MR. TITO: My Job Application to Join WWE Creative
Submitted by Mr. Tito on 09/16/2020 at 01:03 AM

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Dear World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE),

I am hereby applying to join your Creative Team that oversees your Monday Night RAW, Smackdown Live, and possibly your NXT television shows. In my opinion, I'm an employee that you seek who has the right mix of wrestling knowledge, experience in the industry, business experience, writing ability, and work ethic that would succeed in your environment.

And I'm offering my services for FREE... If you agree to let me join your Creative Team, you don't have to pay me. All I'm asking for is to be heard on the Creative Team and that my ideas have a legitimate chance to make a television show.

What do you have to lose? If you want to get serious about my offer, please email me at


- Dedicated Pro Wrestling Fan since October 1988, knowledge of the WWE product since before that through my own research and watching past events.

- 15 Years of Experience working in a Corporate climate

- Master's Degree in a Business-related field

- Writer of Pro Wrestling Columns since late October 1998 for Lords of Pain/Wrestling Headlines from 10/1998 through 7/2020, NoDQ from 8/2020 through Present

- Helped produce and fund various Independent wrestling promotions from 2003-2005.

My WWE Business Plan

If hired, I would recommend and help implement the following changes to the WWE product that would see short-term and long-term results:

Go Deeper on the Third Party Service Ban - Re-implement Kayfabe
First and foremost, I agree with your business stance to disallow wrestlers going into business for themselves on Third Party service providers (Twitch, Cameo, YouTube, etc.), but I would extend that further into Social Media or Podcasts. I would recommend that the WWE puts in a gag order on wrestlers advertising their real names or displaying anything from their real life online. Wrestlers should NEVER discuss Pro Wrestling as "scripted" or even "fake" ever while never revealing how they take bumps or moves/holds. The "Magic Tricks" of the pro wrestling business needs to be protected. I'd recommend instituting a fining system for any wrestlers not in compliance with this policy but I'd also create financial incentives for wrestlers who abide by this as well.

Bring Back the Top Brands (Four Horsemen, DX, NWO, Evolution, the Shield) like NASCAR Owned Teams
WWE has amazing brands... From the past. And yet, most of those brands are on ice right now including the greatest stables of all time from Four Horsemen to NWO to DX to Evolution and even the Shield. To this day, those brands still sell lots of merchandise even though those stables are completely inactive. I propose bringing ALL OF THEM back but have its structure similar to NASCAR with owners having multiple racers within a team.

What I propose is to have "owners" of each Brand, such as Ric Flair and Barry Windham for the Four Horsemen, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (maybe Hogan, maybe Sean Waltman) for the New World Order (NWO), Road Dogg & Shawn Michaels & Sean Waltman for Degeneration X (DX) with Triple H being conflicted, and Evolution with Batista (maybe Triple H, maybe Ric Flair)... And those NASCAR owners can recruit up to 4 team members... Active WWE wrestlers can wear the Horsemen, DX, NWO, and Evolution brands and their older owners can make periodic appearances to support their teams. The prestige of being a Horsemen would elevate any wrestler and it gives Ric Flair's appearances a purpose. I would LOVE to see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall appearing to give pep talks to their "new" New World Order. You could also create storylines based on "conflicts of interest" if Sean Waltman has ownership interests in both DX and NWO or if Ric Flair is part-owner of the Horsemen and Evolution... If Triple H is involved with both managing the WWE and owning DX and/or Evolution teams partially, it plays great in the storylines.

And you could go further... If Hulk Hogan wanted to come back and have a "NASCAR" like team of 4 wrestlers to call it "Team Hogan" or "Team Hulkamania", that's possible. Sting could appear and have 4 wrestlers called "The Stingers". "Team Angle" could reform under Kurt Angle. Paul Heyman could reform the Dangerous Alliance. John Cena could form his own team to allow him to make various WWE appearances, "Cenation"?

It's a perfect way to re-use past old brands (Horsemen, DX, NWO, Evoluation), putting current or new wrestlers in the spotlights under major brands, and incorporating stars of the past in mentor roles.

Brand Extension is Finished
It's just not working and nobody believes in the multiple title belts. Meanwhile, both rosters work combined Pay Per Views. Both FOX and Comcast would love to share top stars.. Instead of Brand Splits, I would make certain elements exclusive to each show... Maybe Tag Wrestling is more exclusive to Smackdown while Cruiserweights or more Women's wrestling appears on RAW. Make major storylines serve as cliffhangers to entice fans to tune into the next show (like they USED to during 2000). Additionally, the changes in the Title situation can also help make both shows appealing without a brand split.

Eliminate "Superstar Shake-ups" IF Brand Extension Must Remain
If the RAW and Smackdown brands must be kept separate with separate rosters, let's eliminate the Superstar Shake-up where various roster members are swapped in attempt to freshen up the rosters. Historically speaking, the WWE never sees a bump after these shake-ups and it usually ruins the chemistry of the rosters. See the Smackdown 2016-2017 roster which had great chemistry among them and then was ruined by the shake-up (Miz's career has never recovered).

Treat both RAW and Smackdown like Sports Franchises with General Managers for both and they are restricted by Salary Caps. They can make trades throughout the years as needed with real terms in place. For any NXT Call-ups, they will occur after Wrestlemania in a DRAFT where RAW and Smackdown have Draft Picks... If either roster needs to make a trade, they can actually trade those draft picks as needed. The entire NXT Draft Show can be set-up just like the NBA or NFL draft where clips of a wrestler's NXT work can be shown to mainstream WWE fans and an analyst can hype what each wrestler could do in the ring.

Respect thy Title Belts
Title belts need to be taken seriously. They are a primary drawing option if believed to be legit or credible. We can't have random switches nor can we have vague contendership matches to set up title matches. DITCH non-title matches, too, as UFC and Boxing NEVER have non-title matches to set-up title matches.

Have only 1 World Heavyweight Title, period, and have only 5-6 top wrestlers contending for that title. Have a valid contender's list to determine who gets title shots INSTEAD of random Triple Threat or Fatal 4 Way matches on a random edition of RAW to determine the #1 contender. Beyond the 5-6 top wrestlers, everyone else is going to either contend for the Intercontinental Title (US Title merged within it), the newly created TV Title (must be defended on RAW and Smackdown), or form a Tag Team. 24/7 Title would be eliminated, retired with R-Truth as its final champion. Cruiserweight Title would be pushed as a serious thing. 1 Women's World Title and Tag Titles.

Reduction of Gimmick Matches
Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre is going to be booked as an Ambulance Match. Huh? What exactly is that? If I recall from Braun vs. Roman, you win by beating someone up so much that you can hurl them into the back of an ambulance? Why can't they just have an "I Quit" match instead where the beat themselves senseless with the microphone, demanding the other to say those words? LESS IS MORE... And let's reduce these "Hardcore", "Street Fight", "No Holds Barred" similar type matches as well as reducing the dependency on Ladders/Table matches and spots.

Have INSTANT REPLAY for Title Matches
To add some credibility to title matches, and also storylines and controversy, losing wrestlers in a title match have the opportunity to "challenge" a finish when a title is on the line. Simply put, the losing wrestler has to answer to a standing 10 count to make the challenge. THAT or if a wrestler has a MANAGER, the manager can immediately challenge for a replay to happen. This creates a purpose for wrestlers to have managers in some fashion again. The replays can add to the controversy if the camera angles are bad or if a wrestler monkeys with cameras before a match. Any controversy can set-up rematches.

Last Hour of Monday Night RAW is rated for Mature Audiences
Between 10-11pm, wrestlers are allowed to curse more, females can show a little more skin, more blood and violence can happen, and more adult themes can be pushed. Any hot angle that requires extra mustard can be violently pushed during this hour and it can easily set-up matches for Smackdown on the following Friday. Many other Cable channels are going mostly unfiltered from 10pm and beyond, so why can't the WWE go that route on the USA Network?

Rebuild the Tag Team Division with Flashy Gimmicks
Remember how great the Tag Team Division was during the late 1980s and early 1990s? Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Demolition, Rockers, and eventually, Money Inc, Steiners, Road Warriors, and others. Most of these teams placed 2 smaller wrestlers, 2 younger wrestlers, or 2 veterans together with a gimmicked team name that fans could get behind. Look at how those teams were dressed to match each other and they didn't look like stupid vikings. Hart Foundation looked classy and Demolition looked badass. Let tag wrestlers go a little crazy with their gimmicks.

Use Stephanie McMahon more often in the Women's Division BUT AS A HEEL
Say what you will about Stephanie McMahon, but when she participates within the Women's Division, she appears credible. She's 5'8" and through physical training, is quite strong (most WWE female wrestlers are smaller than her). If you look back at her matches with a green Trish Stratus and a debuting Ronda Rousey, she did her part to make her opponents look great in the ring.

The Women's Division without Rousey, Charlotte, or Becky needs some sizzle... It needs a bigtime heel and a "sense of urgency". I would debut Stephanie as the new Commissioner of the Women's Division but as a heel who is trying to control how talent operates. In other words, take the business model of 1998 with Vince McMahon forming the Corporation and do it with the Women's Division with Stephanie McMahon as the heel boss. She could have her own HEEL female stable with Bayley, Nia Jax, and other heels to surround herself and babyfaces would not only have to overcome the heels, but contend with Stephanie as well. She could call it the "She-Corp" or something like that.

More Psychology in Matches, Less Scripting on Promos
Give wrestlers talking points but let them cut promos in an unscripted fashion. Let them make it personal to them... Remember, Austin, Foley, and Rock came up with their own catchphrases by themselves and didn't have anyone coming up with their trademark lines. Wrestlers today are too scripted and appear robotic because they are concentrating too hard on reciting their memorized lines instead of acting from the heart.

More psychology is needed in matches and less scripting those, move for move, backstage. Seems like WWE wrestlers these days are performing a script inside the ring with each and every move. Matches should be called inside the ring and moves should be performed based on how the crowd is reacting to the match. Fewer table spots, fewer use of the ring stairs or ring post, and no more kendo sticks or chairs. Use psychology to work on arms, legs, and apply holds to wear down or torture opponents in order to stir up fans at ringside. Look at Ric Flair for all of those years... Once he worked on those legs to set-up the Figure 4, fans were ready to riot. It's the simple concept of LESS IS MORE, as less high spots, table spots, chairs, and other violent stuff can be replace by simple mat wrestling to get wrestlers equally over.

Theme Music Matters
Just look at the career of WWE composer Jim Johnston. All of those themes mattered for years, such as glass shattering for Austin, the Ultimate Warrior's theme, Razor Ramon, the Rock, Chris Jericho, and so much more. Music needs to be composed to have a bigger feel to them instead of using licensed music by regular bands. The theme music needs to feel "larger than life" just like the wrestlers.

Here are my ideas for the following wrestlers...

Roman Reigns - Needs to revamp his in-ring style. More ground & pound and more in-ring chain wrestling. Needs a submission hold, badly (see my recommended Full Nelson Camel Clutch called the "Reign of Terror"). Should incorporate more in-ring stretching and holds that are associated with the build-up towards that new submission hold. Remove the Shield bulletproof vest and obtain new music.

Braun Strowman - Either push him as a Goldberg like killing machine as a heel or push him as a lovable guy like Hulk Hogan. Don't be "half pregnant" on having him constantly changing his image or behavior. The lack of consistency is dooming his character. Is he for kids or is he violent? Can't tell.

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend - I keep preaching that he's the son of Mike Rotunda and the nephew of Barry Windham... Yet, many loyal WWE fans like Bray's gimmick and the Fiend. Why not have both? Both Mike and Barry can appear on WWE television, along with his brother Bo Dallas and sister Mika... They can attempt to have family interventions because Bray Wyatt has clearly lost it mentally... His family will plead Bray to get help but he has gone too much off the deep end. Maybe this storyline could allow for family members to turn and join Bray on the deep end...

Apollo Crews - He needs a high impact finisher... I've said it for a while, especially since Apollo seems a bit awkward on the microphone. Have Ron Simmons join him as a mentor and give him the Dominator as a finisher. When Apollo hits that move, Ron yells "DAMN!". Crowd will eventually join.

Randy Orton - He, of all people, needs a stable... He thrived in Evolution and within the Legacy. He needs other wrestlers to play off of and to keep him in line on the character and promos stuff.

Seth Rollins - He needs some positive vibes... Always negative or snarky with his characters, even when he's a babyface. Like Orton, he could thrive in a stable. Look at how integral he was as part of the Shield.

Keith Lee - Win the US Title or Intercontinental Title first before challenging WWE main roster World Title contenders or the champion. Keith was pushed too fast and meanwhile, the WWE changed his look (new tights, forcing him to wear shirts, shaving) and changing his music. Damaged goods off the get.

Drew McIntyre - Just keep him strong. It's hard to judge him, as he has been champion without any crowds. I wish he had a better finisher than that kick...

The Miz - Go find whatever he took before that "Talking Smack" 2016 show with Daniel Bryan and inject more of it into Miz. He hasn't been the same since the 2017 Superstar Shake-up and appears to be way too corporate right now with his various side projects. What's missing from the Miz is his hunger to be a top guy.

Bobby Lashley - Push the MMA background as hard as you can. I really like the Hurt Business stable and would like to see that pushed strong as a group.

Big E - Return the "Langston" last name, but don't let him leave the New Day. Kofi and Woods can remain a Tag Team while Big E goes for a singles run. See my stables comment above... New Day can be their own self-funded stable, maybe add a 4th member to compete with other stables.

And I could go on discussing more talent... You'd have to invite me for a call or a meeting at WWE Headquarters to discuss more.

I'm 100% dead serious about my offer and if you don't want to associate with me whatsoever, I am allowing you to use any of my presented ideas above as your own.

What I give a damn about is IMPROVING THE QUALITY of Pro Wrestling. I look at the WWE's own numbers of being ABOVE 4 Million during early 2015 for Monday Night RAW to now being BELOW 2 Million viewers through September 2020. Before 2020, WWE was reportedly reducing their Houseshow events due to weak attendance and they are often tarping off much of the arena for RAW and Smackdown televised shows. In my opinion, it's all due to self-inflicted wounds on how the WWE prepares for their shows, develops talent, and writes their creative.

I remain as a wrestling fan because in my opinion, when Pro Wrestling hits on all cylinders, there is NOTHING more entertaining to watch. I stick around and keep writing on wrestling with the HOPE that quality will someday improve. That's why anyone gives a crap about AEW... It gives fans HOPE that a competitor will rise and force the WWE to potentially change or improve their ways.

You know where to find me, WWE... I write columns exclusively for right now while my email is

What do you have to lose? My advice and application will only cost you time to consider and not a financial cost to you at all. And if I'm successful, it's pure revenue for you and no cost needed. I'll be happy to provide fans with great wrestling entertainment once again.

You can't say that I didn't try to help, wrestling fans...

So just chill... Until the next episode!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.



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