Details on what WWE originally had planned for Kevin Owens in 2019

In an interview with, Kevin Owens talked about his appearance at the 2019 WWE NXT Takeover: War Games PPV event and how there were originally plans for him to return to the brand for an extended period of time…

“Before I did the War Games return, there were concrete plans for me to go back to NXT for an extended period before coming back to the main roster. At the time Paul Heyman was in charge on RAW and those were just plans we had and Vince [McMahon] had signed off on all of them and, eventually, he changed his mind and nothing happened. That’s all it comes down to – what he says goes. It wasn’t something I had just floated about, it was a plan that was going to happen and they just went in a different direction.”

Kevin Owens says Vince McMahon changed his mind on plans for a return to NXT

Kevin Owens remains one of WWE’s most valuable players even as his contract enters its final three months. Whether the former Universal champion extends his seven-year stay with WWE or not, he remains amazingly popular with the WWE fanbase and is still putting in stellar performances.