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Welcome, one and all, to the 2021 Tito Awards for excellence in Pro Wrestling. Remember, these are MY AWARDS based on MY OPINION. If you don’t like that, just CLICK HERE for the awards show and opinions that you seek. Otherwise, THANK YOU for attending this year’s awards show.

Just note that my rewards reflect ONLY World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Why? Because I don’t have any damn time to follow 10 different promotions, let along struggling to give a damn about 2 of them. Here in the United States, it is a FACT that Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, NWA, and New Japan Pro Wrestling draw LESS than 300,000 viewers per show. I don’t care how “GREAT” any of these promotions are argued to be by other writers. Each of them have bored me and don’t carry enough weight for me to cover them in my columns. Thus, they don’t exist to me and sadly, one of those promotions won’t exist after this year to everyone.

And I don’t give a freakin’ damn about someone else’s star system, particularly when it comes to my “Match of the Year” awards. There is more to a GREAT MATCH than just move for move. It’s about psychology, getting the crowd invested, and seizing the moment. And the simple question, would you seek out this event and watch this match again? You know what else matters? Did this match have a GREAT finish? THAT matters, always, to me. If you use a match to jerk fans off to spike ratings, then that match wasn’t serving a real purpose. Freakin’ AEW and their stupid 30-60 minute draws. That’s a joke!

These are MY AWARDS and if you don’t like them, well, that’s your problem. You’ve clicked this link to read a column that is never gonna give you up yet is never going to let you down. Well, maybe if you’re a biased wrestling fan who refuses to hear things like “the truth” or “facts”…

Onto the Awards Ceremony…

The 2021 Annual Tito Awards for Excellence in Pro Wrestling

If you have read my columns from 2014 through 2020, you’ll know that this is a bigger honor than it really is. I was very critical of the WWE’s overpush of Roman as their #1 babyface and do blame much of WWE’s decline in business on this idea that Roman could replace John Cena, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, with Roman. Roman lacked the mic skills, the in-ring ability, and charisma of John Cena as a babyface. On top of that, Roman lacked the experience to handle this top role.

Fast forward to August 2020… You now have a Roman Reigns who is experienced, had some time off to reflect on his career and think about what to improve, and have also placed him with Paul Heyman to help smooth out his rough edges. Furthermore, the WWE turned him heel and that fits his personality than forcing him to be a John Cena babyface clone. Roman made great strides to end 2020 but he continued to grow as the #1 star of Smackdown throughout 2021. His matches a great, his promo segments on Smackdown are a much watch, and he finally feels like a legitimate main eventer. Honestly, WWE would suffer badly without his heel character right now, as they were in full decline mode before Roman came back during July 2020. Unlike Kenny Omega over at AEW as champion, Roman kept Smackdown’s ratings either increased or consistent.


Consistently good throughout 2021 and is really the only thing worth watching in AEW’s weak women’s division. She’s the complete package in terms of personality, mic skills, look, and in-ring ability. THAT is one lady that AEW should sign to a major extension to keep because she’s the kind of talent that the WWE would beg for and foolishly let go years ago.

The other ladies up for this award just didn’t have as consistent of a year as Britt Baker OR just weren’t consistently available. THAT MATTERS. Without Britt, AEW’s Women’s Division would be in deep trouble.


Tag Team wrestling continues to be poorly booked and tag teams continue to be poorly utilized through 2021. What a shame, because every top promotion that has ever lived had a strong Tag Team division as its midcard feature. That’s a FACT! Late 1980s WWE, late 1990s WCW, WWE Attitude Era, and even the 2002-2004 Smackdown show that outdrew RAW had amazing Tag Team wrestling. WWE didn’t have anything spectacular for Tag Team wrestling for 2021. RK-Bro and Usos had their moments, but often times, they weren’t always a tag team throughout 2021.

The Young Bucks did their usual thing during 2021 and had many solid matches, as usual. They are the most consistent thing in Tag Team wrestling right now and both guys know that they are better together than apart. Granted, they have full Creative control over themselves as a tag team unit and over the entire division… But both guys still have to wrestle.

LET IT BE KNOWN that this is 2 years in a row that I’ve granted Young Bucks as “Tag Team of the Year”. Y’all want to call me an “AEW hater”, but how can I be that when I just awarded them the tag team award and also gave Britt the Women’s award?


Gotta go with WWE Smackdown… It’s the only show that I have consistently watched and that is by choice because RAW, Dynamite, and NXT are often unbearable to watch due to a LACK of quality. Smackdown has Roman Reigns, Usos, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, and Sasha Banks. Those are stars that I enjoy and the other shows either lack those kind of stars or have awful storylines.


Who has the highest viewership right now? Who has the higher attendance numbers? Who is driving the most revenue, besides a TV deal? Oh yeah, that would be the WWE. All you need to look at is Roman Reigns. Vince McMahon swallowed that humble pie and not only turned him heel, but gave Roman the resources to make him successful at being a heel.

The fact that wrestling’s biggest star is in the WWE with Roman Reigns matters. Tony Khan was handed CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole on silver platters for August/September and here in December, his Dynamite shows are back under 1 million viewers. Meanwhile, Tony has already blown through Kenny Omega and Adam Page matches on FREE television for Bryan Danielson while CM Punk & Adam Cole are shells of their former character selves.

While RAW sucks and NXT needed a major reboot, Vince McMahon is succeeding with Roman Reigns and is therefore awarded this honor. Plus, I’d argue that Vince McMahon really earns this reward by rebooting NXT and revising Talent Developmental. WWE needed that for long-term growth, as NXT was failing as a show and NXT/Performance Center was failing to develop the next great WWE main eventer.


On a random Friday night in Chicago for a live edition of AEW Rampage, CM Punk returned to Pro Wrestling for the first time since January 2014 (besides random Indy appearances). This was special and you could see how emotional it was for CM Punk in front of his Chicago fans. However, I would imagine that many other locations would be highly receptive to CM Punk’s return.

I don’t need to get into how Punk was used AFTER this promo… But this specific promo, itself, is what many diehard wrestling fans were waiting for 7+ years to hear in a wrestling ring again. It felt as though you were transported back to 2013 again where CM Punk was a top star and you wanted to listen to what the master had to say. Lots of fan service in this promo and it probably spelled the beginning of the end when Punk challenged a smaller, lighter wrestler to a Pay Per View match… But the words and the moment mattered and it was great to have CM Punk back.

The sad part is that CM Punk felt the need to stay away from the business for 7+ years to allow his body to get older… WWE deserves a major FINGER OF SHAME for disregarding this great wrestling talent during 2014. Look where they are now… When CM Punk was on RAW, it drew over 4 million viewers. RAW is barely hanging onto 2 million now and in fact when it breaks 2 million, that is a GREAT night according to the moved goalposts.


Finally, a GOOD Saudi Arabia show. Usually, wrestlers are jet-lagged or the crowd there is dead silent. You didn’t have that this time around… Matches were great and the crowd was pumped to be there. Rollins vs. Edge, once again, was great and probably their best of their series… Goldberg had a DECENT match with Bobby Lashley that went longer than expected. I enjoyed Big E vs. Drew McIntyre. Women’s 3 way delivered. Brock vs. Roman worked, though that match could have been longer and I expect the Day One rematch to be better.

Just the atmosphere worked on this show and it kept the wrestlers energetic throughout the matches. It just had a different feel than prior Saudi shows and it mattered.

I know, there is some AEW show that y’all wanted me to award but I just don’t have enough inflated star ratings to give… Delivering in BIG MOMENTS matters more than move for move, period. WWE delivered a great show to Saudi Arabia and that matters moving forward. Nailing big matches at Wrestlemania matters, too… Hitting a bunch of “big star” matches on a Pay Per View that less than 150,000 people bought doesn’t matter as much, as we’ll forget those matches or events in a week anyway.


Read what I said about about the “Match of the Year”… It doesn’t have to be about length, how many moves are executed, etc. How did your match seize the moment? And do people remember your match, moving forward? Because they sure as hell remember the night when Bianca and Sasha seized the Saturday night Wrestlemania 37 main event spotlight and put on a great show.

I know, you could argue that Omega vs. Danielson was move-for-move better than Belair vs. Sasha… You could argue the same thing with Page vs. Danielson for over an hour. Belair vs. Sasha (a) didn’t have any commercial breaks and (b) wasn’t used to pop television show ratings. No, it was booked for a Wrestlemania Pay Per View and they could have flopped completely. See the Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch match where all 3 ladies choked and it’s not a match that people want to remember, aside from the eventual finish. This match MATTERED to both entrants, as seen by the emotional start to the match as both realized the MOMENT… Then, they used all of that adrenaline combined with their natural abilities and preparation to execute a GREAT MATCH.

I know, you could argue that the build-up to this match was weak and Bianca struggled as Women’s Champion afterward. Fair points… But the match nailed it and made the first night of Wrestlemania 37 succeed. We can’t help it how Bianca was champion afterward but by wrestling Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania 37 in a great match, she looked like a bigtime star moving forward. For the rest of Bianca’s career, she his this Wrestlemania moment to hang her hat on and everytime she comes out to that ring, we all remember her resume with this specific match on it. THAT is how you make a star… Put them in a position to succeed and when they succeed, you’ll never forget it.

I have already forgot about Omega vs. Danielson or Page vs. Danielson, and will never seek out those matches ever again. Stupid finishes for both and I don’t have time to watch an hour long marathon that means nothing in the end. Fact is that those matches meant only to serve Tony Khan’s hopeful purpose of popping the ratings. Both attempts failed badly and AEW is harmed long-term by Tony’s actions to “go for it”.

I hope that you enjoyed the 2021 Tito Awards… And if you didn’t, that’s your problem.

Tune in for my final 3 columns of 2022:

12/25 – My Annual Christmas Wishlist for Pro Wrestling
12/28 – (Topic hidden on purpose, to be revealed when column posts)
12/31 – My Annual Predictions Column, looking back at 2021 and making 2022 Predictions


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She loves you, yeah yeah yeah! And we love you for tuning into, each and every week, to enjoy the FREE content that we’re providing you.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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