ASK TITO: Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 38?, AEW Rampage Failing, Jon Moxley & Kevin Dunn, and More

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Before I begin my column, MAJOR shout-outs to whomever held up the “Mr. Tito NoDQ” sign at last night’s AEW Rampage. It is greatly appreciated, thank you!

In case you missed it, here it is.


The weekend Excellence in Column Writing is upon you, as I take your questions sent via Twitter, Email, or Comments below and answer them in column form. Truth be told, I do have a slight bias towards Current Events questions more than just general wrestling topics for this column. Usually when I’m short on Current Events questions, I’ll utilize the random questions to help fill the column. In case you haven’t noticed, writing about Current Events is what made me a successful opinionated writer and that is what I’ve focused on for the past 23 years now as Mr. Tito. I wasn’t born yesterday.

A challenge for a lot of my newer audience… ACTUALLY READ THE DAMN COLUMNS! In my last column posted Tuesday 11/9 entitled “It’s Time to Change WWE Monday Night RAW from a 3 Hour Show to a 2 Hour Show”, many of you immediately took to the Social Media hype post and attacked the column as if WWE was willing to loss that 3rd hour television revenue. But if you READ THE DAMN COLUMN, you’d see that my plan was to NOT get rid of that 3rd hour but to repackage it. Go LIVE Monday Night RAW from 8-10pm and then do a Peacock advertised “Best of WWE” show from 10-11pm afterward. Simple as that… This plan keeps RAW fresh for 2 hours and then not only gives the older fans what they want, but also gives younger fans a chance to know where to look on the WWE Network.

You can’t just read the column’s title and ASSUME what is in the post. Read it. You might learn something.

Now, in the immortal words of Jim Cornette, “wouldn’t you know who won the pony?”. Did you see the LOUSY 3rd Hour numbers for this past week’s Monday Night RAW? The RECORD LOW viewership number since WWE RAW became a 3 hour show since July 2012. 1,373,000… Holy cow. Those are numbers that we ridiculed WCW Thunder for drawing during 2000. We thought TNA was failing with those kind of numbers. Yet, we praise AEW if they ever get to sniff 1.3 million viewers, eh Dave, Brandon, Wade, or Bryan?

And I know what comes next… “But But But But But NFL Monday Night Football”.

Did you know that during the late 1990s, NFL Monday Night Football was on the ABC broadcast channel and actually scored DOUBLE the viewership of what ESPN does now. And yet, you NEVER heard NFL football EVER being an excuse for lower ratings as WCW Nitro and WWE RAW were both drawing above 5 million viewers EACH. EACH!

Blaming the NFL is just the usual “moving the goalposts” excuse made by diehard marks of the WWE. Nobody gave a damn about NFL games being a competitor OR the 18-49 Demo being the REAL number until the WWE began declining below 4 million viewers consistently after Wrestlemania 31. Or better yet, the excuse that fans are “consuming wrestling differently” even though they aren’t consuming LIVE EVENT tickets or merchandise, either, since 2015. You know, just facts that anybody can look up in WWE’s own financials.

But what do I know? I’m just a guy who has written thousands of columns for top wrestling websites for 23 years and is the most successful opinionated writer at those places. If I were wrong often, I wouldn’t be that successful…

Just read my damn columns instead of attacking me, my columns, or even NoDQ based on the Social Media hype posts. You look STUPID when you ignorantly attack my columns based on the headline only when you’re missing the entire point based on what is actually in the column. Go ahead and blame me for “trolling headlines”, but my titles are based in truth in what you’re about to click in and I have the right to market my columns to entice readers. But when you comment without reading the column, it becomes your fault when the egg is all over your face for assuming something about a column.

You don’t have to assume much with this column, as I just answer the readers’ questions…

On to your questions.


What is going on with the Undertaker for Wrestlemania 38?

One could think that it’s just a Hall of Fame ceremony… Seems obvious. Undertaker officially retired during 2020 and 2022’s Wrestlemania weekend will be the first FULL weekend with fans again (unless COVID wants to play dirty again).

I cannot help, though, from hearing Undertaker’s voice in my head about being disappointed about his Wrestlemania 33 match against Roman Reigns. Undertaker during the Last Ride documentary blamed himself for that match but the expectation was on Roman to use his strength to lift the Undertaker for that match. Well, less than a year prior, Roman was dinged for a Wellness Violation and wasn’t as bulky or strong as he was the year prior. Still, Undertaker probably has total regrets that he couldn’t deliver for what could be the WWE’s top star of the future.

Reports are suggesting that the Rock has passed on wrestling Roman at Wrestlemania 38. Now, Roman could just do another Brock Lesnar match but we’ve been there and done that several times now at Pay Per Views. What we haven’t done, however, is a HEEL Roman Reigns against a babyface Undertaker. This, I believe, would be very tempting for the Deadman to come out of retirement and give it a try. They could rehearse it for weeks to get it just right, much like Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar a few years ago at Wrestlemania.

I think there is more to this… There’s a distinct possibility that Undertaker wants to help the company’s top star erase a bad Wrestlemania moment and replace it with a good one. And what better way to put Roman over the top than to put the Undertaker officially out of his misery? We’re talking mega-heat if Roman just beats an older Undertaker down and taunts him as he’s doing it… You’d seriously have that Dallas crowd ready to riot if you did that.

These rumors could be just WWE Hall of Fame talk… But Roman Reigns vs. the Undertaker is VERY tempting and for the Undertaker to erase that bad Wrestlemania 33 match to help Roman out is what the most ultimate company man would do.

If the Rock isn’t doing Wrestlemania 38, then I would place odds on the MAIN EVENT of Night #2 being either Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns or Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns at 50/50 for each. There is a slight chance of Roman Reigns vs. Bill Goldberg, too, a repeat of the initially booked Wrestlemania 36 match.


What is Tony Khan trying to do with AEW Rampage on Friday Nights?

He’s trying to make something of the additional network television time that he’s been granted while actually thinking that he can compete with the WWE. For one, WWE is on the FOX broadcast channel which has access to 115 million households. TNT has less than 85 million households. Secondly, his show starts at 10pm and runs until Midnight on a Friday night. Just the WORST timeslot if I have ever heard of one. Wrestling should NEVER be on Friday Nights to begin with and then Tony selects the time when most people are scoring with their chicks after a hot date or high school football game.

In my mind, Tony Khan had parallels to Eric Bischoff for Eric’s 1993-1996 version and then just skipped entirely to 1998 Eric Bischoff. The 1998 Bischoff had WCW Thunder thrust upon him by Time Warner executives and he tried to make that an equal show to WCW Nitro for a while. It completely failed and it burned out his WCW fanbase. Meanwhile, Tony Khan is trying his best to get AEW Rampage over by having top wrestlers and angles occur on a late night Friday Night show. In addition, he’s burning his live audience out by having them endure AEW Dynamite as a live show and then AEW Rampage taping afterward.

In my opinion, Tony should just make AEW Rampage a recap show of AEW Dynamite with a bonus match or two added. Simple as that. Furthermore, GET OFF OF FRIDAY NIGHTS! Why not try Saturday or Sunday mornings? I have fond memories of watching WWE programming on the USA Networks during Saturday or Sunday Mornings, be it Live Wire or All American Wrestling. And I loved watching WCW Saturday Night. Surely, TNT would be OK with those timeslots instead of bloody Friday at 10pm.

AEW Rampage is KILLING All Elite Wrestling and Tony Khan putting in too much time & effort to sell that show to the public is wearing him out as well. Poor creative surrounding the debuts of CM Punk/Daniel Bryan + diluting his product with Rampage is what has cooled AEW’s momentum from the late Summer. They are back in rebuilding mode and if I were to advise one thing, it would be to DITCH AEW Rampage on Friday nights. I don’t care what TNT is paying you, that show is doing long-term harm.

And don’t even think of a Brand Split, Tony…


What are your thoughts on Jon Moxley’s criticisms of Kevin Dunn?

Par for the course. Dunn has an ego and is particular about what wrestlers do on his produced shows. THAT SAID, he’s also terrified of how Vince McMahon would react to something. In other words, Dunn is an executive who is worried about how his CEO/President would think or react more than his actual job. Working with various corporations, I’ve seen that across the boards as senior managers are petrified on what their executive superiors are thinking rather than finding a correct solution for everyone else.

I’ve said this for a while about Kevin Dunn. During the late 1990s, he was just the TV production guy and that was his job. Backstage, the WWE had strong personalities like Jim Ross, Vince Russo, Pat Patterson, Jim Cornette, and Gerald Brisco that could drown out yes-men like Kevin Dunn and Bruce Prichard at Creative/Production meetings. Then, one by one, as each of those guys left or relinquished power, guys like Kevin Dunn could rise to the occasion and get further into Vince McMahon’s ear. The backstage area no longer had Jim Cornette mocking Kevin Dunn for stupid ideas, nor did it have Vince Russo who insisted on controlling the entire Creative narrative. Parlay that into WWE becoming more corporate, and suddenly more focus is being placed on the messaging and presentation of the TV Shows and thus Kevin Dunn cements his position.

If you ever listen to guys like Mick Foley, Steve Austin, or the Rock, they’ll tell you that they LOVE Kevin Dunn because back when they dealt with him, he was JUST the TV Producer. Now, he’s an executive with the most influence on Vince McMahon in terms of the creative direction of the company. I guarantee that if Dunn messed with Austin’s creative during the late 1990s, Austin wouldn’t have glowing things to say about Dunn now. But Austin didn’t deal with what Dunn morphed into after Russo/Cornette left or Brisco/Patterson/Ross stepped down. To me, you can really see Kevin Dunn’s influence beginning to spread on one of the seasons of Tough Enough where he’s giving his opinions on tryout talents during the mid 2000s.

I’m not surprised that Jon Moxley was humiliated by Kevin Dunn, as Dunn is a total yes-man that has pure fear of what Vince McMahon would think or react to. Trust me, Dunn is thinking how Vince McMahon would react to Moxley cursing on television and hence Dunn’s threats and wanting Moxley to apologize to the Production Truck. However, Dunn is also covering his own arse for letting Moxley’s mouthed cursing air on a televised event and fearing that Vince McMahon would jump down Kevin’s throat. Dunn is playing CYA here ,folks, to show that he “took care of something” that might have bothered Vince.

Think about that when you’re working in a corporation and you have a bizarre reaction from one of your managers. They are likely worried about how their superiors are thinking more than how they are managing you. Everyone is fearful of those above them and the ones who are not, though they are still abiding by policy, are the ones more innovative and focused at the workplace. Nobody likes a stooge…


Thoughts on Sabu’s retirement?

This needs to be said… I LOVE me some Sabu. He’s one of the most unique talents to ever grace the pro wrestling ring and should be a Hall of Famer in anyone’s wrestling Hall of Fame. Period, end of story.

Nobody looks, acts, or wrestles like Sabu. He’s looks insane and sells it like his character has “nothing to lose”. From the crazy looking face, the scars, the wet hair, the shiny but baggy tights, and the use of chairs to jump onto the ropes… Magnificent!

I just wish that Sabu got more credit for being a unique wrestler than he did. Instead, WCW didn’t know what to do with him, ECW folded, and WWE didn’t sniff him until the 2006 ECW reboot. Then, that fateful trip to Southeastern Ohio happened with RVD…

If the WWE would have brought him in during 2002, like they did with Rey Mysterio Jr., they would have have pure money on their hands. Sabu was still in great shape and in great health to give the WWE a unique talent to enjoy. Sabu can do more than just stuff with weapons, too. Guy sells like a champ and is tremendous at bumping. He would have been PERFECT with Paul Heyman on WWE Smackdown from 2002-2003 and Paul would have presented him sell.

You’ll never hear me say a bad thing about Sabu. LOVE the guy. His ECW stuff was nothing but awesome and I greatly admire his ECW One Night Stand battle with Rey Mysterio. Pure excellence and I wish Sabu the best on his retirement!

If you want to see something crazy from Sabu, search for his Barbed Wire match with Terry Funk for the ECW Title or the Tag Team matches with Sabu/Rob Van Dam versus the Eliminators in ECW. Great stuff!


Do you think that Ric Flair’s podcast with Mark Madden will be a success?

Yes I do… Many wrestling fans know Mark Madden for his role as WCW announcer, but if you live in the Pittsburgh region, you know Mark Madden quite well as a sports radio talk show host and he’s quite good. He is very outspoken and sometimes controversial on Pittsburgh sports and I would expect that experience to translate into a good sidekick for Ric Flair. That said, I could easily see this show becoming a Mark Madden dominated show just like most Conrad Thompson hosted shows are pretty much Conrad Thompson shows. Personally, I’m surprised that Conrad didn’t re-acquire Ric Flair as a podcast, but maybe Conrad is being careful about hosting his father-in-law right now?

It will be interesting and I’ll try it out. I think if Mark just realizes whose show it really is and allows Ric to speak, it will be fine. That said, Mark works alone on his daily sports shows and post-game shows…

Make no mistake, though, Mark Madden is really talented when it comes to audio broadcasting. He owns the Pittsburgh airwaves for sports and is very dedicated to what he does. Don’t let his WCW announcing fool you, as nobody was motivated to work for WCW there at the end. Mark is excellent at his radio job and it could be a great show. I’ll give it a try, for sure, although I have heard Ric’s stories many times already from his prior podcasts and appearances. If they stick to discussing current events, they’ll win.


What are your thoughts on Keith Lee and WWE debating over health insurance?

From everything that I’ve seen, if you get injured within a WWE ring or at an event, the WWE will cover the medical bills 100%. Usually, the WWE keeps those injured wrestlers under contract, too.

What I believe that Keith Lee is referring to is health coverage BEYOND the WWE’s timing and that’s the real debate. Based on Keith Lee having mysterious lengths of time off where we knew nothing, I believe he became ill with COVID or maybe something more than that. That’s where things probably get murky, as I’m guessing because he got COVID outside of a WWE event or ill otherwise, the WWE didn’t pay for it. And again, that’s not in the contract that Keith Lee signed. WWE provides medical coverage for injuries during WWE events and inside the ring.

Personally, I think it’s fair… If you get hurt on the WWE job, WWE pays for it and all indications show that they do. If you don’t take care of yourself outside of the ring, that’s on you financially. Thus, you’re incentivized to take care of yourself outside the ring and remain in good shape. WWE is a workplace and the in-ring stuff means that wrestlers are directly in contact with each other. Thus, as many wrestlers just realized, if you don’t get your COVID vaccines, it’s a liability risk to the WWE and a problem traveling overseas.

Should the WWE provide full blown health insurance? That’s up to the wrestlers to negotiate. In my opinion, the WWE covering injury medical expenses is more than fair… It’s up to the wrestlers to figure out how to get the WWE to pay for health insurance or see if they can declare themselves as “actors” to join the Actor’s Guild for insurance.

I keep saying this over and over… If you disagree with what the WWE does, don’t sign the contract. When you sign that contract, you are agreeing to their terms. If that means no full blown health insurance beyond what happens inside the ring, that is on the person who signed the contract. Thus, don’t sign the WWE contract unless you see mandatory health insurance as a benefit.

Until wrestlers fight and negotiate for what they want, they won’t get it.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, a bonus “Last Word” rant for this week’s Ask Tito… You have been warned.


Last night on WWE Smackdown, we witnessed Roman Reigns vs. Xavier Woods and the whole hype was about the loser of the match “bending the knee”. Woods recently won the WWE King of the Ring in Saudi Arabia and Roman Reigns is not only the WWE Universal Champion, but the self proclaimed “head of the table” as well. EVEN WITHOUT watching the match, the hype is perfect. Roman and Paul Heyman were acting as total heels and disqualifying Woods before the match even started, while Xavier Woods had the momentum heading into the match as King of the Ring. WWE Champion versus the King of the Ring.

And then the match was great!

Roman Reigns has come a LONG was as a worker. From 2014-2018, there was just a lack of training and experience to use psychology and selling. Before they inked their newer WWE contracts, I remember both Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin openly questioning Roman’s work style during his early pushed years on their podcasts. But this is 2021 and Roman is working as a heel… Working as a heel will complete your training in the business as you HAVE to sell for your opponent (unless your name is Triple H beyond the year 2000). Watch the match carefully, as Roman is selling not just the offense, but a little bit of fear towards Woods. This elevated Woods into appearing legitimate against the company’s top star.

That’s the difference between the Roman of 2014-early 2020 and the Roman of August 2020 to right now. He KNOWS how to work and the heel character fits more of who he really is than the John Cena clone that WWE was trying to force.

Simple as that… A heel turn + experience + good mentoring from Paul has created a star.

But you know who isn’t a big WWE star and never became one either? Bray Wyatt aka the Fiend. Reportedly, he’s looking into movie roles and I wish him the best on that. However, wrestling promotions aren’t tripping over themselves to sign him. There were rumors that Impact wanted him and AEW is reportedly hesitant. But why? Wasn’t he pushed as a Main Event talent in the WWE for years? He was just on Wrestlemania 37 in a big match after a big angle with Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss. I keep hearing that The Fiend was one of the biggest merchandise sellers, but nobody ever shows me a WWE report proving that. Why would the WWE release one of its supposed best merchandise sellers?

Because he wasn’t drawing and wasn’t moving merchandise. All a lie.

During my first appearance on NoDQ Debate, I took a ton of heat for what I said about Bray Wyatt. “He just didn’t have good matches” and I constantly called him out for choking in big moments. For example, everybody is quick to blame the Undertaker for the terrible Wrestlemania 31 match. However, how can you explain how Shane McMahon can have a better match with the Undertaker just 1 year later? A good in-ring worker can mask up the inefficiencies of the opponent, always. Bray was huffing and puffing inside the ring and it went no where.

The fact is that unlike Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt never evolved into a good in-ring worker. In fact, his matches became progressively worse with time. The only times I can recall a GOOD match with Bray was his Hell in a Cell match with Roman and then anytime he wrestled Daniel Bryan. Well, anybody can have a great match with Bryan, ask the entire AEW roster right now!

Why Roman Reigns is GREAT now is because he’s having GREAT matches. That’s the difference between Roman of 2020-2021 versus Roman of 2014-2019. That match he had with Jey Uso turned everybody’s head with amazement. That was a different Roman Reigns! He has officially evolved as a worker and can now deliver in big matches. After all, if you want to grow the wrestling business, the Main Event must draw in fans to see it. In case you haven’t noticed lately, Roman isn’t just barely at 2 million viewers for Smackdown but consistently at 2.2 or 2.3 million viewers each week. He’s consistently above 2 million viewers now and has since his John Cena feud at SummerSlam 2021. Usually, the WWE viewership dips during the 4th quarters but apparently not with Roman.

Why? Because he’s a COMPLETE wrestler now. Great promos, great personality, great look, and great in-ring work. Even the charisma is shining out of Roman as he gets further and further comfortable in his new character’s skin.

The matches SUCKED with Bray Wyatt or the Fiend.

It’s funny, as Roman Reigns is dealing with the SAME Creative Team that Bray Wyatt had when he was pushed to the top. Gee, isn’t that funny. Yet, all of you “blame creative” for why Bray Wyatt failed. Huh? The Fiend was pushed as an unstoppable monster who won the World Title. That’s bad? And I’ll slightly give you the Bill Goldberg loss, but remember, that match sucked and Bray didn’t seek that opportunity to show everyone what a great worker he is in that match. I guarantee you that if Roman Reigns ever got that Bill Goldberg match-up, it would exciting. Why? Because Roman is now in a position where he can CARRY wrestlers to good matches.

That’s the difference, folks. Roman EVOLVED as an in-ring worker, Bray Wyatt didn’t. In fact, Bray Wyatt devolved as a worker with non-stop awful matches under that Fiend mask.

There’s a reason why Bray Wyatt is seeking movie roles… Having time off from wrestling, he’s probably realized what went wrong or why his characters weren’t achieving fame like Roman Reigns. His in-ring ability NEVER improved and the WWE probably felt that the supernatural and gimmicks were covering that up… And they were right.

The “Easy Button” is to always blame WWE Creative, but I can easily point to you how AWFUL the Stephanie McMahon Creative Teams of the 2000s were. Go watch the Summer/Fall of 2001 and report back to me, please. She tanked the entire WCW/ECW Invasion angle. Her creative team forced Batista to debut as “Deacon Batista” at first. How about that Hot Lesbian Action stuff? Look at how all of the women, excuse me, “Divas” were used during the 2000s. Anything involving Kane, from his unmasking to the Katie Vick stuff. How about Shelton Benjamin being managed by a stereotypical overweight black momma?

Outside of those 1997-2000 Attitude Era glory days where WWE Creative had some real talent on the team and Vince McMahon gave them freedom, there HASN’T been good Creative Teams in the WWE. In fact, piss poor creative has always been a constant of 21st Century WWE. It’s what you make of a bad situation that can make you a star. Remember Wade Barrett? They started calling him “Bad News” Barrett and the guy embraced it! Had the injuries not mounted, he could have been a big star. Look at Baron Corbin. He totally owned the financially bankrupt character and it probably saved him from getting released this year.

Creative is ALWAYS bad in the WWE, period. WWE has Bruce Prichard in charge of it, for heck’s sake. Come on… But even with the WORST Creative Team of all time, what they cannot change is how a wrestler performs inside the ring. That is the salvation for every wrestler. If you have a good match that pops the crowd and makes them willing to attend a future live event while buying merchandise as they are leaving, you’ve got them. But if you have bad matches and bore someone sitting in a $40 or more seat (including $25 or more parking, plus gas and time getting there), they won’t come back.

You NEED to have great matches in big spots. Roman Reigns didn’t during 2014-2019 and that’s why his overpushed babyface character helped cause many WWE fans to walk away. However, if he had great matches during that time as the top guy, they would have stayed. John Cena drew because he had great matches, so did Austin and the Rock. You know who didn’t draw as a World Champion after 2001? Triple H. When Triple H returned from the quad injury as an overly jacked wrestler and now comfortable as Stephanie’s boyfriend, his match quality began to decline. And what do you know, WWE’s RAW viewership consistently declined with an overpushed Triple H at the top from 2002-2004. Imagine that.

You MUST have great matches in top spots, period. Bray Wyatt didn’t and thus he became expendable despite how hard WWE Creative actually worked for him. And I don’t care if the lighting is red for your entire matches, OVERCOME IT. Work a great match, inject psychology to play on the emotions of fans, and tell a great story inside the ring. That’s all you have to do, no matter what WWE Creative hands you.

Roman is GREAT now because he’s having GREAT matches. Period. That’s the difference between HEEL Roman of August 2020 to now versus BABYFACE Roman of 2014 through early 2020. It is that simple.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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