ASK TITO: WWE SummerSlam, Alexa Bliss, Bella Twins, AEW on Fridays, NXT Takeover Predictions, The Rock Returning?, and More

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Your weekend EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING is here and it is answering your questions sent by email, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Congrats to the entire WWE roster for making it through the week without any releases… Geesh!

Honestly, I don’t have much of an opening rant, so thus I’ll head right into your questions!


ASK MR. TITO: Your Questions, My Answers

What do you think about AEW’s viewership numbers on Friday Nights?

I think nothing. How about that?

Is Friday night their normal day to air AEW Dynamite? Nope.

Is 10pm their normal timeslot for when AEW Dynamite begins? Nope.

So they are getting 500,000 viewers on a Friday Night timeslot at 10pm. How is that not expected? People go out on Friday Nights and they start to tire after 10pm, especially after 11pm. WWE Smackdown, yes, is on Friday but they have the benefit of being in 30 million more homes with FOX than TNT.

I’m as critical as they come with AEW, as I feel Tony Khan is in over his head and the EVPs are harming the company with their talent signings and bookings, but come on with this Friday @ 10pm criticism. in 2 weeks, they’ll be back on Wednesday Nights and if they struggle to get 900,000 viewers again there, then we can return to making fun of that promotion.

HOWEVER, they have a lot of talent to potentially sign in the upcoming months and things could get much better for AEW as 2021 rolls on.


What do you think that WWE might do for SummerSlam 2021?

Reports are that WWE wants to treat it like “this year’s Wrestlemania” and I believe them. As my boy Aaron Rift keeps saying, the WWE wants to “bring out the big names out of the gate” to get people excited about attending live events again. I believe that John Cena is certain to return, as he’s not afraid to roll the dice on his acting career to perform inside the ring. There is always a chance that Brock Lesnar might return. WWE has a ton of cash right now from strong financials and cutting costs.

In my opinion, both Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns need statement wins as there isn’t much to defeat on the full time WWE roster right now. Lesnar for Lashley and Cena for Roman is perfect to me. Lashley did some MMA could hype that up for his match with Lesnar. John Cena being a face against a heel Roman Reigns is pure money.

But don’t stop there… Bring in Trish Stratus to wrestle someone like Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair. Becky Lynch return, hopefully not with “the Man” gimmick, is probable as well.

Knowing WWE, they’ll hire more celebrities to wrestle at the event instead. By the way, how has that Bad Bunny exposure helped the WWE’s long-term bottom line by the way? It hasn’t helped. If only someone wrote a column about that…


How did you feel about Alexa Bliss on Monday Night RAW?

Vindication. Sweet, sweet vindication. Remember how many of you attacked me for my 03/24/2021 Column titled “Supernatural Stuff Has No Place in Pro Wrestling”?

Yeah, how do you like me now?

As I explained in that GREAT column, if you’re going to do Supernatural stuff, you have to back it up with great matches. That’s exactly what the Undertaker did. The storylines were often bizarre but the Pay Per View matches paid off for the most part (unless against Giant Gonzalez or other large opponents). You need a balance between Supernatural and Match Quality. When wrestlers place too many of their eggs in one basket it, that balance isn’t there.

What happened on the June 7th edition of Monday Night RAW with Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler was embarrassing. For Baszler to even be scared of Alexa, let alone a doll, is ridiculous. Then that backstage segment with Baszler…

I hate to tell you that I told you so, but I told you so.

Hey, can you guys tell me where the Fiend is lately? Imagine that, he lost a match thanks to Alexa bleeding black stuff from her head at Wrestlemania 37 and hasn’t been seen since.

Congrats to the WWE… They finally made Alexa Bliss get criticized heavily by fans. She is usually Teflon when it comes to criticisms but the fans have had enough.

For me, however, I called it a mile away…


What are your thoughts on Lio Rush’s early retirement just after his AEW debut?

He got injured at an AEW event. That tells you all that you need to know… Many injuries are happening there thanks to no filters applied by Tony and the EVPs on what wrestlers can and cannot do inside the ring.

Did you guys know that Shaq was injured, too, during his mixed tag match? He had shoulder surgery on his left side after falling through that table, as Shaq admitted recently on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” show. Shaq said it RIGHT HERE. Unless Shaq is kayfabing here, unlike him leaving the ambulance, it’s just another name added to the long list of AEW injuries.

Tony Khan needs to protect his own wrestlers from harming themselves.


What should the WWE do with Big E now that Aleister Black has been released?

Big E and Aleister Black were supposed to feud before Aleister was released. I hate to say this again, but if only someone wrote a column that had suggestions on how to help Big E. Oh wait, I wrote such a column on 2/16/2021!

To me, Big E still looks and speaks like a member of New Day. He needs to ditch that comedic element to his character change up his look a bit. Grow sideburns, too!

Smackdown’s roster is very thin right now, so thus I don’t know who he should wrestle that could help him out.


Are you excited for the Bella Twins returning to the WWE?

Let’s get something straight, right now… ANYONE who can provide me definitive proof that the Iconics, Mickie James, Lana, or any of the other recently released ladies are bigger draws than the Bells needs to step forward right now. Where on earth were fans of the Iconics, James, and Lana BEFORE the 4/15 and 6/2 talent cuts? You’ve got to be kidding me… You’re suddenly fans of these talents because the WWE released them. No, you’ve just got a bone to pick with the WWE and doing their annual cuts just creates the opportunity to complain. The Bella Twins, when together, are draws and they always have been. On top of that, they are better workers than the Iconics or Lana. I’ll take that debate any day of the week.

To answer the question, of course they are coming back. They want to win those Tag Titles together as one last “feather in their cap” and it should be easy to accommodate by the WWE. Not only are the Bellas drawing talents, but the Women’s Tag Team division is a joke and it makes me question why the Tag Titles were even created. HOWEVER, if you give me some “Twin Magic” action to make defending those titles compelling thanks to the Bella Twins holding them, then I’m all for it. In fact, I would purposely limit their appearances on WWE television to not only irritate all of the hateful marks, but to keep the duo fresh and healthy. Nikki Bella still has a cyst in her head and she had a bad neck injury recently as well.

Let the Bellas keep the Tag Titles for 1-2 years… Seriously… If you think that I’m crazy, go into your WWE Network vault and look at the Honky Tonk Man‘s Intercontinental Title reign that dominated much of 1987 and 1988. People bought tickets to hopefully see that man lose and he squeaked out of every match to their dismay. Then, when the right opponent arrived that needed a rocketship to the moon kind of push, Honky Tonk did GREAT business with the Ultimate Warrior at SummerSlam 1988 that we all remember.

The WWE marks act like they hate the Bella Twins and feel like they only returning because their Father-in-Law has resumed his Talent Relations duties. Fine, play that up to or even have him act as their freakin’ manager to stir up heat. Have John Laurinaitis assist in the screwjob that crowns the Bella Twins as champions. SO MUCH money to be made there and the Bellas would make that Tag Team division matter.

But let’s stop with this “what about the 4/15 and 6/2 releases” stuff. With a few exceptions, you were NOT big fans of any of those wrestlers who unfortunately lost their job. Your problem is with the WWE and how you cannot divorce yourself from watching every Monday Night. That is YOUR PROBLEM. The Bella Twins, along with Eva Marie returning, are just your latest vehicles to piss and moan about your WWE pimple that you refuse to pop. If the Bella Twins upset you that much about their return, then STOP WATCHING. It’s that simple… Until then, quit acting like a fraudulent wrestling fan with this phony outrage. The fact is that the WWE Women’s Division isn’t that great beyond the very top stars and that is why your Iconics, James, Lana, and others were let go. Bella Twins are equal as in-ring performers as much of that lower 2/3 of that division but they have bigger appeals as draws than most of them. Hence why they should come back.

Did you like them apples? I just defended the Bella Twins returning and also diagnosed markish most of the Internet Wrestling Community is about them. “You can look but you can’t touch!” AND TWINS!!!


What are your thoughts on the NWA hosting their own All Women’s Pay Per View?

My thoughts are simply this: good luck.

Maybe when combining the rosters of Ring of Honor, Impact, and AEW, you might pull of a decent show. If headlined by the return of Tessa Blanchard, that could help.

But let’s be honest with this NWA Pay Per View… Who is demanding this? Is there really enough demand on NWA to have this kind of show? I didn’t think that there was much demand for the NWA product, period, let alone singling out an all gender show where their roster is very think and would need lots of imported help from other promotions. And honestly, is this just a favor for Nick Aldis, current NWA Champion, who is married to Mickie James who just so happens to be the “executive producer” of this show.

It could be OK, especially if the match quality is high. However, it won’t sell… If an All-Women’s WWE Pay Per View known as “WWE Evolution” could NOT have a sellout at a smaller New York City arena with Ronda Rousey, Trish Stratus, and many other top names on that show, then NWA obviously won’t draw well either with their All Women’s show.

And that’s not to be mean towards women’s wrestling, as my columns are usually in FAVOR of Women’s wrestling. For example, I have slammed Triple H’s shortcomings in recruiting and training Male wrestlers but have heavily praised what he has created for Women’s wrestling, particularly the 4 Horsewomen (Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, Bayley). That said, not all women’s wrestling, even with its top talent, is good… They are trying to have matches in wrestling rings built for 6 feet+ tall males… When the top rope can hit you on the back of your head or neck, then you are too small for that ring. It’s just a scientific fact that men are bigger, faster, and stronger than women and can thus pull off a more action packed match than females.

Just compare viewership numbers of the NBA versus WNBA or Men’s NCAA Basketball versus Women’s NCAA Basketball. Both are using the same exact court size and the same height on the basketball hoops. Which do most sports fans prefer? The sport with the men playing basketball on the same dimension court. The WNBA, since it formed, has NEVER made a dime of profit since it began and the NBA has to subsidize its existence to survive. And THAT is why the Women won’t get their own WWE show, Mick Foley, because without being surrounded by more action packed action by male wrestlers, the females would struggle to perform in the same ring by comparison on their own. Ever notice why UFC doesn’t have their own “All Female” Pay Per Views? Same with Boxing… They know. It’s science…

I know, I’m just a pig for stating facts…

Of course, I wish NWA the best in this venture… But let’s not kid ourselves, this will likely be a one-time thing unless Billy Corgan is willing to part with his money each year. We’re not buying NWA Pay Per Views right now, so why would we buy one exclusive to the weaker part of their roster that will be very reliant on bringing in outside names to spark any interest?

Good luck…


What do you think of the rumored return of the Rock for Survivor Series 2021?

Eh, I saw what I needed to see of the Rock during 2013 and with 2 matches against CM Punk and one against John Cena. If those guys couldn’t get a good match over the Rock when he was 8 years younger, what could he contribute to the WWE now? I also think that the Rock’s brand has been overexposed much more since 2013. He’s everywhere now and some of his movies, besides Fast & Furious, haven’t done so well… Rock is talking about running for President and his character on the Young Rock show is even acting like he is running.

I fully understand that Rock vs. Roman Reigns will be a big deal, but I’m not convinced yet that the Rock as it in him to pump out a great match. His cardio was awful last time and he was probably too bulked. Now, he’s 8 years older and hasn’t wrestled much since his last run in the WWE. On top of that, he would be extra careful to not get injured and that will lead to less risk taking inside the ring to make a great match. Oddly enough, the match would live and die based on how Roman Reigns could carry it and I cannot believe that I’m saying that.

And again, it’s the WWE’s reliance on an older bigger name for a part-time role. This is just another indictment of the WWE being completely unable to recruit and/or develop new stars. It’s AMAZING to me how much mileage that Jim Ross’s signings are getting in the WWE and he hasn’t been in charge of Talent Relations since 2004.


Do you have NXT Takeover – In Your House Predictions?

Real quick…

– LA Knight will defeat Cameron Grimes to become the Million Dollar Champion (I’m actually excited for this one)
– Xia Li shall defeat Mercedes Martinez
– Raquel Gonzalez will retain the NXT Women’s Title over Ember Moon
– Bronson Reed/MSK will retain their titles over Lgardo del Fantasma
– Adam Cole will become NXT Champion by pinning Kyle O’Reilly to allow Karrion Kross to leave the NXT brand for the Main WWE roster.


Why do you sound so different on camera than how I’m reading your columns?

I’m getting this question often, as my longtime readers are SHOCKED when they hear my actual speaking voice on a Podcast or recently on a few YouTube videos. There are a few obvious reasons:

(a) People misread the tone of my columns… Often, I’m using BOLD formatting and CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasize a particular wrestler or a point. Both of these techniques are done to get the reader’s attention as they are scrolling down when reading my columns. I learned the use of bold formats from Sports Illustrated’s website while I learned the use of CAPITAL LETTERS from Karl Denninger from If you combine that with my aggressive debating style and sarcasm, you have a Mr. Tito column.

(b) It’s easier for me to express rage in written form…

(c) Sometimes, writing columns for me is therapeutic… It’s a release and escape for me. Whenenver I have felt stressed or burned out from working too hard or for many hours, I put on the Tito mask and use that to vent sometimes. If you read me during 2016, you’ll notice many of those columns were pure rage of me hammering the Brand Split and the overpushing of Roman Reigns as a babyface back then. Well, I was dealing with the loss of a parent and a big project at work that consumed my time.

(d) I’m being professional on other people’s turf for Audio & Video appearances. To date, I have been on 3 Podcasts and appeared on camera twice for NoDQ’s Great Debate. In each of those 5 cases, those weren’t my turf. I was a guest on someone else’s platform, so thus the last thing you’ll get is the Incredible Hulk appearing… Instead, you’ll get Bruce Banner. So far, my experiences for those Podcasts and the 2 NoDQ Great Debates have been very professional and I haven’t had the need to show any rage. I seem to keep my temper better in check in person rather than when I’m writing.

(e) I have public speaking experience in the form of speaking at corporate events and teaching. So thus, I’m in that mode when appearing on Podcasts or Video. It’s much different when it’s my fingers in control when posting a column and they are delivering what my brain really feels.

Hopefully that explains how I tick…

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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