What is being said about the 2024 WWE Draft having a lack of brand changes thus far

The first night of the 2024 WWE Draft took place during the April 26th 2024 edition of Friday Night Smackdown. The show received criticism from fans for the lack of brand changes and has a 4.26 overall user rating on the database website Cagematch as of Saturday evening. One Cagematch user called the show “super underwhelming” while the other referred to it as “really damn boring.”

Fightful Select noted the following regarding the show’s creative process…

“We asked about the Friday process of barely having anyone switch brands, and we’re told that the notion put forth on TV of retaining familiar talent was important. However, there are expected to be more swaps on Monday. We were also told to expect more NXT talent picked up that day.”

Night two of the 2024 WWE Draft takes place this coming Monday on RAW.