More details regarding Charlotte Flair’s backstage reputation and being ‘isolated’ from the locker room

As previously noted, Wade Keller of was able to speak with several wrestlers regarding the Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch incident from the October 22nd 2021 edition of WWE Smackdown.

In an audio update for his website subscribers, Keller talked more about the situation with Charlotte…

“I specifically reached out to people in seeking out Charlotte’s side of this because it does, from the people I’ve been talking to, it just feels so one-sided. And these are people I trust and I talk to them about other things. This isn’t like I’m talking to people who are anti-Charlotte. It’s just sort of people in WWE I talk to, some wrestlers and others, who are just reliable, and the stuff they tell me seems agenda-free and it’s played out as standing the test of time before…I don’t hear anyone defending Charlotte in this. Somebody in so many words said Becky is a hero to the locker room for calling out Charlotte and not letting her get away with what she does.”

Keller continued more about Charlotte’s reputation…

“Charlotte has really isolated herself from the rest of the locker room. There’s not a lot of friendliness interaction. She’s kind of in her own world now and so she’s just not endearing herself to the locker room in any way. It’s not like that makes them side against her but that’s a symptom of people are wondering what’s going on with her and that she’s just in her own head and overreacting to things and over scrutinizing things and questioning everything and worried that she’s not being given the protection and the spotlight and the being portrayed as a level higher than everybody else and others are [saying], well, what makes you think you’re better than us and at that level to that degree and if you were it’s a very ungracious way and kind of a paranoid way to go about things.”

“The last thing is that Charlotte feels she can get away with it because there’s just not enough depth on the roster to punish her. Right now they got networks that want ratings and they did a draft and they evenly divided it and if they were to punish Charlotte at this point, you’re reducing a weak SmackDown roster even more and they just don’t think they can afford to do that…This is a situation that they are going to have to manage and it looks like what happened with Nia Jax and that wasn’t the first thing and it wasn’t the last thing that happened before this but this situation needs to be addressed and I know there’s people who used to like Charlotte that don’t even recognize her anymore.” (quotes courtesy of

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