MR. TITO: How I Would Use CM Punk in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) + Other Creative Ideas

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It’s quite easy to sit at a computer keyboard and suggest what All Elite Wrestling SHOULD DO creatively with their wrestlers and storylines. It’s completely another thing to actually be backstage and putting together a wrestling show. Since CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have arrived, the Internet has been HAMMERING the 2020 “Booker of the Year” Tony Khan for how he apparently failed to capitalized on those 2 major free agent signings. As you can see from AEW Dynamite’s viewership numbers, they were once consistently above 1 million through October and now they are consistently under 1 million and sinking fast.

Just based purely on how viewership numbers are sinking fast and AEW tickets aren’t selling for live events, something is wrong here…

Maybe, just maybe, that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan might not be draws… As I’m watching him wrestle in particular, CM Punk is showing his age. Remember, CM Punk was 35 years old during the 2014 Royal Rumble. Now, with an October birthday just passing, he’s 43 years old. Those bones don’t hit the mat as easily as they used to… For Bryan Danielson, yeah, he’s been great in the ring but it’s actually the outside-the-ring personality stuff that got him over. In AEW, he has no personality or character.

But again, it’s easier said than done… A pro wrestling show is a major undertaking with so many moving parts between production and the wrestlers performing inside the ring.

However, as I write many columns criticizing how AEW “choked” on the creative debuts of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, I’m often challenged to post something creatively on what I would do with those guys in AEW. I don’t normally like to do “Fantasy Booking” columns, but in this particular case where it could actually help AEW succeed, challenge accepted.

What I’m about to present is what I would do with AEW’s Creative Direction from 11/16/2021 and moving forward. I cannot undo how CM Punk and Bryan Danielson debuted or how they were used since early Fall 2021. However, we can repackage them through a major storyline and get the most of those talents.

Before we start, let’s state a few facts as to what is going on right now…

(a) After a long wait, Adam “Hangman” Page is finally AEW Champion. We’ll utilize him as a babyface opponent for the below scenario.

(b) Tony Khan has lots of heat with wrestling fans right now for putting his face on AEW shows, being active on Social Media, and holding various news conferences and interviews. Fans are quite upset with him and are also blaming him for the recent creative.

(c) There are some rumblings of some Creative tensions between Tony Khan and the 4 EVPs (Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes)

(d) 2020-2021 has seen a ton of civil unrest, political competitiveness, and economic frustration. This should be a target for reality based storylines.

As a big CM Punk fan, I was blinded by his debut and initial babyface run. Guys like Jargo and Virtue have been arguing it for a while on NoDQ Review that CM Punk works better as HEEL rather than a babyface. As I looked back over the past 10 years, the reason why CM Punk’s lengthy late 2011 to early 2013 WWE Title reign didn’t work so well is that he was a babyface for a solid chunk of it (along with never main eventing RAW or Pay Per Views, that hurts too). Punk seems to be more motivated as a heel and thus when he joined AEW as a pure babyface, it quickly lost its appeal. Then, when his initial matches have been just OK, he quickly lost the “new car smell” with AEW and its fanbase.

Thus, you have to turn CM Punk heel… But how?

And that’s where our boy Tony Khan comes into play.

Tony wants the spotlight and apparently credit for bringing in CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. However, little does Tony realize that CM Punk had ulterior motives when he signed… After dealing with Vince McMahon for a decade, CM Punk no longer wanted to have a boss if he were to work for a pro wrestling promotion. Instead for AEW, he wanted to become the boss…

How you would set this angle up is to have CM Punk and Tony Khan appear on a few post-show AEW press conferences. Everything seems fine and dandy but then Tony says something that CM Punk disagrees with… Things get just a tad heated until they calm down. This goes on for weeks, as we’re planting the seeds.

On one week during AEW Dynamite, CM Punk has a rematch with Darby Allin and CM Punk, showing obvious signs of frustration to keep up with the youngster, opts to pull the tights to win the match. Sting sees the obvious cheating and confronts CM Punk. This sets a unique Sting vs. CM Punk match to headline AEW Dynamite. This is a crazy dream match, although puts AEW at risk for the “combined age” memes. Not to worry, as the storyline will erase that potential headache. Match seems to go well and is competitive but then CM Punk gets a little rough with Sting. Instead of just taking the win, you start to see CM Punk getting enjoyment out of torturing an older Stinger. CM Punk eventually scores the win.

During the post-show with Tony Khan, CM Punk joins Tony and Tony is upset with how CM Punk treated Sting. Punk is shocked by being confronted about this and yells right back. Eventually, CM Punk decks Tony Khan and knocks him off his chair. Punk then gets on top of Tony Khan and keeps hammering Tony. Older backstage hands or security pull CM Punk off of Tony, who is hopefully a bloody mess to sell this angle.

Throughout the week, AEW’s social media accounts will hype that “AEW Management is currently reviewing the status of CM Punk and considering punishment for his actions“. The announcers could talk about it all throughout AEW Rampage, if you want.

The NEXT WEEK on AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan is rounding up the 4 EVPs with Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, & Young Bucks. Backstage segments show him having closed door meetings with the EVPs and then eventually, it is announced that CM Punk’s fate will be announced at the end of the show (in the Main Event slot). Tony is seen specifically requesting to the 4 EVPs that they go find extra Security Guards.

Later during the show, those said Security Guards are seen just randomly placing latches and padlocks on doors. Just randomly… (as it will turn out, those are wrestler locker room doors)

Thus, to end this AEW Dynamite show, Tony Khan is inside the ring with the 4 EVPs (Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes) and Tony requests that CM Punk come to the entrance way for an announcement. Cult of Personality hits and there he is, CM Punk, standing at the entrance while Tony & the 4 EVPs are inside the ring. Tony suggests “due to how you handled Sting and then attacking me after the match, you are SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY”. Of course, CM Punk laughs that off and cuts a counter promo, calling him a “money mark” and questioning if he is really in charge.

Tony then throws a tantrum and gets upset at CM Punk daring to defy him as AEW’s President. Then CM Punk drops a bomb that AEW’s Company Charter suggests that a new AEW President can be nominated if the majority of the 4 EVPs vote to do so. Tony says “they would never do that, we pay them quite well here” and then he looks around the ring… Kenny, the Young Bucks, and Cody are all smiling with an evil grin at Tony. BAM, double superkick on Tony Khan by the Young Bucks and then Kenny & Cody join in on the beatings. Little does Tony know that Miro has hit the ring through the crowd and he has now applied his submission hold on Tony Khan. Oh my God, it’s Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) and he delivers a Sister Abigail as well. Wait, it’s Braun Strowman arriving to also deliver pain!

Meanwhile, CM Punk slowly walks to the ring. He’s confident as ever, as the coup that he has been planning with the 4 EVPs has been executed perfectly. Furthermore, none of the AEW talent can save Tony because those Security Guards locked all wrestlers into their locker rooms. Plus, the Security Guards arranged by the EVPs are working for them tonight. Tony is all alone and is taking quite the beating in the ring.

And then CM Punk takes the microphone…

Punk destroys Tony Khan and explains the coup that just happened. The Executive Vice Presidents, now called “Elite Vice Presidents”, have overthrown him and now have direct access to his Daddy’s finances to fund what THEY want to do in the AEW company. The EVPs nominate CM Punk to become the NEW AEW CEO/President and he promises to be “fair” to all of the wrestlers. Punk announces that effective next week on AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega, Miro, and the Young Bucks will all receive rematches for their lost titles.

But then, CM Punk launches into a promo that cuts directly into the AEW fanbase not just in attendance, but home as well. He let’s them know about wanting to stay home, refusing to get another job, blaming the system instead of looking in the mirror, worshipping a politician to hopefully save them from their miserable lives, and destroying other people’s property instead of taking responsibility for themselves. We have this inflation issue because the government has to print money because none of you want to return to work! “Bunch of lazy pieces of s**t!”, he could declare. Oh, that’s right… CM Punk is allows to curse in AEW on TNT.

We’re talking the 2011 Pipebomb promo but on steroids and with more venom towards the viewers.

Now, on top of the AEW promotion, you have a HEEL stable of CM Punk, the 4 EVPs (Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes), Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, Windham Rotunda, Braun Strowman, and Miro. I would expect, as the new AEW President, that he wear suits to the ring in his new role and he’ll mostly be speaking for this group and will only wrestle when pushed by a challenging babyface wrestler. Adam Cole could be in the group by default and a debuting Kevin Owens Steen could join them to start 2022.

Tony Khan has to SELL these injuries for a long, long time… Stay off social media, don’t make appearances, and no more publicity stunts. SELL THIS INJURY and in fact, never appear on AEW screens again.

Why? Because Tony cannot be the face of the resistance. I would expect that wrestlers will obviously rebel against this new group of heels. Bryan Danielson will attempt to be recruited but he’ll turn them down. This will allow CM Punk and Bryan Danielson to feud. Adam “Hangman” Page is the AEW Champion and suddenly, he has a group with executive authority coming after him. If Jon Moxley comes back, he can obviously fight against the group. Then, you have someone like MJF be conflicted about joining the heel supergroup or teaming with babyfaces. Ultimately, he wants to do his own thing and he’ll assume the “DDP 1997” like role where he’s a rebel doing things on his own terms and refusing to join a supergroup because that’s the easy thing to do. Great timing for Jay Lethal to join.

What AEW needs is to really ramp up the violence and the chaos. Right now in America, there are many groups out there ready to fight over social justice and political differences. AEW should use this real life tension and inject it into this storyline. Let the fights be raw and brutal, much like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash did assaulting WCW wrestlers during 1996. Everybody remembers that backstage segment where Rey Mysterio was lawn darted and fans in attendance believed that attack was 100% legit and dialed 911 for help.

And then you could do crazy things like having CM Punk/Elite Vice Presidents INVADE and violently attack Impact wrestling and NWA, maybe have some New Japan crossovers. Hell, do an angle where you go to the WWE Titan Towers or Performance Center to raise absolute hell.

The big thing with this HEEL AEW CEO/President CM Punk is that he’s on the microphone weekly cutting scathing promos about the babyfaces and the fans watching the shows. Hold NOTHING BACK.

Now, I would make Cody Rhodes a conflicted member of the group from the start. He was hesitant in joining, but a few disagreements with Tony and some arm twisting by the other EVPs caused him to join. As seen backstage, Brandi Rhodes has misgivings about Cody joining. Eventually, Cody takes a stand and breaks from the group and prompts feuds with CM Punk or Kenny Omega. I would expect CM Punk to be the mouthpiece and holding the “title” of CEO/President doesn’t make it necessary to be AEW Champion. Kenny Omega can become champion again and Cody earn another AEW Title shot if he happens to defeat CM Punk in a match-up.

This Punk/Elite Vice Presidents gives Adam “Hangman” Page some pure evil villains to contend with just as he finally gets over the hump to become AEW Champion. I would expect Adam Page to be the leader of the resistance and ultimately the one who drives the final nail in the group. He’d form a bond with Bryan Danielson and have common enemies with MJF. Those 3, along with Cody Rhodes turning, would charge CM Punk/EVP’s supergroup and eventually coax them into putting their power on the line for a match or series of matches.

But I want reality based storylines, violence, pure anger, social commentary, and out-of-the-box stuff performed to hype that this is truly a hostile takeover and that the group REALLY hates wrestling fans. I mean REALLY hates them, constant putdowns about their unemployment and their status as a wrestling fan. Pure venom unleashed on the microphone.

And tell the talent to SHUT UP about any backstage happenings during this angle…

And then I would hire Tessa Blanchard to join Punk/EVP’s group and Punk would cut a promo about how Cancel Culture tried to end Tessa’s career and how disrespectful fans and other wrestlers were to her. She, along with Serena Deeb (obvious Punk connection) can be the female wing of the heel supergroup. Britt Baker will be conflicted due to her being a heel and engaged to Adam Cole while Thunder Rosa can play a big part resisting the wrestlers of this group.

See? It’s that simple.

And I would convert the TNT Title into the TV Title, trash the TBS Title, and introduce a Jr. Heavyweight Title for smaller wrestlers to chase. Weight classes can work in pro wrestling, as they were successful in WCW during 1996-1998 and have been for decades in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

There you go… a BIG money angle that involves not just your big signings, but also your newly acquired stars from other promotions.

You can’t say that I’m just here complaining. I have presented a VALID storyline idea that helps the entire promotion. If I’m wrong, then present your ideas instead.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.



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