ASK TITO: WWE Releases of Keith Lee, Karrion Kross, Nia Jax, and Others, Jox Moxley Needing Time Off from AEW, and More

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The weekend Excellence in Column Writing is upon you, as I remain the only pro wrestling columnist on the entire internet who cares about YOU, the readers. Who else pumps out a quality column for you to read and enjoy during a freakin’ weekend? Answer is nobody. In fact, the ASK TITO columns usually take me longer to produce than my weekly Tuesday columns as I dig deep into each of your questions via Twitter, Email, or the Comments section below.

A short while ago, news released that Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon would take more “active roles” in overseeing the creative of NXT. NXT, as you may know, was the promotion previously overseen by Triple H (wishing him a speedy recovery from whatever happened, heart wise). If you read the overall opinion of the Internet Wrestling Community (besides me), you would have thought that this move to put Bruce and Vince more actively involved with NXT to be a “disaster”.


NXT Average Viewership from 4/13 (moved to Tuesdays) through 9/7 (before NXT 2.0): 686,136

NXT Average Viewership since 9/14 (NXT 2.0 began): 683,857

That looks virtually the same… BUT, the 4/13 to 9/8 data has 2 freakish’ outliers with the first 2 weeks popping 800,000+ viewers with the novelty of being on Tuesdays alone. If I back those 2 special nights out, you’re looking at 672,450. Furthermore, look at July 2021’s data… There were TWO back to back week instances where NXT was under 550,000 viewers. That is shocking.

But in fairness, that is me playing Dave, Wade, Brandon, or Tony and using a special ruler (though my argument is far more sound than their 18-49 Demographic bragging). Even if we keep weeks 1 and 2 of the Tuesday NXT shows, we’re still very close. Furthermore, NXT 2.0 has NEVER been below 600,000 in viewership while NXT 1.0 on Tuesdays did it twice.

Fact is that Bruce and Vince overseeing NXT has NOT become a disaster that many wrestling fans online were predicting. In fact, FAR FROM IT.

The excitement that I hear for Bron Breakker aka “Rex Steiner” is something that I hardly ever heard mainstream fans have for any NXT wrestlers. You KNOW that guy has serious Main Event potential based on his talent, bloodlines, and decent promo ability (sounds like Scott Steiner, I LOVE IT). And with Bruce and Vince overseeing NXT now, they are taking OWNERSHIP of the Talent Developmental process and having NXT cater to grooming wrestlers that THEY want to see on WWE television. There was an obvious disconnect to what Triple H was presenting and what Vince McMahon wanted. That or maybe Triple H just wasn’t good at booking wrestling shows on his own or grooming talent? Take your pick.

But the FACT is that NXT 2.0 is NOT a disaster and its numbers are holding up to what NXT was prior to NXT 2.0’s debut

So are all of the haters of Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon going to apologize to them for slandering their good names about them managing the NXT show? The fact is that the NXT Developmental system plus the cushy Performance Center was NOT grooming future Main Event talents for the WWE. You’ve got, what, Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, and Finn Balor to brag about as signings since mid 2012? One guy is gone and the other 2 are forever upper midcarders.

I’d argue that NXT 2.0 is a success and is planting seeds for WWE to potentially have long-term growth. Getting Vince McMahon caring about the Talent Developmental system and having it groom wrestlers that he wants to book is what has been needed all along with Triple H’s system. Vince and Triple H were never on the same page and that’s why Vince McMahon was baffled by many of the male NXT call-ups when they joined the main WWE roster. With Vince actively involved and caring about the wrestlers flowing through NXT, it will only help the main WWE brands moving forward.

If you’re a corporation, you HAVE to get on the same page or else it causes friction and goals won’t be met. As President/CEO, you have to assess what your direct reports are doing and if one is struggling, you either improve the resources surrounding them or make a change. This is why Vince McMahon is a successful company President. He had a son-in-law in charge and he made a tough decision to revamp the talent developmental despite of him. Because of that tough decision, NXT 2.0 might deliver a few male Main Eventers to the WWE roster on a silver platter.

If NXT 2.0 can restock the WWE roster like I think it may, AEW should be quite scared of things to come. As AEW signs more and more free agents, the WWE is creating new stars. Ask WCW how the “Monday Night Wars” went during 1998-1999 as the WWE presented itself with a roster full of brand new stars from the ground up. This is why it baffles me why AEW isn’t using Jim Ross to the fullest of their abilities. 2021 has seen Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, and John Cena STILL wrestling in a WWE ring after debuting with the company during 2002 from that Ohio Valley Wrestling call-up class. That’s insane. And yet AEW wants no advice from Ross on how to develop their own stars of tomorrow?

Because AEW fumbled the football on debuting CM Punk and Bryan Danielson creatively, they’ve lost their momentum and interest already (viewership numbers have consistently declined since CM Punk’s debut and the Arthur Ashe show) and the WWE is putting real effort into securing their future. While that future may create some tough decisions now, such as releasing underperforming talents relative to their contract $ amounts, it’s clearing the path to push younger, fresher, and cheaper wrestlers for the WWE that will, at worst, draw the same viewership as their current roster was doing.

When you’ve been there and done that, it matters. Tony Khan hasn’t been there or done that, thus he’s making mistakes and is lacking maturity to pull this off.

Onto your questions.


What are your thoughts on the 11/4/2021 WWE Releases?

Funny how this happens on a day where AEW Dynamite BOMBS on their viewership number this week with a 878,000 viewership number to continue to prove that Tony Khan CHOKED on the Creative for the debuting CM Punk and Bryan Danielson wrestlers.

I mean, what can I say? “I told you so”? For the past 3-4 years both here at NoDQ and the prior place, I’ve been critical of the NXT system for the way it was developing MALE wrestlers for the WWE main roster. Wrestlers were either older veterans, too small, or if they were brooding characters who wrestled exactly like Triple H. The developmental wrestlers have a cushy Performance Center and a trainer in Matt Bloom who isn’t training wrestlers on how to cut promos or showcase their personalities. Then for the NXT shows, they were glorified indy shows with high risk maneuvers and violence. When WWE put them on USA Network for a LIVE 2 hour show, it completely exposed their program and fans tired quickly of this programming instead of watching 3-4 Takeovers per year.

Look at all of those Triple H signed wrestlers… GONE. Funny how guys signed by either Jim Ross or John Laurinaitis BEFORE mid 2012 are STILL on the WWE roster. They weren’t cut at all.

And don’t give me that “Creative screwed Karrion Kross and Keith Lee”. Sorry, but working at Full Sail or the Performance Center in front of a few fans DOES NOT equate working in a 10,000+ seat big arena for the WWE Main Roster. It just does not… The fact is that without Kross’s beautiful valet, Karrion Kross was totally exposed as a performer. That is what WWE has been testing with Kross for the past few months and he failed miserably. With Keith Lee, something happened and he didn’t quite look as athletic in WWE as he did in NXT. His matches lacked energy and you could see others struggling to work with him.

BOOM, Nia Jax is gone and many rumors are swirling online about the reason why. Effective January 4th, 2022, businesses with over 100 employees will be required to have employees vaccinated or endure financial penalties. I’m not going to get into COVID politics, but if this is really true, then it’s likely that WWE made an announcement to talent and maybe a few of them scoffed at this idea?

But here is the thing with COVID… If you’re not going to get vaccinated in the WWE, you’re actually a threat to Roman Reigns’s life. WWE is going to do whatever it takes to protect their #1 asset and if performers or staff refused to be vaccinated with Roman around, see ya! That’s business.

As for who could sign these released wrestlers… Best of luck to each of them, as AEW’s roster is quite full at the moment. There’s Impact or NWA, but their pay is quite low and NWA is really limited right now. For the Women, they might want to seriously look into the Women of Wrestling (WOW) promotion that AJ Lee and Tessa Blanchard have joined recently. WOW is owned by Los Angeles Lakers partial owner Jeannie Buss and has a television deal with Viacom CBS (airing on Paramount+?). Nia Jax would be a PERFECT signing for this venture, for example.

Here’s the deal, folks… WWE is stuck in the mud with their existing roster and Triple H’s developmental system did NOT restock the WWE with enough Main Event caliber superstars. Therefore, WWE is going to be revamping its roster and talent developmental system. They are going to get YOUNGER but also CHEAPER at the same time while retaining the same core superstars that you know and love (Roman, Orton, Lesnar, Lashley, Drew, Big E, New Day, etc). WWE is NOT going anywhere but down with the current roster of talent, so thus it’s time for a rebuild. So far with NXT 2.0, I like what I see… They fixed Mandy Rose with younger female talents and have the Steiner kid named Bron Breakker who will be exciting in the WWE soon. WWE made many signings recently and I expect to see more of those wrestlers appearing in NXT 2.0 or maybe being trained up quietly to debut in the WWE instead.

WWE is using its playbook for defeating WCW… They are revamping their roster to be fresh and youthful while at the same time being cheaper. The dirty secret of the WWE was that Triple H was paying a good salary to many of the “future” WWE superstars in his NXT system. Go watch that NXT Documentary on WWE Network where he gives Nia Jax a significant pay raise DESPITE her barely wrestling in the promotion. Seriously, it’s right on tape. Then, when everyone joins the WWE, they disappoint Vince and then he looks at the salaries paid to each wrestler. CUT! AEW is getting older by signing more and more veterans while WWE is pushing to get younger.

In addition, Ring of Honor just closed shop and many AEW contracts come up during 2022 (everyone signed 3 year deals to start in 2019). If WWE wanted to, they could steal a few key wrestlers from AEW and raid Ring of Honor if they wished. That or just increase their scouting department to find athletes that they can mold into bigger, stronger, but younger WWE superstars.

Everyone keeps thinking that “WWE is going to be sold” and the way I see it, they are just making themselves more profitable for Shareholders while sowing the seeds for future growth. This is why Vince McMahon is a great businessman and why he surrounds himself with great people in his corporate offices. WWE operates like a lean machine and they are going to devastate an AEW promotion who has already run out of bullets after botching CM Punk’s return to wrestling.


Should the WWE have the ability to terminate if someone isn’t vaccinated?

Problem with travelling internationally is that you cannot enter certain countries without being vouched as vaccinated. Thus, any wrestlers refusing to get the COVID-19 shot would be unavailable for a tour and that would cause other wrestlers to be used more often.

A private company can impose whatever policy that it wants, as long as it is consistently enforced among its workforce. If they have any exceptions to policy, that opens the door up to liability and lawsuits. Furthermore, down the road, we have Federal Government mandates coming for vaccinations and that could cause an issue with the unvaccinated, too.

I also think, as I said above, that the WWE wants to protect its Roman Reigns asset. Last thing they want is his compromised immune system, thanks to Leukemia from 2018-2019, to cause him to be infected with COVID-19.

Here’s what I want to say about this COVID-19 shot: It’s safe. I know that many dislike receiving shots and really dislike how ineffective that the Flu shot is. However, getting the actual COVID-19 infection is FAR worse. That virus attacks your lungs and creates permanent damage. Furthermore, it spreads quickly to others and now appears to mutate quickly. There are no microchips in these vaccinations, as scientists, drug companies, and medical facilities don’t want to endure lawsuits if a vaccine doesn’t go well or has any foreign objects in it. To me, taking a safe vaccination is worth receiving instead of getting the worst symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

Is refusing a SAFE and FREE vaccine shot worth becoming unemployed? That said, things are going to become troublesome soon when the Government tries to force it instead of private businesses. As I’ve said REPEATEDLY now, private companies should offer discounts on Health Insurance premiums if proof of the vaccine can be shown. You don’t need any mandates if you have a simple incentive like that. Instead, companies and governments are using force on the vaccine and that is going to cause friction or mass unemployment (which also causes friction). If people don’t have jobs to feed themselves and their families, you better lock your doors…


Do you think that the WWE has the right to enforce non-compete clauses?

Anything that is in a valid contract signed by both parties is fair game. If a wrestlers signs a deal with that 90 Day non-compete clause, then they have to abide by it.

Now, why does the WWE impose it? Simply put, WWE put the time and effort into putting a certain wrestler on their televised time, they don’t want a competitor to instantly be rewarded if that same wrestler jumps ship suddenly. WWE took the time to place the personality on their television and it grants them fame because of it. Thus, what the WWE doesn’t want is for a competitor to reap the rewards of their work creating fame for a wrestler.

Same thing happens on most Television or Radio channels. If a big Television broadcaster decides to leave a network, he or she cannot instantly join a competitor. In fact, most news broadcasters are blocked from appearing on TV elsewhere from 9 months to a year! 90 days is just a 3 month vacation for wrestlers and then they can be relevant elsewhere.

The difference is the medium of Television or Radio. If I quit my job today, for example, and worked for a competitor… That’s that. Only internally at both companies would anyone notice a difference. However, on Television or Radio where MASS CONSUMPTION happens, a moving personality from one station or network to another could actually harm their business or commerce. Let me give you an example… What if Roman Reigns had a contract that expired today and he could instantly appear on AEW’s programming. Wouldn’t AEW benefit from WWE’s hard work? They sure would… But with the 90 non-compete, it allows the WWE to let the situation of losing Roman cool down and allow them to get their footing to find a replacement. It also diminishes AEW immediately benefitting from Roman leaving a company. WWE built the brand of Roman Reigns and thus they have the right to protect their VISUAL asset.

I actually agree with the non-compete clause and it makes sense to me… Anyone who builds a televised brand shouldn’t be penalized simply by that talent leaving the company and joining a competitor. Besides, ALL wrestlers are PAID during those 90 days of the non-compete. Life isn’t all that bad unless nobody signs you after those 90 days are up.


What are your thoughts on Tony Khan’s announcement regarding Jon Moxley needing help for alcohol?

First and foremost, I wish Jon Moxley the best. The guy wants to perform for all of us or else he wouldn’t have jumped to AEW for more freedom or to make a difference with AEW. He has helped legitimize AEW from the beginning. I applaud him for getting the help that he needs.

That said… Do you really want to announce that to the world?

I don’t know… That’s a tough call, as maybe AEW could have filmed an injury angle or came up for a storyline reason why Moxley was out. Announcing that he needs help for alcohol reasons to the public blurs that line between the wrestler and the human behind it all. Furthermore, AEW has been pushing a storyline with Adam “Hangman” Page being somewhat of an alcoholic. So how does that look now?

And maybe it’s just me, but could we start looking into WHY Jon Moxley has been self-medicating excessively lately? You’re letting him work hardcore matches not just for AEW, but for other independent promotions. Is that really the best uses of his talents? He’s a well trained wrestler who can perform in the ring WITHOUT needing the stunts, the bumps, or the weapons. Moxley is 35 about to turn 36… These dangerous bumps and weapon shots are adding up and I’m sure that he struggles to get out of bed.

If Tony wants to show that he really cares about his performers, how about protecting his wrestlers from themselves. AEW has had a ton of injuries since they began and many of which are due to pure careless things happening inside or outside the ring. When you have veterans like Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, or even Jim Ross around, have them push more in-ring psychology to be taught. You don’t need these high risk spots that always have an injury risk for wrestlers.

It’s a bummer about Moxley, as you’d figure with a great home life with his wife Renee and child, he wouldn’t need an additional dependency to get through his day. But the wrestling business is HARD to get through, despite whatever money it may pay. Taking those bumps and shots to the head take their toll, especially as you get older. It will wear you down mentally and physically and then it starts spilling over into other stuff at home.

It’s great that Moxley is getting help… But would I have announced it to the world? I just don’t know that answer or if Tony Khan should have been the one delivering that message. I don’t know… Seems too public to me but then again, maybe Moxley wanted it public so that others, who are having the same problems as him, can get help too?


What are your thoughts on former WWE wrestler Kalisto (Samuray Del Sol) now appearing in AEW?

So they signed a wrestler who is 5’6″ in height and 170 pounds. You know, there is a problem when most of your fans in the crowd could actually handle themselves in a fight with a wrestler.

Unless AEW is going to make a Lightweight division, who cares?

And Kalisto has already been ruined by being publicly shamed by Chris Jericho for incorrectly spelling “Jon” for Brodie Lee’s real name. Way to treat this wrestler on his way in, Chris. Good job.


Do you agree with Bray Wyatt not wanting to work the independent scene?

For a guy who gets injured often, please keep him away from the Indy scene. We don’t need Bray getting hit with lightbulbs or taking large dives in front of 50 people or whatever. He’s a former WWE Champion with the ability to cut great promos and works like a big man… It should be obvious that Impact or AEW is going to sign this guy.

I believe that he’s AEW bound, as I believe that Bray has a bone to pick with the WWE who released him. Also, he has a golden opportunity to be booked well on the way in and help AEW in the way that Punk/Danielson haven’t so far.


Will the WWE ever induct Lex Luger into their Hall of Fame?

This one hurts me to answer. For one, I liked Lex Luger as a wrestler growing up. As a kid watching late 1988 NWA/WCW, Luger was a huge babyface then and his work with Ric Flair made me believe that he was a real superhero. Then, when he turned heel on Ricky Steamboat during 1989, it was heartbreaking and you felt it… Now, his WWE run was terrible, but I don’t blame him for that. The “All American” stuff was just awful. Now, his WCW run from 1995-1997 was spectacular and I adore his August 1997 WCW Title victory on Nitro. It was all downhill after that.

So I’m a fan… But what will forever haunt any wrestling opportunity for Luger is Miss Elizabeth. She passed away at his home due to a mix of painkillers and alcohol at the young age of 42. That, along with being charged for domestic violence with Elizabeth earlier in the year of her death, is what might keep Luger out of the Hall of Fame even though Liz’s death was ruled an “accident”. Still, many in the industry consider her pure and try to blame Luger for her later years. On his end and through recovering through his own problems, Luger has spent almost the last decade apologizing for what happened.

My fear would be if Luger did get inducted and was in front of a live rowdy crowd, they’d chant stuff about him and Elizabeth. I’m guessing that could have been a fear of the WWE’s too, which could have allowed for 2020 or 2021’s Hall of Fame inductions to be the perfect time for his speech and induction. Opportunity lost, and now we’ll just have to wait and see if WWE wants to put him in. I just don’t know with the amount of “heat” there could remain about Elizabeth.

In my opinion, Luger, based on his NWA/WCW work, is definitely at WWE Hall of Famer. He was a big star for many, many years even if his WWE run didn’t work out as well as it could. Trust me, his WCW return on the first ever WCW Nitro was HUGE not just because of the surprising reveal, but because he was a legitimate star. But the Miss Elizabeth stuff will haunt him forever, as I’m sure that it does to this day.


What are your thoughts on the Rock declaring that he’ll never use guns in any future films?

It’s pandering based on recent news. What happened on the film “Rust” with Alec Baldwin accidentally shooting a cinematographer was due to negligence, same thing with Brandon Lee over 25 years ago. Think about how many movies have existed out there with lots of blank ammunition fired off and nobody was killed.

Honestly, for someone who has been heavily involved in action films, it would be interesting to see what happens without guns in action. That will case more fight scenes and, well, acting.

But I believe it is the Rock firmly placing himself in a position politically on a particular issue and we’ll how successful he is in the future with that stance. It’s pretty obvious that the Rock, once he gets the most money out of Hollywood, he’ll move onto to politics. I figure he’ll either go the route of running for Governor in either California or Florida and/or run for President. And he’ll be doing that as a Democratic Party member, which would make things interesting if he tries in Florida.

Watch what happens with the “Black Adam” DC Comics film. If that does well, he’ll keep making movies for that franchise until he physically can’t (he’s 49 years old now). If that underwhelms, then expect him to jump into politics immmediately.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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