Backstage news coming out of the May 24th 2021 edition of WWE RAW

Here are some backstage news and notes following the May 24th 2021 edition of WWE RAW…

* Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com noted that “there was yet again a lot of ripping up of the script of RAW all day before they went on the air, which led to quite a few rematches this week.” Johnson added that a lot of the first hour’s content wasn’t finalized until less than an hour before RAW started.

* According to Mike Johnson, a topic of discussion backstage was WWE’s return to live touring. While there is said to be a lot of excitement, people are reportedly being “cautious in expectations” when it comes to ticket sales.

* John Cone and Jason Jordan have reportedly been praised for their new behind the scenes roles. As previously noted, Cone replaced Mark Carrano in the talent relations department under John Laurinaitis.

* Alexa Bliss was backstage at WWE RAW but did not appear on the show. Alexa’s pet pig Larry-Steve passed away early Tuesday morning and Alexa wrote on Instagram that her family was looking after him while she was at RAW.