MR. TITO: Big E Wins the WWE Title on WWE Monday Night RAW – Will He Be a Great World Champion?

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For this week, I already had a column that I had prepared on early Sunday morning. It was going to compare AEW vs. WWE right now to the 1996 year of WWE vs. WCW. There are some striking similarities to today’s era versus then, but there are major contrasts too… But, we need to mothball that column for now because we have a CURRENT EVENT to cover: Big E is the newwwwwwwwwwww WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the World!!!!

First and foremost before I get into any opinions about WHY the WWE pulled the trigger right now and if Big E can succeed… I’m VERY happy for Big E. If you read my columns for years, and we’re seriously going back for the past decade, you’ll see that I’ve liked the guy and thought he had real potential. Probably around 2016 or 2017, I wrote a column somewhere that listed 3 guys as potential top WWE Main Eventers: (a) Braun Strowman, (b) Jason Jordan, and (c) Big E Langston. Braun was a Captain Obvious pick, as he was a hoss and already on the main WWE roster. I thought that Jordan had the look and talent to get there, but being Kurt Angle’s son + injuries derailed that. Maybe someday if that neck heals right.

Big E, however, I always thought that New Day could still exist BUT spin Big E off as a singles star while the other 2 members remained a tag team. Myself and even NoDQ’s very own Virtue have been beating that drum for years BUT the WWE kept Big E as a tag wrestler and refused to change that stance until the Fall 2020 RAW/Smackdown Draft. Good ol’ Mr. Tito and Virtue, who have many disagreements on pro wrestling, were heavily in favor of WWE pushing Big E… But that was years ago. Big E was a member of the New Day trio from 2014-2020… For 7 long years, he was an interchangeable member of the New Day TAG TEAM and remained a Tag Team wrestler even when Kofi Kingston spun off into a singles competitor and won the WWE Title during 2019.

WWE just waited too long on breaking Big E out as a singles wrestler and they could have used him years ago as a singles competitor. Honestly, the 2016 Brand Split could have been the right timing to try a singles run, but they kept him as a Tag Team. Any one of the Drafts or Superstar Shake-ups since could have tried something… WWE, however, LOVED that New Day merchandise dollar sold to kids and kept them as a trio. Thus, when the WWE pulled the trigger on the Singles push per the 2020 Draft, it just didn’t feel right… He has been institutionalized by New Day that it’s going to take him a while to get rid of that “midcard stench”. He’s been scrubbing that off for the past year, trying to figure out whether he’s a serious wrestler or a comedy wrestler. He can’t figure it out… Meanwhile, he still works like a midcard tag wrestler, hasn’t changed his look up at all, and his Theme Music is TERRIBLE.

Go watch AEW’s All Out… If Ruby Soho doesn’t come out to Rancid’s actual song of that same name, does she get that big of a pop? Possibly… But that music amplified everything and I guarantee that Rancid is loving the iTunes or Google Play money coming their way for “Ruby Soho” songs sold. It doesn’t hurt that CM Punk is allowed to retain Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” either and Daniel Bryan has retained a variation of his old WWE theme. THEME MUSIC MATTERS! Don’t half-arse it, WWE… Get a REAL recording artist to cut something badass for Big E. Think music doesn’t matter? Look at Mark Henry. Three 6 Mafia gifted him with the most awesome theme song ever, easily in my top 5, and he rode that wave for easy crowd reactions until he retired.

For Big E, I wrote an entire column entitled 2/16/2021 “How to Push Big E in the WWE”. What I was trying to do is help Big E remove that “midcard stench” and prepare himself to what was to come on the Smackdown roster. Why? Because needed some serious improvements in order to just get close to the level as Roman Reigns as a competitor. In my opinion at the time and right now, Big E was MILES AWAY from Roman as a top superstar. In fact, that’s why I believe that having Big E cash in on RAW and defeating Bobby Lashley makes sense.

The popularity gap between Big E and Bobby Lashley is much tighter than the gap between Roman Reigns and Big E. In fact, it’s a Grand Canyon kind of gap between Roman and Big E and that’s not all of Big E’s doing but because Roman Reigns is finally clicking after 7 years of hard pushing by the WWE, adding Paul Heyman, letting Roman script his own promos, and Roman finally having experience under his belt to match the push. I also believe that the time off from 2018-2019 and during 2020 also helped Roman reflect on the business. Roman is legitimately over, as you can see by the recent WWE Smackdown viewership numbers actually growing ABOVE 2 million right now. Nobody is beating that man unless they are legitimately near him in star power. Maybe Brock Lesnar as a short-term thing, but I don’t know…

Big E just wasn’t ready to overcome Roman Reigns. It would feel like a forced WWE decision, as the idiotic WWE Creative Team believes that World Title = getting a wrestler over. No, that’s now how the business works… That is putting the cart before the horse. GET OVER first and THEN become World Champion. WWE keeps giving out these charity Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank briefcase victories to wrestlers who are NOT READY to become DRAWING Main Eventers, along with shoving the World Title to wrestlers directly as well. Guys like Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Roman Reigns during 2015-2016, CM Punk for his MITB Cash-ins, Daniel Bryan for his MITB Cash-in, Dolph Ziggler, the Miz, Seth Rollins for his MITB Cash-in, Jinder Mahal, and Sheamus (forgetting someone else, probably). Vince McMahon has completely forgot the process of how to create Main Event superstars and has become increasingly impatient with time.

Bobby Lashley wasn’t setting the world on fire on RAW, period. While MVP has been a great hype man for Lashley, at the end of the day, Lashley still had to perform in the ring. THAT is where he struggles. His matches are just OK… For a man who seriously looks like the human form of the Incredible Hulk, he doesn’t work like he looks. Lashley is 45 years old and has over 15 years of Pro Wrestling and MMA experience mileage on that body along with a knee injury prior to becoming a wrestler (poor guy injured himself avoiding gunfire during a robbery he witnessed). While him winning the WWE Title is a great success story and he was worthy of it at the time (thankfully taking it from the Miz and then retaining the title at Wrestlemania 37), the months afterward as champion has been “meh”. Now, you could blame that on the Hurt Business being broken up prematurely or a lack of good opponents, but STILL, anytime that Bobby has been in the ring, the matches have been subpar. Compare that to Roman Reigns who is now electric anytime he is in the ring. THAT is the difference between a strong Main Eventer and a weak one.

Big E defeating Bobby Lashley during September 2021 makes much more sense than it would having Big E defeating Roman Reigns during September 2021.

However, there is controversy… For one, Big E won the MITB briefcase as a Smackdown wrestler and AVOIDED cashing in on the Smackdown Brand’s World Champion. While I said that it “wasn’t time” for Big E to defeat Roman Reigns, he still looks week by completely avoiding him to seize the other brand’s World Title. It just looks weird that a guy from another brand can sneak in and steal the other brand’s World Title. Now, he’s a RAW wrestler? For the record, I have been critical of the Royal Rumble winner somehow switching brands too.

Secondly, Big E cashed in at the END of Bobby Lashley’s hard fought match-up with Randy Orton. Making matters worse, Bobby Lashley was selling a knee injury. To some degree, I can understand if a heel takes advantage of a situation like this, but when a babyface does it, the cash-in looks weak. In my opinion, Big E should have just appeared at the end of RAW and acted like he was going to cash-in but then cuts a promo to hype that he was actually cashing-in NEXT WEEK. Then, you’d have all week to hype a MAIN EVENT for the Third Hour of RAW to draw legitimately huge numbers. In addition, this makes Big E a stand-up babyface by allowing Bobby Lashley some rest to be AT HIS BEST for the World Title match. Nope, Big E cashed in at the end of Bobby’s match with Randy Orton along with him using additional energy to dispose of Riddle too.

Since Big E won under these circumstances, he has an uphill battle to look credible as WWE Champion. Big E has to give Bobby Lashley a rematch and then convincingly defeat him in that rematch for one. Then, Big E needs a string of credible victories on RAW. He has to go on a winning streak to add some credibility as champion. A good reason why Bobby looked weak as WWE Champion is that he really didn’t rack up wins as Champion. However, Bobby had a better start as Champion and was credible winning it. Big E cashed in the MITB briefcase like a cowardly heel would, as babyfaces should never seize an opportunity like that on an injured heel after a hard fought match-up.

Here is the bigger question… WHY did the WWE have Big E win the WWE Title on Monday Night for September 13th, 2021. Why now?

– NFL’s Monday Night Football has returned on ESPN. That is always viewership pain point for WWE’s numbers during the end of the 3rd Quarter and into the 4th Quarter.

But is there something else?

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggested on his audio show that WWE’s quick change in booking for RAW was as a result of AEW Dynamite defeating WWE Monday Night RAW in the ratings. Oh wait, I should have stated that better… AEW Dynamite beat RAW in the 18-49 year old demographic. You know, when you factor in where MOST of the wrestling fans exist, after 50 years old, RAW actually defeated AEW Dynamite in TOTAL viewers by 530,000 total viewers.

HOWEVER – Since we’ve moved the goalposts here and this is all WWE’s doing because they are in total denial that regarding their 4 million to under 2 million RAW viewership decline, the WWE has to own that result. WWE has picked their own poison here by joining the 18-49 Demographic revolution, so now they have to lay in the bed that they made for themselves. Since they were always telling their corporate sponsors “hey, look at our 18-49 Demo instead”, WWE has to own it when another wrestling promotion defeats them in that very demo. Because the WWE has helped buy into the importance of the 18-48 Demo, they have to also admit defeat in the demographic that they’ve helped prop up.

Last week’s RAW wasn’t building towards Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton at all. The show was dedicated mostly towards building Tag Team contenders to face Randy Orton & Matt Riddle for the RAW Tag Team championship. There was NOTHING to build towards Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton, whatsoever. Then, during the past week, the match was suddenly announced to headline RAW. Then, Big E announces on Twitter that he’s LIKELY to cash-in the MITB Briefcase on RAW. This is after weeks upon weeks of Big E taunting Paul Heyman with that briefcase on Smackdown shows.

I hate to say this, but I agree with Bryan here… WWE changed its booking on the fly to create a “spark” to help Monday Night RAW. Having a big World Title win with Big E and then weeks later, we’re having ANOTHER Draft?!?

If things were going soooooooo great, then why is there a need for another Draft to “shake-up” the RAW and Smackdown rosters? Just making this Big E switch could do the trick, right?


A stable wrestling company wouldn’t need to shake-up its rosters like this on an annual basis, while also randomly having Big E cash-in the MITB briefcase on RAW last night.

There’s some real pressure on the WWE right. In addition to AEW’s rise and talent acquisitions, reportedly, FOX really wanted WWE to sign CM Punk and was even willing to contribute financially to make it happen. WWE refused. Meanwhile, the WWE has brought Brock Lesnar back and reportedly rushed him to the roster in response to CM Punk’s debut. In the past, Comcast has expressed anger over Lesnar appearing on Smackdown for FOX when it debuted and then we saw the World Title switcheroo with the brands during 2019. Now, once again, Brock Lesnar is back on Smackdown and feuding with Roman Reigns which RAW hasn’t had since 2019. Becky Lynch was also rushed back for a surprise return at SummerSlam and now SHE is on the Smackdown brand too. Becky was on RAW through last year…

WWE helped make this 18-49 year old demographic and now they have to lay in it. When Comcast sees that AEW Dynamite beat RAW on their USA Network channel in that demo, it will raise eyebrows and Comcast or officials within their NBC/Universal division might be shouting “DO SOMETHING”. With Becky/Lesnar on Smackdown now, presenting RAW with a new superstar might be the WWE’s response.

We’ll see…

I just worry that Big E has yet to extinguish the “midcard stench” and now that he’s back on RAW, he’ll get more of smell on him with New Day being his buddies again. WWE Creative needs to think long and hard about that relationship. In my opinion, they are presented with 2 options for Big E and the New Day:

(1) The New Day acts as the babyface version of the Bloodline. Big E is the dominant World Champion while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods not only do Big E’s bidding, but become Tag Champions. New Day vs. Bloodline at Survivor Series could be good, if properly done.

(2) New Day turns heel on Big E, eventually, and then Big E vanquishes both guys (not at the same time) for revenge. Maybe after Big E successfully defends against Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton?

Something has to be different THIS TIME than what we saw from 2014-2020. If you’re going to make Big E the WWE Champion, WWE has to treat him as such. He has to be presented WELL ABOVE Woods and Kingstons and cannot be presented as equals to them.

Regardless of what I have said about Big E‘s Title win, I’m HAPPY for the guy. Again, I’ve been begging the WWE to try him as a singles wrestler for YEARS and I feel that he stayed in New Day as a TAG WRESTLER for too long. Now, the WWE is quickly trying to undo that “midcard stench” and Big E might be too set in his ways.

I recommend that everyone and the WWE itself read my February 2021 column entitled “How to Push Big E in the WWE”. There’s lots of helpful tips there that can improve the image and presentation of Big E as a serious force in the WWE.

I just worry that it’s just another quick reaction by the WWE without thinking of any Long-Term implications. The problem isn’t Big E but the management structure making decisions on how to present Big E or his opponents. WWE Creative is ridiculous with non-wrestling fan former Hollywood writers (plus Dana Warrior) and Talent Developmental has been struggling to fill the WWE roster with Depth of solid workers who could become a Main Eventer. In fact, Big E joined the WWE roster by being introduced to Jim Ross who recommended that he tryout with the WWE. Big E is technically a John Laurinaitis signing, as he has roots in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) before NXT was even formed.

Even if Big E does well as WWE Champion, who is he going to wrestle besides Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, and Drew McIntyre? Those 3 guys are tired names, as the WWE has been trying to push all 3 for the past 2 years with mild results. RAW is struggling to ever exceed 2 million viewers with those 3 wrestlers on top. The 2 big prized NXT call-ups, Karrion Kross and Damian Priest, aren’t impressing. There is NOTHING LEFT in that NXT promotion to call-up right now and the recent talent signings for the Performance Center may take a while to train-up. As excited as I am for the name of “Rex Steiner”, it might be a while before someone like that makes the NXT roster, let alone the WWE roster as a guy ready for main eventing.

I wish him the best as WWE Champion and I’ll try to be a fair critic for him and towards him to help Big E be successful. But I worry that his WWE Title win may have been too reactionary, as the WWE upended its booking to spark a quick viewership number against NFL and AEW. I also see Big E possibly falling into the same pitfalls that Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley have endured for the past 2 years… Lack of opponents or lack of exciting opponents. Working for a product that has a 3 hour show and then once a month, a 3-4 hour Pay Per View, will wear on you and WWE fans.

Big E might be in a no-win situation… Unless Big E takes the initiative to morph himself into a Main Event superstar OR if someone just reads my February 2021 column entitled “How to Push Big E in the WWE” for some legitimately free advice.

Start calling him “Big E Langston” again, please.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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