Update on Charlotte Flair allegedly having backstage heat in WWE

As previously noted, there is said to be some backstage heat on Charlotte Flair after she dropped the RAW women’s title to the ground during the “title swap” segment with Becky Lynch on the October 22nd 2021 edition of WWE Smackdown.

Wade Keller of PWTorch.com was able to speak with several wrestlers regarding the incident. One wrestler noted that Becky is considered to be the “hero” for standing up to Charlotte backstage. Another wrestler said that Charlotte has become “increasingly difficult to work with” as of late.

Keller wrote the following…

“Another wrestler tells PWTorch that Becky is universally respected and liked among her colleagues, and Charlotte crossing her like that was the final straw for people who were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt through a string of other issues she’s been having.”

It’s been said that Charlotte has been isolating herself behind the scenes and one wrestler told Keller that “no other women want to work with her now” due to her attitude. Keller described the situation as Charlotte “is seen as only interested in how she looks and scrutinizing everything she’s involved in through a self-centered filter.”

A replay of Friday Night Smackdown aired on Saturday night and the RAW women’s title being dropped was edited out.