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Recently, comedian Norm McDonald passed away and I’ve been quite sad about it. I was a HUGE Saturday Night Live fan during the early to mid 1990s era and I felt that Norm was the best one to ever do the Weekend Update “fake news” sketch. Seriously, go binge watch his stuff on YouTube, as he was pure savage against OJ Simpson, Madonna, Bill Clinton, and just about anyone in the news at the time. SNL would later terminate Norm due to his OJ jokes upsetting a high ranking executive who was actually friends in real life with the Juice. Since then, Norm has been free to do various projects and has been a highly respected stand-up comic since. You can always tell who the real influencers are in Comedy when all of the comedians mourn him deeply.

What made Norm great was that he had courage, didn’t care what management or anyone thought, and could think of hilarious things on the spot. His delivery with his unique voice, tone, and language also set him apart. Most of all, the man never compromised.

Compare that to the wrestling business, there are not many wrestlers today who have the courage to say anything on air or to management, are unafraid of management backstage, or can think of things in an unscripted manner. The entire wrestler lacks guys with a unique look, speaking ability, or something inherent to them that sets them apart from the rest of the roster. In fact, a criticism of wrestlers today is that they all look and act too similar.

Go back to WWE King of the Ring 1996… You had a Steve Austin who complained backstage about his “Ringmaster” gimmick and when challenged to come up with his own character, HE DID. As Austin described, he watched a movie or documentary on a serial killer on a premium channel to come up with the “Stone Cold” character (while his ex-wife made a comment about his Tea being “stone cold” if he didn’t drink it). Austin then shaved his head, grew a goatee, changed up the tights, and ditched the Million Dollar Dream for a Stunner like move.

Think about this in 1996… Steve Austin just won the King of the Ring and he was inquiring about any promos that Jake “the Snake” Roberts said. Austin learned that Jake was pushing the religious angle previously during the night and that inspired the most famous promo line in Pro Wrestling history. Not only did Austin have the balls to deliver it, but he had the unique delivery to make it impactful. “You talk about your Psalms, your John 3:16… Austin 3:16 says that I just whooped your a**!” Instantly, everybody got that message with Austin’s delivery and tone. Had another wrestler tried that promo, it could have backfired bigtime on that wrestler and maybe religious groups would have had a problem with the reference. But Steve Austin nailed it and he’d go on to nail many, many promos ever since.

From 1996 until he left for injury during November 1999, there was no star brighter than Steve Austin, especially 1998-1999 where he drew like no other in the history of wrestling. Austin was unique, he said and did things his way, management (Russo, McMahon, Ross, Patterson) agreed with Austin and didn’t get in his way, and he had the credibility with fans. That changed when he came back from injury during 2000… He seemed to fold at any Triple H advances for backstage power, made an awful decision about his character during 2001 to go heel, and lost himself during 2002 with fans and management.

But what made Steve Austin into a great star was saying and doing things that maybe management frowned upon in his promos and pushing for a different character other than the “Ringmaster”. Fans 100% bought it from 1996-1999 and that’s why he was a major star. Austin didn’t compromise and it gave us one of the best babyface wrestler runs of all time. He compromised himself and with management when he came back during 2000.

Swinging back to Norm McDonald, management told him to “stop doing OJ jokes” and then they fired him. 1 and a half years later, SNL asked Norm McDonald to actually host Saturday Night Live and he was able to burn them with the opening monologue. “You fired me because I was unfunny… Either I became funny again, or this show sucks”. Boom! Norm never compromised and is well know by his peers to be one of the greatest of all time.

RIP Norm McDonald… Do yourselves a favor and just binge watch his stuff on YouTube. You’ll laugh for hours upon hours.

On to your questions.


Thoughts on RAW’s viewership despite adding Roman Reigns to the show?

Despite attempting to STACK the RAW show to pop a big number, probably expecting to go over 2 million… RAW drew LESS than 1.8 million on average this past Monday. The show featured Roman Reigns, who appears to be WWE’s #1 star right now (besides when part-timers John Cena & Brock Lesnar appear), in 2 separate matches to start and end the show. We were hyped of a New Day vs. Bloodline 6 man tag DAYS in advance and after that match, they hyped a Triple Threat match between WWE’s 2 World Champions (Big E, Roman) and Bobby Lashley.

And that only drew LESS than 1.8 million. That 3rd hour tanked in viewership numbers despite that Main Event…

Think about how insane this is… WWE just played one of their big hands and that was the eventual Big E vs. Roman Reigns feud. DONE. Then, they burned through Big E vs. Bobby Lashley some more and now the bloom off a potential Lashley vs. Roman match is DONE with as well. Anything at Survivor Series with Champ vs. Champ or Bloodline vs. New Day is DONE with, as what we’ll see is no longer unique towards that event.

The FACT is that WWE is hearing footsteps and along with them losing the vaunted 18-49 Demographic that they helped manufacture the hype of, there is a threat that AEW Dynamite might exceed not just RAW this week but Smackdown as well. Now, I’m reasonable here as recent shows have peaked just below 1.5 million… But AEW Dynamite is in front of a SOLD OUT New York City crowd and features a DREAM MATCH of many fans with Kenny Omega vs. Daniel Bryan Bryan Danielson. 1.8 million is within their grasp with that match on top.

WWE is on the ropes with their existing roster and existing Creative structure that they REFUSE to change up. AEW has a real chance of catching the declining WWE.

THAT SAID, and if you read my recently posted “Is All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Trying to Grow Too Fast Without Thinking Long-Term?” column earlier this week, AEW might be putting all of its chips on defeating the WWE now without thinking long-term. Lots of ex-WWE wrestlers and veterans on that roster now and AEW is burning through unique matches quickly. What we don’t see is a younger crop of wrestlers coming up that could be major Main Event draws, the same exact problem that WWE has.

However – I have to admit, I enjoyed the tone of the past NXT 2.0 show, particularly that segment where all of its talent came out and cut promos on why they should be the next person to challenge for the NXT Title. If WWE can repair its Developmental and restock it with good sized young talent, AEW might be in trouble 1-2 years down the line if WWE can reload. AEW might enjoy some short-term gains, but WWE has seen this competitive effort before and it was much more dangerous to them than AEW is right now. They beat WCW by getting younger and fresher with the talent offerings and WCW imploded when there were too many veterans in place.

My worry, however, is that Roman Reigns isn’t as big of a draw as everyone thinks. Yes, he “saved Smackdown” and the Bloodline storyline has been good for THAT SHOW. It’s much easier to be interesting for a 2 hour show with higher production values on FOX than it is on a 3 hour bloated RAW show. Smackdown is also presented on FOX which has 115 million households compared to RAW on USA Network with just 85 million. The fact is that Roman is “drawing” on a 2 hour show but didn’t seem to captivate audiences enough for a 3 hour TV show that he was featured regularly on from 2012-2019.

People are either already tired of Roman *OR* don’t like the rest of the roster. Take your pick of what side that you want to be on, but the FACT of the matter is that Roman wrestled TWICE on a RAW show and it drew LESS than 1.8 million viewers. That is a DISASTER on the WWE’s part and they should be really scared about the short-term.

And let’s stop it with the NFL excuse. Did you know that Monday Night Football used to be on ABC and could draw up to 30 million viewers per telecast if the match-ups were great? Being on that Network channel caused them to DOUBLE the amount of viewers that the ESPN Monday Night Football games had. Yet, both RAW and Nitro were able to draw 5 million viewers of more AND both shows were competing with each other. Let’s stop it with the “NFL is causing viewership losses” bullcrap. The FACT is that if you had a quality or compelling show, casual fans would stay on your wrestling show and catch highlights of the game later on many Sports Channels.

The real truth is that many WWE fans are worried about CHANGE and that maybe the many stars that they worship, ranging from Roman, Lashley, Big E, Rollins, Drew, etc., aren’t as big of stars as they thought they were. WWE is like a religion to many wrestling fans and anything contrary to that, even with the WWE repeatedly letting them down, will cause them to become defensive about any other wrestling promotion. For years, these same WWE fans were ripping the WWE for how they treated CM Punk and now that Punk has appeared in AEW, suddenly, those same fans are suggesting “he was never a draw” or “he won’t succeed in AEW”.

Numbers don’t lie… Roman Reigns wrestling TWICE did not draw above 1.8 million viewers on average for the 3 hour turd known as Monday Night RAW. I’ll leave that up to you on whether you think that it’s Roman’s fault or the rest of the roster’s fault… We have data on Roman from 2014-2020 before he was gifted Paul Heyman as a manager. I think that we all know better and only being a heel is helping him “draw”. Go ahead and flip him back to a babyface or even a “tweener” to see how he could truly do. Put Heyman back with Lesnar and let Roman do it on his own again, see what happens.

I enjoy what I see with Roman and I’ve enjoyed his role on Smackdown. But he’s still not an All Time great in comparison to the top drawing superstars. The FACT is that John Cena returning for a few shows boosted ticket sales and they dropped back down when Cena left DESPITE Roman remaining on the card. Roman is doing better than he did during 2014-2020, but he’s still not that exceptional draw that WWE hopes he would be or that many devoted WWE worshippers say he is. Numbers don’t lie. Roman keeps Smackdown stable and consistent, yes, and then does better when feuding with Lesnar & Cena… But if you take him out of that element and ask him to wrestle Big E or Bobby Lashley, it doesn’t draw as well.

It’s easier to headline a 2 hour show with a better roster and better production values than it is to headline a 3 hour show with a weaker roster and not as well produced. Simple as that…


What are your thoughts on AEW Dynamite’s numbers?

Disappointing, actually… Myself and a longtime reader were discussing the expectation of maybe around 1.5 million. The show drew short of 1.3 million. For them being in New York City and stacking the card as they did, expectations were high… Maybe too high? However, I believe that AEW limited their potential by placing Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson as the FIRST match instead of the MAIN EVENT. Sorry, but as much as I like both Britt Baker and Ruby Soho, they aren’t big stars in comparison to Omega and Danielson. They just aren’t. If Bryan vs. Kenny was the Main Event, I believe that we hit that 1.5 million, maybe higher. That’s a decision that they’ll have to live with…

But if I were Tony Khan, I’d pump the breaks a bit… AEW is just burning through top level matches on their shows weekly it will ruin any big potential match for the future. Now, while Daniel Bryan vs. Kenny Omega hitting a draw could build anticipation for a rematch, the FACT remains that Tony Khan gave it away for FREE and for 30 minutes this past Wednesday.

The realization for AEW needs to be this… For one, hardcore WWE fans DO NOT like your shows, period, end of story. They don’t like the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, or anyone that Dave Meltzer heavily promotes. Thus, they are never going to watch your shows even if you start to make it “WWE lite”. TNA found that out. Secondly, you’re fighting for maybe 2.5 million wrestling fans in the United States right now. 2.5 million is the most that Smackdown can reach if they have a loaded card. Thanks to the YEARS of damage that the WWE did from 2014 through 2018 to the wrestling business, they lost half of the North American audience permanently.

AEW needs to organically grow and not hotshot their way to the top. Unless WWE can revamp their NXT farm system, which I have to admit, they might accomplish that… But unless the WWE can find new Main Event superstars, they are in serious trouble a year or two from now. Thus, WWE will keep declining as AEW could slowly gain on them. As I said in my previous columns, what AEW needs is a TOP DRAWING BABYFACE and/or a UNIQUE STORYLINE that captivates audiences and pulls in casual fans. They won’t get that by signing ex-WWE wrestlers, as they need Creative conditions to be just right for their wrestlers to thrive. Having all of these stables is just nonsense without any real rivalries out there.

Listen, AEW is LESS than 3 years old… By this week alone, they were only 500,000 total viewers away from defeating RAW in total viewers. WWE has existed under Vince McMahon Jr. for almost 40 years and the WWE itself is much older than that under his dad and other family members. AEW is *that* close to WWE… Just be patient. Unless WWE can reload the NXT developmental system, which I gotta say, NXT 2.0 is looking OK so far, WWE has no future if Roman Reigns is the only thing on top. Having a dominant heel wears out its welcome, historically speaking. Just see Triple H throughout the 2000s and even Ric Flair during the 1980s, at times, when he lacked any real babyface opponents.

But if you ever have a great match like Omega vs. Danielson ever again, don’t open your show with that match-up. Come on, Tony!

The BIG issue that I see with both WWE and AEW is the fact that both fanbases are very tribal right now. During the 1990s with WCW and WWE on Monday Nights, wrestling fans watched BOTH shows thanks to the convenience of being on Monday Nights. Yes, we all had our favorites as we’d argue on the playgrounds or in the classroom. However, most of us thought NWO, DX, Bill Goldberg, and Steve Austin were cool. What you’re seeing now, however, is that WWE and AEW fanbases are not the same. AEW fans like the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and the more stuntshow kind of matches and WWE loyalists hate that stuff. Meanwhile, AEW loyal fans hate the Vince McMahon brand of storytelling. It’s kind of like politics right now, where both the Right and the Left hate anyone in the Middle and hate each other as well. It’s either you’re with us or against us. WWE and WCW grew fanbases together.

Just slow down, AEW, and play the long game. WWE’s talent roster isn’t able to draw and needs a massive reboot. AEW needs to use that time to develop new superstar of their own and come up with reality based storylines that are unique and captivating. You’re so close, but it’s not worth burning through so many good matches for a quick rating. Take your time, as Turner Sports seems pleased with your numbers. You’ve got an adjustment period coming when you move to TBS during 2022, too, that you need to consider.


Thoughts on Daniel Bryan and Kenny Omega wrestling to a draw on AEW Dynamite?

First and foremost, could we be a little more consistent on enforcing time limits instead of using expirations just for convenience? Time Limits are HARDLY enforced, even in AEW who tries to have them on occasion.

Secondly, it’s funny how Kenny Omega always looks great when his dance partner (Jericho, Okada, Bryan) are legit. Omega is a great athlete with absurd endurance, but he’s not a carrying kind of wrestler who can make opponents look good. He, however, is the one who can be carried to a great match. Bryan vs. Omega was exceptional and in a ripe environment in New York to be appreciated.

My “inconsistencies of time limit enforcement” aside, this great match going to a draw makes you WANT MORE. And that’s a good thing. Bryan is a legit wrestler and fresh off of main eventing at the other company, so thus Kenny hanging with him for 30 minutes made him look stronger as a world champion. I did think, however, that using Bryan vs. Omega’s after match to set up a Rampage 6 man match between The Elite vs. Christian/Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus was kinda sad. That kind of a match should be used to set up a midcard 6 man match on a Rampage show, no thank you.

Overall, the match delivered and it leaves you hanging and wanting more. Just don’t ever use this kind of match to set-up a midcard match ever again, AEW. Secondly, if you’re going to use a Time Limit draw, the rest of your card must have time limits on their matches too. If they do, advertise that they do more often.


What did you think of Ric Flair’s response to the flight attendant’s allegations from the Dark Side of the Ring’s “Plane Ride from Hell” episode?

He poured gasoline on the fire with his response, primarily with tone and defensiveness. If Ric Flair had a PR guy or lawyer who helped him write that, I’d fire him or her immediately. Seriously, Ric only made his situation much worse.

If I were instructing Ric Flair, I’d have him say the following in response to the “Dark Side of the Ring” allegations made towards him regarding the “Plane Ride from Hell” episode:

In response to the latest episode of “Dark Side of the Ring” covering a plane ride from the past, several allegations of improper behavior have been brought up to me for the first time. I wish to take these allegations seriously but I also deserve a chance to respond to them as well. From what I can recall from that plane flight, I had a lot of alcohol that night and from what I’m hearing, drinks were apparently being spiked with various substances. I did indeed go commando underneath my ring robe and did so as a rib for my fellow wrestlers for a good laugh. I do recall chasing flight attendants but as far as I know or remember, I do not recall forcing anyone to do anything improper, nor did I assault them as it is being alleged. That said, if I put anyone from that plane ride in a situation where they felt uncomfortable, I sincerely apologize. I just don’t remember performing the alleged act that the flight attendant says happened because I just don’t remember that happening. As far as I know, no other wrestler witnessed said inappropriate action happening either. I have daughters and other females in my life that I love dearly and would never want to project myself as behaving badly towards women. That said, that night is well documented for wrestlers, including myself, being heavily intoxicated or drugged, and I just don’t remember. If I did anything appropriate, I apologize to the lady and her family… But I just don’t remember and many other wrestlers are on record of having fuzzy memories that night due to the alcohol or substances taken on that long flight. If you have any further questions, please address them to the WWE who reportedly purchased 3 separate carts of alcoholic beverage and financed the plane. Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon, the 2 top WWE executives at the time, were on that flight and could answer any further questions about incidents that happened on this plane. Also, please ask questions of the “Dark Side of the Ring” producers who have had Fact Check issues with their prior documentaries. As far as I know, no criminal or civil cases have been ever filed directly at me for his “plane ride from hell”… But again, even if I just made any flight attendant uncomfortable for my alcoholic or drugged up ribbing that went to far, I apologize. That flight was a wake-up call for many wrestlers and I believe that I have evolved since that night.

Simple as that. Ric Flair cannot escape her allegations because (a) he has admitted to being in the robe on that flight, (b) other wrestlers witnessed him running around and chasing people in that state, and (c) Rob Van Dam admitted to witnessing Flair with this same flight attendant in the kitchen area. Now, RVD did not confirm that Flair forced her to grab Ric’s “member”, but he places Ric in an area where something COULD have happened.

Instead, Ric received bad advice from someone and put out an aggressive statement instead without owning that he MAY have done something inappropriate that night.

Ric has to own PART of the allegations because he was, in fact, naked under a wrestling robe and ran around the plane like that. Take responsibility for his own actions while adding context to it that circumstances of that plane ride is causing him to not remember what is alleged. Instead, he’s in attack mode and that shall limit his working opportunities. AEW may avoid him now and he’s burned some reported bridges in WWE. With this story now out, the WWE won’t bring him back particularly since the said incident happened on their watch 19 years ago.


What do you think of Owen Hart’s family signing an agreement with AEW?

Before you begin ripping Martha Hart or AEW, understand this: Owen Hart’s estate and family would NEVER work with the WWE ever again. They killed him. Period, end of story. As court testimony and evidence reveals, they took shortcuts with the stunt and hired someone not fully qualified to execute a safe stunt like that. Furthermore, Vince McMahon aggressively fought Martha Hart in court and brought more pain to her family regarding the incident.

Thus, Owen is NEVER going to be featured in the WWE. Part of the settlement is that WWE relinquished rights to ever feature Owen Hart or his character without permission of Owen Hart’s estate controlled by Martha Hart, his wife. It’s their call to be associated with the WWE at all and the most we’ve seen is a DVD release of various Owen matches. Other than that, WWE is not to acknowledge or honor him and that’s what happens when you’re careless with your employees. WWE killed him, plain and simple, and thus Owen’s family will never associate with the WWE, particularly with Vince McMahon alive and in charge of it.

Got that?

AEW didn’t kill Owen Hart, neither did any of the members of the AEW staff. Jim Ross would be the only one close to that situation, but it wasn’t his decision to have Owen jump from the rafters. Billy Gunn was just a wrestler back then.

WWE forever banned themselves from any association with Owen Hart, particularly with Vince McMahon still in charge. I could see, years later, when Vince passed or steps down, maybe Martha Hart will let a Hall of Fame induction happen… But as long as Vince is in charge, it’s not happening folks. It was his call to allow Owen to be placed into the situation that ultimately killed him and it was Vince’s office that hired the stunt coordinator as well. Vince has to own it and he’s never apologized for his actions.

Many wrestlers loved Owen Hart and how he did things both inside and outside of the ring. He’s a big influence among wrestlers and thus the AEW roster would be quite excited to participate in an “Owen Hart Cup”.

I have zero problems with it, as it’s Owen Hart’s family’s choice on where to display his career and likeness. WWE killed him and thus they’ll never get to present a favorite wrestler among many fans from the 1990s.


Should AEW introduce a new Title?

Yes – A “Light Heavyweight” or “Junior Heavyweight” title. Something very specific to smaller wrestlers. They need it with the many smaller wrestlers that they’ve signed and will likely sign in the future.

As far as a new Women’s title that is being reportedly introduced, no thank you. That is just pure Title Inflation. Besides Britt Baker holding their current Women’s Title for a while, that belt was considered a joke. AEW doesn’t have depth of their Women’s roster to merit a new title, let alone supporting their existing Women’s Title. That is why Ruby Soho made a huge splash and that was because the rest of the division is just bad and they needed her experience.

I’d go with creating a Light Heavyweight Title and do it correctly and not poorly as the WWE has performed with their Cruiserweight Title. Also, make the TNT title become the “Television Title” to be always defended on televised broadcasts. With the switch to TBS soon, that only makes sense.


What is your opinion of the news story about WWE fans exiting RAW during the Charlotte and Alexa Bliss segment? And also Alexa Bliss’s reaction?

Oh boy, more Meltzer drama. If Meltzer didn’t make his Observer company appear like “State Run Media” for AEW, then maybe his WWE news stories or opinions wouldn’t get slammed by WWE performers?

He was reporting that many fans hit the exits during this segment, whether it was for a piss break or left permanently… He’s receiving news reports from the live arena from many fans attending and just reporting what they saw. Dave said that he heard roughly 1500, Bryan Alvarez said about 700. Alexa Bliss went on the attack against this report and she should… That said, I wish that Alexa Bliss would show more anger towards WWE Creative for making her look stupid each and every week. How about them apples?

The Alexa Bliss that we saw form 2016-2018 got over based on her personality, look, promo skills, and in-ring ability. Now, she’s just keeping the Fiend stuff on fumes and it’s just brutally awful. I’d believe it that fans would use her goofy segment with Charlotte, which consisted of adding a SWING to the ring, for a piss break…

Now, whether as Bryan Alvarez suggested, “people are just beating traffic because they already saw Roman/Big E/Lashley already” because it’s getting late is another matter. I don’t know… WWE didn’t sell out that arena, so just a mad rush for a piss break would seem like that arena emptied more than it actually did. I agree with Bryan in some degree, in that after a wrestling show ends, traffic getting out of a parking garage and then leaving a large city is HELL. But WWE fans had parts of the other remaining 2 hours after the opening match to get out of dodge, too, if they needed to work early the next morning. Plus, why attend a live WWE event if you have to get up early the next morning? Sounds very counter-productive.

My advice to Alexa Bliss is to save your energy for WWE Creative who are making you look RIDICULOUS right now and could create long-term consequences for you. Ditch the damn supernatural hot garbage and bring back what got you over during 2016-2018. It was just you with the volume turned up to 11, no gimmicks needed. Your in-ring talent, promo cutting abilities, charisma, charm, and beauty is enough to get you over. The supernatural stuff is added to wrestlers who can’t get over on their own.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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