners will face Tag Champs on Night #2
I just wonder what that Paul Heyman promo on Natalya was all about by mentioning her Grandfather, Stu Hart, and her dad Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart. Something was up with that and Paul wouldn’t do that to personally attack her. That tells me of a quickly put together storyline to build up 2 daughters of WWE Hall of Famers winning this match to go onto night 2. Honestly, when looking at the rest of the teams, there really isn’t much of a choice.

Who SHOULD Win / WHO WILL WIN: Natalya Neidhart and Tamina Snuka… It’s OK to have last names, ladies, and you’re not responsible for any issues that your fathers had.


Bad Bunny/Damian Priest vs. Miz/John Morrison
Originally a singles match but now a tag match with John Morrison cleared to wrestle. GOOD. Match could have been a disaster with a guy who was just WWE Champion having to sell for a celebrity in a singles match. Honestly, I don’t care about this match… See my debate about Part-Timers taking big spots above? Why aren’t wrestling fans criticizing the WWE for giving a wrestling spot on this WM 37 card to a celebrity? Adding more trained professionals to this match = good and hopefully, it creates a launch pad for Damian Priest… Although I doubt it. He’s another NXT call-up with a dark or brooding gimmick. Is anybody allowed to have a happy gimmick in NXT or are we trying to pay tribute to 1990s metal? Good lord…

WHO SHOULD WIN: Bad Bunny should get DESTROYED by a train wrestler when in the ring with either the Miz or John Morrison.

WHO WILL WIN: Bad Bunny and Damian Priest. Poor John Morrison… What on earth did you return to?


Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins
So here we are again… All of our hopes are up, once again, that Cesaro will get a big win and then a big push. We have been living this dream for 10 years now with the same underwhelming results. Now, he’s in a big Wrestlemania spot with a solid opponent that might create a show-stealing moment. In my opinion, Cesaro should win because Seth Rollins needs a MAJOR reboot on his character. This whiny heel is just now working… He is still the “Monday Night Messiah” but without advertising that name. My hope is that Cesaro gets a convincing win that it creates a storyline with Seth Rollins seeking redemption for the past few years of his heelish deeds. But this is the WWE…

WHO SHOULD WIN: Cesaro. It’s time for his push and this trademark win over a past champion could launch it.

WHO WILL WIN: WWE loves pushing Seth Rollins, always has and always will. Seth for the win here and WWE believes that he’ll gain heat by defeating Cesaro.


New Day vs. AJ Styles/Omos
Omos making his WWE debut at a freakin’ Wrestlemania. When in doubt of making a prediction, always bet on the HOSS to win. New Day is just hanging there on RAW and losing doesn’t hurt their legacy as a tag team, as they’ll just win the titles back in a few months anyway. I figure that AJ will work most of the match and then a hot tag to Omos will happen to perform some big spots to overwhelm the New Day members.



Steel Cage: Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon
This should be like a 30 second fight, but the big man will have to sell for the backyard wrestler for more than 10 minutes here. And you know how it goes… Braun will sell for him, Shane will leap off the top of the cage not just once, but twice and the second one will be through tables. Then, out of no where, Braun will hit his powerslam. Shane’s ego will be uplifted because he’ll get in his desired backyard wrestling spots and Braun will be the latest victim of looking weak after having to sell for a 51 year old backyard wrestler.



WWE Title: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre
First of all, let’s address something… Somehow, many wrestling fans feel that the WWE owes Drew McIntyre a “big Wrestlemania moment” after last year’s COVID-19 Wrestlemania 36 in front of no fans. Huh? Defeating Brock Lesnar should have been enough of a “moment” and then being WWE Champion for many months should have been as well. It is a FACT that viewership went DOWN with Drew as champion and you CANNOT blame COVID-19. From mid-March through late July, Pro Wrestling had a monopoly on live sports action with NBA, NHL, and NASCAR postponing, MLB delaying, and big events like the Masters, Kentucky Derby, and various other Golf/Tennis Opens being placed on a future date. All eyeballs could have been on Pro Wrestling but it wasn’t… Why? Because one of the members of Three Man Band was your champion. The guy with REAL momentum is Bobby Lashley. Thanks to hype from MVP, he is finally a Main Event superstar and defeating the past champion at Wrestlemania will only make him a bigger star. The guy is 44 years old and will turn 45 in a few months. PUSH HIM NOW as a strong WWE Champion. Drew is still 35 and has at least 10 more years of opportunities ahead of him.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Bobby Lashley. Push him as your champ!

WHO WILL WIN: Drew McIntyre to give him this “great moment” in front of fans. Wouldn’t fans cheer for Bobby winning too? I could see the WWE doing rematches throughout several Pay Per Views to milk this feud.


Smackdown Women’s Title: Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair
The Main Event of Night #1… Hopefully, these ladies deliver because the last time that a Women’s match headlined a Wrestlemania night, it was kind of dull between Rousey, Charlotte, and Becky. You have a nice mix of styles here with Sasha being more of the psychologist and Bianca being an tremendous athlete. Sasha is a great athlete herself and can pull off many great moves, too… Hopefully, these two have been rehearsing their match… What I fear with a crowd is overwhelming support for Sasha Banks, who in my opinion, is one of their biggest draws right now. Smackdown didn’t hold up viewership above 2 million consistently without not just Roman Reigns returning, but making Sasha champion again.

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: Bianca Belair. It’s time… Not much else for Sasha Banks to accomplish as champion right now and I wouldn’t doubt that a Hollywood opportunity is there for her after Wrestlemania. While Bianca Belair is still a tad green on her personality and promos, she is excellent in the ring and I’m not insulted by her winning so early. If she wasn’t great in the ring, I’d have an opposite opinion.




Tag Titles: Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler vs. ???
In my head, the Tag Team Turmoil match was thrown together so fast that it can’t be something that determines the next tag champs… But this is the WWE. With my predictions of Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley winning the Women’s Titles (see below and above), I could see the WWE splitting Nia and Shayna up to be opponents for both. And again, nobody cares about the Tag Team titles. I’m going to predict that the Night #1 winners of the Tag Team Turmoil match will win here to possibly free up Nia and Shayna as singles heels for the babyfaces to overcome.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Nia and Shayna. When they are Tag Champs, that presents fewer opportunities as singles wrestlers. I’m 100% behind that.

WHO WILL WIN: Whomever wins the Tag Team Turmoil match from Night #1


US Title: Riddle vs. Sheamus
Duuuuuuuuuude! At this point, Sheamus is just a guy on the roster to put other wrestlers over. He’s 43 years old now and has that spinal stenosis condition to deal with. WWE seems to want to push Riddle and a big Wrestlemania win could help him. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if something crazy like Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam comes out and somehow helps or salutes Riddle here. I could see the WWE teaming those two up or maybe feuding them. I’m OK with that.

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: Riddle. It’s crying shame that the WWE overpushed Sheamus early in his career, as he could have been much greater as a star. It’s a classic example of WWE Creative screwing with a John Laurinaitis signed talent.


Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
I sense that Logan Paul will somehow cost Sami the match. Other than that, it’s the usual paint by numbers match between these two. For anyone wondering why either guy isn’t higher on the card and needs a Logan Paul to boost interest, just look at their appearances. One guy is ready for a YMCA basketball game and the other looks like he was picked up off the streets on the way to the arena. Appearances matter in Pro Wrestling and in particular, the WWE. Sad part is that I love both guys as in-ring talents but neither guy understands the presentation part of wrestling. Hell, one of them wore a mask for years on the Indy scene and refused to speak on camera.



RAW Women’s Title: Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley
Though Rhea Ripley was on the NXT roster for much of the year, she appeared on Wrestlemania last year and has been praised by most fans who have seen her. She’s ready, despite the short time on the main WWE roster. With Asuka, the WWE got the most out of her with both Charlotte and Becky out. It’s just time… If Becky and Charlotte won’t be returning or become part-time, you need to look towards your future. Rhea Ripley looks and acts the part of a top star. Just have a great match and things will take off from there.



IC Title: Big E vs. Apollo Crews
It’s funny how the WWE is now pushing Apollo as being from Nigeria. Where is the mention of that previously about his character? And then you give him an American sounding name on top of that. His parents are from Nigeria… I’m all for supporting your heritage within your character, but ignoring it for YEARS on the WWE roster and then suddenly going for it? Changing his accent, too, and also giving him a spear to carry around. Hopefully, Apollo makes the most out of it, as the WWE wasted him as a talent for YEARS. This match is odd to me because I don’t know when the WWE wants to fully push Big E. If I were booking, I wouldn’t even let Big E sniff the World Title scene until 2022 Royal Rumble rolls around. However, I see this being an extensive feud and could go beyond Wrestlemania. Giving the title to the heel would start that up and Big E would come back for revenge. REGARDLESS, both of these guys need to NAIL this match. Both guys have a ton to gain by having a great match at Wrestlemania, but a ton to lose as well. If either guy wants to be groomed into a Main Eventer and potentially do so together, now is the time.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Big E needs to prove himself to be a strong IC Champ first before ever attempting to chase the World Title. We’re not there yet, thus keep the title on him.

WHO WILL WIN: Apollo Crews and Big E will chase him for a rematch.


Bray Wyatt aka the Fiend vs. Randy Orton
These guys need to not only have a good match, but a GREAT match. They have to potentially steal the show on Night #2 to not only salvage the hot supernatural garbage of this feud, but to also redeem their awful 2017 Wrestlemania and post-Wrestlemania feud. I still have scars from that… Orton has been in the wrestling business since 2000, Bray since 2009. Both guys have over 10 years each on the main WWE roster with Orton nearing 20. NO EXCUSES. Go out there and tear the damn house show. This supernatural stuff can ONLY get over if and only if you have GREAT MATCHES to complement it. Ask the Undertaker… Ask Kane. Ask Mankind. If you have LOUSY matches, the microscope gets placed on the supernatural stuff. If you have GREAT matches, we can overlook the excessive “sports entertainment”. It is THAT simple. Just have a great match and in particular with Bray Wyatt, prove all of the critics wrong who say that he can’t have a great match in a big spot (including me).

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: Bray Wyatt aka the Fiend. He’s a burn victim who needs to redeem himself… Alexa Bliss will likely create interference to allow the Fiend to score the pin. We’ve seen all that we need to see on Randy Orton, including a WWE Title reign last year. His career has already been set and now he needs to severely help Bray Wyatt by having a great match. Randy needs to show enthusiasm in the ring, despite losing, and Bray needs to sell vulnerability because he was recently burned to death. None of this no-selling stuff… Just be regular wrestlers who happen to be wearing funny costumes.


WWE Universal Title: Edge vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns

I still disagree with adding Daniel Bryan in this spot, as Triple Threat matches help nobody particularly if the champion can lose by not getting pinned or submitting. Just ridiculous… However, the chemistry with Edge and Roman just isn’t there and Daniel Bryan being added will boost the excitement of the match. I could see the WWE doing a post-Wrestlemania feud with Edge and Daniel Bryan, as it appears that smaller wrestlers like Bryan are who an older Edge wants to wrestle at this point. Hence why Edge expressed desire to perform in NXT, if he could. In my opinion, nobody is a bigger WWE star right now than Roman Reigns. Turning heel was the magic potion, which many of us fans have called for YEARS. However, through 2020, Roman finally became a seasoned veteran and with the help of Paul Heyman advising, he has become a complete superstar. Should be interesting how a LIVE crowd perceives Roman in his role and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the most cheers in this match.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Roman Reigns. Sorry, but Edge and Bryan have been there and done that. Roman should remain champion until a new babyface arises to challenge him. Maybe Big E during 2022’s Wrestlemania?

WHO WILL WIN: Edge is going to pin Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Universal Title. Then, I could see Edge moving to RAW in the post-Wrestlemania “Superstar Shake-up” with Bobby Lashley as WWE Champion going to Smackdown. Edge just doesn’t seem to fit the vibe on Smackdown, the higher viewed WWE show. Lashley vs. Roman could draw huge dollars on Smackdown.


LAST WORD: I predict at least 1 potential “Match of the Year” winner from this show and overall, one of the best Wrestlemania cards of the last 10 years too. It’s a solid show with “something for everyone”. Be positive, folks… When I’m more positive about a WWE show than you, it’s time to reconsider yourself as a wrestling fan. I’m an old man with dreams of the Monday Night Wars and Attitude Era in my head to compare today’s product towards and the bar is too high in my mind. Yet, I like this Wrestlemania 37 card on paper… And so should you! Don’t cry about Part-Timers and then cry when you get a show without Part-Timers taking top spots. Come on, man…

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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