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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING has returned and we’re beginning a NEW SEASON of columns. That’s right, because October 26th marks my anniversary date for when I first posted a column as Mr. Tito. On 10/26/1998, I posted my first edition of “Mr. Tito’s Phat Daily Column” for Lords of Pain and I’m so old that I was actually writing about not just WWE back then (still called “WWF”), but I was in the thick of the Monday Night Wars with WCW still in peak form (just barely) and ECW was still around. My first column was covering WCW Halloween Havoc and the crap show that was at the time.

That’s right… I’m THAT old.

I cannot say this enough… THANK YOU to all of my readers who have made this possible. Granted, it is my hard work spending countless hours pumping out columns, but I write them for YOU. I enjoy our interactions and your feedback which fuels me to keep coming back to the Tito crackpipe. Even through the WORST eras of wrestling programming, being Mr. Tito has pulled me through it. Honestly, these Tito columns have probably kept me around as a wrestling fan longer than I really should have been.

One thing though, and I have consistently see this in my past 23 years as a columnist… Y’all gotta chill out over wrestling opinions.

Some of you just go WAY overboard with my columns or when I state something contrary to your opinions about a wrestler or promotion. Anytime that I write a column about the WWE or AEW, I know that both fanbases will come after me. In the past year, I’ve been accused of being a “WWE Mark” or an “AEW Mark” when I’ve repeatedly told you guys instead that I HATE EVERYTHING. I’m an equal opportunity hater, as both WWE and AEW has so much room to improve and their UNDER 2 million viewership numbers prove that. Both WWE and AEW are seriously just switching wallets by trying to milk the same 2 million North American fanbase, as their awful products won’t attract any new or casual fans.

At the end of the day, I’m just 1 guy nicknamed after a Jackson 5 member who is posting columns that you don’t have to click to read. But when you read them, why so serious?

This is what bothers me about the opinionated market place, as witnessed especially with politics these days. Everyone has become so tribal with their opinions that there has become zero middle ground. It’s either you like WWE, AEW, or nothing (most of America now supports “nothing” for pro wrestling). That is why both WWE and AEW aren’t growing right now because WWE attracts about 2 million, AEW does about 1 million, and both share about 600,000 to 700,000 of the same people traded back and forth. Besides the wrestling fans who watch both, most are loyal to their brand and thumb their noses at the other.

Then you have me, hating on both WWE and AEW and thus all of you attack me. For what? Posting wrestling opinions twice a week that you don’t have to click into?

Get real…

But believe it or not, the hate was actually more extreme during the Attitude Era. I couldn’t make one comment about Insane Clown Posse (ICP) fans without one of their loyal fans legitimately coming after me. ECW had a very rabid fanbase, particularly the younger members. I received legitimate death threats during the late 1990s/early 2000s, all of which I have saved and forwarded to law enforcement. I once made a comment about a kid on “Best of Backyard Wrestling” videos that came out during the 2000s and he threatened to sue me. When WCW was going downhill, I had WCW loyalists attack me and then they tried to become columnists at my same workplace to outgain my popularity as a columnist (they lost hard). Hell, just 10 years ago to this day, I had an insurrection of other columnists trying to have my work legitimately deleted because my columns were becoming popular again after my 2006-2010 layoff and they were upset that I insisted that “CM Punk was buried”. Seriously, they destroyed a blogs forum that I was working on at the time to get rid of me.

Now, it’s just pure anger over wrestling opinions and rather than stating their opinions, they get upset and run back to their tribe.

I guess that is better than what it used to be.

But anyway, thank you for your support over the past 23 years. My hope is to make it to 25 years, but with the way WWE and AEW is running things into the ground, I don’t know man… Plus, I’ve got some good stuff cooking in my personal and potentially professional life that may need attention for 2022. That said, my plate is always full and I still somehow persevere every time. Usually, all it takes is someone to slight me and it just causes me to dig my heels in that much deeper.

I do want to emphasize this as I begin my 24th year… What you read from me is 100% real. I’m dead serious about every opinion that I post. I’m NOT trolling or doing things for “clicks”. As I’ve stated many times before, I write these columns for FREE. Neither Calvin Martin (LoP) or Aaron Rift (NoDQ) have ever cut a paycheck for me and I don’t want one from them. This stuff is a hobby to me and it’s a forum where I can present my voice to the wrestling world. What I say is 100% legitimate and real, no trolling or no clickbait. Just pure 100% the guy behind the Tito alias that is not a gimmick.

Thank you for reading and thank you to LoP/NoDQ for hosting my stuff for 23 years. Both are very appreciated on this end.

Onto your questions as sent to me by Twitter, Emails, or the Comments section below.


ASK MR. TITO: Your Questions, My Answers

Do you have any more thoughts on the Charlotte Flair situation?

My last column that I posted on Sunday (2 days early) entitled “What is Wrong with Charlotte Flair in the WWE? Becky Lynch and Andrade Changed Her” covers most of my opinions on Charlotte Flair, but some additional news has come out since. I actually wrote that column on Sunday morning in hopes of posting Tuesday morning, my normal time. However, news kept breaking on that story and I wanted to post it ASAP in case any of my opinions were made obsolete due to breaking news.

Apparently, Sonya Deville was legitimately upset at the backstage drama, insomuch that she was ready to fight Charlotte. In case you haven’t noticed, all news reports are pointing signs at Charlotte having the problems and nobody else. What you saw on last week’s Smackdown was Charlotte doing something unscripted and you can sort of tell by Sonya’s reaction of demanding that Charlotte pick up her own title after trying to play Cat & Mouse with it. Then, Becky shoved her title into Charlotte afterward.

As I said in my Sunday column, Charlotte Flair has changed over the last 3 years. I believe that she’s jealous of Becky Lynch’s sudden fame while also has Andrade being a bad influence over her career and character. On the Andrade point, just look at how Daniel Bryan (or Bryan Danielson now) handled things. He stuck around WWE as much as he could to support his wife’s career and let a contract expiration give him a chance to test free agency. Upon his exit, he was negotiating with the WWE on what he could do with his new WWE contract. It wasn’t to his liking so he professionally parted ways with WWE to join AEW. Then in interviews since, Bryan says nothing but positive things about his experience. Meanwhile, Andrade forced his way into a release with the WWE and constantly bashes the company, who employees his fiancé, often.

Charlotte is displaying some attitude and personal changes in her life that I would hope that friends and family would recognize and potentially help her. Instead, you have Andrade and Ric Flair… I believe that Andrade wanted to stage a coup to get himself, Ric Flair, and Charlotte to AEW… But I don’t believe that Andrade realizes the old phrase of “grass isn’t always greener on the other side”. Charlotte is the #1 paid female on the WWE roster and is paid MORE than most male wrestlers. FACT. I believe that had Ric Flair stayed with the WWE, the “Plane Ride from Hell” stuff wouldn’t have affected his WWE employment. That incident was on WWE’s watch and therefore he had a strong claim to remain with the WWE. Plus, Triple H has looked out for the guy and took care of his daughter.

Andrade has already become a non-factor in AEW and will be as such for a while now, especially as fan opinion of Charlotte Flair keeps declining. He’ll get blamed for this and that won’t be good for his perception at AEW. If he’s playing politics with his wife’s highly successful WWE career, then what kind of mind games is he playing backstage in AEW? Probably many… It’s bad for a wrestling locker room to have a negative guy backstage, especially one who doesn’t have much to offer on television as a performer other than being a decent athlete inside the ring. You have to bring personality, charisma, mic skills, and psychology as a wrestler and he’s lacking in most of those areas. At 5’9″ in height, you really need those assets to succeed.


Could the WWE translate this Charlotte Flair drama into a storyline?

It depends… It would depend on how committed everyone could become to making this appear like a “shoot”. For example, take Edge vs. Matt Hardy from the mid-2000s. If you’ll recall, Edge was legitimately banging Lita while Matt Hardy, her boyfriend, was at home nursing an injury. Matt found out and then posted his anger about it online. It blew up the internet for weeks and coincidentally, Matt Hardy’s contract came up. Rather than test the market, he returned to the WWE and agreed to do a feud with Edge. It felt so staged, as there was no real heat between the two guys because they were obviously working. Everything was kept inside of a WWE arena, too, as it just wasn’t plausible that Matt saved an arse beating for Edge inside a WWE venue. If I was in that situation, I’m at that guy’s house with no cameras around.

What you would need to do is have Charlotte display erratic behavior OUTSIDE of a WWE arena. Like at an autograph signing, media appearance, or something. Maybe after a show, have Becky and Charlotte fight in the parking lot with NO cameras around but in front of fans exiting the arena. They’ll catch it on their camera phones and that will stir up emotions on whether it was a shoot or not. WWE would need to make sure that NOBODY leaks it to Meltzer or whomever as well.

Go rewatch the NWO attacking various wrestlers from a WCW Nitro event in Florida. Everyone believed those attacks were real, as Kevin Nash threw Rey Mysterio Jr. into the side of a trailer like a lawn dart! Florida fans actually called 911 on WCW, as they thought Hall and Nash were legitimately assaulting WCW talent.

THAT is what you need. Everybody knows that Charlotte is having a difficult time getting along with WWE and some of its wrestlers. OK, so sit down with her and figure out what is professionally wrong. Then, come to the realization that people are talking about you and wondering if you have become unhinged or not. You HAVE our attention but can you bottle that into something that feels legitimate.

But you have to do something OUTSIDE of the WWE bubble. What hurts the WWE is that any grudges that they have are not executed until 7 days later for the next television show. Nobody waits that long, especially in this era. Just create random incidents where what appears to be legitimate fights break out or maybe Charlotte has a public media appearance were highly uncomfortable things are said. Something like that.

WWE and Charlotte have something here, but can they work together to execute it? And Women’s wrestling in the WWE needs a shot in the arm badly, too. They have already run out of top match-ups to do, as everybody in that thin division has wrestled each other already. Thus, you need a major angle or attitude change of your characters to make things appear different. Charlotte has pure dynamite in her hands that she can either use to (a) destroy her WWE career, (b) use these real life events to form a great storyline, or (c) use these real life storylines to make a phony storyline. To make Part (b) happen, Charlotte has to realize that she has major leverage to have a legitimate say on how real that it can appear.

WWE needs this angle, badly, as its Women’s division has become repetitive and stale. They are out of good match-ups and what is on the NXT bench isn’t that strong. Speaking of that…


What are your thoughts on Mandy Rose winning the NXT Women’s Title?

If you’re going to have Mandy Rose join that roster, she has to win that title obviously. THAT SAID, holy cow, she looks AMAZING right now. WWE is finally pushing her as a sex symbol. Sure, she looked great before in her regular tights, but now, they are getting creative with her outfits and she looks stunning.

Where was this before?

And don’t give me “PG Era”. Sorry, but Women being beautiful is nothing offensive. Go to a public beach and you’ll see women wearing bikinis that are far more provocative than anything that a WWE performer wears. What the PG Era would stop is Edge and Lita having sex in the middle of the ring or the Hot Lesbian Action kind of angles. THAT is what the PG Era censors, not women being attractive.

WWE is finally unlocking the potential for Mandy Rose and I would keep that pedal to the metal on that. She’s beautiful, no doubt, and you should present her as such so that any male turning the channels will see her and stop what they’re doing. Gee, how did Sunny and Sable draw for the WWE? Even during the bad years, both ladies drew serious interest because they were stunning to look at. Then, the Attitude Era really poured gasoline on how both ladies, especially Sable (GOOD GOD!) was used.

I’d keep Mandy as champ for a brief while, but then elevate her back to the WWE roster and push her HARD on that RAW roster where you can get away with a few more things on USA Network than FOX. Just dress her up to kill, baby!

Trust me, female viewers aren’t offended by a smoking hot and dressed to kill kind of female. They want to be her and live vicariously through her. Female fans also appreciate that women’s wrestling exists and is pushed more prominently than ever. Besides, according to my Math, the WWE audience consists of 61% males and 39% females in that 18-49 Demographic for WWE RAW. The rest of the audience, 50+ year olds, are probably 70-80% male. Making Mandy Rose just appear sexy is not a bad thing, it’s not offensive, and it will help draw more numbers to your shows. Advertisers shouldn’t be offended, as their commercials are more provocative than the WWE is these days. Yikes, I’m starting to sound like the late comedian Bill Hicks lately.

I’m sure by stating this, I’m offending someone somewhere. Like all of those NoDQ readers who yell at Aaron for posting WWE/AEW wrestler posted Instagram photos in the NoDQ Features section.


Thoughts on Ring of Honor releasing all of its wrestlers and going on hiatus?

I’m not surprised. As the 3rd or 4th top promotion in the country, the COVID-19 Era had to be rough on them. That said, Ring of Honor shows weren’t that strongly attended to begin with, thus losing what little revenue came in probably hurt.

But this could be more indicting to Sinclair Broadcasting corp, however. If you have followed the news, you’d know that Sinclair has had some problems recently. The acquisition of Tribune Media failed, which would have expanded Sinclair’s control over the television market significantly. Then, the FCC fined Sinclair for a record $48 million last year regarding issues involving that merger. If you have a Sinclair owned television station in your market, you’d know that your local station is unable to air locals ads and their newscasters are reading from papers for the moment. They have been hit with Ransomware and have been unable to crack the code to get their systems unlocked. These events are right in the thick of a COVID era.

Ring of Honor just hasn’t draw the company much money and that doesn’t help when Sinclair, in return, airs your programming at Midnight on weekends. Just a bad relationship, one dating back 10 years when the Sinclair acquisition of ROH kept that promotion from closing its doors back then. The 2007-2009 recession destroyed Ring of Honor, along with losing many of its top drawing talents, but that deal kept the promotion on life support.

I’m sad for the workers, particularly the staples of that promotion who have been there for years. Now, they’ll have to find another promotion and WWE, AEW, NWA, and Impact already have their rosters set. That said, I’d sign the Briscoes as a tag team and Jay Lethal as a singles wrestler any day of the week. The Briscoes, especially, would really help AEW’s tag team division. WWE doesn’t want them, for whatever reason.

I’ll be honest here… I’ve watched Ring of Honor for years, as they’d come on late on my Sinclair based channel and I’m a night owl by nature. I watched them often, as I was either writing columns, owning newbs on Rocket League, or doing some work and the promotion never appealed to me. Even when most of AEW’s roster was on it, ROH shows did nothing for me at all. The presentation is just off and their workers lacked characters or storylines that other promotions had. In other words, my years of enjoying WWE/WCW probably ruined how I’d forever perceive Ring of Honor. I watched them more often than you know, but I kept silent in my columns about them because I didn’t want my critical words to hurt the smaller promotion.

It’s sad, but based on the way that the business operated with Sinclair and how the shows were presented, it’s not surprising. I wish all of the wrestlers luck in finding employment. We should give kudos to Sinclair for trying to keep the promotion alive this long and keeping everyone paid when they didn’t have to. WWE released many wrestlers while Sinclair kept everyone paid. I respect that and Sinclair saving Ring of Honor from closing 10 years ago should also be respected. Sure, they could have worked a little harder on this promotion, but Sinclair is a busy company trying to take over the entire local TV channel landscape and they have made heavy investments in their news & editorial departments to challenge FOX News’s turf. Sinclair kept this promotion alive longer than it should have lived, to be honest, and probably took years of losses on it.


What are your thoughts on how AEW is using Sting?

Perfectly, actually. He’s a 62 year old man with spinal issues. I love seeing him mentor Darby Allin, as Darby needs that because he doesn’t represent himself well with his promos. Having Sting, a fellow painted wrestler, hang out with him helps legitimize Darby.

I’m surprised that AEW doesn’t try Sting more as a Tag wrestler with Darby. His match with FTR a few weeks ago was exceptional and highly entertaining. Darby could “play Ricky Morton” and then Sting can get in the Hot Tag.

For someone that old, we shouldn’t have any expectations on how he is going to be used. Obviously, he’s NOT the Stinger of old as seen by his later TNA years or his WWE years. Father Time has caught up to his athleticism and in-ring ability. However, Sting has a loyal fanbase and he’ll help put some older eyeballs on the AEW product to give it a chance. I love his pairing with Darby Allin and seeing them hangout in the rafters is cool.

What I WISH that Sting could be doing is having more of a say backstage. Why not add him to the Creative Team or at least consult him (I’m sure that someone does backstage at AEW). In the past, wrestling promotions would lean on retired wrestlers to for creative ideas. Now, however, it’s either Hollywood writers or current wrestlers who are still learning the business. You need the opinions of former wrestlers who have “been there, done that”. Sting has seen the operations of Bill Watts, NWA/WCW, TNA/Impact, and WWE for over 30 years worth of experience. How can you NOT tap into that?

As far as an on-screen character, he has been used perfectly. That tag match against FTR gave you serious vibes from the old Stinger.


Would you have Bron Breakker win the NXT Title?

I would not… I would utilize the 1981-1983 AWA model used for Hulk Hogan and just repeatedly screw Breakker out of the NXT Title anytime that he got close. Make fans build sympathy for him to further build him up as a babyface. If the WWE feels that he needs to win the title, then let him “retire” as champion before joining the WWE. Gotta keep the kid strong as a babyface, as the WWE needs him badly.

This Steiner kid is very talented. I LOVE that he is not only good at cutting promos, but sounds like his Uncle Scott in doing so. With a small amount of experience, he’s already talented inside the ring and looks legitimately tough. Even the name of “Bron Breakker” is growing on me. Maybe the name “Rex Steiner” would have been better, but at least he isn’t named “Seth” or “Curtis” something. Those are names of guys that you steal answers from in Math class, not be be afraid of as a fighter. “Bron” is also a variation of Bron Breakker’s real name, too, so it fits him well.

Sky could be the limit for the kid and I could seriously see his character going either way. Fans love him as a second generation wrestler but they can also hear Scott Steiner’s speaking voice through him that could make him a great heel.

If WWE has this guy and can train up the Olympian that they signed, then NXT 2.0 and the revamped Talent Developmental is going to supply the WWE Main Roster with some real main event stars. AEW should be terrified of that and should start seeking the advice of Jim Ross immediately on how to develop their own future talent.


Do you agree with Eric Bischoff’s comments about AEW mishandling CM Punk?


10/12/2021 – Tony Khan Needs to be More Patient with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) or He’ll Blow It


10/19/2021 – The WWE vs. AEW War is Official Over Thanks to Tony Khan’s Ego Choking it Away

I was already saying the same thing about AEW screwing things up creatively before Eric’s comments. Eric Bischoff would 100% know, too. He didn’t just sign away Diesel and Razor Ramon. Nope. He signed the talents behind them and then created an angle to introduce his newly signed talents to the world. Bischoff saw Invasion angles over in Japan but he also had the knowledge that WCW messed with both Kevin Nash and Scott Hall before when BOTH guys were previously employed by WCW. Scott Hall was the Diamond Studd who went no where as a character while Kevin Nash was a Master Blaster, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas. Then, both guys become big stars in the WWE simply by leaving WCW and having a better gimmick.

Daniel Bryan just appeared at the end of a show to say “here I am” to Kenny Omega’s “Elite” group as Bryan Danielson. That’s it, nothing more to it than that. CM Punk makes 1 promo, which was great, but then just wrestles a bunch of midcarders as a pure babyface character. We’ve been waiting for CM Punk to return for 7+ years and he’s just another guy on their roster.

They blew it.

Eric Bischoff would knew because he not only invented the NWO that capitalized on Hall and Nash’s signings with WCW, but he also blew many angles of incoming wrestlers too. Does Bret Hart ring a bell after Survivor Series 1997? Anyone? Ultimate Warrior’s return in 1998? Yeah, I know that Jim Hellwig was “out to lunch”, but as I commented in my VERY FIRST column during 10/26/1998, WCW presented Warrior as a guy who mysteriously appeared and then disappeared inside a ring filled with smoke instead of running to the ring like a wildman as he did in the WWE. And I never saw Hulk Hogan try to throw fireballs at anyone, ever, in the WWE either. And how could you blow Mike Awesome’s WCW career in 2000? You stole ECW’s champ and then allowed him to become the “Fat Chick Thriller” and “That 70’s Guy”. Oh, and you made David Arquette WCW Champion. Thus, Bischoff knows what works and what doesn’t work.


Thoughts on AEW Dynamite being under 1 million viewers?

What about that 18-49 Demographic? What about that? Just re-read my comments responding to Eric Bischoff’s comment. AEW has become TNA/Impact where they sign the big name stars and just expect those big names to draw by themselves. They can, as AEW Dynamite was beginning to consistently draw UNDER 1 million viewers before CM Punk arrived and was drawing over 1 million after he arrived… But even CM Punk cannot save this company, as you need to do something compelling with him and others that you’ve signed. Adam Cole is a mark for the Elite and Bryan Danielson is just continuing his babyface WWE character. So what? Nothing special is happening.

Yeah, it’s tough to be pre-empted for a few weeks and then return to draw a number. However, it’s an indictment for how BAD those Friday/Saturday shows were for the past 2 weeks. AEW gave nobody a reason to be hungry again for AEW Dynamite, especially for the one Friday that tried to directly compete with WWE Smackdown when it was on FS1.

I’m totally predicting this now… There will be PAIN when AEW moves to TBS, especially if it’s on a Wednesday going head to head with TNT’s NHL Hockey coverage. TNT is spending $225 Million per year to the NHL to cover games and is paying between $25-50 Million for AEW shows. Gee, which one is Turner Sports going to focus on for Wednesday nights?

Which is why moving to Monday Nights to take advantage of an already built-in wrestling audience might be the better idea. Didn’t I argue that before? I did… 05/11/2021 – Should AEW Dynamite Move to Monday Nights to Challenge WWE RAW?.

Tony Khan – If you believe in your heart of hearts that AEW is better than WWE, then go head to head with WWE’s Cable mothership. Have the balls to do it.

Otherwise, you’re going to be that stepchild on Wednesday Nights for Turner Sports. They are going all-in on the NHL, as they believe that they can recreate “Inside the NBA” antics and production with NHL coverage.

Go to Monday Nights. Everybody thought Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner were crazy during 1995, too. While TNA wrestling failed, their gap in viewership was MUCH LARGER than the gap between AEW Dynamite and Monday Night RAW. TNA had like 3 million viewers to catch WWE programming, whereas AEW has less than 1 million and WWE is still declining.

Just make it more convenient for wrestling fans. Having Pro Wrestling on almost every day during the week is a JOKE and is too much. Having 2 flagship shows on 1 night will make for fun wrestling experiences again.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.



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