MR. TITO: It’s Time to Change WWE Monday Night RAW from a 3 Hour Show to a 2 Hour Show

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What I need for most wrestling fans is to look in the mirror and ask yourself “do I really need to watch 3 hours of Monday Night RAW?”. What the WWE and USA Network asks of you is to submit 3 hours during the late evening of the 1st work day of the week. In the past, back when WWE had top stars like the Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and later John Cena and that allowed you to religiously watch Monday Night RAW. With the show airing from 9pm to 11pm, just 2 hours of your time was tolerable. On top of that, WWE wasn’t PG Rated until the late 2000s… Even when the show was bad, you’d see Sable, Torrie Wilson, Lita, Trish Stratus, Candice Michelle, Stacy Kiebler, or other “diva” come out in scantily clad outfits to spice things up. Language and violence were there, too, to keep you awake and watching through 11pm.

Things changed during July 2012… That is when the 3 hour RAW began, as the struggling USA Network had bomb after bomb on original content and just gave that 8pm hour to RAW. This has helped WWE’s television deal financially but it also commanded them to entertain the masses for a solid 3 hours, moving forward, with LIVE television. Making matters worse would be nights following Pay Per Views. It’s quite difficult to demand that wrestling fans endure 3-4 hours of a Pay Per View on Sunday and then watch 3 hours of RAW. WWE became more stupid when they moved Smackdown to Tuesdays briefly which would challenge fans to watch 3-4 hours on Sunday, 3 hours on Monday, and 2 hours on Tuesday. Now do you see why NXT on Tuesdays is struggling to get a number?

During August 2015, I seriously had enough. For one, my Cable provider was price gouging me, a loyal customer, on his cable package and I just had enough. I “cut the cord” and have been reliant on Local Television and Streaming Services ever since (I’m saving over $100 per month!). Part of my reason is that I was struggling to watch 3 hours of RAW on Monday Nights and I was losing my mind attempting to review it for my prior site. I was losing my mind… But then, I discovered that Hulu had Monday Night RAW in a convenient and condensed 1.5 hour form. Life was good again as a wrestling fan. Then, I discovered that WWE was putting most of their matches and segments on YouTube. Even better.

The Attitude Era is what made the 10-11 hour great. Lots of violence, hot chicks, and vulgar language helped fans to stay up for an extra hour. Now, however, with the PG Era, it’s no longer worth it. The PG era has helped to cause many fans to stop watching after 10pm and for many of us here on the East Coast, we gotta sleep because that alarm clock is ringing at 6am in the morning to get the kids ready for school and to get ready for work. When there was something of quality or adult themed during the 10-11pm hour, an hour of sleep was sacrificed and it was worth it. With this PG Era crap, it’s not worth it.

Since the July 2012 shift to a 3 hour RAW, that 3rd hour keeps deteriorating and remains the consistently WORST viewed hour of the 3 hour show. In the past during the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s, that second hour was actually the most viewed. There has been a dramatic shift in the way wrestling fans WANT to watch wrestling and it seems that the 8pm to 10pm timeslot is the most convenient of them all.

Don’t believe me?
– 8 to 10pm have the highest viewership for RAW.
– NXT is on from 8 to 10pm
– AEW Dynamite is on from 8 to 10pm
– WWE Smackdown is on from 8 to 10pm

Do you know what show also DARES to try going beyond the 10pm hour? AEW Rampage. Since that CM Punk debut show, their viewership has dropped by more than HALF! The last episode of AEW Rampage had 599,000 viewers. Seriously and AEW is actually trying to make that show great by regularly featuring its top stars, including new ex-WWE acquisitions like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. In my opinion, Tony Khan has “WCW Thunder Syndrome” in that he has spread himself thin trying to keep Dynamite strong while trying to pump up the new AEW Rampage show. Same thing happened to Eric Bischoff, though adding WCW Thunder wasn’t his choice. Suddenly, Bischoff had to make 3 hours of WCW Nitro and 2 hours of WCW Thunder compelling during a week. Don’t forget WCW Saturday Night and other syndicated shows, too. Oh, and monthly Pay Per Views.

If you’re not going to give your fans sugar and spice during that 3rd hour, then the viewership will continue to decline for Monday Night RAW beyond 10pm. In fact, if you remove that 3rd hour, the average of the show doesn’t look as humiliating. With the WWE staying PG for that hour, when honestly they don’t have to, and lacking the caliber of superstars that they used to have, this 3rd hour will continue to fall. We’ve got kids to take to school tomorrow, work as well. Now, if we were to see some quality wrestling, great superstars, hot chicks in scantily clad outfits, violence, or vulgarity… Maybe we might watch?

3 hours is just too much to ask of wrestling fans, especially following a Pay Per View night.

The trend in Pro Wrestling, however, is that the 8-10pm timeslot is PERFECT and CONVENIENT for wrestling fans to do. Smackdown is pulling in over 2 million viewers in that timeslot on Friday nights. FRIDAY NIGHT! You know, when most people are going out on dates or are attending High School Sports events. Smackdown still pounds out 2 million+ viewers in that convenient 8-10pm timeslot.

So how about RAW shifts to airing its live content between 8-10pm?

There are many benefits to converting RAW to a 2 hour show again, particularly at 8-10pm:

– More wrestling fans will be awake.
– More convenient for younger fans, with bed times, to watch.
– 1 less hour of televised wrestling to air, doesn’t burned hour wrestlers or production staff.
– Doesn’t burn out wrestling fans in general.

But what I’m proposing, however, is for the WWE to NOT lose that 3rd hour. For one, NBC/Universal is awful at creating shows for NBC and thus have nothing good for USA Network.

The WWE has DECADES upon DECADES of wrestling content in their vaults that they attempt to place SOME of it on their WWE Network now hosted on the Peacock streaming service. Yet, to a younger wrestling fan who didn’t live through the greatness of the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s, they don’t know where to look or start with the WWE Network to find great wrestling of the past.

For the 3rd hour on Monday Nights from 10-11pm, why not air a “Best of WWE” that can air and feature certain topics, feuds, or shows? Better yet, the WWE could actually market this hour as higher than a PG Rating so that they can air SOME of the Attitude Era stuff as it was intended. WWE could then capitalize on its LEGENDS contracts to Zoom/Skype in wrestlers of the past to explain a little behind the scenes stuff with a particular feud or match. Maybe find an energetic host that can make this hour compelling, like someone who was there for most of it? Shane McMahon comes to mind as the perfect host for this.

Doing this would keep a highly rated USA Network show.

Cheaper production for the WWE to air older matches and clips instead of live content.

This “Best of WWE” show helps advertise the Peacock streaming service. In fact, the entire show could be advertised by Peacock and NBC/Universal can technically use their Marketing Expenses to do so (saves them money!).

Starts connecting newer or younger viewers with the greats of the past, helps them to connect the dots to wrestling’s past.

Creates demand for older WWE fans to keep watching beyond 10pm. Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars is like crack to them.

Such a simple plan that solves SO MANY problems for WWE Monday Night RAW right now. WWE is failing to understand the concept of “Less is More” and are creating the economics scenario of the “law of diminishing marginal utility” which suggests that satisfaction of a product declines by each unit consumed. 3 hours of LIVE WWE content is just too much to consume through 2021, particularly when your audience is getting older.

WWE and USA Networks needs to stop burning out wrestling fans with 3 hours of LIVE Monday Night RAW. It’s just too much. The trends are telling you that 8-10pm works as the perfect timeslot for wrestling fans. On top of that, the WWE has to worry about fulfilling 2 hours of NXT and 2 hours of Smackdown later during the week with LIVE airings as well.

But again, I’m not letting go of that 3rd hour… Making that 3rd hour, from 10pm to 11pm, become a “Best of WWE” show (hosted by Shane McMahon) would fix many things along with openly advertising to WWE fans that “if you want more, BUY the Peacock Network for just $4.99 or $9.99 a month”. I guarantee this “Best of WWE” show, as advertised by Peacock, would pump up subscribers. If you start helping the younger fans by educating them where to look on the WWE Network, they’ll start checking things out from the past more often instead of just having Peacock to watch WWE Pay Per Views.

Makes so much sense to me.

And that is what you have to do as a true wrestling fan. You cannot just complain about what might be wrong with wrestling or a particular promotion… Provide a valid solution that can work for the masses, the promotion, and their networks.

3 hours of RAW is a problem and it’s causing a decline in the North American fanbase that used to consume Pro Wrestling at a high level. Before 2015, RAW was consistently pulling in 4+ million viewers even with 2 of those years being 3 hour RAW. Then, when John Cena goes part-time, enduring 3 hours of RAW isn’t suddenly as appealing. Now, RAW is consistently UNDER 2 million viewers per show. This decline is further reflected in LOWER merchandise sales and live event attendance. Lucky for WWE, Cable/Satellite subscriptions are also on the decline and that is causing Comcast/NBC/Universal to overpay for Live Sporting Event content.

WWE is asking too much of fans and their loyalty when they have Pay Per Views on Sunday (3-4 hours) to then watch RAW on Monday (3 hours) and NXT on Tuesday (2 hours). You’re burning fans out and forcing them to no longer watch during the 10-11pm hour, which USED to be the highest rated hour of RAW back in the day.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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