Report on who has backstage heat from the Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair incident

As previously noted, Charlotte Flair was reportedly involved in a backstage confrontation with Becky Lynch after the October 22nd 2021 edition of Smackdown went off the air. Click here for the initial details of what happened during and after the “title swap” segment.

Mike Johnson of, who broke the story, provided some more details on the situation and the fallout. In regards to Charlotte pulling away the title, that was not supposed to happen and there is belief that she did it to make it look like she “one upped” Becky. In a correction from the original report, Johnson wrote that Becky throwing the title at Charlotte was actually part of the script but happened “differently” than originally planned.

In regards to the backstage confrontation, there is said to be no heat on Becky with the general consensus being that she was standing her ground. Johnson noted the following about Charlotte…

“There is heat on Flair in certain circles for disrespecting Lynch and some who felt Flair took a segment that was supposed to build herself vs. Sasha Banks and instead putting all the attention back on herself and Lynch when Banks was being placed in a position to be the top babyface for the Smackdown brand.”

While Charlotte was said to be “very upset” about the situation, it’s not believed that her actions were designed to get out of her WWE contract which reportedly has multiple years left.