MR. TITO: WWE Creative Has Ruined Lives and Caused Unemployment for Many Wrestlers

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Welcome back to the GREATEST Pro Wrestling Columnist on the planet for another installment of the Excellence in Column Writing for you to enjoy. Each week, I post my columns and present them to the bookerman to market on the NoDQ Social Media accounts. Sometimes, you never know what intrigues him to place on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to promote my columns. For this past weekend’s Ask Mr. Tito column, it was packed with topics ranging from Zombies on WWE Backlash, AEW’s television changes, Velveteen Dream’s release, among many other topics. The column was around 6,000 words in length… The quote that the Riftmeister selected to promote the column was:

“ANYONE associated with any of the Fiend/Bray Wyatt angles, Zombie Lumberjacks, or what is going on with Alexa Bliss right now needs to be TERMINATED from the WWE.

And that led to a Weekend filled with Twitter notifications blowing up along with many calls to “Cancel Tito”. I received lots of “how dare you wish unemployment on people” comments, too. Oh boy.

But let me ask the following question in response to all of the heat that I endured over the weekend: how did you feel about 2020 and 2021’s April 15th releases of WWE talents?

Don’t you remember all of that WWE Talent that was terminated, without notice, on April 15th of 2020 and 2021?

April 15th, 2020 WWE Talent Releases: Kurt Angle, Rusev, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Eric Young, EC3, Curt Hawkins, Lio Rush, Heath Slater, Aiden English, Sarah Logan, Mike Chioda, Primo & Epico Colon, Eric Rowan, Mike & Maria Kenellis, Zack Ryder, No Way Jose, Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero), Tino Sabbatelli, and Curtis Axel (Luke Harper and the Revival requested their releases and received them during early 2020 too, Matt Hardy’s contract just expired).

April 15th, 2021 WWE Talent Releases: Samoa Joe, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Mickie James, Chelsea Green, Tucker Knight, Kalisto, Bo Dallas, and Wesley Blake (Steve Cutler & Lars Sullivan were released during February 2021, Andrade during March 2021)

And many NXT or Performance Center developmental talents lost their jobs during both 2020 and 2021 (many of you called for Velveteen Dream to become unemployed due to allegations made against him online), too, along with many producers, road agents, and trainers during 2020. Zelina Vega was terminated due to her unionization comments and refusal to give up 3rd Party applications during November 2020.


If you’re going to accuse me on this NoDQ platform of wishing Unemployment, then you better be consistent on accusing the WWE of causing more Unemployment that I ever have with my written words. Period, end of story.

And we’re just talking about 2020-2021… What about all of the other WWE Talent releases for the past few decades, mostly because WWE Creative had “nothing for them” to do. We can go back to the Attitude Era or review the many great talents that World Championship Wrestling (WCW) after it folded, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) after it folded, or developmental territories like Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) or Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) handed the WWE on a silver platter only for the Stephanie McMahon led Creative Team with failed Hollywood writers to mow down. Since late 2013, Triple H became the EVP of Creative and he didn’t fair much better, even with the talents that he personally groomed and recruited!

The WWE Creative Team has DESTROYED CAREERS of Pro Wrestlers and because a wrestler struggles to interpret a poorly written script, struggles to cut a promo from a bad script, somehow gets on the bad side of a writer or Vince, or can get outright buried by WWE Creative, they are the ones unemployed. When was the last time that you heard of the WWE doing “Spring Cleaning” of the Creative Team (besides Eric Bischoff & Paul Heyman, whom they didn’t want there anyway)? Lots of fat to trim, especially as they are completely under-performing right now. WWE viewership during early 2015 was just over 4 million viewers for RAW. Now it is UNDER 2 million for RAW through May 2021…

And many of you had the NERVE to call out me for calling for the WWE Creative Team’s termination after terrible Creative ideas?

Read my quote again… Can anyone tell me where Windham Rotunda, the man behind the Bray Wyatt and Fiend gimmicks, has been lately? We haven’t seen him since Wrestlemania 37 and the supernatural storyline has fully be transfer to Alexa Bliss. I actually worry for Rotunda, as being taken off television by CREATIVE is usually a sign that wrestlers are in limbo with the company.

And can anyone tell me where Keith Lee is? As far as we know, he’s a healthy scratch from WWE programming right now. Creative just has NOTHING for the guy and Vince personally dislikes him. So what, Vince? You personally disliked “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, too, during 1996. It’s nice to see Aleister Black returning, but where was he from October 2020 thorugh May 2021? Anyone? He was perfectly healthy…

Zombies in the ring at Wrestlemania Backlash… Come on. ALL OF YOU were bashing WWE Creative following that decision during the Miz vs. Damian Priest. ALL OF YOU!!

My solution is quite simple: FIRE the WWE Creative Team that is causing many of the WWE and NXT Wrestlers to be put in a BAD position to be eventually terminated themselves by the WWE. Reduce Vince’s Creative Team access *OR* surround him with a better qualified group of individuals, like ex-wrestlers, to help him with the booking of shows.

The WWE Creative Team is CAUSING Unemployment of WWE wrestlers thanks to their TERRIBLE BOOKING IDEAS. On top of that, Vince McMahon is out of touch on Creative at the tender age of 75, about to turn 76. Why on earth is that guy on the freakin’ road and forcing script rewrites just 2 hours before showtime? Kevin Dunn is Vince’s best friend and controls the television product. He has a ton of say and he has been louder since Vince Russo left during the Fall of 1999. Then you have Triple H. Look, I know that Vince McMahon is your Father-in-Law and has made you a WWE superstar, very wealthy, gave you his daughter’s hand, and is the grandfather of your children… But GROW SOME BALLS, man… STICK UP FOR YOUR NXT TALENT who are called up to the WWE roster. Vince and the WWE Creative Team are mowing through some good wrestlers. And come on with Bruce Prichard… He’s a Vince McMahon mark and just a total enabler of Vince’s bad ideas and Bruce is also disabling the rest of the Creative team from presenting anything worthwhile out of fear that it will upset Vince.

Let me repeat this, once again… The decline of Pro Wrestling is very simple to explain. Wrestling grew when you had sharp minded executives like Eric Bischoff, before his ego exploded during November 1996 when he joined the NWO as a cast member, and Vince McMahon when he was surrounded by a superior management group consisting of Pat Patterson, Jim Ross, Vince Russo, Jim Cornette briefly, and Gerald Brisco. Once Eric Bischoff blurred his lines between being an on-screen talent versus a company manager, WCW was dead… By the late Summer of 1998, they were beginning to slide. For the WWE, once each of those managers moved on or retired throughout the 2000s, Vince McMahon began listening to Kevin Dunn more along with corporate types of the newly publicly traded WWE.

What is FAILING all of those wrestlers who were cut on April 15th is the awful management infrastructure within the WWE. Talent Relations has NOT been the same since Jim Ross was demoted from it during 2004. Creative Team was seriously led by Stephanie McMahon from late 2000 through late 2013… Seriously, this boss’s daughter and communications major was writing 4 hours of television for 13 freakin’ years and lost 2-3 million viewers in the process. Triple H takes over since late 2013 and he loses another 2 million+ viewers as head of creative. Neither have the courage to disagree with Vince on anything Creative. Now, Bruce Prichard oversees Creative and is a total Vince McMahon enabler, worse than his family! And then nobody has ever replaced the great Pat Patterson on setting up Pay Per View cards and finishes. Have all of you been enjoying those many Triple Threat, Fatal 4 Way, and other goofy gimmick matches? Enjoying those bad finishes?

I know, I’m the bad guy… I’m just such a negative guy for repeatedly stating the WWE management structure is terrible and it needs to be shaken up if WWE were to ever grow again. Oh, I’m just horrible… Wait a second… I’m the one defending the wrestlers here and am presenting ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to the problems, no matter how radical they appear to be on paper.

I watch all of your comments underneath NoDQ articles, responses to our Social Media, and other places quite closely… As a writer of a popular wrasslin’ column, I’m always curious to read up on responses to various newsbytes around wrestling. I hear NOTHING BUT COMPLAINTS about WWE Creative. Endless complaints about WWE Creative, Vince McMahon, and Kevin Dunn… In fact, that is ALL that you complain about.

Yet, the EVIL Mr. Tito suggests that we TERMINATE these IDIOTS on the WWE Creative Team and that makes me the bad guy?

Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Michael PS Hayes, Triple H, Bruce Prichard, and Stephanie McMahon have all made their money, they’re doing just fine. Bruce is doing great with his Podcast, too. As for all of the writers on the WWE Creative Team… Leaving the WWE would do you a favor. Do you think that working long hours for the WWE is doing you any favors? Seriously, you’re all salaried employees and working well over 40 hours per week for Vince. Go ask previous writers, who became burned out, why they left the WWE. None of you can please Vince McMahon or kiss up to him as well as Prichard or Dunn can, nor do any of you have the guts to stand up to the WWE CEO and Board Chairman to tell him that he’s WRONG in the way he oversees Creative.

I’M STICKING UP FOR THE WRESTLERSWWE Creative has SCREWED many talents out of long-term jobs with the WWE. That is a FACT.

Again, SAY THEIR NAMES… SAY THE NAMES of the 4/15 WWE Releases of 2020 and 2021. Hell, SAY THE NAMES of hundreds, if not thousands of wrestlers screwed by the WWE Management or Creative infrastructure for the last 20 years.

But also say a prayer for the many other WWE releases of main roster and developmental talent that the WWE has SCREWED. Hopefully, most of them have moved on to something decent and worthwhile.


Since late 2000 when Stephanie McMahon took over the Creative Team, hundreds upon hundreds of WWE talents have been released by the WWE for doing nothing wrong, being in great shape, and having positive attitudes… WWE Creative just had nothing for them to do and they were released. That or they gave them a HORRIBLE gimmick that has forever tarnished their image in pro wrestling. Same trend has occurred since late 2013 when Triple H, who doubled as Talent Relations manager, took over Creative.

WWE Creative and the WWE management staff of total yes-men, family, and corporate types are the enemies to the Pro Wrestling business. Period, end of story…

As you’ve read from my recent AEW Columns, the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) company has the same problem… Tony Khan, who is very inexperienced himself, has surrounded himself with younger wrestlers as his Executive Vice Presidents. Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks have zero experience as managers of of a company and lack skills in recruiting, coaching, and motivating talent to succeed. The end result is an AEW Dynamite television show on the 85 million household TNT channel that draws less than 1 million fans consistently since they began during the Fall of 2019.


You’re damn right that I wish that any WWE Creative Team member to be terminated if they directly harm the wrestlers with their bad ideas. I hope that those WWE Creative Team members who failed many wrestlers can BURN IN HELL too.

When the next crop of WWE Releases happen, don’t cry to me about it and also don’t cry about WWE Creative either. Until you shake up the management within the WWE and change WHO appears on the WWE Creative Team, nothing will change. Thus, cease running to Social Media to complain about released wrestlers UNTIL you hold WWE Creative accountable for their actions.

As I keep saying, why doesn’t retired WWE Talent get invited to join the WWE Creative Team? Just baffling to me… At least Triple H has some sense for his NXT promotion to utilize Shawn Michaels as much as possible, though I have doubts on HBK as a teacher because wrestling comes to easily to him as a natural and it may be hard to articulate how he understands wrestling to trainees. Why isn’t someone like Beth Phoenix, Edge, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Rikishi, and now the Undertaker used as members of the WWE Creative Team? Instead, we have a few wrestlers who kiss-up to the McMahons (Hayes & Road Dogg, we’re looking at you) and a bunch of failed Hollywood writers who have settled on working for the WWE.

I would suggest “stop taking my quotes out of context”, but I meant what I said in this case. WWE Creative needs to be held accountable for screwing wrestlers out of employment with bad storylines, bad gimmicks, and getting involved in petty reasons to bury talent. Vince McMahon needs to retire… I just don’t know yet how good Triple H could be on his own. Kevin Dunn needs to stick to making the WWE television product look great and have zero stay on storylines or talent.

WWE needs some serious shake-ups within its Creative Team and Management structure in order to be successful and growing again. When those WWE Creative Team members and Company Managers get released, their stuff needs to get sent home in garbage bags too!

Until then, more wrestlers will be released because of the harm that WWE Creative causes them.

And when those wrestlers get released, SAY THEIR NAMES.

Until the rest of the Internet Wrestling Community begins to hold WWE’s Creative Team, Talent Developmental System, and Management team accountable, as I do… NOTHING WILL CHANGE. That’s a fact, jack!

Remember – My columns don’t cause Unemployment. WWE releasing wrestlers, instead of Creative Team members, does.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.



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