MR. TITO: Thank God CM Punk has Returned to Pro Wrestling and Joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

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During the Summer and Fall of 2011, I was openly expressing worry that the WWE was about to launch an internal sabotage campaign to take down CM Punk as the people’s choice for their #1 star. I sensed that no matter how popular CM Punk was becoming after the “Pipebomb” and becoming WWE Champion, WWE was adamant that Alberto Del Rio was going to be WWE Champion by SummerSlam 2011. After Money in the Bank 2011, the WWE created 2 WWE Titles, had an awful tournament for the 2nd title, and then had Title vs. Title at SummerSlam 2011 between CM Punk vs. John Cena.

I could have been fine with this match, but there were two factors that I heavily criticized at the time. (A) Alberto Del Rio held the Money in the Bank briefcase and (B) Triple H began appearing in his “Chief Operating Officer” character and was now slated as the referee for this match. I knew something was up and expressed worries, up and down, about SummerSlam 2011 in my columns. Back then, readers and even my fellow columnists at the website that I worked for called me “old man Tito”, “insane”, “out of touch”. Then, at SummerSlam 2011, Alberto Del Rio is all set to cash-in his Money in the Bank brief case when all of the sudden Kevin Nash appears and Jackknife Powerbombs CM Punk to allow Alberto Del Rio to easily cash in his Money in the Bank.

And I could have been fine with CM Punk vs. Triple H/Kevin Nash had CM Punk overcome their obstacles. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED! Almost immediately, I began picking up on body language of Triple H showing pure disdain for CM Punk during their promos. You could tell that CM Punk’s promos were beginning to be scripted during the Fall of 2011 while both Triple H and Kevin Nash were going off the script. Remember that “Waffle House” comment by Kevin Nash? He admitted to going off the script later. On Jim Ross‘s podcast, he admitted that Triple H has ALWAYS disliked CM Punk, hating on him during Production Meetings and often criticizing his physique as “Skinny Fat” because Punk wasn’t a jacked up ‘roid monster that HHH or others preferred in the WWE.

Suddenly, CM Punk’s match with Kevin Nash gets cancelled for “health reasons” even though Kevin Nash was somehow “cleared” to fight a TLC Match against Triple just a few months later… At WWE Night of Champions 2011, it was CM Punk vs. Triple H and guess who won? Triple H. That “unhealthy” Kevin Nash interfered, too. After this very match, I wrote my famous “Triple H just buried CM Punk” column which was me spiking the football on calling this “slow moving coup” happening. I was received so much heat for this, as readers, my fellow columnists, and a few wrestlers commented on my take. Hell, those same fellow columnists tried to cancel me at my website! Even CM Punk commented on my take with THIS TWEET dated 9/20/2011 at 5pm in response to the quote “Tito may be right, he is being buried” to which Punk replied “Buried in money? I’ve got a snorkel”.

Even Punk didn’t know what was going on during September 2011… And then goes on to get pinned at Hell in a Cell 2011 and pinned at Vengeance 2011 (while teaming up with Triple H). Sure, he won the WWE Title back during Survivor Series 2011 but that was only due to Alberto Del Rio completely FAILING as a draw and not gaining any momentum from that Mexico tour (original reason why WWE wanted him as champion). CM Punk’s extensive Survivor Series 2011 through Royal Rumble 2013 was filled with many Pay Per Views that the World Champion DID NOT headline and many episodes of Monday Night RAW that he also DID NOT headline in the Main Event. Then, in the middle of his title reign, CM Punk was turned HEEL with Paul Heyman joining him. When has THAT ever happened with a World Champion switching sides in the middle of his run?

2013 was Punk putting over everyone… The Rock, John Cena, Kane, the Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar. Not a chance to squeak out a single win against any of them. Then, to start 2014, CM Punk puts over Roman Reigns cleanly to officially launch Roman’s singles push. Repeatedly throughout 2013 during various matches against the Shield, Punk was told repeatedly by WWE agents and producers “whatever you do, try to make Roman Reigns look great” as CM Punk recalled on the November 2014 Podcast with Colt Cabana.

My only wish is that CM Punk saw this attempt to sabotage him during August 2011 and stood up for himself backstage as he has stood up for himself since January 2014. Instead, he went along with the WWE’s garbage just because they happened to pay him more money. The WWE completely lost their way since August 2011, as they have forced everyone to be MORE on script than ever before and have become WORSE at hand picking and forcing their own choices as World Champion. The end result? The WWE went from a show that could draw 4 million viewers per show and easily pack 10,000 seat arenas to a company that is struggling to keep 2 million viewers per show and can’t sell 5,000 tickets.

Recently, Roman Reigns tried to suggest that CM Punk “wasn’t a draw like John Cena or the Rock”, paraphrasing what he said obviously. Well, WHO IS? John Cena and the Rock are among the ELITE class of wrestlers such as Andre the Giant, the Undertaker, Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin. Roman Reigns certainly is NOT in that classification, either, and has only shown SOME elements of drawing since he turned HEEL following SummerSlam 2020. Hey Roman, you gonna comment on 2014 through early 2020 stuff? You know, when your mega pushes helped result about 1.5 million viewers lost and thousands in attendance gone? When you STRUGGLED to become the next John Cena? Do you remember that?

Last night at AEW Rampage was sweet vindication. For CM Punk, he’s back and can now truly STICK IT to the declined WWE promotion who were blind and possibly jealous of his homegrown and organic starpower with the fans. For me, I’m being proven right about what WWE did to a fantastic talent and it’s just WRONG that it discouraged him to try Pro Wrestling again for over 7 years. He’s clearly older now and he’s about to turn 43 years old soon. WWE screwing with him robbed us of seeing Punk still in his prime during his late 30s. Luckily for CM Punk, he can speak well and that will keep his character relevant even if his older body can’t do the same things inside the ring that he use to (that was my whole argument, Chris Jericho, about aging wrestlers that you missed, fool!).

Look at all of the times we kept calling on Tony Khan, AEW, and its EVPs to “go get Punk”. Many, many times… For the 2018 “All In” show that Cody and the Bucks put on. We begged them to have Punk join BUT the timing wasn’t right. Then for AEW’s debut Pay Per View, we begged AEW to “go get Punk” to debut at Double or Nothing… But the timing wasn’t right. Debut of AEW Dynamite? Nope, the timing wasn’t right. From 2019 through 2021, AEW had to figure out what it was while fleshing out its talent roster. Slowly but surely, AEW made some good signings off the WWE trash heap and its booking has been reasonable. Sure, the EVPs have some weird things going on… But let’s be honest here, particularly about Cody and the Bucks. Had they not tried the “All In” show from 2018, there probably wouldn’t be AEW. Managers of a company get their own way, such as Triple H sabotaging CM Punk during 2011. It’s always going to happen, so thus it’s the DEGREE of the meddling that you have to consider. Bucks, Omega, and Cody are NOT EVEN CLOSE to how political, jealous, and petty that Triple H can be. Not even a fraction!

NOW, the timing is right… And it’s not just AEW steadily improving. WWE is in full decline. As I said recently in a column, “the WWE is one Roman Reigns injury away from the brink of disaster”. He is the ONLY thing holding that Smackdown viewership number from consistently dipping below 2 million viewers on FOX. If an injury occurs or God forbid, Leukemia returns (I pray that it never does), WWE is in deep trouble. This is NOT the WWE of 1996-1997 who had a Jim Ross in charge of Talent Relations who could recruit and have talent molded into superstars of tomorrow. Nope… Triple H obviously failed to restock the WWE’s talent pool, as seen by his lack of main eventers and most of his signings getting cut, and now John Laurinaitis is back in charge who was 50/50 on doing his job back in the day with good signings and bad signings.

The timing is truly right because there is negative momentum against the WWE. These job cuts for “financial reasons” were absurd because the argument is that they couldn’t draw revenue during a Pandemic where there were NO live event shows or appearances. DUH… But I’m pretty sure that their warm bodies bumping inside the ring against the Thunderdome setting was helping to keep the Television lights on to uphold those $400 Million per year contracts with Comcast/FOX. Now, the Live Events are back. With CM Punk and potentially Daniel Bryan… Excuse me, BRYAN DANIELSON appearing, all of those former WWE wrestler signings are going to look better. AEW has a ton of roster options now and WWE doesn’t. They have major restructuring on their roster to perform and again, they LACK a recruiting mind like Jim Ross to find unique talent to try pro wrestling and the Performance Center is making talents soft with weak training and cushy conditions that don’t make wrestlers hungry to “want it” in pro wrestling.

For a while now, I’ve suggested that there are many parallels of AEW vs. WWE to the 1993-1996 WCW vs. WWE “Monday Night War”.

– WWE was in decline during 1993-1995, WCW was signing many of its veterans.
– WWE was pushing the wrong guys as World Champions
– WWE was relying on comedy angles and family friendly booking
– WCW has a young and ambitious backstage show runner that everybody mocked and thought had no clue about pro wrestling.
– WCW stole Lex Luger and put him on their debuting show to turn heads (Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing)
– Vince McMahon didn’t realize that it was a competition until the “Outsiders”, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, debuted. Now, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson (potentially) in AEW as 2 former big WWE stars joining an opposing company.

Except now, the WWE does NOT have the infrastructure to make a comeback. There is NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING in that NXT brand that can join the WWE right now and be pushed to become a top star. In fact, the WWE is dismantling that brand because they know it! They want “younger” and “bigger”! And we’re trusting an OLDER John Laurinaitis to rebuild this? Good luck…

And let’s give some praise to Tony Khan. Getting CM Punk to END his 7+ year retirement from Pro Wrestling is absolutely huge. This is a BIG talent signing that is shaking the Pro Wrestling industry. In LESS THAN 3 YEARS, look at what the Khans have built from SCRATCH. That’s amazing… If you compare this to Eric Bischoff‘s rise, he at least had the NWA Mid-Atlantic territory built into what he inherited along with Ted Turner’s money and channels. Tony, working with his Dad, has quickly built AEW into something good that is getting national exposure quickly than TNA could even dream of in its early years, let alone signing a huge superstar like CM Punk that fans want to see.

In less than 3 years, AEW presented itself well enough to convince CM Punk to try Pro Wrestling again. That is HUGE because he has said in many interviews that he didn’t want to go back. WWE burned him that hard and ruined the fun for him. As he alluded in his promo last night, he “left pro wrestling” when he joined the WWE and has “returned to pro wrestling” when he joined AEW. WWE was “making him sick”.

Folks, this is AMAZING… For all of the CRAP that we’ve endured for the last 10 years, it’s worth it to catch moments like this. To have a legend like CM Punk want to return is a blessing and I’m rooting for him to absolutely succeed.

I want WWE either humbled to compete again or I’m wishing that AEW demolishes them. Sorry, Vince McMahon, but your promotion stinks right now and you’ve surrounded yourself with idiot family members or complete yes-men who cannot challenge you to improve. On top of that, you’re senile and can’t see when your own Son-in-Law is sabotaging money making talent that you’ve signed. Sure, those TV contracts are nice and you’re ripping funds from them because they are desperate for any type of LIVE sports programming. By the way, Vince, have you seen how much ESPN and TNT will be paying the NHL? MORE THAN YOUR COMPANY and NHL games usually draw less than 1 million per game! Your shows draw consistently MORE viewers and are getting paid LESS to air them!

This is my PLEA to Tony Khan and the Executive Vice Presidents at All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Don’t f**k this up. I’m dead serious. I’ll gladly hand you my money if you let CM Punk be CM Punk and learn from the mistakes that WWE did. He’s not there for YOU, the EVPs, to score wins over nor is he there for bad comedy sketches. LISTEN TO THE GUY, as he knows his stuff and he personally knows how to get over. Utilize him as an educational resource on how wrestling needs to be presented and MERGE those ideas with your own that is successfully drawing younger viewers to your television screens. I do like that AEW ponied up cash to let “Cult of Personality” be his theme… That’s a good sign of appreciation.

Don’t choke on this, as AEW becoming a legitimate competitive force is the only way that Pro Wrestling can grow again.

To end this column, I just want to THANK CM Punk for returning. Listen, I understand your hiatus, as I wrote heavily about what happened to you during 2011 and have been heavily critical of the WWE ever since in my columns. I get it… But we need you. Don’t let your experience in the WWE dictate what you can deliver to the fans and also for what the fans can deliver to you. We love your talent, your ability, your promos, and what you bring to professional wrestling. Keep doing it for the fans but now FIGHT against any Creative person who doesn’t put you in the right light. HAVE A SAY NOW, please, as you didn’t say “NO” to the WWE until you left them after Royal Rumble 2014.

You should have stood up for yourself during 2011 and told Vince backstage that losing the WWE Title at SummerSlam 2011 was a BAD idea. Furthermore, you should have been victorious in your Triple H feud instead of being tossed around like a ragdoll. You thought that you were “buried in money” with that bigtime contract that you just signed but in reality, you just signed yourself away to become another brick in the wall at WWE. Your 2011-2014 WWE contract gave them license to chew you up and spit you out.

DO NOT let AEW do that to you… Stand up to them because they NEED YOU more than YOU need them.

You’re already an established star who can make money in other avenues, other than Pro Wrestling. CM Punk has proven that he doesn’t need pro wrestling to succeed.

BUT – Wrestling fans need CM Punk and AEW needs CM Punk as an added feature to improve their promotion. I LOVE how Punk is selling himself as “we” or “our” in his speeches. He has realized that the fans still love him and understand why left pro wrestling. We all understand what a DUMPSTER FIRE that the WWE has become and we’re begging for some alternative to invest our money in as fans. Wrestling fans are the most loyal and generous paying fans on the planet… Just give us something to root for and we’re there.

CM Punk is a guy to root for… He is EVERYTHING that wrestling fans want in a pro wrestler. Great promos, great personality, great look, and great talent inside the ring. With Punk, as he’s been quoted several times, “my problem is that I care too much about it”. No it’s not… Not a problem at all. We need MORE guys like you in this business who gives a damn about the QUALITY of the product and presentation.

THANK YOU for returning… Now, let’s do the heavy lifting and make AEW into a truly elite wrestling promotion.

You have my money now, Tony Khan and the EVPs… DO NOT F**K IT UP!

Hey, is there a big WWE event on this weekend or something? Pffffft!

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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