ASK TITO: Chris Jericho on Steve Austin’s WWE Network Show, Hurt Business, and More

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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING has returned to for another installment of “Ask Mr. Tito” in which I answer your questions from Email, Twitter, or the Comments below and provide my answers in a column form for all to read. Man, I caught many of you buy surprise with my Rob Van Dam – WHAT IF column… With Rob Van Dam getting into the Hall of Fame, it seemed like a topical thing to cover. Plus, my past few weeks of columns have been RED HOT with reaction and sometimes, you gotta let the stove cool down. Answering feedback on highly contested columns becomes a full-time job just to keep up!

But that’s OK… Something is happening with NoDQ’s Opinions Section. Since I joined during August 2020 where only a few written columns have been posted, we’ve gained multiple writers… Not only that, but they getting very bold and ballsy on the topics that they are covering. Often when they post something, the people replying to the Tweeted link are saying “another Tito column” but it’s NOT ME! Interesting dynamic here at NoDQ, as my presence here has caused more people to write and step up whereas with the prior place, they were intimidated by my aggressive style of covering real time events.

Now we have a new design for… Looks great! We have real time news, results, many great writers, and lots of video content from YouTube to enjoy. We’re LOCKED and LOADED to cover the rest of 2021 for you, the readers. And everything is free and available for you to enjoy with minimal ads and no paywalls. You are at the right place, baby!

Onto your questions.


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

What do you think about Chris Jericho appearing on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE Network show?

It is hilarious what the WWE just pulled off… For one, it is obvious that Vince McMahon is no longer scared of AEW and their 700,000 viewers on Wednesday Nights. He was afraid of them at first but since the Spring of 2020, he saw through them as something that couldn’t catch him as a promotion. Why else would he have cut so many wrestlers that AEW could potentially sign?

But secondly, this does NOTHING but HELP the WWE and it hurts AEW… Let me explain…

Obviously, this is a no-win situation for Tony Khan. Had he said “no” to this, the WWE could have leaked information that Tony refused to let Jericho to a sit-down interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin even though the WWE was OK with giving AEW free promotion. On the other hand, by saying “yes”, he’s allowing Chris Jericho to appear on the enemy’s turf. Sure, Chris Jericho will talk about AEW on the WWE Network, but that’s like 2 years of his career. He worked for WWE from late 1999 through 2018. 2 years versus almost 20… Gee, I wonder what Austin and Jericho will talk about.

Go back to the AEW Dynamite show that followed the NBA Basketball games on TNT. Do you remember that? Many holdover NBA fans watched the beginning of that show and they were roasting Chris Jericho’s physique. Here’s the thing, folks… While Chris Jericho helped legitimize AEW at first, his contributions to AEW since the title reign haven’t been as great. That Orange Cassidy feud in particular.

But then, Chris Jericho gets to appear on the WWE Network with Steve Austin and talk about how GREAT his WWE career was. Do you see what could happen here? Jericho is going to discuss and talk about his WWE career and by comparison, that will show wrestling fans that the Jericho in AEW isn’t as great. In my opinion, it’s totally unfair for anyone to take shots at an older wrestler’s physique, as you no idea how many back problems tha wrestler has to do sit-ups or crunches… But Jericho’s matches in AEW haven’t been as good as they were in WWE. Furthermore, the Chris Jericho we all know in WWE didn’t dip into politics like the Chris Jericho of AEW does.

This WWE Network appearance is going to remind wrestling fans how much superior Jericho was for the WWE he is for AEW. He’s older and has a lot of mileage on that body. But the perception that AEW pushes is that Chris Jericho is still in his peak years and that is also how they are marketing Sting and Christian. Most wrestling fans see them as former WWE/WCW stars traveling elsewhere to extend their careers and make a few extra bucks. There is NOTHING wrong with that, by the way, and it’s up to AEW on how they use those wrestlers. But my point here is that by Jericho appearing on Austin’s WWE Network show, his discussions on the “good ol’ days” will remind wrestling fans of those “good ol’ days” and think less of the current ones.

I can imagine that the AEW locker room might get pissed about this appearance, in the long run. At first, they’ll laugh, thinking that it is “free advertisement” for AEW. But then they’ll realize how much Austin and Jericho speak about the “good ol’ days” and how today’s stuff is weaker by comparison. Then, they’ll realize that Jericho appearing on the WWE Network was to advertise the WWE’s product as being superior instead. There should be heat on Chris Jericho for even wanting to appear on a WWE show while being under AEW contract.

UNLESS… Chris Jericho joined that show while being in character and was just verbally tearing down Steve Austin. Maybe flip his table over and challenge him to a match on the spot. THAT would help AEW… But instead, Jericho will likely be a professional and an adult here in the WWE setting, thus helping the WWE promote its product as being superior than AEW. You know, the promotion that Jericho joined after the WWE. And Jericho cannot rip Creative as the reason for leaving because his AEW career, at least after the AEW Title reign, isn’t as great. Complete “paint yourself into a corner” situation here by Jericho. It’s going to be a great interview to reflect on one’s career, but it won’t help promote AEW or anything that he’s currently doing in the ring. It’s just going to sell more WWE Network subscriptions on Peacock and remind wrestling fans of the “good ol’ days” of Chris Jericho in the WWE.

Why not have Chris Jericho join the WWE Hall of Fame while he’s still in AEW? Why not? What is stopping you?

In the end, the fans are going to win HUGE here because they will get to witness a once-in-a-lifetime interview where a wrestler from another promotion speaks at another promotion. The interview is going to be GREAT as Austin is surprisingly good as an interviewer and Jericho always has a lot to say. But AEW is not winning here… They are going to look substandard in comparision to what Chris Jericho achieved in the WWE and this interview will repeatedly remind wrestling fans of the Jericho they once knew.


What are your thoughts on the Hurt Business stable breaking up?

Have they broken up or have they just purged Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander? That’s real question to answer, as it clearly appears that Bobby Lashley and MVP are still together. Because Benjamin and Alexander were added later, the “core” of the Hurt Business remains. Unfortunately, if I were Shelton Benjamin and Cedrix Alexander, I would keep those resumes updated…

To me, as long as MVP and Bobby Lashley remain together, that’s great business. MVP has helped SAVE Lashley as a talent and helped him become a top guy.

If the Hurt Business is to remain as a stable, I would consider hiring 2 developmental talents to join MVP and Lashley. Hate to make the reference because this also involves African American wrestlers, but the reboot of the Nation of Domination during 1997 really improved that group by adding Kama (became Godfather) and the Rock. People really took notice of the Ron Simmons, Godfather, D’Lo, and Rock version of that group and it opened the doors for everyone to be successful outside of the Nation.

On the most recent NoDQ Review, they discussed adding Keith Lee as a new Hurt Business member. I 100% agree with that. And we don’t just have to add black guys to the group… Why not add Aleister Black or any of the former Retribution members?

It’s all good, just maybe not for Alexander and Benjamin. Keep your resumes updated, guys. Sorry.


What do you think about the 700,000 viewers for this week’s AEW Dynamite?

They’re in trouble. That AEW Revolution Pay Per View pissed off many fans with the weak surprise announcement and then the horrible exploding ring. On top of that, Kenny Omega is NOT a draw and nobody cares about Impact Wrestling. Period, end of story.

Now that NXT is officially moving to Tuesday Nights, AEW Dynamite’s viewership is going to DECLINE during the long-term without an additional channel flipping option. I already covered this in my – “Statistical Findings on AEW Dynamite’s Viewership” column from March 3rd. AEW Dynamite and NXT on USA Network are positively correlated. Both increase and both decrease together. It’s the same reason why RAW and Nitro grew together and why WWE’s viewership peaked during Spring 2000 and began to decline when WCW’s viewership really tanked during mid 2000.

It’s a matter of ALL 4 Executive Vice Presidents in AEW being full of themselves and Tony Khan being unable to rely on of the EVPs for advise on how to book a wrestling company.

I’ll make a prediction right now… AEW doesn’t have the viewership numbers to get away with things on the TNT Network. There will come a time and place when a controversy erupts on screen with an angle or violence that shall shut things down. AT&T owns the Time Warner stuff now and they’ll shut something down if it is only drawing 700,000 viewers if something embarrasses them. It might be worth cleaning house of the EVPs at this point, as none of the 4 are adding anything significant to AEW right now. Kenny is a weak champion, Young Bucks have ruined their own Tag Team division, and Cody has lost focus of being a wrestler in favor of being a celebrity.


What do you think of the Wrestlemania 37 card so far?

I like it, I really do… For a show that does not have John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte, Undertaker, Triple H, Bill Goldberg, or Becky Lynch, they have made the most out of their talent roster to give us a great card. If these youngsters pull through, we could seriously have a few “Wrestlemania 10” moments where a few newer generation stars jump out. Of course, if they fail to deliver, this could make the shows look weak and then cause for the WWE to become more reliant on the older folks to come on back.

Matches that I’m really interested in:
– Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre
– Edge vs. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan
– Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks
– Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley
– Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro
– Big E vs. Apollo Crews

Matches that could be good, considered as filler for me right now:
– Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
– Riddle vs. Sheamus
– New Day vs. AJ Styles/Omos

Matches that I have low expectations for, chance to surprise me:
– Fiend vs. Randy Orton
– Bad Bunny vs. Miz
– Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon

That’s a DAMN GOOD wrestling card and it features something for everyone. Spread across 2 days, too, makes it much more convenient to enjoy. I HOPE that WWE considers spreading Wrestlemania across 2 nights moving forward. It makes so much sense.

I figure that they may add a few Women’s matches to this with only 2 announced so far.

Now, I keep hearing criticisms of the build… Eh, if you really watch RAW and Smackdown closely, that might bother you. If don’t feel like wasting 5 hours of your time per week watching horribly crafted storylines, then this show looks damn great on paper.

I really hope to have a “Match of the Year” candidate from this show and I hope that the minimal crowd in attendance adds to the show as well.


What are your thoughts on the additional WWE Hall of Fame announcements? (RVD, William Shatner, Titus O’Neil)

I 100% agree with Rob Van Dam getting in and I covered it in my recent column. Because ECW was acquired by the WWE, that counts towards a WWE career. RVD was a WWE wrestler from 2001 through 2007 and later came back for 1 more year. Great career and he won the WWE Title… He’s a Hall of Famer, no doubt. Nobody else like him.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan, particularly the movies more than the TV show… I love William Shatner and “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan” is one of my all time favorite movies. I’m not going to bash Bill, as I met him in person and he was super nice. He’s 90 years old and the more praise this world can give him, the better!

Now, Titus O’Neil reportedly winning the Warrior Award. You know, he is a Co-Host of Wrestlemania 37 with one Hulk Hogan. You know, that Hulk Hogan who said some racial slurs at the end of a leaked sex tape and was terminated from the WWE for a few years. That guy… I’m not denying Titus’s charitable acts and his kind heart… But many online feel that it is a tad coincidental. Titus is a good dude and doesn’t need that assumed about him. WWE wasted him for many years when they could have had a real main eventer with him. Instead, they laughed when he tripped heading into the ring for the Greatest Royal Rumble and almost fired him when he tugged on Vince McMahon after a RAW show.

The 2021 Hall of Fame is fine… The WWE is waiting for a crowd to return to start putting in guys like Batista, Undertaker, Rock, and maybe Triple H. Vince McMahon needs to be inducted himself, too. Get Demolition in there already, too.


What will Post-Wrestlemania 37 WWE look like?

I believe that the WWE will make SummerSlam 2021 into a huge show and there’s a chance that we’ll have a much more full stadium or arena for that show by then. Most should have a chance to be fully vaccinated by then.

Everything depends on the Roman vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan and how that match is reacted to by fans. I could see things going completely wrong, for example, if Edge wins the WWE Universal Title and fans dislike it. Or if live fans cheer on Roman Reigns in his new character role.

What I really think is going to happen is a Superstar Shake-up or a Draft after Wrestlemania 37 to move more talent onto the Smackdown roster. I could seriously see Edge moving to RAW as WWE Universal Champion and Bobby Lashley moving to Smackdown as WWE Champion. Then we could see Roman vs. Bobby Lashley for a while throughout the Summer. WWE is quickly realizing that being on FOX is a great opportunity but the Smackdown roster is very thin on top talent to challenge Roman.

As for Women, I don’t know… That division revolves around Becky Lynch and Charlotte… Everything just hangs in the balance until those 2 significant talents return.


What do you think of Logan Paul’s involvement with the WWE and the Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens match?

You know what? I’m just going to sit this one out… I watch a ton of YouTube but I have never watched any of his videos. According to YouTube, he has 22.9 Million subscibers. Holy cow… And each of his videos pull in millions upon millions of views. All of them are mostly just video blogs of himself doing various things.

I’m baffled as to why he’s so popular… First time that I heard of him was during his controversy over filming a suicide victim in the woods. Before that, I have never heard of the guy.

I don’t know… I’m baffled the same about Bad Bunny’s WWE involvement, too. And then I look at his YouTube account and he has 32.9 million subscribers…


Take a deep breath…

Have people through the 21st Century lost both their EARS and their EYES? How can today’s youth watch and listen to utter crappy things? Seriously… There are better channels to follow on YouTube and better musical artists to listen to and adore. It’s like the argument I made years ago about N’Sync… I always thought that they were corporate shills and had no talent, but they sold millions of CDs. 29 million total!

I don’t get it, and it’s not just because I’m older. Many, many people out there are wrong on the heroes that they worship, buy into, listen to, or watch.

I seriously log into iTunes and just BARF at the sight of what is on the Top 20 charts. Are you guys deaf out there? In the immortal words of comedian Bill Hicks, music used to have heart and used to have soul. Meanwhile on YouTube, there are content makers who work for hours to get 10,000 views on their videos and yet kids opening toys can get several million. “Influencers” are making millions on that platform and Social Media. It’s all crap.

Get off my lawn, I know. I’ll take my pills and go back to bed.


Do you agree with Stephanie McMahon that the WWE “listens to fans”?

She recently had an interview with the Wall Street Journal and in a thousand words, suggested that the WWE does listen to fans.

And… I agree.

How was that WWE Network that you just enjoyed from February 2014 through March 2021? Pretty good? Did you enjoy how the price tag NEVER changed from $9.99 during the entire time? Yet the content kept growing and growing…

Have you noticed that the Pay Per Views have been shorter lately?

Did you enjoy that Kofi Kingston WWE Title reign that you trolled the WWE for?

Maybe you enjoyed the WWE ripping up their plans during 2014 to force Daniel Bryan into that Wrestlemania 30 main event and win the title?

Roman Reigns was finally turned heel, right?

They listen to you… Problem is that they don’t have the current product that you want. Their weaker Developmental system is not supplying the WWE with strong talent that you can root for and their Creative team is hindered by the work ethic that Vince McMahon commands.

WWE becoming corporate has limited who they are right now. You’re seeing it with Peacock censoring older WWE content. When you take corporate money, you become beholden to the strings attached to it. Sure, the WWE is richer than ever with these TV and Streaming deals… But their programming is being aired on someone else’s stuff. NBC/Universal and FOX have their own standards and practices that they must abide by.

In my opinion, and I keep coming back to this… The WWE’s Developmental system is NOT supplying the WWE main roster with talent ready to headline big shows. Not many athletes want to give Pro Wrestling a try like they used to and I keep theorizing that Chris Benoit’s killings has scared many away from trying.

WWE is in a tough spot because with them being a publicly traded company, they have to appease Shareholders too in addition to fans. The NBC/Universal deals are giving the WWE huge amounts of cash and that causes them to be less reliant on fan induced revenue. Thus, the WWE will listen to their Corporate partners more than their fans.

But I believe that they listen to fans… They are just too handcuffed to fully give them what they want. As I said before, history will show that wrestling fans had it GREAT when the WWE Network as a standalone streaming channel existed.


Have you played Retromania for any video game systems?

Yes, I bought it for the Nintendo Switch on day one. I’m just going to say this… Read other people’s reviews of this game, please. My idea of a GREAT wrestling game has the AKI Engine running it, the later Super Nintendo WWE games, and the Day of Reckoning Games from the GameCube. Everything that I have attempted to play since has to jump over that high bar. I haven’t liked any Pro Wrestling games since Day of Reckoning 2 for the Nintendo GameCube.

The problem that I have with this game is that I did NOT like playing WWF Wrestlefest in the arcade game. In my opinion, that game was a button masher and I really dislike the forced lock-up system… Again, I’m used to the AKI games, Day of Reckoning, and later SNES WWE games where I control when the lock-up occurs and I also have the ability to block anyone’s attempt at locking up. Here, the forced lock-ups occurs and whomever presses the button at the right time gets the move. Without liking the original WWF Wrestlefest video game, I have no nostalgia for the game’s style or gameplay.

BUT – I still bought it. I may revisit the game in the future to give it another chance. The game is reasonably priced and should be on-sale within many online game shops right now… There are many GREAT wrestlers who lended their names to the project, thus if you’re a fan of any of those wrestlers, it is a worthy cause to financially support.

Again, read other people’s reviews on Retromania… I don’t want to write a review and potentially hurt the game’s reputation. I just realized that it wasn’t for me and stopped playing it after a few moments. Looking online, I see that many people are loving this game so thus I encourage you to check out their reviews.

In the meantime, I’m just BEGGING for someone to make a game that resembles the classic Nintendo 64 games with the AKI Engine or even Def Jam Vendetta or Ultimate Muscle on the GameCube. If any promotion and/or video game company could deliver a game conveniently to my Nintendo Switch right now, I’ll hand them a big bag of money. Wrestling Empire is actually close, but it’s sloppy and glitchy as all hell. WWE games from 2K Sports are awful. The challenge has been set, AEW… Can you deliver on your upcoming game? You know exactly what the fans want…

If you’re a wrestling fan, buy Retromania. We need more wrestling games on consoles and if the demand appears to be there, more companies will try to make wrestling games for us. Simple as that… But again, there are many great wrestlers on that game to show your support.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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