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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING has returned to Where have I been?!? Was I suspended? Did I briefly retire again? Did Cancel Culture finally get me? No……….. Simply put, my professional life overwhelmed me lately and any free time that I had to be “Mr. Tito” was needed to complete a major project that I’ve been involved with for the past year. I have been busy preparing it, implementing it, and fine tuning it… Now that things are starting to run smoothly, I believe that I can get back on track with my columns. So basically, for the past 3-4 weeks, I have practically lived on this computer and the last thing I wanted to do was spend another moment, with my free time, on this computer…

But I’m back and I’m going to attempt to climb out of the Email hole in a brand new edition of “ASK MR. TITO”… That way I can catch up on the latest wrestling topics that I’ve only commented on via Twitter since my very last column was August 3rd…

By the way, I want to dedicate this column to two people who have passed away recently… “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton from Pro Wrestling and Actress Markie Post whom I adored in the show Night Court. Obviously YouTube ANY Midnight Express match for Bobby, but Google “Markie Post Hot” and you’ll thank me later.

ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Thoughts on your 1 Year Anniversary with

Looking back, I made the right choice to join While I miss working with the webmaster from Lords of Pain whom I considered a friend, I believe that I said everything that I needed to say to their audience. I wanted a challenge and a new audience. During 2018, I saw footage and pictures of the NoDQ crew at WWE’s Money in the Bank 2018 show and felt that I wanted to be a part of that scene. On top of that, NoDQ had a better handle on YouTube and that would give me opportunities to appear on camera or to make videos. Furthermore, I was becoming good friends with webmaster Aaron Rift and my “brother from a different mother” Virtue. With 2020 changing everything, it felt like a good time to make a change. I gave a full month’s notice and posted my first NoDQ column on August 1st, 2020 which you can read RIGHT HERE.

I had a good spot where I was at and didn’t have to leave… But at that moment during June 2020, I began to want a new challenge and NoDQ was a great spot to join. Had that not been a great option, I’d still be writing columns at the place that I did for almost 22 years.

One year later, I do want to thank webmaster Aaron Rift for taking me on and putting up with me, Virtue for really putting up with me, the NoDQ audience, and my many longtime readers who have joined me at NoDQ as well. In addition, thank you to Calvin for allowing me to build up my brand for many years to be a splash landing elsewhere.

As for how much do I have left in the tank… I want to see this AEW thing through and if they can overtake the WWE as the #1 company. I also want to see if WWE will change itself and respond to AEW as a competitive threat. I’m about to head into my 23rd Year as Mr. Tito and I kinda want to get to 25 years. I’ll assess then (late October 2023) whether it is worth continuing or not. I’m also getting older, so my energy and motivation sometimes can get lost or diverted into other efforts (like lately). Going 25 years is important to me, but I really want to see this WWE vs. AEW thing through and if it will successfully revitalize wrestling or not.


Thoughts on “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton’s career in wrestling?

Oh man… This was a GREAT GUY that the wrestling industry lost. He is such an unsung hero, as he never had an ego and he put so many people over. What I liked about him is that his work ethic and pure ability gave him a job and retained him despite him not looking jacked up like other wrestlers or his inability to cut promos. All he needed was to be in a Tag Team and Jim Cornette could do the talking for him.

As I’ve told everyone many times, it was NWA/WCW’s Clash of the Champions #1 that got me hooked on pro wrestling. Sting vs. Ric Flair blew my mind, but what got me to even try that match was the awesome undercard of the match that made me want to watch more. Midnight Express vs. Fantastics on that show and that brawling match blew my mind at the time. Then, as I began watching regularly, it was the Midnight Express vs. Midnight Express feud with Cornette vs. Paul Heyman (Paul E Dangerously back then) as dueling managers. I was 100% invested in this feud.

Bobby was an amazing in-ring worker… He bumped like a machine, was smooth in all movements, great off the top rope, and had some of the best punches in the business. Sad to see him past away but I’m grateful for many of the fun memories that he gave me in the ring. RIP.


What are your thoughts on Max Caster’s promo that was edited by AEW?

I think that Tony Khan needs to treat his workers with more respect and not publicly shame them for something said on a TAPED show. Tony was a coward for doing that, as all Tony could have done was edited that promo and SAID NOTHING. Instead, he had to placate the Twitter Mob who are likely not even wrestling fans who watch his AEW shows to even get offended.

Max Caster is a new talent whom we haven’t seen work elsewhere and he brought something unique to AEW shows. He was a midcarder but he could draw heat from his promos. Was the “Duke Lacrosse” thing a bit too far and tasteless? Yeah, it probably was… But AEW should designate 1 backstage agent to talk through promos with Caster just to filter out something like that. I didn’t find what Caster said about gymnast Simone Biles to be offensive at all. “Make you claim mental health like Simone Biles”, which means that the Acclaimed will intimidate and beat you down that you’ll step away from competition.

Tony’s response was ridiculous… Tony should assume responsibility and hold his editing staff accountable for allowing that promo to air as well as any agent who worked with Max Caster in preparation for that match. Don’t blame the wrestling talent UNLESS they use a LIVE show as an opportunity to say something offensive on purpose. Make this a learning experience and just inquire what Caster is going to say before he goes out there. If you need to filter out a “Duke Lacrosse” comment, then do it. But he’s a young kid who is bringing something unique to your shows. DON’T penalize that.

Sounds to me like Tony Khan needs better help backstage…

The bigger problem is how Pro Wrestling is being limited from saying anything controversial… Keep the Political Correctness out of our escape, please. Could you imagine the Rock’s promos happening today? People would freak out… Yet today, he said all of that stuff and he’s the most loved Hollywood actor because he’s now squeaky clean.


What are your thoughts on the recent NXT talent cuts and the future of NXT?

Can I respond with “I told you so”? Any of my longtime readers have heard me being critical of Triple H as Talent Relations EVP for years, but I summarized my thoughts in this February 2nd, 2021 column entitled “Triple H’s Incompetence Helped Edge Win Rumble”. Basically what I was arguing was that Triple H’s Performance Center/NXT system was FAILING to provide WWE with wrestlers who could become Main Event talents in the WWE. If you look right now, for example, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley as the World Champions, both of whom are veterans signed and developed under John Laurinaitis’s reign as Talent Relations EVP.

Triple H can only claim that Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Bill Goldberg, and Drew McIntyre as his signings to achieve World Championships since mid 2012 when he took over Talent Relations. I’d argue, however, that Kevin Owens and Finn Balor aren’t top guys while Braun Strowman isn’t with the company any longer and failed as Champion. Drew McIntyre was resigned by the WWE after being cut previously and he greatly improved while not working with the WWE. Ditto with AJ Styles, who worked in TNA for years and became better escaping that system for Ring of Honor/New Japan. Bill Goldberg was signed for the WCW nostalgia, was more of a Vince decision. If you compare those guys to whom Jim Ross (Austin, Rock, Foley, Kane, Edge, Christian, Batista, Lesnar, Cena, Orton) and John Laurinaitis (Lashley, Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins) signed, it’s not even a debate.

Triple H signed a ton of Indy veterans in their mid to late 30s, smaller guys, or green taller guys. For the latter portion, you have Head Trainer Matt Bloom (formerly Prince Albert, A-Train, Lord Tensai) struggling to train anybody to become a top superstar. Shawn Michaels is also helping in NXT, but only on a part-time basis and he’s such a natural that he can’t explain how he does it to an audience. Guys like Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Karrion Kross, Damian Priest, Keith Lee, and other big wrestlers are joining the WWE roster and looking clueless like they have never worked a day in their life. Furthermore, from late 2013 through mid 2019, Triple H was actually the EVP of Creative and he did NOTHING to protect his own call-ups.

Have you guys noticed the Women’s Division lately? I like Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair, but they have been just OK as champions. Ripley, in my opinion, has disappointed because they let her look get out of hand with too many gimmicks and she can’t cut promos. I like Belair and only worry that they rushed her to the World Title too early. OTHER THAN THOSE TWO, who else has been worth a damn lately since 2017 as female call-ups? Seriously, if you get past Paige, the 4 Horsewomen (Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, Becky), Asuka (who has been struggling lately), and Alexa (awful gimmick lately), the Women’s Division has become lackluster in NXT and isn’t restocking them with quality talents. Many were just cut!

On top of all of that, what everyone used to call “WWE’s top brand” just GOT SMOKED in the Wednesday Night Wars and are struggling to hold on to 700,000 viewers on a channel available to 85 million homes in Prime Time.

I 100% agree with Vince McMahon on his assessment with NXT. The wrestlers need to be bigger to fill the “Larger than Life” void while being younger as well. But the TRAINING needs to be fixed down at the Performance Center before anything. Matt Bloom is not doing the MALE wrestlers any favors and they need to seriously throw many at Rip Rogers (he helped train wrestlers with Jim Cornette/Danny Davis) to build a training crew to prepare wrestlers as the old Ohio Valley Wrestling territory did. Then, when his AEW contract comes up, bring back Jim Ross to help John Laurinaitis with Talent Relations and rebuild the talent scouting department that WWE once had with Ross and Gerald Brisco.

The cushy Performance Center needs attention, though… It’s too comfortable for wrestlers there. They need to be angry and hungry. Vince should perform another cost savings move by ripping out the Air Conditioning and making wrestlers perform smaller shows throughout Florida where they’ll have to assemble and take down rings. The “hunger” to be the top talent has been lost with Triple H in charge. HHH is like that enabling father who spoils their kids rotten and tells them “everything will be alright”. Then, when the kids get into the real world (WWE main roster), they are exposed when that insulation is gone.

I’ve been saying it for YEARS and the facts are proving me right about Triple H as the Talent Relations manager. WWE demoted him from both Creative and Talent Relations for good reason, keeping him as an assistant only for overseeing Live Events. NXT + Performance Center has never made the company money.

The training in NXT needs addressed ASAP. You can swap out Triple H as the person who signs the talent but you cannot bring in raw athletes and expect Matt Bloom to turn them into Main Event talents. If you just look at how good Pat McAfee was in his NXT matches with just SOME Rip Rogers training, then you’d realize Rip is the guy that you need to prepare wrestlers today. Freakin’ Ohio Valley Wrestling talents are still ruling the WWE to this day.


Do you think that CM Punk is going to really join AEW?

Yes, it’s happening. And Daniel Bryan is joining him.

I figure that AEW will try to repeat history to bring them in as “Outsiders” and who knows, they might form a former WWE wrestler table… Remember, Tony Khan is a lover of all things late 1990s.

But he’s coming. It’s time and I believe that AEW sees a weaker WWE in its sights. Why CM Punk matters is that he’ll bring back many of the older WWE fans who have abandoned the WWE since 2014. WWE was regularly scoring over 4 million viewers for RAW and how they are under 2 million. That’s 2 million fans who used to watch wrestling regularly like clockwork who could be brought back. Don’t believe me? Where WCW started growing with Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, and other 1980s WWE stars was by regaining many of the lost fans who ditched the WWE during the early 1990s.

THE CATCH, though, will be HOW CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are used. What caused WCW to explode with growth was NOT JUST Hulk Hogan joining, but him changing his character in a new and unique way. Turning heel and forming the New World Order is what matters, not Hulk Hogan. If CM Punk/Daniel Bryan join AEW and start jobbing to Kenny Omega or the Young Bucks instantly, it’s not going to work. Punk and Bryan need to create a revolution in the Pro Wrestling marketplace that gets everyone talking. Much like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall did… “Are they from WWE and invading WCW??” Remember all of that hype and mystique?

AEW knows that they are closer than people think to overtaking the WWE in popularity and they will be throwing money at CM Punk to “go for the kill”. Hopefully, the 7+ year wait for CM Punk will be worth it.


What will happen with Ric Flair and maybe Charlotte Flair?

Charlotte just signed a big deal with the WWE, I think last year? She’s probably locked in for 3-5 years. And WWE won’t release her. I don’t care what Andrade-led drama can be stirred up, but WWE still wants to use her. Ignore the Nikki ASH garbage recently… If and when Charlotte wants to seriously be pushed, the WWE will give her work.

It just seems like ever since her relationship began with Andrade, she’s changed… I believe that he had her ear and has her convinced that the WWE poorly used him. However, her love for the guy is overlooking that he’s a 5’9″ wrestler who can’t cut promos. That is why he failed in the WWE after he was overpushed in NXT (another Triple H signing). Now that he is in AEW and talks himself up as “free”, that is going to Charlotte’s head too. I also believe that has talked her into believing that Becky Lynch’s push as ruining her career, too.

And Andrade is also getting into Ric Flair‘s head, too. Suddenly, they believe that Charlotte Flair has been poorly used by the WWE. Huh? She is an 11 Time Women’s Champion is just 6 freakin’ years in the WWE. Are you kidding me? On top of that, the WWE has granted her TIME OFF without flinching. Charlotte is also the HIGHEST PAID female by a mile, too.

Go ahead and take Tony Khan’s easy money in AEW, Ric… But Charlotte had a great thing in the WWE that seems to be have been derailed by influences that threaten to challenge that spot.


Anyway, thanks for having me again… I’ll still be a bit limited for the next week or so, but I’m still here.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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