Wrestle Review/In Full Gear: by Andy Sullivan

Full Gear was incredible! You’ve read all kinds of recaps so I won’t go match by match. I’ll just go over some things that stood out to me. The first thing of course was “Hangman” Adam Page becoming AEW World Champion. This is the way to tell a story! This title win is two years in the making. We knew it was happening but still popped like crazy when it did. Congratulations, Hangman!

MJF and Darby had an incredible match! MJF said he could beat Darby with a headlock takeover and he did. Well, this was after MJF nailed Darby with his Dynamite ring.

Jay Lethal jumping from the near-dead ROH to AEW should tell you all you need to know about ROH.

The Lucha’s pinned the wrong FTR member because they were wearing masks trying to fool the ref. I smell a rematch. These two teams are incredible so you knew the match would be amazing! Speaking of amazing, Bryan Danielson taking down Miro to become #1 contender was fantastic! Bryan winning with a guillotine just proves the man can win with any move.

We knew the six-man falls count anywhere match would be crazy and it was. We saw Cole busted open, several people go through tables and Matt being hit with a ConChairTo before being pinned by Jungle Boy.

Cody and Pac vs Black and Andrade was pretty good. Pac hit the black arrow on Andrade for the win.

The guitarist from Fozzy played Britt Baker to the ring in what would be victory. Tay put up a great fight but Baker retained in the end, I wonder who’s next to challenge the doc? Punk vs Kingston was, as expected, a straight-up fight. Punk won and offered to shake Eddie’s hand. Eddie refused. Do you think this is over? Because I don’t. Inner Circle vs America Top Team was a lot better than I expected. Of course Inner Circle won. The main event where Hangman Page finally won the AEW Championship was fantastic! We all knew Page was winning but it’s still the one everybody wanted to see. And much like the rest of the show, they didn’t disappoint. Full Gear proved, once again, that AEW doesn’t miss on their pay-per-view’s. Thank God there are only four a year, though. At $52.99, I couldn’t handle every month.

From what I gathered on Smackdown, they’re going to team Sheamus with Ridge Holland. I like the idea of this team. Other teams I don’t like so much: the Survivor Series teams. Well, it’s not so much the teams as the fact I don’t know who’s on them. Last Saturday, WWE released the teams on Twitter(because why not, I guess). Two days later on Raw, they replace Dom with Lashley. Why not just put Lasjley on to begin with? Friday, they had a match with Jeff vs Sami Zayn-loser is off team Smackdown. Sami lost but we don’t know who replaces him. Although I have a feeling it’s Von Wagner, who I swear was just in NXT a few weeks ago for the first time.

Looks like King Woods is the next sacrifice for Roman Reigns. Roman beat him Friday but I’m sure they’ll have Roman beat him again in a title match.

That’s it for me this week. Be sure to listen to my podcast Blendertainment that I record Sunday nights.