MR. TITO: Bray Wyatt/The Fiend Just Released from WWE… Why and Where Could He Go?

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Many of you are tuning in and thinking “oh no, here comes Tito to gloat”. No, I’m not going to do that. A man lost his job and he has a family at home to support. That’s sad and had a different management and creative structure have been at the WWE, then maybe things would have turned out better.

However, if this means that we’ll never see characters like “Bray Wyatt” or “The Fiend” ever again, all wrestling fans win.

Why? Because now Windham Rotunda, and I want to emphasize his REAL NAME because any hiring wrestling promotion needs to call him that as his wrestler’s name, can now prove himself without any WWE excuses of them supposedly “holding him back”. Personally, I didn’t see the WWE holding him back as he was a 3-Time Champion, beat several big names, and his characters were pushed hard by the WWE with the supernatural elements. But whatever… For all of the internet fanboys who kept blaming Creative, despite evidence to the contrary, he can now go to AEW or somewhere else and prove himself.

He is the son of Mike Rotunda (IRS in WWE) and the nephew of Barry Windham. Hence his real name “Windham Rotunda”.

How did the WWE ever miss on that? They were quick to cash-in on the Next Generation wrestlers like the Rock, Ted Dibiase Jr., Goldust & Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, Usos, etc., but they NEVER and I repeat NEVER let Bray Wyatt or Bo Dallas EVER be mentioned as Mike Rotunda’s kids or Barry Windham’s nephews. It never happened.

Instead, particularly with Windham Rotunda, they tried to go HOLLYWOOD on him and make him at first a Deliverance type character and then a Slasher Film villain.

And guess what? It didn’t work.

Well, that’s part of the story… I have already elaborated on the SUPERNATURAL stuff before. Simply put, wrestlers can attempt the Supernatural stuff all they want but if their matches SUCK, their Supernatural Characters will NOT get over. Case in point, Undertaker, Mankind, and Kane. Those guys did crazy stuff outside of the ring that goes away from the concept of reality. But you know what? We played along because Undertaker, Kane, and Mankind ALWAYS entertained inside the ring.

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend… Ehhhhhh, those matches weren’t that great. Undertaker match was awful, both Cena matches at Wrestlemania were bad, the Hell in the Cell with Seth Rollins… Practically everything as the Fiend was God Awful. Last year’s matches with Braun Strowman… YUCK! The two singles matches that I liked of Bray’s were the Hell in a Cell match against Roman Reigns and the Royal Rumble match against Daniel Bryan (though that helped bury Daniel Bryan back in 2014). Other than that, I kind of liked Luke Harper much better as a Wyatt Family member.

You can get away with PRACTICALLY ANYTHING as a character AS LONG AS the in-ring product is solid. Deliver in big matches and fans will actually buy into whatever your character is doing. Case in point, Chris Benoit. The guy was undersized and cut horrible promos. Yet, inside the ring, few were better than him. Because he was so great inside the ring, people forgave the other intangibles that he LACKED as a top guy and that helped push him to become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 20. I know, I just used the unspoken one as a comparison, but it’s a valid one. YOU MUST DELIVER IN THE RING and THEN the people will buy the character.

If you don’t deliver in the ring, and kind of suck at times, nobody will give a damn about your character and then begin to laugh at it.

Most fans were laughing at how bad the Fiend was getting. Set him on fire? Come out later appearing as if he completely burned? And then appear later without a scratch? People laughed and mocked it, therefore it didn’t draw. All of that stuff with Alexa Bliss didn’t help and only served to get Alexa Bliss some attention in a new character. Yet, how is she doing lately on that RAW? In case you haven’t noticed, the RAW Creative Team and Vince McMahon thought it would be a better idea to make someone called “Almost a Super Hero” as World Champion. Keep in mind that Alexa was in that same Money in the Bank match!

Sounds to me that maybe the WWE was creating these elaborate gimmicks or angles for Bray Wyatt/The Fiend to cover up for something. Maybe his in-ring work? Poor conditioning, as he’s often huffing and puffing early in matches? Or maybe him being somewhat injury prone. Still, he was given every opportunity to have great matches on both RAW and Smackdown, along with many Pay Per Views, and we’d STRUGGLE to create a DVD/Blu Ray of top matches to sell someone.

But now he’s free…

And it’s time to prove the WWE wrong, if they were truly wrong about cutting you.

And because I care about Pro Wrestling and am rooting for everyone to succeed, particularly outside of the BLOATED WWE machine… I am going to deliver a perfectly executed plan to help Windham Rotunda get INSTANTLY OVER with whatever wrestling promotion he joins. I would hope that he joins AEW, as they are on the upswing, but this could work elsewhere.

He’s introduced as Windham Rotunda and BOTH Mike Rotunda (Dad) and Barry Windham (Uncle) are in the ring with him, patting him on the back and rubbing his shoulders to pump him up. Immediately, he introduces himself as “Windham Rotunda”, proud son of Mike and nephew of Barry. Because of his family, he was inspired to become a Pro Wrestler and thought he was going to follow in their footsteps. INSTEAD, he was forced to play PHONY characters that he DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY when all he wanted to do was compete for Title Belts (make sure you call them “Belts”). Basically, he needs to emphasize that everything he did from 2012 through 2021 was staged, overproduced, and stuff that he didn’t want to do. “They made me wear a burn suit” and also “they made me act like a demented Mr. Rogers”.

Just rip the WWE to shreds. What AEW needs to do is greatly contrast themselves as a REAL show while the WWE is a completely phony show with characters, stupid storylines created by writers, and promos created by writers.

That’s what Tony Khan needs to realize. We are seriously at 1995-1996 all over again when the WWE was reliant on too much on the stupid gimmicks, bad comedy, and didn’t really have a top drawing star that could grow the business. In contrast, Eric Bischoff gave fans more reality based storylines, better in-ring action, credible title belts, and pushed top guys HARD as real stars and kept them strong on the top. The end result, WCW dominated WWE for 83 straight weeks.

Bray Wyatt/Fiend FAILED in the WWE because it was too much gimmick and not enough good wrestling. Simply as that.

In AEW or elsewhere, just strip away the over-the-top gimmicks and present him as someone pissed off that those gimmicks held him back throughout the years. Also, emphasize that Windham Rotunda is here to compete where Championships are taken seriously and he just wants to compete within the SPORT of Pro Wrestling.

And it’s gold…

Can Windham Rotunda speak? Yep… He has been handed poorly written scripts to read throughout the years, but he can talk.

Does he look the part? 6’3, 280 pounds… Guy is a hoss and would tower over many in AEW.

Can he wrestle and perform in big spots? That’s a big question… I’d argue that the gimmick held him back from just competing like an athlete.

Can he stay healthy? He’s only 34 years old.. You have the rest of his 30s for him to keep recovering and bouncing back from said injuries.

Could he be motivated like a Steve Austin, Dean Ambrose, Mick Foley, and others who left in anger from a promotion? Time will tell.

Scary part is this… WWE just released him. It’s another former World Champion within the last 2 years that they’ve let go randomly. You could say that this is Nick “the d*ck” Khan‘s handiwork of forcing lower salaries on wrestlers, but if Bray was still on top of his game and drawing, they wouldn’t have let him go. The WWE is paying millions per year Bill Goldberg just to wrestle 3 matches and yet they haven’t cut him yet. Why is that?

So far from the 2020 and 2021 releases, no ex-WWE superstar has burned the WWE yet.

And there might be a reason for that.

We might not be giving the WWE as much credit as they deserve for covering up weaknesses of what the Talent Developmental system has handed them since 2004 when Jim Ross was removed as manager of that process.

Windham Rotunda can now just prove himself elsewhere to prove that the WWE was wrong about him.

But will he?

I like I said, I wouldn’t be bashing “Supernatural” gimmicks if the IN-RING PERFORMANCES were good.

Bray/The Fiend wasn’t good inside the ring.

Or the WWE created the gimmicks to cover up his problem of not performing well inside the ring.

It’s like that old story of Blackie Lawless from the 80’s Hair Metal Band W.A.S.P.. During the 1980s, many 80s bands tried to compete with each other by creating fireworks and other antics on stage to grab more attention. One night, Blackie tried a fireworks device that attached to his crotch area. When he tried it on-stage later that evening, it burnt up his legs with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. As he was being treated for his burns, Blackie told his fellow WASP bandmates “we would’t have to try things like this if we wrote better songs!”

Maybe, just maybe… Bray Wyatt and the Fiend were covering up something. After all, “Husky” Harris didn’t set the world on fire either. Maybe the WWE created gimmicks for him because the in-ring stuff wasn’t great.

But again, go prove the WWE and your critics WRONG, Windham Rotunda. WWE has granted your freedom and now you can help take them down by joining AEW to further pad their roster. Wouldn’t that feel great to be on the AEW roster when it begins to defeat the WWE in viewership numbers? We’re only 600,000 viewers away now from catching RAW.

And CM Punk is coming to down, possibly. Daniel Bryan, too, possibly…


So just chill… Until the next episode!

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