MR. TITO: Political Correctness Has NO Place in Pro Wrestling

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You know what I’m really sick of? Outside forces trying to dictate what Professional Wrestlers CAN and CANNOT say. Whether it’s Corporate interests, Social Media mobs, or Political Movements… Can ya let us have something to escape your daily political BS? Our lives are being controlled from how we look, what we can say, what we can’t say, and how much we should accept others even if it negates from overall productivity.

Pro Wrestling USED to be an escape for many fans from their tough daily lives… And then one day, a man by the name of Chris Benoit killed his family and that was followed by many wrestlers getting caught with substances or online pharmacy buys with the revamped WWE Wellness Policy in place. Then you combine that during the late 2000s with Comcast purchasing NBC/Universal, and a major tightening of the bolts was underway on the WWE Monday Night RAW we once all enjoyed. The “PG Era” was now in effect.

Then, as the 2010s rolled on, many unwritten rules on what everyone could or could not say were implemented by the Media, Social Media, Politics, and activist groups. At first, it was trying to right the wrongs of racism, sexism, homophobia, vulgarities, and other things in our culture… But then, it began to dig deeper and deeper to where nobody was safe. Now, if your younger self was caught saying something crude in the past, that would subject you to a firing at your current job and banning you from future employment. What, a person can’t evolve? People make mistakes all the time when they are younger and they learn from them as they get older.

For Pro Wrestling, you have a perfect storm of Corporations filtering the WWE’s content combined with Political Correctness sweeping into everything said or who you present on your shows. This has been a contributing factor as to why the WWE stinks right now…

But AEW has been caving into this from day one. Instead of taking a polar opposite position against WHY the WWE feels like a neutered product, AEW goes along with it. Tony Khan is NOT learning from history, as Eric Bischoff ramped up the adult themes, the violence, and realism in his storylines during 1996 and that made his entire promotion, top to bottom, a major success that took over being the #1 promotion. You know what helped kill WCW aside from his horrible mismanagement? Time Warner completed its merger with Turner and began to fully take over the Cable channels such as CNN, TBS, and TNT. During early 1998, they implemented tougher Standards & Practices that forced WCW to abide with a more family friendly product. Meanwhile, WWE was in overdrive pushing the Attitude Era on the other channel.

What Tony Khan did to Max Caster is embarrassing. Instead of just editing the YOUTUBE video and letting it be, he caved into the Twitter Mob, much of which don’t even watch his AEW programming in the first place, and apologized publicly for Caster’s promo and was shaming the talent for that promo. Hilarious, I know, because that YouTube show is an EDITED program.

I’m just curious… Which is better? 4-7 million viewers during the 2000s when the PG Era didn’t exist or LESS than 3 million viewers during the latter half of of the 2010s with everything censored or politically correct? You can go ahead and show me WWE’s Financial Statements all you want but it’s a FACT that Comcast is overpaying the WWE because the rest of the channel is falling apart due to streaming services. Why else would NBC Sports be dissolving and having its Sports content now airing on USA Network? Hell, the expectation was that USA Network would obtain the NHL contract and that is why NXT moved to freakin’ Tuesday nights!

Pro wrestling depicts the conflict between HEELS and BABYFACES. Heels are no-good, rule breakers who who try to cheat to win and do vicious things to retain their championship or get the psychological edge on their opponents. In addition, the heels are supposed to upset wrestling fans enough that they’ll buy tickets to see their arse get kicked. Well, how is that supposed to work when Corporate interests and politically correct members of the Creative Team refuse to let any heel tell fans what they really think of them? Heels are supposed to say things that are uncomfortable to generate heat because in the end, the Babyface will always overcome them* (*unless named Triple H).

And it’s not like Pro Wrestling has ever been extremely vulgar or racist in their comments… Not many Sexual Assault jokes have been made, as Max Caster’s “Duke Lacrosse” comment was the only part that shocked me with his recent AEW Dark promo that upset Tony Khan. For the most part, wrestling has promoted minority and female talents, albeit the last one exploiting the “assets” of women. Then again, the Pro Wrestling audience is about 70% Men who are filled with Testosterone. While wrestling does attempt to push stereotypes from time to time to generate heat, it hasn’t been full-on racist. In fact, the only time the “N Word” was uttered on WWE television was by Vince McMahon when backstage with John Cena and Booker T. The other times where WWE has been racist in tone was the Nation of Domination DX sketch, which had its funny moments, and Triple H talking down Booker T during 2003. Hey, both of those involve Triple H!

Now, everything is sanitized for the Corporations’ pleasure. All wrestlers must read scripted lines that 40 members of the WWE Creative Staff create just hours before a show. Their characters are also created and controlled by that same staff. When wrestlers are given freedoms to say their own lines or project themselves, you end up with Roman Reigns finally thriving because he has some freedom. From 2014 to early 2020, Roman as awful because WWE controlled his every move. Now, he has freedom and a good road agent in Paul Heyman helping him out. STILL, even with that freedom, Roman has boundaries of political correctness.

Seriously – Go watch ANY Rock or Chris Jericho promo from the late 1990s or early 2000s and tell me if those promos would be allowed today. Remember when both of them verbally thrashed Stephanie McMahon? Remember how many times the Rock spoke about his body parts and what he’d do to women? Come on, folks… The Rock is the squeaky clean movie star that everybody loves now. However, the Attitude Era of him said some insane things that would cause every keyboard warrior to cry now.

And then you have the WWE trying to impress the Politically Correct crowd with their virtue signals of certain milestones. First female this, first female that. How having their own type of special matches? Because their Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, and Hell in a Cell matches are not even close to as good as the Male versions of those matches. Why can’t someone on that 40 person creative come up with a specialty match that fits the working style of women? Sorry, but they’re struggling to leap over the top BECAUSE THEY ARE SHORTER for the Royal Rumble matches.

Things like that, I can’t even say. The Social Media Morality Squad, armed with the Wrath of God, will come after me for daring to suggest that smaller, lighter versions of human beings cannot compete as well in an athletic contest as taller, stronger versions of human beings. And you cannot comment on looks, ever… Our boy Dave Meltzer has found that out with Peyton Royce and Charlotte Flair. He makes one comment about one having surgery and another one having slimmer look, while possibly having dental work, and Cancel Culture wants everyone to stop subscribing to his newsletters. No, his horribly biased takes would be a better reason, but to each their own.

There have insider reports that the WWE actually has diversity scorecards and that has constantly driven who is at the announcer’s table, interviewing backstage, and wrestlers they push. Why would they do such a thing when they actually have a great crop of wrestlers from different backgrounds that they could push due to merit? Because WWE is afraid of any public backlash. If there is ever criticism of their product and representation by either sex or race, the WWE wants to present said scorecard and refute whatever is accused. That’s the world we live in today.

But Tony Khan… Damn it man, don’t you see the opportunity in front of you? WWE is the bloated corporate mess. You are the NEW and upstart company that needs to present the OPPOSITE of the WWE. WWE lost over 2 million fans since 2014 and many of them probably long to watch wrestling regularly if the quality is there. Not just the quality, but a wrestling show that caters to adults again. I understand that selling toys is important, but kids don’t buy as many toys as they did before. In fact, younger people are watching less and less actual television on Cable/Satellite. So why are both WWE and AEW presenting a squeaky clean product to cater towards younger audiences when they won’t be watching anyway?

Besides, I seem to remember Degeneration X being a big thing with younger audiences during the late 1990s. Why? Because they said things with adult themes and told everyone to “suck it”. Kids in their Teenage years are seeking ADULT things to try and they can handle a little foul language, violence, and pushing sexual situations. If it’s not in Pro Wrestling, they’ll find it somewhere.

Pro Wrestling is an escape for me and many… Each of us are working for companies that are trying to implement Training and Policies on everyone that only really needs to correct a few bad apples who misbehave. At work, we’re told what to wear, what you can and cannot say, and actually who you can actually speak to without repercussion. Thus, when we escape work and turn on any form of entertainment, we want something that is the OPPOSITE of work. We want fun, adventure, and something unfiltered because life and work isn’t that way any longer. Being too corporate and politically correct has ruined EVERYTHING.

So why let Pro Wrestling be ruined by Corporations filtering everything and Political Correctness limiting what a heel can say on a microphone?

You’re NOT going to grow fanbases with this crap, Vince and Tony. Grow some balls and treat your audience like adults. Give them content that caters to adult desires. Don’t worry about sponsors because they’ll pay for millions of eyeballs on televisions no matter what, especially now with Cable/Satellite industry dying.

Wrestling should be an escape from reality and not a reminder of what reality has become.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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