ASK TITO: Malakai Black in AEW, Jimmy Uso, WWE Caring about Cruiserweights in NXT, NWO 25 Years Later, and More

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Welcome back to the weekend EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING brought to you exclusively not only by, but also yours truly, Mr. Tito. You will NOT see hard hitting yet analytical opinions about the wrestling business anywhere else but here with NoDQ and with me. With this column, I take your questions as submitted by Email, Twitter, and your Comments below. Usually, I show preference towards Current Events questions, as many other columnists seem to aim for the retro market. I don’t, as that’s lazy… Covering current topics is what a true columnist should do.

I just have to laugh at how tribal online fans are these days about their loyalties to both WWE and AEW. Just endless debate on “which is better”?

My stance on this matter is simple: THEY BOTH SUCK.

Now, I believe All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has a built-in excuse because it has only been 2 years since they’ve had AEW Dynamite on their air and just over 2.5 years since they have existed as a company. In my opinion, Tony Khan made a foolish decision by having wrestlers double as Executive Vice Presidents as he could just made them well paid wrestlers instead. The EVP decisions on talent selection and booking has harmed this company from Day 1 and in my opinion, it’s scaring away prized free agents from maybe joining (like CM Punk).

I’m just laughing at how Impact Wrestling was sold a bill of goods from the AEW deal and they recently had 69,000 for a prime time show on AXS. Remember when both Impact and AEW were bragging about Impact, starring Kenny Omega, drawing over 200,000 viewers? Good times…

WWE is the well established company, with Vince McMahon closing in on his 40th year as the owner of the company. Yet, their Creative Team consists of 40 Hollywood or Comedy Writers (+ Dana Warrior) who know nothing about their wrestling business and yet are writing scripts for wrestlers to say during promos. On top of that, Triple H did a poor job building the Male wrestling developmental as most of the April, June, and other recent cuts have been his signings while his Performance Center has yet to create a long term drawing main eventer (Braun Strowman has been released already, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor have no staying power at the top).

What we’re seeing right now is AEW holding stagnant at around 850,000 on Wednesday Nights while WWE RAW is declining rapidly to become permanently UNDER 1.5 million. Holy cow! We are seriously at 1995 all over again where WCW was stagnant and WWE declined to them. AEW Dynamite is just 600,000 viewers away from catching the flagship WWE show, Monday Night RAW. Holy cow… Imagine if AEW wasn’t held down by BAD EVP decisions? Imagine if they could lure a big name free agent like a John Cena, Brock Lesnar, or CM Punk.

I’m getting to the point where I’m just fed up with the Wrestling Business and I’m just trying to advise both promotions on where to improve. I write about each and every week, as I don’t just criticize, I advise… And my advice is for FREE here at NoDQ for anyone to read, including the wrestling promotions.

Oh well… Just keep declining, WWE, and keep remaining stagnant under 1 million, AEW. What do I care? I’m just a longtime wrestling fan who has devoted 30 years of his life to watching wrestling and almost 23 years as a pro wrestling columnist with thousands of written pieces that take hours to consume.

Stupid idiots in the wrestling promotions in charge, along with the many yes-man fans who enable this crap weekly to air without any accountability.

If you’re a wrestling promotion and you want FREE help, just read my columns or contact me directly. I’m more than willing to help you course correct your promotion to draw higher viewership again.

But if you don’t want my help, then I’ll keep criticizing your garbage until you seek my help.

Onto your questions.

ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

What are your thoughts on Aleister Black/Tommy End/Malakai Black joining AEW?

First of all, how did this guy come up with a dumber name than what he had in WWE? Malakai Black? What’s wrong with calling him Tommy End, which is a cool name? He could easily say that “I’ll be the END of you!”. Furthermore, by going with his real name, it depicts how phony the WWE was with his gimmicks. If you don’t believe me, just go back 20 years when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash arrived and drew money with their real names instead of being called “Diesel” and “Razor”.

And didn’t his wife (Zelina Vega) just return to the WWE? *face palm*

Look, we’ll find out soon enough whether the WWE was right about assessing his talent or whether he was held back. From what I saw from him in NXT, I wasn’t that impressed. He’s just another 6 foot even dude with the same wrestling style haircut, a beard, and tattoos all over his body. There are many of those in wrestling right now. What else do you have to offer that makes you stand out?

Just like Andrade… It’s just not an impressive Free Agent signing and in my mind, he has a lot to prove on whether he or the WWE system was a problem. In my head, if the WWE system was the problem, then why did you let your wife return to it? You know, that same evil one that has been releasing wrestlers heavily lately and gets upset at anyone setting up a Third Party online account or even remotely says the word “union”. Malakai Black is just another guy for Omega or the Bucks to defeat until proven otherwise.


Thoughts on Jimmy Uso’s DUI and appearance on Smackdown?

For one, I’m glad that he just was pulled over and didn’t hurt somebody with his vehicle while being potentially impaired. That’s a plus. But this is the 4th time where he has been arrested for potentially the same thing. He needs help… Why is he out alone at night and drinking? That’s a question that needs answered, as he has a wife though both probably don’t see each other as much as they could by being on separate brands. However – They are working in the same building right now.

Obviously, there is a problem and his family and close friends need to support him to solve it. Many think that they have their drinking under control but why are you out at night so much when drinking?

Many think that Jimmy is getting a “free pass” due to him being related to Roman. Probably… Wouldn’t be the first person to benefit from double standards in the WWE. But at the same time, this Roman Reigns heel turn and storylines behind it should present a great opportunity for Jimmy Uso tha the didn’t have before. Yet, he does things outside of the ring that could throw it all away.

WWE has a Wellness Policy and besides suspending people, it’s supposed to be there to help protect wrestlers from themselves. Put Jimmy in some programs on the side to get him some help to correct something in his life. If Jimmy and his wife Naomi are getting along well, I’d move her to the Smackdown roster. No, not to join Roman’s family but to align schedules to provide Jimmy better support.

It’s sad, because something is troubling the guy personally and yet he has a great opportunity right now on Smackdown to really succeed.


What are your thoughts on the report of WWE wanting to push Roderick Strong and others heavily as a Cruiserweight Division in NXT?

I’m calling BS… For one, if there was such a desire to push Roderick Strong as a WWE asset, then why did they release his wife Marina Shafir on 6/25?

And “pushing” Cruiserweight Divisions in the WWE. Just laughable. When are we ever going to give CREDIT to Eric Bischoff for constructing his division during 1996 with Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho, and others? You need the RIGHT TALENT to pull this off and not just in-ring mechanics. You need personality and presentation to work in order to sell fans on this lighter weight division. Nobody but Eric Bischoff has ever sold a smaller weight class division in the United States.

Get this newsbyte out of here… Someone backstage made a false promise to NXT wrestlers and instead of keeping it to themselves, they bragged about it to a news source. Now that it is out, the WWE won’t fully try it. Happens all the time.


Should wrestling promotions check fans for proof of COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Promotions can do whatever they want to screen their fans. HOWEVER, it is up to YOU, the fans, on whether you’re willing to given in to this loss of freedom. If you have a problem presenting your vaccination card at the door, then BOYCOTT THE SHOWS. That simple… And that goes for ANYTHING that a wrestling promotion does, whether that is how they screen you at the door or what actually happens inside the ring. Wrestling fans need to grow balls and start speaking with their wallets. With the WWE’s viewership going down the toilet right now, they may not see a large boost to their TV contracts in 2024. If that happens, metrics that are created by fans, such as Attendance and Merchandise, will begin to matter again.

Here is my question… What about children attending shows? Dads like to take their kids to wrestling shows and that is the ONLY reason why the WWE has any younger demographic. If we’re going to check everyone’s vaccination card, children under 12 years old won’t have one because they COVID-19 shots are only for 12 and older. Most people between the ages of 12 and 18 are NOT getting this shot, by the way.

It’s obvious over-reach by the WWE and they are just covering themselves from liability. As statistics show, however, COVID-19 is not lethal to those 60 years and under with rare cases of pre-existing lung conditions or other physical conditions being the culprit to harm anyone younger than that with COVID. Yeah, I’m aware that younger people could spread it to older people but MOST older people are vaccinated. Furthermore, this Coronavirus has been in action for well over a year now. Anybody going to a Walmart, grocery store, post office, gas station, or who had kids in school has already been exposed to COVID-19 and likely didn’t know about it because the symptoms don’t show in most people.

Vaccines are out there and most people have already been exposed to the COVID-19 virus in some way, shape, or form. It’s time to move on, as POVERTY and STRESS from losing a job kills too and has multiplier effects among friends and family. We also need to figure out how on earth we can repay $30 Trillion of Debt. In addition, we need to further prove where this virus came from and the world needs to hold that source accountable. And with everyone being vaccinated or already exposed by the virus (but survived), it’s time to hold mass gatherings for concerts, sports, and wrestling events so that people can have FUN again.


20 years later, thoughts on the Hulk Hogan heel turn from WCW Bash at the Beach 1996?

True story for July 7th, 1996… Usually, me and my friends would chip in and buy Pay Per views… We’d get like 20 people in a room for these and watch Pay Per Views on a 20 inch screen. Ah, the 1990s… But on this night, I had a date (pre-Mrs. Tito) and I missed watching this show live as it happens. When I got home, I had all kinds of phone messages DOGGING ME on what I just missed. “Hulk Hogan was the 3rd guy and you missed it!!!” Back then, I was thinking that Luger, Sting, or Macho was going to turn heel during that match and I wasn’t impressed, so I went on the date instead. Oooops!

Of course, I’ve watched it many, many times since.

It’s the greatest moment in modern wrestling history, what can I say? It firmly made World Championship Wrestling (WCW) the #1 company in the land and eventually forced the WWE’s hand to revise their company and content as well. If you watch Uncensored 1996, which I unfortunately did live with my buddies as it happened (but I missed BATB 1996!), Hulk Hogan was clearly passed his prime as a babyface and it just wasn’t working. Turning him heel, along with joining Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, was a breath of fresh air that kept Hogan relevant for another 1.5 years and drawing huge money.

Here’s what today’s wrestling fans and promotions don’t get… For one, there was total MYSTERY about the New World Order back during 1996. Was Diesel and Razor working for WWE or not? WCW got sued for presenting that notion to fans by the WWE, as it was that convincing. “You know who I am but you don’t know why I am here!” And then, the whole intrigue of the 3rd man. On top of all of that, WCW delivered the PERFECT CHOICE for the surprise.

This is what today’s wrestling misses… They aren’t forcing fans to second guess what they have just witnessed on whether that was real or not. Furthermore, the build up and the surprises SUCK in today’s wrestling. When was the last time that you were SHOCKED that someone appeared? Besides Sting appearing on AEW and Jon Moxley’s AEW debut, nothing has shocked us lately at all… Furthermore, nothing has caused us to suspend disbelief as how the build up of the NWO did. Many fans, who knew that wrestling was scripted, thought that the WWE was invading WCW during 1996. Again, it was so convincing that the WWE sued WCW for causing that environment.

As I keep telling ALL OF YOU, wrestling fans and promotions alike… Just log into the WWE Network and watch the old shows on how it was once done. EVERYBODY knew that Pro Wrestling was SCRIPTED during the late 1990s and yet fans were willing to join Hall & Nash for that New World Order ride and they also believed that Steve Austin had legitimate hatred for his boss Vince McMahon. We knew that it was a fix, but we wanted to watch anyway. Simple as that.


Who would be on our Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling?

First of all, I’m going to stick with the last 40 years for my Mount Rushmore. I wasn’t alive or was too young to see Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, and much of Andre the Giant’s careers. Thus, my choices are going to be reliant on the more modern era of pro wrestling.

Here are my choices for the 4 faces on my hilltop:

(1) Hulk Hogan
(2) Stone Cold Steve Austin
(3) Nature Boy Ric Flair
(4) John Cena

Obviously, Hulk Hogan is the “Babe Ruth of Wrestling” and was the drawing force for the 1980s and 1990s for both WWE and WCW. He also has huge mainstream appeal. Yes, I’m aware of his sex tape and racial comments, but his career before that sex tape was leaked speaks for itself.

From 1997-1999, nobody drew like Stone Cold Steve Austin and he saved the WWE from drowning. Think about this… After Wrestlemania 14, the WWE no longer had Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels and yet they GREW with Steve Austin on top of the promotion.

Ric Flair dominated the 1980s in the South and has remained popular since. In fact, I’d argue that he has eclipsed Hulk Hogan as a pop culture icon with age. Flair is a legend and despite how much he has partied, everyone somehow accepts that (he is definitely immune to the “Me Too” movement).

John Cena took over the top WWE spot during 2005 following mid-2000 through 2004 of the WWE promotion declining. 2005, 2006 and later 2009 following Benoit’s horrific actions were growth years for the WWE with John Cena on top. He carried the promotion from 2005-2014 on his back and as seen by recent numbers declines, he cannot be replaced. WWE gave refunds for any shows that Cena could not attend! That’s popular.

Now, for the names that I left off… Real quick. Rock was a better drawing heel against Steve Austin than he was as a babyface. WWE started to decline in 2000 with Rock on top. Rock needed Austin. Undertaker never drew on top on his own. He was always a sideshow act. Bret, Triple H, and Shawn were great but not strong draws on their own in North America. I love me some Macho Man, but wasn’t the #1 guy unless Hogan needed time off.

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could debate those 4 names for the last 40 years. Those are the 4 best drawing wrestlers, period, and their existence helped make other wrestlers lots of money, too.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.



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