Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Wrestlemania Night #2 Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade

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Welcome to Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Wrestlemania 37 – Night Two review exclusively posted here at Night 1 gave us 3 great matches and maybe a few moments that pleased fans that would nod at anything the WWE tries. All Night #2 would have to do is deliver solid second second show and we have an ALL TIME GREAT Wrestlemania.

But easier said that done… Sometimes, when things can go wrong and one match can set the momentum for the rest of the night.

Onto the show.

Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Wrestlemania – Night 2 Review

So yeah, more booing of Hulk Hogan as a co-host anytime he spoke. If you want to make a point, don’t invest your hard earned money with anything associated with Hulk Hogan. Otherwise, when you buy into the WWE, you’re supporting their decision to employ Hulk Hogan. If Hogan’s past actions can be forgiven by the WWE and you’re still financially supporting the WWE, then maybe you can forgive too. Titus O’Neil is a proud man and he was very outspoken when Hulk Hogan was re-signed during 2018. Yet, he’s out there making money with the Hulkster as a co-host and using the opportunity to outshine the legend.

OPENING MATCH was Fiend vs. Randy Orton… You know, a few weeks ago, I wrote a column titled “Supernatural Stuff Has No Place in Pro Wrestling” and many of you attacked me for it. Many of you didn’t even read the column and alleged that I ignored Undertaker’s career. No, if you clearly read the column, you’ll see that I clearly argued what made Undertaker great were his MATCHES against Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kane, Batista, Edge, Orton, CM Punk, and Steve Austin. Undertaker had a ton of Supernatural stuff but what got him over was when his WRESTLING ABILITY could be on display against an all-time great. When it was 100% Supernatural, such as SummerSlam 1994 when he wrestled a duplicate Undertaker, it failed. Unfortunately for Bray Wyatt/the Fiend, he is 100% reliant on the Supernatural stuff to get notices because he has consistently had BAD MATCHES in big spots. Choked against both John Cena and Undertaker at Wrestlemania, while being consistently bad as the Fiend gimmick.

For many of you who attacked my good name and my columns back on March 24th when this column was published… HOW YA LIKE ME NOW?!?!?? DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?!?!?

So this COMPLETE GARBAGE OF A MATCH consisted of the Fiend walking through a hallway and the burned flesh disappears to reveal zero injuries or scarring from being burned alive. We go back to the ring and there is a huge Jack-in-the-Box that Alexa Bliss turns the crank on to reveal the Fiend. Then, just after the 5:30 mark, Alexa Bliss is seen on top of the Jack-in-the-Box with a crown on her head and she’s bleeding black liquid from it. This distracts the Fiend and Randy hits the RKO for a win at 5 minutes and 50 seconds. Seriously, that happened. [ -***** ] (Negative 5 Stars in case you can’t see the dash). This may be the WORST moment AND match for the entirety of Wrestlemania, all 37 years of it. COMPLETE GARBAGE and anyone involved with Creative who had input on this needs TERMINATED, immediately! Can Fiend wrestle? Because even in this short 5 minute match, he was visibly huffing and puffing. If he cannot perform inside the ring for a match, then maybe you ought to keep Bray Wyatt away from the ring.

Next up, more Bayley backstage with Eric Bischoff and the 2 co-hosts. Funny how anything involving the word “Ding Dong” is a total disaster in pro wrestling.

Speaking of sucking wind, Women’s Tag Team was up next with Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya/Tamina. 14 minutes might have been too much for these guys, as they had long moments where they had to catch their breath. Is the lack of houseshows causing people to not be as conditioned as before? One would figure that by working out less, you’d be more rested to have great matches. Nia Jax is completely difficult to work with and Shayna just has an awkward style that doesn’t fit pro wrestling at all. Tamina and Natalya were slowed by the over-the-top outfits that both. You can wear standard tights, ladies. This is not a fashion show. You outfits can look great but if your matches suck, nobody will care how you looked. I did like the ending, with the blind tag fooling Natalya and she was choked out by Shayna while trying to apply the Sharpshooter on Nia Jax. [ *1/2 ]

A match with a homeless guy against a YMCA basketball player was next… I’m sorry, I got this confused with Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens. And the WWE probably paid 6-7 figures for Logan Paul to sit ringside and take a Stunner afterward because he can convince people to watch him on YouTube. Just a standard Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens match, nothing that made it standout from the previous bouts. Eventually, Owens won cleanly and then Logan Paul entered the ring only to attack Sami Zayn… Paul tried to embrace Owens but took a Stunner instead. [ **1/2 ] I’m tolerant of Kevin Owens’s look because at least he has consistently looked like a YMCA basketball player since he joined the WWE main roster. But Sami just looks rough and the match quality just isn’t there to justify or explain it. All about presentation, guys.

Backstage, Riddle was with Hall of Famer Great Khali and then Rob Van Dam joins the segment. I became contact high just watching that. RVD got to advertise his rolling papers in that segment! Wow… We have really become lenient on things, haven’t we WWE?

Riddle vs. Sheamus was up next… Aside from the 1 top rope botch, which Sheamus realized and still hit his regular move anyway, this was a good match. Sheamus can work and always had the ability to pull off a good match. He worked well with Matt Riddle throughout the match and the finish was damn solid with the kick being hit while Riddle was in the air. I question giving the older Sheamus the title, but I wouldn’t doubt that WWE is going to seriously try Rob Van Dam and Riddle as a tag team starting tomorrow. And why not? The legalization movement has spread across the country. As for the match, [ *** ]. Finally, something good on this show.

And then I spoke too soon… Utter garbage with Big E vs. Apollo Crews in a “Nigerian Drum Fight”… CAN’T THESE TWO JUST HAVE A REGULAR MATCH!??!? Lots of weapons surrounded the ring, as I didn’t know that Kendo Sticks were something used in Nigeria. What a joke. Just a garbage hardcore match with weak weapons shot and then the big guy from the Shane McMahon Fight Club segments (I think that was him) from last year arrives and chokeslams Big E to help Apollo Crews become the NEW Intercontinental Champion. [ -** ] (Negative 2 Stars) WWE Creative has been awful for the last decade, but did they really hire more people with room temperature IQs? (Credit RK Outpost for that insult).

Lots of downtime after this match to give fans a chance to take big dumps after watching the previous matches and segments. Commercials, Hall of Fame, and other WWE propaganda. Kane’s Hall of Fame speech was great and actually helped by being short, concise, and without crowd distraction. Sounded like a politician…

Oh, save us Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley… Booker T kept calling Rhea as “the Rip” on the pre-game shows. You just know that the WWE, looking for something else to trademark, will use go for it. I love Ripley’s talent, but she needs to learn about what Eric Bischoff told Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) when he was wearing too many accessories to the ring. Keep things simple… You don’t have to go overboard on shaving your hair or eyebrows, tattoos, earings, and make-up… You are naturally beautiful and don’t have to give Ruby Riott a run for her money. Rhea Ripley is an amazing athlete, tall and lean, and as I said before, naturally beautiful. Don’t overdo it… It’s like Asuka with the green stuff all over her face now. LESS IS MORE, especially when you naturally have that “it” factor. However, early on with this match, I’m just not feeling any HEAT between these two… Given how the match was slapped together, there’s just nothing of substance to latch onto. Both are trying and hitting nice moves together… But the styles are clashing and nothing emotional between the two. Eventually, Rhea Ripley won with a Pumphandle Slam (now called the Rip Tide) to win the RAW Women’s Title… And this doesn’t feel as special or personal as Bianca winning it… We’ve seen Ripley underperform at Wrestlemania before (selling that leg last year) and this match was just MEH on emotions and psychology. [ **3/4 ] Still, Ripley has a ton of potential and the RAW Women’s brand needs some fresh talent on top.

Highlights of the Orton vs. Fiend match were shown to remind us of how bad that show was. Then, the WWE brings back Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil, but then Bayley comes back out. What am I missing here? She went from a badass heel to a complete idiot. Then the Bella Twins come out and save the day! You know, I’ve never appreciated the Bella Twins until now. Thank you, ladies, for taking out the garbage. Bayley deserves better than this awful new gimmick or personality.

Finally, the MAIN EVENT of Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge and will be met with a ton of expectations to SAVE this show. I bet it felt good to do the “Yes!” chant by the Tampa fans. With some hair dye, Edge almost looks like his younger self again. Roman just looks like a major star now… Look at his entrance… He slowly walks out, looks around, and is just analyzing everything in front of him. He has a total look of disdain for the fans in attendance… It’s minor details like that which sells the character even before they have the actual match. And apparently, this match is No Disqualification which means that Jey Uso is allowed to freely attack Edge or Daniel Bryan. How does that make sense??? Then, Edge takes out Jey Uso out by giving him a DDT on the steel steps… But that hurts Edge, too, because of the impact slamming that DDT. Fans are heavily booing Roman, which is the marking of a great heel… Roman just has that look on his face, always, that he hates everyone and it’s selling that way to the fans in person. “Heavy Roman Sucks” chants, as the fans still hate him… Nice Powerbomb by Reings on Bryan through the table and then Edge nailing Roman with the Spear immediately afterward. Still, we’re leaning too much on outside the ring brawling instead of letting these guys actually work inside the ring. Cool spot where both Edge and Bryan locked in their submission holds onto Roman. Edge unloads on both Bryan & Roman with chairshots, as it was nice to see a pro wrestlers who knows how to swing them finally swing them. Edge hits a Conchairto on Daniel Bryan and as he was attempting to hit Roman, Jey Uso invades the match again and distracts Edge for Roman to spear him. Roman Reigns hits the Conchairto on Edge and then drags Edge’s limp body on top of Daniel Bryan to pin BOTH guys to retain the WWE Universal Title. [ **** ] Just WAY TOO MUCH Jey Uso interference that cheapened this match for me. Otherwise, there were moments of this match taking off and being great. Could have been better and a rematch at Backlash could prove that. Roman is the #1 star in the WWE and taking the World Title off of him isn’t wise. Let him be champion until a legit babyface-on-the-rise is ready to take it from him.

LAST WORD: You know, after Night 1, the WWE just had to put on a solid Night 2 to all Wrestlemania 37 to become an ALL TIME GREAT Wrestlemania. But nooooooo, awful booking decision after awful booking decision happened. First, Fiend vs. Orton is one of the WORST matches and finishes in Wrestlemania history. Women’s Tag wrestling was awful. Apollo vs. Big E was utter garbage. This is seriously ALL TIME BAD stuff presented to us. Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka kind of underwhelmed while Owens vs. Zayn was their typical stuff. Sheamus vs. Riddle was solid… Main Event was good but had flaws. Much weaker Night #2 that gets a grade of [ D+ ], as the negaties outweigh the positive this time around (unlike Night #1).

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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