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Welcome back to the Excellence in Column Writing, the weekend edition, brought to you exclusively here at Man, I’m feeling GREAT about my columns lately… We’re in a great writing groove, I’m highly motivated, and the content is growing from trees. ANYBODY who hates All Elite Wrestling (AEW) must be a pure WWE loyalist who enjoys the table scraps of Vince McMahon. Seriously, you don’t have to like the in-ring product of AEW but you have to enjoy the BREAKING NEWS of wrestler moves again, right?

Before AEW, the last 3 talent returns were (a) Kurt Angle in TNA during 2006, (b) Brock Lesnar returning to WWE in 2012, and (c) Bill Goldberg during 2016. In the cases of (b) and (c), if either Lesnar and Goldberg were ever going to return to Pro Wrestling during the 2010s, the WWE was the only real choice at least in terms of getting paid. Those were no real surprises. However, Kurt Angle’s exit from the WWE was with a ton of heat, as he unexpectedly joined TNA after WWE granted him a release due to health reasons.

Look at what we’re seeing now… All of the 2020-2021 WWE released workers now have an additional place to work besides the irrelevant Ring of Honor, Impact, and NWA. AEW is clearly better and on a bigger platform, already in just 3 years, than those other promotions. But now, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk have joined AEW. Punk has been out of wrestling since January 2014 and he made a huge comeback!

And we’re just at the start of this “war”. We’ll have to see if Punk/Bryan joining AEW will cause other free agents to join them. That, or if the WWE can somehow rebuild their roster with recent talent signings and maybe in 1-2 years, they might be able to pick off AEW talent. You never know…

THAT is what made the WCW/WWF Monday Night Wars so special. Both promotions were competing over quality AND over the top talent. At first, WCW was in a commanding lead by stealing Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman… But then, WWE started to get red hot and then they started picking off some of WCW’s top talent. Getting Sean Waltman back was huge during 1998 and then Big Show and Chris Jericho during 1999. I personally thought that Big Bossman was a GREAT signing for WWE during 1998… Then, WWE signs the Radicalz (Guerrero, Benoit, Saturn, Malenko) during early 2000. IT WAS EXCITING.

Even if you HATE AEW’s in-ring style and maybe even Tony Khan himself… You gotta admire the talent swings here. History shows that when WWE loses large portions of talent, they always try to recreate new names and with time, they succeed. Watch this NXT 2.0 closely because WWE is putting all of their chips on pushing larger and younger wrestlers in that promotion. Everyone is praising Bron Breaker (Rick Steiner’s son), but he could just be the beginning of WWE’s Talent Developmental getting a much needed reboot after Triple H was signing older and smaller wrestlers. That, or he was training larger wrestlers to work exactly like him and HHH’s style only works for him.

Through the Fall of 2018, I was seriously done with wrestling as WWE was boring me and I was struggling to pump out columns due to just covering the boring WWE. Then, AEW arrives during early 2019 and they’ve just been pumping news headlines full of content to write about.

Go ahead and read my many columns linked below. I’ve been very critical of some of the in-ring stuff with AEW. Many of us have… But what you cannot deny is the excitement that AEW with the Khan’s checkbook and TBS/TNT’s backing are bringing. We’ll see if it fails or not, but I don’t care… Wrestling, at least the surrounding news cycles, haven’t bored me and that keeps me motivated to keep producing MORE great columns for the for years to come.

How about them apples? I’m never gonna give you up and I’m never gonna let you down.

On to your weekly questions:

ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Thoughts on Smackdown’s Draft Night #1?

Heading into Night #1 of the WWE Draft on Smackdown, I felt that all eyes were on Roman Reigns and where he’d end up. To me, if he would have went to FOX, it was an indication of a deteriorating relationship between WWE and FOX. Rumors were swirling recently that FOX was disappointed in Smackdown’s viewership and they wanted CM Punk. Furthermore, there were stories about how WWE was starting to field offers to streaming services for future TV deals. Even though WWE’s deal with FOX expires in 3 years, there is a whole lot of planning that needs to be done to land a new deal. I was also wondering if WWE would get in deeper with Comcast, provided how their WWE Network is now integrated with Peacock.

But no, Roman went #1 in the draft to REMAIN on WWE Smackdown.

Big E, of course, goes #2 for RAW while Smackdown returns with selecting the Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair with the #3 pick. One would figure that RAW would pick Becky Lynch, but she must be in the talent pool for the RAW draft because Bianca Belair was selected instead. So basically, Big E already left for RAW a few weeks ago and Charlotte was traded for Bianca.

For Round 2, Drew McIntyre is selected to Smackdown. Whoopee. We’ve seen him wrestle Roman Reigns before and his in-ring work since winning the 2020 Rumble has been repetitive. There’s a reason why the WWE just let the man go and then stuck him in NXT upon his return. While he has a great look and is OK in the ring, the charisma, personality, and promos are NOT there. You can swing that sword all you want, but it ain’t drawing. And that’s who Roman gets to feud with next, great.

RKO was already on RAW, so nothing special about them going to RAW. New Day goes back to Smackdown but just as Kingston & Woods. We’ve seen some great matches with them and the Usos, if only the WWE could just build up more teams. And then Edge goes to RAW, which after what we saw from Seth Rollins this past night, might be a good thing. I just don’t know who Edge could wrestle right now to feel “special”. He just doesn’t fit with the current roster, in my opinion, and it makes me wonder if joining AEW with Christian could have been a better decision.

Happy Corbin and Rhea Ripley/Nikki Ash stay put on their shows, who cares, and my casual viewing of WWE lately has no idea who Hit Row is. Keith Lee stays on RAW, which is fine… He hasn’t done anything lately to earn a trip to the more viewed show. He just looks so exhausted in the ring lately. Naomi stays on Smackdown… I wish Rey & Dominik stayed on Smackdown to remain in the Tag Team division against New Day & Usos. Loved his contributions from the past, but Jeff Hardy no longer excites me. It is seriously the same performance each week with no different flavor.

The quiet pick, to end the night, was Austin Theory to RAW. That’s interesting. After all, we have been told repeatedly that the Brand Split is something that helps wrestlers get more of the spotlight yet it always results in the veterans taking up more time. There is a ton of upside with this guy and I believe that NXT actually misused him towards the end by having him as Tiny Johnny Gargano’s flunky. He’s that RARE Triple H talent signing that could actually make it in the WWE, under the right push and circumstances. Talent is there, the look, but he was used poorly in NXT.

Nothing was accomplished here other than moving Charlotte to Smackdown and Bianca to RAW. Other than that, not much excitement.

There needs to be some surprises. If I were the WWE, I’d seriously consider getting Braun Strowman and change up the way he has been presented. Just make him an unstoppable beast who doesn’t cry about being bullied or tag up with children. I believe that Strowman is worthy of another shot and introducing him at the Draft Monday might be a good idea. Otherwise, what else could the WWE do to excite people? Many suggest “move Lashley to Smackdown”, but Roman has already dispatched of him too previously. See what you run into?

I would probably put AJ Styles on Smackdown and have him serve as an opponent for Roman Reigns. In my opinion, AJ Styles pulled the BEST matches out of Roman Reigns and now that Roman is more experienced, you could see some serious “Match of the Year” contenders. Other than that, there’s not much else that you could move around or bring in… Maybe LA Knight is brought up, but WWE is so full of heels right now. WWE needs babyfaces ASAP to wrestle all of these heel top guys.

For the WWE, there’s not much left in the deck to shuffle. Everybody has already wrestled each other and everybody has taken a turn as one of the World Champions. WWE needs to hope and pray that NXT 2.0’s crop of talents, along with the new recruits training at the Performance Center, can help replenish this tired roster in 1-2 years. There’s just nothing here and trading champions & trading wrestlers just diminishes the value of both RAW and Smackdown brands. Just a sad state of affairs for the WWE, unfortunately.

But don’t worry, though… Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar LOVE and I repeat LOVE cashing in those big WWE paychecks to “save the day”.


What would you do with the WWE Draft and/or Brand Split?

First and foremost, I have not just 5 years discussing this topic in the recent Brand Split Era, but I discussed this topic heavily with the brand split of the 2000s. I actually agreed, through 2005, that WWE could sustain 2 separate brands because their Talent Depth was STACKED. That said, when they began mixing up the rosters during 2005 when they moved Cena to RAW and Batista to Smackdown, it was the beginning of the end for the Smackdown brand which was consistently out-rating the RAW brand back then. From there, Smackdown was treated as second rate, kept moving networks, and RAW was picking them clean of their top guys as needed.

Fast forward to the 2016 Brand Split. I was 100% against it because I argued that (a) Talent Depth was thin and (b) Creative Team couldn’t handle it. At the time of the split, WWE was struggling to get RAW at 3.5 million viewers per show and I made the comment after the Brand Split that if you “have a show headlined by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with Stephanie McMahon as the authority figure, RAW will be permanently under 3 million viewers”. After a few Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg spikes, that prophecy became true quickly and now RAW is under 2 million consistently actually.

HOWEVER – I was growing to love the Smackdown Brand during the latter half of 2016, as you had Cena, AJ Styles, and Dean Ambrose as your main eventers, Miz hitting the prime of his career after that post-Smackdown rant on Daniel Bryan, great matches out of Dolph Ziggler, and great chemistry among the Women’s Division and Tag Divisions. This is where Becky Lynch AND Alexa Bliss rose to fame and they did it together by battling over the Smackdown Women’s Title. On top of that, you had a very generous Nikki Bella working with Carmella to help get her established. It was a great show and held steady in the viewership during the Tuesday night deathspot after a 3 hour RAW with 2.5+ million viewership numbers.

Then a few things happened… During early 2017, WWE promoted Road Dogg to become the Lead Writer of Smackdown which displaced and forever ruined Triple H’s top NXT booker that he had on Smackdown. Huge mistake, as Smackdown’s storylines just became awful and talents started to become misused. Then, they rushed to somehow get the World Title on Bray Wyatt which proved to be highly idiotic at the time when John Cena was your champ. Randy Orton took the title from Wyatt at Wrestlemania and then the real pain was about to begin. The 2017 “Superstar Shake-Up” happened and it moved Alexa Bliss and Miz to the RAW brand while moving Jinder Mahal to Smackdown. Almost immediately, Mahal was pushed to win the World Title from Orton and held the title for much of 2017. This was after he had a severe losing record on RAW and was cut previously by the WWE.

So yeah… WWE does NOT have the roster depth to support a split roster and they are struggling to keep NXT afloat as well with talent to be on that 2 hour show. But these DRAFTS or SUPERSTAR SHAKE-UPS are complete bullcrap. Just when you, as a wrestling fan, get attached to wrestlers on a certain night, the WWE denies you. Furthermore, it ruins the chemistry that the wrestlers develop as a roster. That Smackdown roster for the latter half of 2016 was smaller but completely unified to put on great shows nightly. I saw a houseshow during that run and it remains the BEST live show that I ever attended. Every single match, from top to bottom, was well worked and the characters meshed so well together.

HOWEVER – I’m wise enough to realize that the 2016 Brand Split may have helped convince networks like NBC/Universal and FOX to look at both shows as separate entities. WWE, for 2019-2024, is earning about $1 Billion from USA Networks for RAW and $1 Billion from FOX for Smackdown… That’s a ton of money and especially in this COVID environment, it’s saving WWE’s financials. HOWEVER, the Brand Split era has caused WWE numbers from averaging almost 3.5 million to 2 million or less. THAT tells you that the Brand Split is NOT and I repeat NOT creating brand new stars. We’re still seeing WWE pushing veterans at the top with Lashley, McIntyre, Roman, Seth, Charlotte, Becky, Alexa, Wyatt before he was released, etc. While I’ve 100% argued that Triple H didn’t prepare anybody for prime time, it’s not like Vince McMahon or the Production/Creative Team did talents any favors either. Big E is a former Florida Championship Wrestling developmental wrestler, thus you cannot say that the Brand Split created him as a star. He was already there with the New Day.

So what will reshuffling the existing deck chairs on the Titanic do for the WWE this time? Create more boring match-ups that we’ve already seen? We have seen Roman Reigns already defeat this entire roster and that includes Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. Nobody from NXT recently or nobody within NXT is ready for prime time. I’m cheering for Rex Steiner Bron Breakker to succeed, too, but let’s get real about some experience needed for the prime time. LA Knight is probably the most WWE ready guy right now, but he’s a former TNA/Impact wrestler. How well have those guys been treated?

Let me just tell you what I would do or have done, and I have said this for years… Make your Main Eventers special… Have a World Champion and then have a KNOWN contender’s list of 5 wrestlers that is publicly posted. The Champion + the Fab 5 are your ROTATING stars between both Smackdown and RAW. Any one of those 6 wrestlers can appear and wrestle on RAW/Smackdown and each of those 5 contender’s spots can be lost if defended against any rising RAW/Smackdown brand wrestlers. If you lose a match and lose your contender’s spot, you take the spot on the brand where you lost. Meanwhile, the RAW and Smackdown rosters will treat their US Title or Intercontinental Titles as their main belts per roster and each roster will contain separate Women’s rosters. Maybe the Tag Team champs and if they lose, they join the brand where they lost.

And then, held annually after Wrestlemania, the WWE hosts a DRAFT of young NXT prospects. Make it look and feel like the NFL draft, with a highlights pumped in for each potential wrestler. The DRAFT will ONLY consist of NXT wrestlers who are “declared” eligible to join the main WWE roster and that is somehow signified on NXT. Wrestlers have to EARN their way to be able to “declare” being ready for the WWE. So on one night, maybe 5-10 wrestlers are up for a promotion and each brand will use their Draft Picks to select NXT prospects OR maybe a Free Agent who just joined the WWE.

You would need good authority figures to help manage who each brand drafts or what they could use with those Draft Picks. For example, maybe RAW wants Roman Reigns… What could that mean? Well, the RAW General Manager might be willing to TRADE Talent + 2-3 Draft Picks to get a star of that caliber. Sure, RAW will get Roman, but Smackdown now gets to pick up any young prospects. Maybe give each roster Salary Caps and make that also dependent on how both rosters could TRADE or SIGN talent.

Simple and logical.

Yet, instead, we have DRAFTS aka Superstar Shake-Ups that just randomly changes wrestlers to brands without any rhyme or reason. Now, you’re going to have NBC/Universal and FOX executives being able to dictate terms and that is going to spell trouble for the WWE with just 3 years left on those TV Deals.

It’s just pure stupidity and the WWE has declining numbers to prove it since the initial 2016 Brand Split. While you could argue that the split might have led to the big TV deals, what if NBC/Universal and FOX were negotiating over TV rights during 2019 that drew over 3 million viewers INSTEAD of barely hanging onto 2 million viewers? WWE could have actually earned more money if the DREW MORE VIEWERS.

UNLESS the WWE can truly revamp their Talent Developmental after YEARS upon YEARS weak signings and development in a cushy Performance Center by Triple H, WWE is just reshuffling deckchairs on the Titanic and this boat is sinking in terms of popularity. Each of these Drafts or Superstar Shake-ups are just short-term gimmicks without any long-term implications. Until WWE can create, innovate, or develop some idea or groups of talents to incorporate into their long-term planning, they’ll continue to rely heavily on the same old veterans on this roster. Everyone at the top is either a Jim Ross or John Laurinaitis signed or developed wrestler BEFORE mid-2012, and that’s a HUGE problem when Talent Developmental was in charge by another guy from mid-2012 to 2020.

If this new push to be YOUNGER and BIGGER for NXT 2.0 and Talent Relations works, then maybe WWE has something for the future… If it fails, WWE is going to fall harder because again, they’ll be too reliant on the same old veterans to carry things and fans are tired of it.


What do you think of NXT trying to make their product more adult oriented?

While I believe that ANY show on Prime Time Cable should ditch their “PG” rating, do you really trust an OLDER Bruce Prichard or an OLDER Vince McMahon to come up with those adult themed storylines? Do you also trust that Comcast would let them have adult themes for an extended period of time? I don’t on either count. That is why it would FAIL now because (a) WWE won’t be fully committed to it and (b) you don’t have the right minds creatively to pull it off. Triple H would even fail at it, as he has daughters now and would probably keep thinking about disappointing them with any raunchy storylines. Shawn Michaels is a born-again Christian.

What you need are the conditions seen from 1997. WWE was desperate and they had a hungry guy in Creative named Vince Russo who was very perceptive about the world around him. The mid to late 1990s really pushed the boundaries on what could air on Radio, Network TV, or Cable TV with talk shows, sitcoms, movies, and sex. Everything back then was pushing and pushing to see how far the line could be drawn. Lucky for WWE, they had the right guy in Russo who wanted to keep testing USA Networks’s line in the sand to see what he could get away with. Then, when his storylines were popping ratings, he was granted more rope. Vince Russo kept a close eye on Pop Culture at the time and brought in elements of that to WWE to click with casual fans. People mock him watching Jerry Springer for material but that show was RED HOT during the 1990s.

WWE doesn’t have that culture, nor do they have THAT GUY to pull it off. Paul Heyman could do it, but WWE wants no part of him Creatively after the 2019-2020 Executive Director stint for RAW. Maybe bring in Vince Russo as a consultant if WWE really wants to buy into this adult themed stuff? Looking back at how many of the TNA knockouts are still over to this day, Russo was quietly having his own Attitude Era level stuff in TNA. What’s the worst that can happen? Keeping Bruce Prichard on that job of writing storylines for NXT?

I just don’t trust NBC/Universal to allow anything contrary to PG to happen. I just don’t… They learned from the 2000s that even with higher ratings, the content is what sells to advertisers. The FACT is that WWE was earning much less advertising dollars during their PEAK Attitude Era years because advertisers stayed away from that adult themed content and for the few advertisers WWE could attract, those advertisers could obtain bargain rates. Then you had groups like Parents Television Council harassing WWE often and attacking the few advertisers that they had. Just a mess and that contributed to WWE agreeing to eventually go PG as well. Corporate Comcast and Corporate Sponsors have a major say in what the WWE does on their TV shows. I predict that NXT will flirt with going adult themed and then take 1 segment too far to get slapped down permanently.


Should WWE move some of its marquee Pay Per Views to foreign countries?

Only if they have been there before for the Big 3 Shows (Rumble, Wrestlemania, SummerSlam). In my opinion, Wrestlemania HAS to be a North American event, always. We as American and Canadian fans bought into that show and heavily invested in the WWE from the ground up. Thus, we deserve the BEST that the WWE offers on an annual basis. I’m 100% OK with Canada getting a Wrestlemania every once in a while because they have successfully hosted 2 of them. With discussions of SummerSlam 2022 being in the United Kingdom, I’m perfectly OK with that because 30 years ago, WWE held a very successful SummerSlam there. Perfectly acceptable.

The rest of the Pay Per Views, I don’t care. If Extreme Rules was in China or India, you won’t hear me criticizing it UNLESS the show presents a unique match-up first that North American fans didn’t enjoy first. That’s my problem with the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns match being at Crown Jewel. Because Saudi Arabia forks over $20 million in one night, the WWE is going to grant them Lesnar versus HEEL Roman instead of at a big North American event. If you had that match headlining Extreme Rules, I guarantee that people wouldn’t have mocked that event as they just did this past Sunday. Many will claim that I’m being offensive with my suggestion here, but the FACT is that North American fans AND North American companies, arenas, sponsors, etc. are the MAJORITY investors in the WWE product and should therefore be rewarded.

In other words, my stance is “it depends”… Depends on the event, depends on the match-ups. Wrestlemania can only be allowed to appear in Canada, Rumble has only been in the United States (right?), and SummerSlam is allowed to go to USA, Canada, or UK.

I’m sorry, but you have to cater to the North American fans first. We helped BUILD the WWE and even with its International expansion, North American fans significantly outnumber International ones. And North American fans have declined by HALF since 2015 and we still severely outnumber the rest of the world on WWE fan support. THAT IS ALL THAT I AM SAYING, folks… It’s the same argument that I raise with Comcast anytime my deal is up… They give the sweetheart deals to new subscribers but are constantly jacking up rates on existing & loyal customers. Your new customers, which are often ones just chasing deals, will likely leave you more than they stay with you… Or maybe they would stick around if you treated them well long-term?


Thoughts on Sammy Guevara defeating Miro?

Eh – Isn’t that the same guy who hurt Matt Hardy? All 5’10” and 185 pounds too? He just defeated a guy with about a 70 pound weight advantage and strength. Just doesn’t make sense. I GET the idea, however, of wanting a “homegrown” AEW talent to win… But logically, most of the fans in your audience dwarf Sammy in size while most would be afraid to ever challenge Miro to a fight.

It’s nice to free up Miro from the TNT Title so that maybe he could start feuding with upper level guys… But losing to a smaller guy who isn’t seen as a dominant wrestler will stick. And you cannot compare Sammy to Bryan Danielson. Danielson’s offense makes him an effective wrestler because he can hurt larger wrestlers with his kicks and moves. So don’t insult me with any comparisons to Danielson, please.

Go ask Brian Cage why AEW is struggling to push him. That CLEAN LOSS to a 120 pound Tessa Blanchard in Impact has forever stained his career.

The visuals are important, people… That’s why I keep pounding the table anytime when Pro Wrestling tries to force us to believe that a much smaller guy can defeat a much larger guy. There is a REASON why Weight Classes exist in Amateur Wrestling, MMA, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Size and strength matter. I don’t care what storyline you try to promote, people know who can whip who in a fight. As popular as Rey Mysterio was, nobody bought into his World Title push especially when he was defeating wrestlers more than twice his size.

Cue the marks that say “Tito hates smaller people”. No, you don’t read my damn columns. I’ve heavily praised Eric Bischoff for creating a successful Cruiserweight Division AND taking it seriously. I’ll also praise New Japan for having a very successful Junior Heavyweight title, too. If WWE and AEW could just invest some serious time and capital around weight classes, people would believe in it. Instead, both promotions try to present all wrestlers as equals and IT DOESN’T DRAW. Why? Because fans don’t believe that smaller guys can whip larger guys in a fight, with very few exceptions (hence why Bryan Danielson gets over).

It’s going to take a while for Miro to get over this loss to a much smaller guy, do don’t get your hopes up for that Main Event push.


How do you think that Alexa Bliss will return to the WWE?

I believe that the Supernatural character is over and done with, and we’ll see the return of the 2016-2018 edition of Alexa Bliss. The doll getting shredded, in my mind, ends it and now she’ll be off for some time for medical reasons. Just give her time off and then randomly appear to REALLY challenge Charlotte Flair to a feud as the 2016-2018 version of Alexa Bliss who was a trash talking heel and just let her shoot on how the WWE overpushes Charlotte. Maybe have her mock her Dad or boyfriend Andrade’s WWE exits?

The whole Fiend experiment was a failure and Alexa Bliss only did well with it because she’s Alexa Bliss. Fans like whatever she does. Why? Because she’s beautiful, charismatic, cuts great promos, and seems like a really good person outside of the ring. Simple as that… She could have a character that farts repeatedly on camera and fans would still love her.

It’s time to put the Fiend back in the box, once and for all. It’s also time for many in the Internet Wrestling Community to APOLOGIZE for ripping me regarding my 03/24/2021 column entitled “Supernatural Stuff Has No Place in Pro Wrestling”. Yeah, how do you like me now on that column? Bray Wyatt/Fiend wasn’t quite the Undertaker, eh? As I kept saying repeatedly, if you do the Supernatural crap, you better BACK IT UP IN THE RING. If you have bad matches, the Supernatural stuff turns off fans. If you have GREAT matches, they might buy into it because the matches payoff. Alexa’s matches haven’t paid off with this goofy gimmick, therefore, it’s time to return to the 2016-2018 character that got her over in the first place. Mmmmmkay?

And getting into my “Adult Themed” topic above with NXT, if the WWE wanted to, they could start marketing the beauty of their performers again. Put out calendars, have the ladies appear in magazines (doesn’t have to be nude, but it can be), etc. Sorry, but the wrestling audience is still dominated by Males in a severe majority and guys like hot females wearing next to nothing. Just the way that biology works, people. If I’m wrong, then why does all of the WWE females not only have Instragram accounts, but they are repeatedly posting pictures of them wearing next to nothing? So why is it OK to post pictures of what the fans want on Social Media to get more followers but not on WWE marketed materials? Alexa Bliss being a great character is part of it, but fans really desire her beauty. That’s a fact.

Someone mentioned to me that Alexa Bliss’s contract is coming up. There is NO WAY that WWE lets that one go, nor would she ever want to leave. WWE treats her right, as they always push her and have actually been protective of her when the concussions were mounting.


So just chill… Until the next episode!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.



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