MR. TITO: The WWE vs. AEW War is Official Over Thanks to Tony Khan’s Ego Choking It Away

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You know what folks, it’s over… I’m here today to declare it, as Tony Khan has officially choked and his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion won’t catch WWE to become the #1 wrestling promotion. They will now be relegated into “TNA Mode” where they can co-exist with the WWE and be a safe haven for a few former WWE wrestlers. But become legitimate competition to the WWE, it’s not happening.

And Tony Khan has become Dixie Carter.

In case you missed it, Tony Khan was very active this past week on the interview scene and with his Twitter account. With WWE Smackdown appearing on the poorly viewed FS1 network this week, Tony saw an opportunity to steal a ratings win from WWE’s top show. Ooops, that failed… WWE Smackdown on FS1 did 793,000 viewers while Rampage did 549,000 viewers.

It’s over…

Now, you Dave Meltzers, Brandon Thurstons, and Wade Kellers with their rulers and number crunching trying to tell everyone all about that 18-49 age demographic like a bunch of biased fools. They’ll somehow brag that AEW Smackdown “tied” WWE Smackdown with a 0.24 rating. What does that rating mean? Well, Dave/Brandon/Wade (and Tony), I can perform mathematics as well and have a degree or two involving it… Utilizing ratios that I found from news articles pertaining to Nielsen Ratings, I was able to build a ratio to define what their ratings mean. According to various articles that I researched, I found that a 1.8 rating equals 2,075,000 viewers. Basically, I’m utilizing 0.24 / X = 1.8 / 2,075,000, solving for X. For a rating of 0.24, this equates to 276,667 total viewers in that “key” 18-49 Demographic.

You are uncorking the freakin’ champagne over 276K Viewers?!?!? Meanwhile, Smackdown on FS1, which is in about 7-8 million FEWER households than TNT and FS1 isn’t Smackdown’s common station, had the same 18-49 viewership rating as Rampage. BUT they STILL beat dat ass with almost 250,000 TOTAL viewers… In fact, the GAP between Smackdown and Rampage’s TOTAL viewership is almost equal to what I approximate AEW Rampage received in that previous 18-49 demo.

The same can be said about AEW Dynamite 2 weeks ago which had had a 0.37 Nielson Rating in the 18-49 age demographic. Most of you are like “what does that mean”? Well, using the same ratings equivalency to viewership ratio that I obtained from the news articles and plugging that into my Excel ratio formula, 0.37 = 426,528 viewers. Overall this 10/6/2021 AEW Dynamite did 1,053,000.

We’re talking about gushing over LESS than 500,000 viewers here, folks… Meanwhile, what AEW DOESN’T want you to know about is their 50+ rating for that Dynamite 2 weeks ago. That was a 0.45! Thus, they still have that same problem of OLDER viewership watching the majority of their shows.

Getting back to it… Because we’re moving the goal posts via biased media to help AEW feel like they’re winning, we’re now in a mode were bragging about LESS than 300,000 viewers for Rampage and 500,000 viewers for Dynamite is an accomplishment. Meanwhile, AEW is still over 500,000 TOTAL viewers (hey, that number seems familiar) away from catching a DECLINING Monday Night RAW program and about 1 million away from Smackdown when it is on FOX.

AEW had such great momentum and goodwill with the CM Punk debut… They had the guy that the WWE screwed with Creative and burned out of wrestling for 7+ years. For a while, he was boosting their very subpar shows. Yet, in the end, if you’re tuning in for CM Punk, you have to endure the rest of their show. Kenny Omega is flopping as champion, Tag Team matches are overrated spotfests, larger wrestlers keep losing to lightweight wrestlers, nobody is selling, women’s wrestling is awful, and Tony Khan cannot stop thumping his chest.

Here’s is a good analogy… Vince Russo left the WWE at the peak of RAW’s existence, as he was burned out from working Vince McMahon’s ridiculous schedule. So he joins a WCW company that was in corporate disarray, had highly paid wrestlers with creative control in their contracts, Time Warner’s over-reaching Standards & Practices, Time Warner Executives infiltrating the promotion, a thinned out roster from a midcard standpoint, and previous Creative Team members out to legitimately sabotage you. Russo joins that environment and doesn’t succeed as well as he did with WWE. CM Punk joins a very young AEW promotion with a poorly structured talent roster of unfiltered Indy & PWG workers, ex-WWE wrestlers whom WWE clearly no longer wanted, and management structure with a kid and 4 wrestlers as its EVPs reporting to him. Gee, what could go wrong?

I keep getting this “see, CM Punk isn’t a draw” or “Roman Reigns told you so” crap about CM Punk. Oh, so AEW setting ATTENDANCE records with Punk on the card means nothing? Pro Wrestling Tees recording RECORD merchandise numbers from CM Punk means nothing? The fact is that Hulk Hogan joining WCW during 1994 didn’t grow their business substantially, either. Are you going to blame Hogan for not allowing WCW to become the #1 company during 1994-1995 especially with WWE declining severely during those years? It wasn’t until the New World Order storyline where that Hulk Hogan signing began to really pay off.

Speaking of that NWO storyline… Could someone remind me of what Kevin Nash and Scott Hall did in the WWE before that big break in WCW? Diesel was WWE Champion from 1994-1995 for a year and WWE’s business declined severely. Though Scott Hall is one of my personal favorites, he was forced to feud with Goldust to start 1996 and couldn’t conclude that feud because of a suspension (which Hall has denied the reason for that suspension). While Hall and Nash were considered bigger stars within the WWE’s system, they were featured on a DECLINING WWE product. However, when both debut as mysterious invaders and fooling everybody to think that they were still under WWE contract, it drew interest… And then when the “3rd man” turns out to be Hulk Hogan turning HEEL, stuff explodes. On top of that, a cool nick name of “New World Order”…

I would argue that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were bigger stars heading into AEW during 2021 than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were heading into WCW during 1996. Bryan was just co-headlining Wrestlemania 37. Meanwhile, CM Punk left the WWE under bad terms and has been sought after by wrestling fans for YEARS to make a comeback. HOWEVER – Punk and Bryan’s returns were nothing special. In just one night, CM Punk delivered a great promo but he eliminated the WWE angst within that promo and we’ll never see that edge again. He has since been wrestling midcarders and doing commentary. How exciting. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan debuts under a NEW name of Bryan Danielson and is the same exact babyface character that we just saw with WWE. Nothing different.

What made Hall and Nash’s WCW returns in 1996 special is because they were different. Their attitudes weren’t in WWE character and they sold that they were really invading WCW and wanting to do physical harm to that brand and its roster of wrestlers. They did violent things to WCW wrestlers and it all appeared as though it was a legitimate shoot. Viewers tuned in for the ANGLE and to their credit, Hall & Nash sold it perfectly. And then when you get Hulk Hogan to agree to turning heel for the first time in 16 years or whatever, it’s pure money. The Scott Hall and Kevin Nash free agents signings were successful because Eric Bischoff gave them the PERFECT angle and storyline for their WCW returns.

AEW doesn’t have that HOT ANGLE to complement its expensive talents signed. Daniel Bryan made a horizontal move to AEW to become Bryan Danielson and CM Punk has reverted back to the late 2011 through 3/4 of 2012 babyface character that wasn’t thrilling as champion. While I would argue that CM Punk had no favors done for him as champion after Survivor Series 2011, as he hardly main evented RAW let alone Pay Per Views, he was still champion and WWE’s business was stagnant during 2012. Punk also returned to a babyface for his Brock Lesnar match at SummerSlam 2013, which also featured Daniel Bryan going for the WWE Title against John Cena. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were co-headlining WWE’s 2nd biggest show of the year, holy cow, what an opportunity. And do you know what happened? SummerSlam’s buyrate cratered versus what happened during the previous year and this caused the WWE to rethink its plans for 2014. Hence why Brock Lesnar was pushed to the moon and why Roman Reigns began his push.

If Tony Khan is TRULY “Booker of the Year” for 2020 as Dave Meltzer and his Wrestling Observer boys say he is… Then where is the angle that presents CM Punk and Bryan Danielson in a strong light at? Where is it, Tony?

And you can tell me all about “painting a picture”, but you need to work harder in this Social Media environment. Fans are totally expecting that CM Punk might turn heel, as that is his preference for working. And how are we going to sell that? CM Punk is repeatedly appearing on interviews and praising Tony Khan, meanwhile having a press conference with Tony Khan after his AEW Rampage debut. You’re a company man now, CM Punk… How are we to believe that you’ve turned dastardly heel when the table has already been set about you and your relationship with AEW? When you turn heel, it’s not going to move mountains. Everybody will see it coming and it won’t be special like Hulk Hogan turning heel out of no where that changed the business.

I mean, yeah, Bryan Danielson can put Kenny Omega or any older Japanese stars on his back and carry them to great matches… But we have always known that Bryan was a great worker. What else can he bring to the table? Much of Pro Wrestling is not just what happens inside the ring for a match, but the hype beforehand and the reaction afterward. THAT is what sells wrestling. Thus, if you have a random great match on a Buy-In show to hype a Friday Night @ 10pm show, it’s not going to draw.

You just don’t have any big picture ideas, Tony, nor do you have the environment that could sell that great idea. ALL of your wrestlers go on Social Media or YouTube to describe the insides of the wrestling business. Your wrestlers will tell fans how matches were done, the ideas behind angles, how chairs and other weapons were gimmicked, or just have YouTube or Twitch TV segments where heels and faces are incorporating socially with each other. Huh? So when that BIG heel turn or storyline development happens, nobody will believe it. During 1996, wrestling fans legitimately believed that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were still WWE employees and invading WCW to do harm to its promotion and wrestlers.

Tony’s ego is killing it… What the hell, man? I like confidence more than most, but I really dislike stupidity. It’s one thing if you’re Eric Bischoff and you’re reading off spoilers to the other’s show… It’s another thing when you’re in 2nd place from a distance and bragging how you’re going to defeat the other promotion on a POORLY viewed Friday night for wrestling program. 10pm shows will NEVER beat 8pm shows. Not even CM Punk’s AEW debut could defeat Smackdown’s consistent like clockwork numbers.

“Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it”.

Vince McMahon was great on-screen character at first, but then he over-exposed himself and the rest of his McMahon family through 1999 and it got worse during 2000-2001. Eric Bischoff joined the NWO during late 1996 and began paying more attention to his on-screen character than the behind the scenes stuff. Vince Russo became an on-screen character for WCW, too. Though I liked the backstage segments during 1999 where he hid himself behind a desk, he was completely on-screen during 2000 and made himself WCW Champion. Too much Stephanie McMahon throughout the years and Shane trying to backyard wrestle often has caused many top name wrestlers to sell for him. And Dixie Carter… Too much of her actually ruined TNA’s chances, as I’m starting to look fondly on that mid to late 2000s TNA wrestling that she began to ruin.

Except Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Dixie Carter didn’t have Social Media or weren’t using it as much as Tony Khan has. It’s not just wrestling… Tony has legitimately pissed off Fulham F.C. fans, players, and coaches for years for his loose lips regarding that soccer club. While he doesn’t have much to speak on for Jacksonville Jaguars because of how poorly that team has done for the past few years, he’s heavily involved with that team and occasionally spars with fans on Twitter. Now, however, he’s bragging up AEW as having the best shows ever, bragging about AEW having more money than WWE (which is a lie, because Shad Khan keeps AEW on a budget), and how they’ll defeat WWE Smackdown on Friday Night…

Tony Khan just turned 39 years old… And his work experience involves working for his Dad on various investments that his Dad made. What exactly guarantees that even with the vast resources that it would create a successful wrestling promotion? I know, AEW is making a profit… But Tony keeps telling us that he’ll catch and defeat the WWE. It’s not happening.

It will never happen when your Creative Structure consists of Tony Khan with 4 inexperienced booking wrestlers as your EVPs and Talent Scouts (Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes). Just a bad management set-up that AEW is paying for now that a few ex-WWE wrestlers have agreed to join. Furthermore, if your talent system is having the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega as your talent scouts while signing RELEASED WWE wrestlers to contracts, you’re in trouble long-term. TNA tried that same mode of signing ex-WWE guys (ex-WCW and ex-ECW guys, too) and assuming their older fanbases would follow. They didn’t…

You HAVE to have the great STORYLINE in place along with creating an ENVIRONMENT where fans are willing to suspend their disbelief. Tony lacks creativity to have that big storyline and nobody is buying what the wrestlers are selling to pull any big storyline off.

It’s over…

Almost 3 years ago, I had enough of Pro Wrestling and being Mr. Tito. During 2018, our choices were the WWE and its awful shows and production or viewing the depleted Impact & Ring of Honor promotions. I had enough and wanted to hanging it up for good. Then, to start 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was announced with Shad Khan financing it as a billionaire, Chris Jericho joining the promotion, Jim Ross jumping ship to potentially be an “advisor”, and many were happy to see Kenny Omega joining the promotion after seeing many of his great matches in NJPW. Then, Jon Moxley joins AEW during their first Pay Per View.

They keep selling “hope”… They get a television deal with TNT, they appear to be signing wrestlers from WWE who didn’t deserve to be cut, and they somehow convinced CM Punk to return to pro wrestling. Many of us wrestling fans endured years upon years of bad WWE programming just to one day see a legitimate competitor appear. After the exploding ring disaster, it seemed like AEW became buttoned up and then we fed into that CM Punk debuting promo. Then, the hype for the Arthur Ashe stadium show. AEW gave away Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega for FREE and that show still couldn’t get close to the debuting AEW Dynamite show of 2019 and its 1.4 million viewers.

But AEW has done nothing special with CM Punk and Bryan Danielson… Punk is in his late 2011 and 3/4 of 2012 babyface mode while Bryan Danielson is the same character that he was from WWE just months ago. No rhyme or reason, both guys are just happy to be there. They should be PISSED that they have to resort to working for another company instead of headlining Wrestlmanias, but instead, they pat Tony Khan on the back. “Thank you for signing us, Tony. Your money + working fewer days for that same money is awesome!”

Now, what I don’t want is all of the WWE marks to say “I told you so” because you’re all a bunch of negative hypocrites. Remember when CM Punk joined that FS1 WWE show and all of them got wet in their panties over the slight possibility that Punk could rejoin the WWE? But then when CM Punk joins AEW, we’re suddenly reminded that he “failed in MMA”, he is “not a draw”, and he’s “old”. Had he appeared in WWE, those same fans would be worshipping at his feet. No, because he joined the competition, he has become your enemy. Bryan Danielson’s drawing abilities are now being questioned, too. Because again, he boldly left Vince McMahon’s arms and went to a competitor that older WWE fans dislike watching.

Plus, if I would pull up ALL of your Tweets and Comments prior to 2019, it was all negative towards the WWE. WWE marks were repeatedly calling for Vince McMahon to retire before 2019. Now, he’s a genius for finally getting Roman Reigns right and those big TV deals! What a change in attitude by the loyal WWE marks!

And Roman Reigns. From early 2014 through early 2020, the WWE pushed this guy HARD even though he didn’t have the in-ring ability, charisma, or promo cutting skills to pull off replacing John Cena as the #1 babyface. In overpushing Roman Reigns, the WWE neglected the rest of its talent roster and many have left already. So the WWE finally turns him heel, as nobody wanted to cheer for him as a babyface, places him with Paul Heyman, and then Roman gets in the best physical shape of his life (he wasn’t so much during 2015-2017 when he looked sluggish and clueless inside the ring). Wow, the heel turned worked, which is what many fans predicted that it would for YEARS. Still, Smackdown went from just under 2 million to just over 2 million on average since Roman’s heel turn following SummerSlam 2020. It’s really not that much and because the WWE put all of their eggs into Roman’s basket, he has no rivalries to support him as champion because the WWE was too focused on making Roman Reigns into their top star and not enough on other talents on the roster (Cody Rhodes, Rusev, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose).

For Roman to have the nerve to mock AEW and CM Punk is hilarious… You know, for a fact, how much help that you’ve received to get your spot. You jumped in line to join the WWE during late 2012 and luckily, there was a cool stable idea in place known as the Shield. Then you are pushed hard from 2014 through 2019 by beating the likes of CM Punk, Undertaker, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and just about everyone else on the WWE main roster. This recent heel turn was many years in the making due to NEGATIVE heel heat about Roman’s non-stop babyface or bust push. He’s quite blessed to have Paul Heyman agent his matches and promos, as Heyman has helped many people reach their goals (besides Ryback, Cesaro, and Curtis Axel). Strip that “Roman Reigns” gimmick and push from him, he’d struggle to draw in another promotion on his own. Punk, via ticket sales and merchandise sales, seems to be doing OK outside the WWE ecosystem.

So all of you WWE marks need to cool down… You should be ENCOURAGING competition because it actually helps motivate your WWE promotion to be better. Furthermore, it helps all wrestlers get paid more and presents them with more options.

And just look at your WWE… You are too reliant on Bill Goldberg (54, about to turn 55) and Brock Lesnar (44) and paying them your highest PER MATCH contracts in the company. That’s right, a soon to be 55 year old man earns more PER MATCH than Roman Reigns, who has to slug it out all year long. If that doesn’t piss you off as a WWE fan, then what will?

Actually, because your WWE promotion sucks so much, you take out your anger on AEW.

But I’m angry at AEW, more than ever. They blew it. They had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capitalize on obtaining BOTH CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, just as Eric Bischoff had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity acquire Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Again, I’d argue that Punk and Bryan were bigger, proven stars than those two… Yet, Bischoff didn’t halfass their WCW returns. He gave them a purpose, he gave them an angle, and he gave them an edge that compelled wrestling fans. Both Bryan Danielson and CM Punk are just one of the boys in AEW, nothing special…

On top of that, the surrounding card around Punk and Danielson remains garbage. Wrestling hitting highspots, nobody selling, zero psychology, and awful storylines to get to any of the matches. Titles don’t matter in AEW, either, as they’ll bring in other promotions’ titles and defend them on AEW shows. As goofy as WWE’s brand split titles are, at least the WWE isn’t diluting their titles by bringing in title belts from other promotions that nobody follows or cares about and trying to sell them as legitimate. How did that belt collecting angle draw again for Kenny Omega?

The WORST part is that we have a legitimate STATE RUN MEDIA who is covering for all of AEW’s issues. We have covered the “Observer Boys” in depth before, as they have ties to wrestlers performing for New Japan and PWG but the Wrestling Observer’s former financial writer Chris Harrington is the “Vice President of Business Strategy” for AEW. But then you have wrestling financial writer Brandon Thurston and the Pro Wrestling Torch also making the 18-49 excuses.

Excuse me, but could someone provide me the 18-49 numbers from the Attitude Era? How about TNA Wrestling which clocked in 1.5 million total viewers consistently during the mid 2000s (more than AEW overall now). How about providing me the 18-49 numbers for WWE RAW during early 2015 when they were still going above 4 million total viewers?

Quit moving in the goal posts like a bunch of marks and cowards. Yes, the 18-49 Demographic is a sought after demographic from advertisers but the RATINGS HAVE TO BE HIGH FOR THAT TO MATTER.

Sorry, but a 0.24 and 0.37 ratings are terrible. You’re telling me that advertisers are excited about spending millions of their advertising dollars to appeal to LESS THAN 500,000 viewers? How obtuse can you be?

The beauty is that AEW is NOT growing… In fact, they are slowly declining from that “Grand Slam” event during early September when AEW pulled out all of the stops in New York City and thought that they could defeat RAW. RAW on its worst night would have beaten their 1,319,000 number that night. AEW Dynamite, just 2 weeks ago, had a 1,053,000 number. Do you realize how CLOSE they are to being UNDER 1 million again?

And if you want to brag about AEW Rampage this week with its almighty 0.24 18-49 demo this week, could you please explain how AEW Rampage has been UNDER 650,000 viewers for 5 consecutive weeks and UNDER 600,000 viewers for 2 consecutive weeks? In case you missed it, the early number for Rampage this past Friday, with that “historic” 0.24 18-49 Demo, did 549,000 viewers.

It’s OVER…

The ONLY way to defeat the WWE is to (a) come up with a groundbreaking storyline or (b) create a top drawing babyface. Tony Khan has already proven that he cannot innovate on Creative, as Punk and Bryan are already dull. But who on their roster is going to be that top drawing babyface, as that promotion is thick with heels right now? And don’t give me Adam Page because he embarrassed himself at 2018’s All In with his joke of a match with Joey Ryan.

Meanwhile, the WWE has Roman Reigns and can just keep pushing out the same old veterans to retain the 50+ year old demographic. RAW is seriously unwatchable right now… Quite a problem that WWE has right now. They cannot convince younger viewers to endure 3 hours on Monday Nights and younger people are attending High School Sports or partying on Friday Nights. What a business model!

Let me just tell it to you straight right now… Pro Wrestling SUCKS right now. On one hand, you have a senile business owner who is becoming increasingly corporate by the day. On the other hand, you have a young President of another wrestling promotion who is in over his head and lacks maturity at times. Because both infrastructures have major cracks, we, as wrestling fans, lose. We’re forced to watch increasing amounts of BAD wrestling in hopes of seeing something good each week. QUALITY is better than QUANTITY and having Pro Wrestling on television for 5 out 7 days (unless Pay Per Views, 6 out of 7) is a bad thing. Less is more is what these wrestling promotions need to realize while needing to watch tapes of the older days to figure out what drew money in pro wrestling.

Seriously, folks, our hopes actually pin on Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard revamping NXT 2.0 to find that next Main Eventer. THINK ABOUT THAT for a second… While it is GOOD that Vince is communicating and taking a more active role with the developmental system, we have also seen how RAW and Smackdown have been lately. We’re actually hoping and praying that a son of a Steiner Brother, a former Olympian, and a Brock Lesnar clone are the next big stars in pro wrestling. Good luck…

But AEW has nothing… They put all of their chips on August through October to succeed for them and their viewership numbers came up SHORT. They cared too much about the short-term instead of focusing on the long-term. There should have been MORE planning before the CM Punk and Bryan Danielson debuts but there wasn’t. They are just members of the roster now, nothing special. And if you think that Bray Wyatt will save you when he debuts, good luck. The rest of your roster is either short or way too thin to be the top draws either.

I’m declaring it right now… The AEW vs. WWE war is OVER. Done with. Unless Tony revamps his backstage management to help him with Creative and Talent Development, drawing in the low 1 million range is where he’ll peak, always. That’s a bad thing, as you can be profitable with that TNT contract and ticket sales/merch supporting that. While TNA hardly ever made money, they didn’t lose enough by drawing 1.5 million on Spike TV each week.

Until you find that big storyline or #1 babyface drawing wrestler, you’ve got nothing, Tony.

So shut down your Social Media account and get serious about the wrestling business. Find yourself some people who have had success booking wrestling, whether it’s in a big or smaller promotion, and start listening to Jim Ross about your talent roster. You’re blowing it, son, and all you are doing is just trading around members of the 2.5 million wrestling fanbase that still remains (if that). A good storyline or top drawing babyface star will create NEW fans.

Stop it with the 18-49 Demographic, please. 0.24 and 0.37 ratings are PATHETIC. Again, tell me what excites advertisers about marketing to LESS THAN 500,000 viewers? Makes zero sense. Tell me how TNT is able to sell their other shows when the viewership is that bad?

Tony, if you ever want to get serious about growing , here’s my card… If not, just click the many links below that not just criticize AEW, but provides legitimate advice. You are missing a bunch of things and have been listing to the WRONG people. Sorry, but people who put out newsletters or publications that are trying to take the same money from your fans won’t work. You need someone unbiased and unfiltered to give you the hard truths about what you’ve done for the last 3 years and specifically, the last 3 months.

The dream is over, what can I say? The dream is over, yesterday… And so, dear friends, you’ll have to carry on…

The AEW dream is over.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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