Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Survivor Series 2020 Review
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WWE Survivor Series 2020 is in the books and I just don't know... I remember a time when Survivor Series was actually WWE's #2 event or at least tied for it. You could argue that the Monthly Pay Per View offerings killed it but this event was strong during the late 1990s. Montreal Screwjob anyone? 1998's World Title tournament? The end of the WCW/ECW Invasion was probably the last time that it meant something though Brock Lesnar had a handful of good match-ups featured on this show.

Because of so much WWE programming, it's no longer special to have the 5 on 5 or 40 on 4 Survivor Series match-ups. Back in the day, wrestlers never worked with each other as much thanks to the 1 hour formatted shows of matches mostly against jobbers. Then, when you had these big tag matches, wrestlers would finally get to work with each other. That or you could have a CRAZY team like the Road Warriors, the Ultimate Warrior, and Kerry Von Erich (the "Modern Day Warrior") teaming up.

Now, the WWE has Title vs. Title matches between the RAW and Smackdown brands to make it feel "special", substituting the old Bragging Rights Pay Per View theme. Whoopee. There shouldn't be 2 brands and there shouldn't be multiple World Titles, midcard titles, and tag titles.

It's just another example of poor long-term planning, poor creative, and an entire roster of wrestlers who are burned out right now.

What did I think about this show? Well, let's find out...

Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Survivor Series 2020 Review

Opening match was HOT GARBAGE between Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown. Team RAW swept Team Smackdown rather easily... What was the point of Seth Rollins offering himself up to be defeated? I'm sure that will result in some time off, but good lord... Let someone get a clean hard fought victory over him instead of the modern day Finger Poke of Doom. FINGER OF SHAME for that crap. Seems that for Rollins, he seriously peaked at Wrestlemania 31. See ya! For the rest of Team Smackdown, when Otis is featured as your toughest remaining guy, you've got problems. This match made me re-think how thin Smackdown's roster might really be... Seems to me that Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks are carrying the blue brand right now. [ * ]

Street Profits vs. New Day was up next... What on earth was that promo from the Street Profits before the match? Good God, is there any quality control on this show? The WWE needs to hire Jim Cornette to give Zoom video conferencing to teach most WWE wrestlers how to speak. Match was just a television like match, nothing special. Cool that the Profits won but based on their prior Pay Per View appearances before this, their win didn't feel special because they haven't been a strong tag team at all in the WWE. [ ** ]

Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn was up next. Speaking of quality control, could someone convince Zayn to sit in a barber chair and clean himself up? Between that and the pants that he was constantly pulling up, he looked like a guy that the WWE picked up at the homeless shelter to wrestle this match. Look professional, guys. I remember a time when wrestlers were thought of as "Greek Gods" or "Larger than Life" and not your next door unemployed neighbor. Lashley at least looks the part and won the match. [ *1/2 ]

Sasha Banks defeated Asuka... Yawn. Just nothing... Another typical television show with nothing special to offer on television. There was just no heat or reason to have this match and it showed. Fundamentally sound match but the heat was not there because this match was just slapped together because of this joke "Best of the Best" gimmick. [ *** ]

Women's Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown was next... First of all, before you watch this match, it's worth checking out Lana's Chronicle documentary on the WWE Network. If you watch that, you'll be amazed at how nice and how proud of a family person that Lana is... That and 2020 has been difficult due to her husband's release and trolling online. WWE, for almost a decade now, has tried to push her as a character that doesn't fit who she personally is. That feeds into this match which was an entire gimmick to somehow make Lana survive via fluke. Now, getting to that finish, we really did have some fine work from the 10 ladies... Some incredible spots hit throughout this match... However, that was nullified by the referee actually disqualifying someone for not breaking a submission hold at the ropes and a fast 10 count for outside wrestlers. Completely inconsistent on how referees have acted for the last 20 years in the WWE. And then the fluke win for Lana as Nia and Bianca were counted out. [ *** ]

MAIN EVENT was Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre... Overall, it was a solid bout between two guys who LOOKED THE PART and it was hard hitting between the two larger guys. Roman is working a much different style that isn't waiting to hit the Drive By, Spear, or Superman Punch. I love the addition of the submission hold and him working towards locking it in. Where was this psychology during 2014 through early 2020? Roman won the match via some Jey Uso interference that I initially didn't see due to being distracted by the Raiders/Chiefs game (I had Fantasy players in that game). [ ***1/2 ] Afterward, Jey Uso embraced Roman Reigns at the entrance way.

Undertaker salute was next... Shane McMahon, Big Show, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, the Godfather (minus the hoes), the Godwins, Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash (idiot Corey Graves thought that Michael Cole was wrong about Diesel vs. Taker happening at Wrestlemania 12), Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H, and Kane (in wrestling gear and in character, not shaking hands with anyone) make separate entrances and get in the ring. HOLY COW, those are big name wrestlers and Undertaker's closest friends. Safe travels, everyone! Vince McMahon is now in the ring and he's so proud and emotional to announce the Undertaker's arrival. Amazing that Vince and associates created this amazing gimmick with the PERFECT guy and it lasted 30 years. Interesting special effects with lighting with sounds playing the Undertaker theme. Undertaker is in full Deadman gear...

With microphone in hand, Undertaker declares "my time has come to let the Undertaker REST IN PEACE". This would have been much cooler in a packed arena instead of a bunch of video screens with piped in sounds... And then the WWE got me with the Paul Bearer image and "ohhhhh yes!". After his kneeling down salute in the ring, he walks out of the ring and goes to the back (with his full great still on). And thankfully, nothing goofy like Firefly Funhouse interrupting it. It was a true send-off for one of the ALL TIME great WWE performers. REST IN PEACE, Undertaker... But keep making more WWE Network specials, please!

LAST WORD: WWE is a tired brand of wrestling right now. 3 hours of RAW and 2 hours of Smackdown has worn this brand out. Might be time to consider reducing the number of Pay Per Views to make them feel special again. Just tired show... Tough to sit through all of this just to get to the Undertaker salute. [ C+ ]

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