Former WWE manager says Bron Breakker “is just a remake” of Bill Goldberg

While speaking on’s WrestleBinge podcast, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell aka Zeb Colter commented on how WWE has utilized Bron Breakker on the main roster thus far…

“Well, he is just a remake of Goldberg. That’s all it is. He even does the facial expressions that Goldberg does. He is snorting and spitting all the way out there. I think they could have given him just a little bit [something], and I understand to make him a killer, I understand that!”

“If they get in a position where people get used to see him these two-minute massacres, if he is going to go ten. People are going to go, ‘Woah, he went down hell!’ He can still win the match after ten. I think he is still a work in progress, and they will adjust him as they go along. I’m interested in him.”