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Right now, Americans are going to their polls to vote (if they haven't voted early already)... But all of us are tired of this Election. So much drama and also the potential threat of more drama over who may win or lose.

Thus, it is my duty here at to take your minds off the political process and give you an escape from reality with some wrestling talk. In fact, I've long argued that the best thing about Pro Wrestling is that it gives fans an outlet to "escape" reality. This is probably why fans are often upset at the lack of quality, at times, as watching wrestling shows is like a salvation to them.

But what we also need are POSITIVE vibes right now... Thus, this column is going to be 100% dedicated to only listing positive things happening in the wrestling business right now.

Are you ready to get positive?

I sure am... So kick back and enjoy these Pro Wrestling Happy Pills!


Randy Orton is a 14 Time Champion
Nevermind those previous 13 title wins, most of them being short title reigns that were abruptly ended. 14 is the charm! And just because he has 14 titles in 16 years and won most of those titles when 2 WWE World Titles existed, that doesn't negate a thing! The bigger positive in all of this is that Randy still has 4 more years on his highly priced contract to go! At this rate, he'll break Ric Flair's title record to be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Wooooooo!

Impact Wrestling is the highest rated show on AXS
Even though we have never seen any AXS shows appear on the top 50 or even top 100 shows for a given day on the Nielsen Ratings list, we know that Impact and its 150,000 viewers are dominating that network's line-up. Great job, Impact, as you sure know how to make a huge impact on pro wrestling!

WWE Wrestlers have more Free Time now that Twitch is banned.
So your Twitch account was banned... So what? That gives you more free time to work with the WWE on reaching fans, right? Oh, WWE won't take your calls? Oh, WWE won't listen to any of your ideas? Oh, WWE won't let you do appearances right now? Oh...

Wrestling fans can constantly yell "I told you so" about Roman Reigns turning heel.
Ever since those loud boos following the 2015 Royal Rumble victory, wrestling fans have been begging for Roman Reigns to turn HEEL. Well, it's 2020 and you got your wish! Roman even has fanboy favorite Paul Heyman as his manager or advisor. See, you got what you wanted... Oh wait, you're not watching anyway. Smackdown's viewership numbers are barely clinging on 2 million or lower viewers compared to late to mid 2 million numbers that it received this time last year.

Otis is no longer WWE Money in the Bank winner.
See? Now that is a positive... Many of you complained after the WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Pay Per View that Otis should NOT have won the Money in the Bank briefcase which guarantees him a World Title shot at any time. He no longer has it... Are you happy now? Oh wait, the Miz has the briefcase which he also had at this same timeframe 10 years ago... How did that work out again?

Could be worse, AEW wrestlers... You could be in WWE.
Need I say more?

Could be worse, WWE wrestlers... You could be in AEW.
Need I say more?

FTR (formerly the Revival) are safe from WWE Creative.
FTR let their WWE contracts run out and joined AEW to avoid awful Creative decisions that made them look bad on a weekly basis. What a relief!

Nia Jax hasn't hurt anyone lately.
Right? It was becoming weekly there for a while with other fellow WWE ladies but she hasn't since. Surely, in this COVID environment where WWE performers are only performing at TV Tapings, she has been training to improve... Right? Surely, I can't be serious...

First Name gone for Matt Riddle.
Reportedly, which Matt Riddle himself has confirmed, the WWE will now refer to Matt Riddle was only "Riddle". Think about the advantages for him. When he writes checks, he only needs to write "Riddle". That will save countless pen strokes to keep that hand and wrist in good shape to extend his longevity as a WWE performer.

Retribution loses repeatedly as an invading stable.
Lots of losses have already occurred for the Retribution stable, leading many to question how TOUGH they really are. Come on, cynical WWE fans! You have long argued that many heel stables are too dominant and never give babyfaces a chance. Now, with Retribution, they are giving you exactly what you wanted!

Coronavirus is saving Parent's wallets from WWE shows.
For all of the Dads out there who were taking their kids to WWE shows... Without the WWE touring its Television and Pay Per View shows plus no Houseshows happening right now, you are saving an incredible amount of money by not attending and taking your kids to shows! WWE has been price gouging you on tickets for years and those damn $35 t-shirts and other overpriced merchandise has been causing money to leave your wallet. You need to THANK COVID-19 for saving you money during 2020 (hopefully, you haven't lost your job too).

Jon Moxley is wrestling how he always wanted.
In the land of AEW, you are free to do as you please... Jon Moxley wanted to wrestle more hardcore matches in the WWE and they wouldn't let him... In AEW, he's free to wrestle any kind of match that his heart desires. Freedom is great, baby!

WWE Diversity Scorecards are helping to push the Women's Division
Do you remember a time when Women's Wrestling only happened occasionally on WWE television and was especially scarce on Pay Per Views? You know, the good old days when WWE could draw up to 5-7 million per show? Ignore all of that... WWE reportedly obtains diversity scorecards that their HR department maintains in case anybody asks about who performs on their cards or appears on camera. We need to personally thank that Corporate initiative towards being politically correct for presenting almost as many Women's matches per night as we see Men's... Even when the quality of the matches can be low, it doesn't matter... The scorecard is perfectly filled out! High five!

AEW is consistently Top 15 in the 18-49 Demographic
This is the reported demographic that Advertisers reportedly want to chase, as younger folks tend to buy things more on impulse and persuasion. Just this past Wednesday, AEW was 12th in the 18-49 Demo even though they are MUCH LOWER in total viewership (almost every show in the top 50 had over 1 million viewers except them and their 781,000). AEW is scoring this top 15 ranking in an era where younger people aren't subscribing to Cable/Satellite packages. Yay, go AEW! Go get those 370,000 younger people (what 0.32 rating approximately gives them).

WWE appeals to older people!
See, that's a good thing... Whenever they try to push younger wrestlers and that upsets older fans, well, the WWE can just shred their long-term plans and push Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar again. Better yet, we can hint that any Attitude Era star MIGHT appear on WWE television in the future. What? You mean that the Rock and Roman Reigns might happen at Wrestlemania 37?!?!? Holy cow! Goldberg and Undertaker might wrestle 1 more match?!? As long as those Attitude Era or OVW Class of 2002 wrestlers can stand upright, the WWE will place them on WWE shows and maybe make them world champions!

No Tag Team Wrestling in WWE.
Who needs tag team wrestling when you can put emphasis on more singles matches? Don't you want to see Otis and Tucker push their singles careers to the limits? I seriously can't wait for that... Everybody keeps begging the WWE to take tag team wrestling seriously, as if it was a midcard asset during the Hulkamania and Attitude Eras. Come on!

Wrestlers are testing POSITIVE in both WWE and AEW
It is literally a POSITIVE... But sadly, a positive test for COVID-19 that is eating alive any wrestling promotions performing in Florida (WWE and AEW). Here is to hoping speedy recoveries to anyone within WWE or AEW who are testing POSITIVE for COVID-19. Wash your hands, cough in your elbow, put on a mask, and enjoy that repeat testing. I'm POSITIVE this experience sucks for most!

And finally...

Vince McMahon is still Chairman and President/CEO of the WWE.
Who brought you Hulkamania? Vince did. Who revamped the WWE during the late 1990s to bring you the Attitude Era? Vince did. Who helped give birth to Stephanie McMahon which would anchor Triple H into becoming a WWE Executive? Vince did. And who is filtering the FAILED Hollywood script writers who now works for the WWE? Vince does weekly... Seriously, there is SO MUCH television out there and Hollywood is starving for writers to feed Streaming Service content. Yet, these FAILED Hollywood writers can't get jobs out there. Vince is SAVING us from humiliating storylines that these FAILED Hollywood writers could be giving us. Vince is also filtering Bruce Prichard from presenting bad ideas, too. Yeah, Vince could hire someone competent instead, but how could he be a Creative Filtering Hero if there wasn't idiots writing storylines for him?


LAST WORD: See? I told you... There are LOTS of POSITIVES in the Pro Wrestling Industry right now. So much positivity that you'll be signing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah out of your... Well, you know. As you head into Election Night and are full of anxiety as to who could win, just re-read my column if you are in need of positivity to get you through the night or week!

It has been my pleasure to point out the POSITIVE things in the wrestling business right now!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, my, oh, my what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way!

So just chill... Until the next episode!

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