MR. TITO: What is Wrong with Charlotte Flair in the WWE? Becky Lynch and Andrade Have Changed Her

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During 2019, the WWE held Wrestlemania 35 and this show was headlined by Charlotte Flair (c – Smackdown) vs. Ronda Rousey (c – RAW) vs. Becky Lynch. It was a big deal, as the WWE was heavily virtue signaling that it was the first ever Wrestlemania headlined by women. Needless today, this was a good match-up that was actually worthy of that notion.

Originally, however, it was supposed to be just Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey but certain events during the course of the last few months of 2018 changed things in favor of Becky Lynch. WWE tried to turn Becky heel against Charlotte but the fans acted in the completely opposite fashion. They started cheering Becky loudly and booing Charlotte. Then, on top of that, Becky won more sympathy months later by being punched legitimately by Nia Jax. Becky was increasingly beginning to become the fan favorite female wrestler in the WWE and that even created boos for Ronda Rousey (which she took personally). This actually forced the hand of the WWE to not only insert Becky into the Wrestlemania 35 match but to actually win it as well.

Coincidentally, Charlotte Flair began dating WWE wrestler Andrade “Cien” Almas around February 2019, just shortly before this big Wrestlemania 35 match-up where Charlotte would lose her Women’s title to Becky. Since that time, Charlotte hasn’t been as successful of a superstar and she has been a bit more absent from the shows than her previously dependable self. On top of that, she has greatly changed her image and has been trying to present herself like a model on her own Instagram account.

This past Friday on WWE Smackdown, she was supposed to participate in a “Title Exchange” angle with Becky Lynch. Granted, this idea was STUPID to begin with, as the ladies could just walk out with a newly designed title one night and nobody would care. This same issue came up with the Tag Titles which don’t have a special name either. Compare that to the Men’s WWE World Heavyweight Title and WWE Universal Title. Thus, when one of those champs switches brands, that title just goes with them. The idiotic reasoning is that because the Women’s and Tag Title’s have generic names, it’s only the title belts’ colors that defines them. The WWE Title is always black and the WWE Universal Title has changed colors depending on which brand it is on.

So yeah, everybody is in agreement that the Title Exchange idea is stupid… We all know that. But when you’re getting PAID millions per year, you should go out to that ring and perform accordingly based on the Creative plans put in place. Well, issues began when Charlotte decided to play cat & mouse with her title, forcing Becky to reach for it and then the title just fell from their hands. When it came time for Becky to hand over her Smackdown Women’s Title, she just shoved it into Charlotte. Reportedly, both had some words backstage and I guess Charlotte left the event after that. Because Charlotte was the first to break character by dangling the RAW Women’s Title, the heat is on her.

After this incident, Charlotte’s fiancé Andrade had this to say via his Twitter account: “Fu… WWE !!!!!”

Speaking of Andrade, he was released from the WWE earlier this year during March. Before that, he was off for multiple months. Things didn’t go so well for Andrade since he joined the main WWE roster from NXT. In NXT, Triple H was high on the guy and had him become the NXT Champion. He was always accompanied by Zelina Vega who helped him cut promos as he’s not very good at that along with the language barrier. However, within the WWE, his 5’9″ size was soon realized and without bring anything special to the WWE product in the way of mic skills, personality, or moveset that looks credible against larger wrestlers, he was mostly a midcarder in the WWE. However, Paul Heyman liked him and started pushing him but once Heyman lost his Creative Director position, he went from US Champion to Tag wrestler. The 30 Day Wellness Policy violation could have contributed to that as well. Months later, Third Party service discussions heated up and Zelina was then released. Without Vega, the WWE probably felt that the 5’9″ wrestler without promo skills had little use to them on television.

For weeks, if not months, Andrade was asking for a release from his WWE contract to work elsewhere. It was denied for a while and there were rumors that this upset Charlotte Flair backstage. At this point, she was engaged to Andrade. By March 2021, WWE granted the release and he soon joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the main WWE competitor.

We’re also missing another element to this story, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair exiting the WWE. Through August 2021, Ric Flair asked for his release and was granted it. Now, there were rumors at the time that Ric became quite vocal about the way Charlotte was being used. If you’ll recall, Ric Flair was in a goofy storyline where he was dating Lacey Evans and Lacey vs. Charlotte was to happen on Wrestlemania 37. However, Lacey announced that she became pregnant and then the WWE wrote in that Ric was the father! Making matters worse, she falsely tested positive for some medical test (some reports have it as COVID, others have it as a pregnancy test) to cause Charlotte to miss Wrestlemania entirely. Reportedly, Ric Flair made communications with Vince about improving Charlotte’s booking or he’s leaving… And then Ric left. Since then, Ric Flair has appeared with, you guessed it, Andrade at wrestling events. There that guy is again…

Interestingly enough, Ric Flair made further headlines when the Dark Side of the Ring regarding the “Plane Ride From Hell” aired and that has caused Cancel Culture to take a big bite out of Ric. Otherwise, he’d likely be in AEW and possibly managing Andrade in there by now.

How did Ric Flair go from being so appreciative of the WWE family, particularly of Vince and Triple H, to demanding his release in 2021? It’s a complete 180 for him… It’s like he is receiving advice from a newer person in his life, bad advice that is.

Speaking Ric, I’m sure that there is some heat between Charlotte over the way Becky Lynch uses “the Man” as her gimmick. It’s an allusion to Ric Flair’s “to be the man, you gotta beat the man” catchphrase from back in the day. This was during 2019 when Becky was rising as a superstar and starting to challenge Charlotte’s top spot. Suddenly, there was talk of filing a lawsuit to prevent Becky from using that as her gimmicked nickname. It’s like someone newer in his life is giving him advice.

The image change of Charlotte Flair is the most peculiar thing to me. Look, I believe that Charlotte is a pretty lady and am not going to be judgmental on her looks. However, it’s very obvious that she has slimmed down a touch versus her prior more muscular figure. Charlotte is 5’10” which causes her to tower over most competitors. Charlotte trading in bulk for more of a fitness model look is very obvious thanks to her size. We also know that she’s had some cosmetic surgery, as reports surfaced of her needing to fix a breast implant and Dave Meltzer/Wrestling Observer took a ton of heat for revealing that she was having Dental work performed.

All I can say is this… Psychologists, for years, have been suggesting that changes in body image are often as a result of “major stress events”. Her fiancé being dissatisfied with his booking arrangement in the WWE has probably translated into her own concerns at the WWE workplace, particularly as Becky Lynch gets most of the accolades these days. Maybe she wants to do more modeling, which is fine, but it should be noted that radical changes in your body image or appearance are often signs of something happening in our life. She still looks great, don’t get me wrong, but Charlotte definitely looks different lately compared to prior years. It’s very obvious and I hope that it’s just a desired change by her.

One thing that I just don’t see with Charlotte is the JOY of being a top competitor in the WWE. I don’t know if she’s jealous of Becky Lynch taking her spot or if she’s really upset with how her fiancé Andrade was treated on the main WWE roster. As she wrestles now, her body language just doesn’t look as motivated as it once did. Granted, the WWE’s working environment isn’t exactly the best right now but again, Charlotte is making millions per year and is always featured by the WWE. She is always factored into the title scene. Yeah, that Nikki A.S.H. stuff was absolute crap, but so was Sasha Banks always winning the Women’s Title on RAW and then losing it back to Charlotte on Pay Per Views. Charlotte got the title back and is just a 13 time women’s champion in just 6 freakin’ years.

To me, the common denominators are Becky Lynch‘s push since late 2018 and her dating Andrade during early February 2019. Those two combined events, I believe, have changed Charlotte’s perception of her role in the WWE forever. And for the worse. The jealousy of Becky Lynch and Andrade’s anti-WWE attitude are changing Charlotte Flair before our very eyes.

Charlotte is the most talented female worker in the world, period. You cannot match her strength, athletic ability, or charisma. Now, her characters have been off, as have her microphone skills at times (see her talking down Ric Flair, multiple times). However, her abilities inside the ring have carried the Women’s division since 2015 but since 2019, we haven’t had the same peak Charlotte and hence the Women’s Division has lost quality. Something, again, is off and with her slimmer figure, she’s not as strong or as comfortable taking bumps, I’ve noticed.

If she’s unhappy, she has enough credibility to walk into Vince McMahon‘s office and demand some changes. He’ll listen because he needs her around to continue her work for the WWE and FOX specifically asked for her to be on Smackdown. Charlotte has leverage here and she needs to use it. Don’t be so destructive with your career, instead. Cooler heads can prevail and as see by many ex-WWE wrestlers joining AEW, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I hope that you like Kenny Omega instructing you on what to do and who to wrestle in AEW.

Furthermore, she doesn’t need her MAN determining her fate in pro wrestling. How Andrade has put thoughts in her head and Ric’s head that Charlotte is somehow being misused in the WWE is beyond ridiculous. Charlotte is the highest paid female on the roster, FACT, and she is also a 13 time champion already there in just 6 years. WWE is begging her to improve her motivation to continue to do great business.

On top of that, Andrade isn’t the world’s best wrestling talent. He’s not lighting it up in AEW, as many NXT marks thought he would… It is beginning to be proven that Andrade being pushed by NXT was part of the system that hasn’t generated many Main Event stars in the WWE. Triple H has a tendency of pushing smaller or older talents to the top of his NXT brand. In the end, it has given the WWE a roster of smaller or older wrestlers to choose from for WWE call-ups. In the end because of this weak developmental system, the WWE has Roman Reigns and nothing else to push on that main WWE roster. He was a Triple H system guy who doesn’t do well outside of that system, WWE and AEW included.

Think about this for a second… Andrade was reportedly scheduled to defeat Kenny Omega for the AAA Title but AEW President Tony Khan called in an audible and wouldn’t let it happen. Think about that for a second… Andrade is a prized ex-WWE signing, or at least we thought he was, and Tony Khan REFUSES to let him win the AAA Title. That is remarkable and one would think that Tony would want that title OFF of one of his Executive Vice Presidents.

Something is off with him and I believe the negativity is spilling onto her. I just watched the Brittany Murphy documentary on HBO Max and her life changed, too, by being with her relationship after she became married. Her husband reportedly kept the movie star at home instead of being outgoing as many Hollywood actresses tend to be. Then, she died prematurely and there were questions surrounding her death. I’m not insisting that is how the Charlotte Flair tail would end, but I’m just saying relationships can have a major influence on one member that spills over into their professional life.

Here’s the real damaging thing. The WWE could release Charlotte today and it wouldn’t matter. WWE has already squeezed that turnip dry, as she has been champion many times and has competed against everybody already. Her past year’s worth of lackluster work inside the ring, possibly due to some physical changes, might be restricting her. In some ways, it could be advised to let Charlotte join AEW where she’ll have to find a new name and deal with that weak women’s division. Maybe she could join AJ Lee and Tessa Blanchard for the WOW promotion? But the WWE has got the most out of her and made her a big star, which maybe she doesn’t fully appreciate.

But I appreciate her. She’s one of the best female talents to ever surface and it’s a shame that the last 3 years haven’t been her best. Something is off right now and I pray that everything is OK with her and her family.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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