MR. TITO: WWE and AEW Pro Wrestling Fanbases are Like Political Parties in the United States

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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING is back, baby (not “bay bay”), and here to bring you absolute quality opinions to NoDQ as usual. Who else brings you 2 extensively prepared columns per week? The answer is nobody… Many have tried to do what I do, but many have failed or are cheap imitations. Every time someone rips my columns, I often say “OK, go write something better”. Writing this stuff is easier said than done.

Right now, I’m just sitting back and enjoying the Internet Wrestling Community have a literal meltdown regarding how much they love either World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or All Elite Wrestling (AEW), but not often both at the same time. It’s either you are a WWE loyalist or you are supporting the new guy, AEW. No in between. If you dare be an “equal opportunity hater” like me or take the middle ground, anytime you state an opinion about either side, the loyal fanbases pounce! They attack you, even getting a bit personal.

My stance is that I’m tired and burned out of the WWE, though I do enjoy the Roman Reigns heel turn with Paul Heyman… But that’s about it. RAW is totally unwatchable and NXT is just bland (at least NXT 1.0 was, liking 2.0 so far). I believe that Vince McMahon has surrounded himself with a weak management group to help support him for Creative, Production, and Talent Relations. I’ve also been of the opinion that BOTH Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have been letdowns as executives. Stephanie on Creative was a disaster from 2000-2013 while Triple H just couldn’t mold any potential drawing Main Eventers for Vince.

For AEW, I’m rooting for them to succeed as a new company and payment destination for the wrestlers, but damn, some of their shows are extremely hard to watch… Oddly enough, the guys who helped create AEW from the start, the EVP 4 (Cody, Omega, Young Bucks) are harming the company both inside the ring and backstage. I like Tony’s enthusiasm but he needs a better support system, too. AEW has made some strides recently but anytime the Bucks or Omega appear on a screen to wrestle, I cringe. Women’s wrestling is still awful. While I’m excited for Punk and Bryan being there, I’m a bit scared about their interactions with the EVPs.

See? I’m fair in my assessments of both WWE and AEW.

However, by posting my very logical and articulate statements about WWE/AEW, the rabid fanbases of both will nitpick and attack me for what I just said.

This past week, Monday Night RAW on 9/20 tried to stack itself by having Roman Reigns on 2 separate matches to bookend the show. Meanwhile, AEW on 9/22 put on a Pay Per View like show with their “Grand Slam” in New York City and gave us Kenny Omega vs. Daniel Bryan. Sad part is that NEITHER show drew as expected. RAW did LESS than 1.8 million while Dynamite did LESS than 1.2 million. If you look at their Demographics breakdowns, both shows have different types of fans, from age to sex, watching their shows. One show skews this way while the other skews another way.

See, back during the late 1990s with the Monday Night Wars between World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), their viewership numbers grew TOGETHER. The WWF and WCW fanbases were mostly united, as they channel hopped out of convenience of having both shows on Monday Nights. Through 1995 and the first half of 1996, the shows were even. Then, WCW unleashed the New World Order (NWO) and all of the Teenage & College students rushed into WCW to support the NWO. Then, during mid to late 1997, they started noticing Degeneration X and Steve Austin. Thus, the WWE started growing. By 1998, both WWE and WCW exploded in growth TOGETHER by going above 4-5 million viewers per show.

Back during the 1990s, you talked smack if you were a WWF or WCW loyalist, but if something was good on the other channel… You’d watch! The luxury of having both competing shows on one night was amazing and it pushed for quality. But wrestling fans back then watched BOTH shows even if they had a bias towards one show or the other. Then, when WCW started dropping off in quality, they lost viewership and by 2001, they were gone.

You don’t see that today. Both promotions have their own loyal fanbases and they tend to consume one brand while lightly following the other. Furthermore, each fanbase belittles and mocks the other side.

For example – CM Punk has been a free agent since January 2014 and many loyal WWE fans will tell you that the WWE screwed him and that he could have been one of the all-time greats with the right Creative in place. However, the second that the rumors of Punk joining AEW began (thank you Fightful for breaking the story), WWE loyalists began to question “is he really a draw?”, “will his failed UFC run get in the way?”, or “is he too old?”. In fact, they suddenly began comparing his drawing ability to Roman Reigns and Reigns actually stoked that fire by saying Punk wasn’t a draw unlike the Rock or John Cena. WWE loyalists went from supporting CM Punk in his WWE criticisms to disrespecting the good man once he joined AEW. All because he joined AEW, the enemy territory…

On the AEW side, AEW loyalists are constantly ripping the WWE apart for its “sports entertainment” and “wrestlers who all work the same WWE style”. Yet, what has Tony Khan done for the past year? Oh that’s right, signed nothing but ex-WWE stars to contract to thicken up that roster. Suddenly, those same WWE wrestlers that you ridiculed are some of your favorites right now. Then, when WWE does a bad gimmick match, you rip it apart… But when AEW has a no holds barred type of match, it gets 5 stars.

All you see on the Internet, all day long, are arguments now over “which is better”, AEW or WWE?

Meanwhile, both promotions are seriously giving you 4 days of wrestling programming to watch per week and sometimes 5 days per week when Pay Per Views happen.

This all sounds familiar to me…

So let’s see here…

(1) You must take a side, no middle ground.
(2) If you state any legitimate opinion about one side, that side will go on the attack with personal attacks or try to silence you.
(3) Each side refuses to follow the other side at all or acknowledge any good stuff happening with them.
(4) Both sides are blindly loyal to the top person in charge, no matter what they do.
(5) Both sides start to speak with the catchphrases to support their side.

Yeah, that sounds like the political system here in the United States…

Right now in this political process, you cannot take a middle ground in politics. You MUST be a Republican or a Democrat! You’re not allowed to “pick the lesser of 2 evils” or make a fair judgment of who is the most qualified to run the country.

For me personally and politically, I grew up during the 1990s when Congress was aggressively trying to BALANCE the United States budget. During my late days in High School and early days in College, I was studying WHO was part of the Budget Committee in Congress who was preparing the budget. The Chairman of the Budget Committee was a man by the name of John Kasich who was a House of Representative from my great state of Ohio. And through his hard work and bi-partisanship, the Federal Budget was balanced from 1998-2001. My younger self was studying Government budgets and observed that since the 1970s, we had nothing but budget deficits. For us to have surpluses was remarkable! So, I figured what John Kasich did was representative of the Republican Party and those running for office during 2000…

Well… I was excited at first, with Taxes getting cut during 2001… And then we went to War following 9/11. Oh, I should have said “war in 2 places” because that’s what we did, as we used our authorized force in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh… And then George W. Bush further expanded deficits by expanding Medicare. Hmmm… And then the Housing Crisis kaboomed the Economy. Meanwhile, the moderate John McCain runs for President and I mostly liked the guy and he introduced a fresh new face named Sarah Palin to the mix. I liked her at first but then her speeches took a turn for the dark and were heavily laced in conspiracy. By 2012, I thought that the 2000s was just a speedbump and Mitt Romney would course correct… But ol’ Mittens lost and Barack Obama continued with a second term.

And then WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump arrives. What I noticed was that many who liked the rhetoric used by Sarah Palin were gravitating towards Trump. To me, I was baffled by this because all of his political donations and hanging out with the Clinton family suggested to me that he was a Democrat. Throughout 2016, you just saw this groundswell of people supporting Trump and then you saw opposition to Trump grow as well. Yet, the opposite couldn’t stomach Hillary Clinton enough to elect her President and thus Trump won in 2016.

Those were a rough 4 years… Trump is a guy who doesn’t pull punches, at all. He was absolutely fearless on what he posted on Twitter or said at rallies. His fanbase loved it while Democrats obviously hated it. But politics were strongly morphing into whether you loved Donald Trump or not. You couldn’t take a middle ground, like me, for example. I was like “yeah, I like the tax cuts”, but “he’s raising spending elsewhere, our deficits are going up”. I was never crazy about him discussing Foreign Policy on Social Media, though I did laugh at him pointing out a few obviously biased news networks. On my end, anytime I’d discuss any good or bad parts of 2016-2020, I’d get attacked by both sides. And now, I’m always in some sort of political fight over claimed Election Fraud, Vaccine, and other BS conspiracy theories.

Seriously, when was the last time that you enjoyed a Family get-together WITHOUT politics coming up? In fact, many family members are staying away from each other due to heated political discussions breaking out at family events. Same thing at the workplace, as things have intensified there with political opinion. Now, the vaccination debate is somehow political. On top of that, Professional Sports are getting deep into sports and it’s hurting their bottom line due to upset fans who want to use NFL or the NBA as their escape from reality. Yet, politics is on their television before and during a game.

My point is this… Like politics right now, you cannot take a middle ground. Either you are fully on WWE’s side or into AEW, no in between. You can look below at my column archives, as I’m an “equal opportunity hater” with my critiques on both sides. Anytime I mention either promotion or dare to be critical, the appropriate fanbase attacks me.

Just look at some of the WWE loyalists right now. They’ll repeatedly tell you to “acknowledge Roman” in terms of repeating Roman’s catchphrase. Nick Khan walks on water. Have you heard that? Seriously, WWE fans were maybe upset 1 week with the job cuts but then it’s back to “Nick is a genius” soon thereafter. Then, of course, when any of those released WWE workers join AEW, it’s suggested that they were “WWE system wrestlers” and they’ll “fail in AEW”. Man, you should hear some of the stuff I get for daring to bash Triple H over Talent Relations and the internet darling NXT promotion. Geesh!

For AEW, you’re drinking out of Dave Meltzer’s cup and enjoying the propaganda that “WWE is bad, AEW is great”. Furthermore, anybody in AEW who wrestled at least 1 match in New Japan or at a local California Indy promotion is GREAT. You are an “out of touch” old man if you don’t like flippy style matches. If you dare criticize the Young Bucks at all in any way, shape, or form, you don’t know Tag Wrestling even if you’ve watched it for decades and can easily identify good tag wrestling. They say Kenny Omega is great because he got all of those star rated matches in Japan.

Just look at how Viewership numbers are broken down by each fanbase.

WWE fans boast total viewership… For AEW, only the 18-49 age demographic matters. AEW fans claim victory whenever that demo gets close to or beats RAW. Meanwhile, WWE fans are actually comparing Smackdown’s viewership with AEW Rampage. Good God, Smackdown is on Network television and on at an earlier time. Smackdown is also the defined #1 show or at least tied for #1. It’s very clear that Rampage is a distant #2 show.

Think about this right now… Dave Meltzer is staking his reputation on AEW succeeding. He is actually letting rival news agencies scoop AEW news stories before him because Dave flat-out refuses to report an insider news on AEW. He has missed out on reporting all of the ex-WWE stars joining AEW. Simply put, he has skin in the game here with personal friendships with those within AEW. Meanwhile, Fightful and PWInsider are beating him to the punch on many news stories and are probably booming with business. The Observer has become AEW’s “State Run Media”, much like news channels openly support political parties now. MSNBC/CNN openly supports Democrats, FOX News/Newsmax openly supports Republicans. Many newspapers are slanted one way or the other politically.

Just enjoy BOTH WWE and AEW… But don’t hate on someone for liking a specific promotion and belittle them as if they are wasting their time. And stop flooding my email inbox with hatred anytime I dare critique WWE or AEW.

Open your eyes and realize that both WWE and AEW have marketing teams that are trying to get your money and support… Hey, that sounds very familiar too!

The FACT is that WWE and AEW need each other more than they know. The Pro Wrestling business CANNOT grow with just 1 dominant promotion. It needs multiple promotions competing for quality and also to provide work for wrestlers. The excitement of AEW’s existence is wrestler debuts now on AEW shows. It has been a LONG TIME since we had that, probably since Kurt Angle joining TNA or Lesnar/Goldberg returning to WWE.

To be completely tribal over one wrestling promotion or just one political party… I don’t know, that just seems to lack an open mind for what else is out there in the world.

Or maybe it’s time for Tony Khan to consider going on Monday Nights to make it more convenient for fans to channel channel change between shows again. (I covered that opinion on 05/11/2021 with my column entitled “Should AEW Dynamite Move to Monday Nights to Challenge WWE RAW?”.

Either way, competing wrestling promotions usually increases quality and makes for talent movement to become highly entertaining. Enjoy both and root for both promotions to slice each other’s throats. Competition = Quality, and we all win as wrestling fans.

So stop fighting, AEW and WWE fanbases, and support each others product to collectively grow the wrestling business again!

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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