MR. TITO: Has Father Time Caught Up with CM Punk in AEW?

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Before I begin this column, please note that I have years upon years of credibility supporting CM Punk. I was the guy who wrote the famous Lords of Pain column entitled I Told You So: Triple H Just Buried CM Punk directly following the Triple H vs. CM Punk match at WWE Night of Champions 2011. This column actually prompted a response from CM Punk, to me, on Twitter saying the following: “Buried in money? I’ve got a snorkel.” Punk as alluding to his new WWE contract, not realizing that the WWE was crushing his “Summer of Punk” momentum at the time. And I’m also the guy who, upon CM Punk’s return, wrote a column entitled Thank God CM Punk has Returned to Pro Wrestling and Joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) during August 2021 after his debut.

Any questions here? So if you think that I’m just another “WWE biased writer who hates Punk”, you haven’t read my stuff. I’m an equal opportunity hater, but provided how much heat I obtained for that “Triple H Just Buried CM Punk” column, I’m going to be a bit biased towards CM Punk. Not Dave Meltzer biased, but I’ll actively root for Punk to succeed.

When CM Punk joined AEW, the obvious question was asked: It’s 7+ years later, can CM Punk still go? Furthermore, he joined AEW as a 42 year old man and is now 43… Has Father Time already caught up to CM Punk?

I say that as being slightly less younger than CM Punk and I keep myself in reasonable shape. If I dare play full court basketball with my buddies, I’ll be feeling that for days. Recently, I put on the blades to play some rollerhockey with some old friends. Haven’t skated in 10 years… While I played OK, I couldn’t keep up with some of the younger players there. Then, days after I played, I seriously couldn’t move my legs. When I play tennis, my shoulder and arm are feeling it for days… That’s just me playing pick-up basketball, rollerhockey, or tennis with my friends in my lower 40s. I couldn’t imagine pulling off moves in a wrestling ring at a slightly older age.

This is my opinion and I’m only giving it as a columnist being true to his readers… I have yet to see a good CM Punk match in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

What I’m seeing is a guy who is confused about his look and presentation, for one, and that could be distracting how he performs. One week, he’s wearing pants for tights, the next is the classic tights that we all know, and then he wears baggy shorts. He just doesn’t seem comfortable in his gear and that could be subtracting from the experience. But he just seems a tad slower to me while he’s trying to perform at the same style that he did through early 2014.

If you listen to CM Punk‘s own words since January 2014, he was wrestling with various injuries from 2012-2014. In fact, part of his November 2014 Podcast was that he was critical of the WWE Medical Team for how they treated or didn’t treat him. These comments took CM Punk to the courtroom, as the top WWE medical official sued CM Punk and Colt Cabana for these comments. But if CM Punk really did sustain injuries during 2012-2014 when he was between the ages of 33-36, then he should still be feeling some affects in his joints and maybe some slight arthritis. Furthermore, CM Punk is a Straight Edge kind of guy. He’s not taking anything to help ease the pain or self medicating at all (God bless him for that).

Again, I’m being critical here, but just being real. Performing at an older age against younger wrestlers is going to expose you. Just observe his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career with his 2 matches. CM Punk was 37 years for his first UFC fight against a 24 year old Mickey Gall while CM Punk was 39 years old against a 31 year old Mike Jackson. Punk lost both of those fights (Mike Jackson later flunked a drug test to change it to “No Contest) and many critics questioned why CM Punk was even in a UFC arena to fight. I didn’t, as CM Punk is a household name and probably helped sell tickets of Pay Per Views… However, the point is that an older CM Punk couldn’t keep up with the younger MMA fighters.

So far, CM Punk has wrestled 7 matches for All Elite Wrestling. The are as follows:

9/5/2021 against Darby Allin (28 years old)
9/22/2021 against Powerhouse Hobbs (30 years old)
10/6/2021 against Daniel Garcia (23 years old)
10/15/2021 against Matt Sydal (38 years old)
10/27/2021 against Bobby Fish (42 years old)
11/13/2021 against Eddie Kingston (39 years old)
11/24/2021 against QT Marshall (36 years old)

Do you notice a few patterns at play? For one, AEW is spacing out CM Punk’s in-ring performances. You’re looking at almost 2 weeks spacing per CM Punk match. I’m not complaining, as CM Punk has vocal talents that can be used in substitution with matches.

However, look at the ages of the opponents, specifically the first 3 wrestlers and then the last 4 opponents. He went from wrestling guys in their 20s or early 30s to guys in their mid to late 30s or early 40s. That seems coincidental.

Many were critical of Punk’s first 3 matches, as he seemed a little rusty against the highly energetic younger wrestlers. He just seemed off… His matches against older veterans, however, seemed to get higher marks because those wrestlers have a ton of mileage on their bodies just like CM Punk. Thus, they can work a slower style with Punk and keep everyone on the same page. During the Darby Allin match, in particular, you can seem CM Punk winded at times when he was trying to keep up with Allin’s pace.

Now, am I saying that CM Punk is “washed” or is “done with”? Of course not.

But what I’m saying is that CM Punk is 43 years old and needs to accept his age. Stop trying to work like the 30 year old version of CM Punk. That guy died a death in the WWE through 2014 when the WWE demoralized you. Start to evolve your wrestling style to fit how you can perform in your 40s instead.

Talk to guys like Chris Jericho who had a GREAT career in his 40s and did so by adjusting his wrestling style and putting much more emphasis on character rather than the matches. Seriously, you believed that Chris Jericho was putting people on a list and you really felt the pain when Kevin Owens turned on him. Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan kept working in their 40s and just reduced the physical stuff that they used to do in the WWF and put more emphasis on their characters or in the case of Macho Man, selling more for his opponents (see the DDP feud).

You have to start thinking, CM Punk, whether or not the Go to Sleep (GTS) finisher is still easy to do or not? Come up with a new finisher or new submission hold to be less reliant on a physical finisher that demands you lift an opponent and kick them midair in the face. Is it worth taking high risk moves at your age? Your bones hit that mat harder at age 43 than they did 7+ years ago.

MJF is an interesting opponent and it could be danger for CM Punk because it’s returning him to the younger wrestlers again. He’s 25 years old and on the brink of becoming a big star. MJF has a lot to prove, as AEW management has kept him just below the Main Event scene since AEW’s inception. He may be looking to make a statement against an older CM Punk, trying to work circles around him to show that Free Agents shouldn’t take his job. Hey, that sounds familiar? Didn’t someone about 10 years ago grumble about older wrestlers coming in and taking jobs of the loyal full-time workers? You just won’t hear MJF complain about it, as he’ll just outwork you with his youthful energy. His match against CM Punk could be a statement one unless he wants to work a series of matches against Punk.

If you look at LIKE opponents, MJF is coming off of AEW Full Gear 2021 in which he burned the house down with Darby Allin. On CM Punk’s first match in 7+ years, Punk was looking rusty and gassed, at times, trying to keep up with the younger and faster wrestler. MJF had zero problems working at Darby’s speed. The question, again, is will MJF cater to CM Punk’s strengths and attempt to hide the weaknesses of an older worker. Or again, does MJF just say “I’m going to make this Free Agent look bad to intimidate other Free Agents from ever coming in here again and trying to take MY spot!”.

In case you haven’t noticed, the entrance of CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson resulted in an initial viewership bump but has since significantly declined. Punk pushed AEW Rampage up to 1.1 million viewers upon his debut but that show has been consistently under 600,000 for the past 3 weeks. AEW Dynamite was just over 1.3 million for that Arthur Ashe loaded show in New York City but has been consistently below 1 million for the last 4 weeks. They didn’t quite BOOM the AEW business as expected and if initial AEW worker and a loyal one at that, I’d start to wonder about how much Tony Khan is paying these ex-WWE workers to be here and where is their impact?

To Punk’s credit, he has helped AEW capture the Midwest market, who loves Punk, and his merchandise has been selling quite well for ProWrestlingTees. But TV viewers have had several chances to watch CM Punk on Rampage or Dynamite and they are either not liking what they see from an older CM Punk *or* they don’t like the turd sandwich of an AEW card that surrounds his match. If you go back to his debut on AEW Rampage, his debut speech was fantastic and was everything that longtime fans hoped would happen… But the rest of that Rampage show was “AEW business as usual” and that’s not a compliment. Punk’s promo started the show and the rest of the show scared many casual fans away instantly.

Things just aren’t right for CM Punk in AEW. He’s obviously older and a bit rusty inside the ring. Time to adjust your wrestling style and consider a new finisher that doesn’t involve lifting people onto your shoulders and kicking them midair. Decide on the tights already. Presentation wise, you look older but also confused on what you want to wear to the ring. Maybe clean up those gray hairs in your beard? Just saying, you said that you wanted to work with the younger talent, so don’t make it blatantly obvious that you’re much older than some of the other wrestlers. At age 43, there’s enough distance between you and MJF (25 years old) where you could be his Dad. Stop looking the part of your age, put some dye in that beard.

I could suggest pressing the “Easy Button” and just turn heel, but how genuine is that when we’ve heard how happy you are to be working for Tony Khan? Besides, GREAT workers can make either end of the babyface or heel spectrum work. I believe that if you had better matches, then this issue of being a babyface wouldn’t be an issue. It’s LAZY commentary of many online to suggest that “all will be fixed” when CM Punk simply turns heel. No, he still has to have great matches if he turns heel. That was my entire argument with Bray Wyatt/The Fiend that many of you overlooked. I don’t care what gimmick he has, whether it’s a Deliverance character, a Playhouse host, or the Fiend… If your matches SUCK, then people begin to nitpick your character. If your matches are GREAT, then people begin to overlook things that you do as a character.

If I were advising CM Punk, I would look deep into his wrestling style and see what can be adjusted for an older CM Punk to handle well. He was training for years to be a MMA fighter… Why not incorporate more of that ground & pound stuff into his offense? Instead of taking high risk maneuvers, start to inject more psychology into your matches and build towards a submission hold. If CM Punk can greatly improve his in-ring matches, then the attention on whether he should be a babyface or a heel would go away.

But the real question is this: How badly does MJF “want it”?

MJF could really ruin CM Punk’s comeback tour and rain on his parade if he decides to openly outwork CM Punk for their big match. If I were MJF, I would want to send a message to any other ex-WWE wrestler who thinks that they can join AEW and take Tony’s money. “This is OUR house” should be the mentality of MJF. Otherwise, Tony Khan is going to keep piling on with WWE Free Agents an eventually, many of the AEW Originals will start to lose their jobs. MJF has a chance to make a statement by showing that AEW was perfectly fine with its core original wrestlers before the Free Agent ex-WWE stars started showing up in droves. If you look at the numbers, during July 2021 for example, AEW was doing the exact same business before CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson arrived.

That said, it’s still early and CM Punk is still the best promo cutter in the business. Everybody thought that he was “down & out” during early 2011, too, but then he became red hot through Money in the Bank 2011 and gave the WWE their first chance, since John Cena during 2004-2005, of having a major breakout star on their hands. At the same time, though, CM Punk was consistently having good-to-great matches. Right now, the older CM Punk isn’t and that is something that he must adjust and evolve to become having once again.

I wish CM Punk the best in AEW… It pains me to write such a column like this, as I’ve been actively rooting for the guy to succeed for over 10 years now with MANY columns to prove it. I was the lone wolf during the Fall of 2011 who was predicting that Triple H was going to bury him for those “shoot” comments in the Pipebomb and promos thereafter and I was 100% correct even when CM Punk actually snarled at me with the “buried in money” reply. I have written column after column begging the guy to come back… I just wonder if 7 years is just too much time away for anyone?

If you look at major comebacks in Sports after years off, the athletes who returned were still great but ran of steam fast. Michael Jordan was still great in the NBA upon his initial Chicago Bulls return but he wasn’t as good for the Washington Wizards. That’s the REAL comparison because Jordan spent more time away from the NBA between the Bulls and Wizards and the age lines up more to CM Punk. Magic Johnson tried to come back after 4 seasons off and wasn’t the same. Muhammad Ali took over 3 years off during the prime of his career and he was clearly not the same aggressive fighter that he once was (he evolved a new style, in fact). George Foreman came back after many years away from the ring and while he had some success, he he took some beatings too. Physically, he wasn’t the same. My boy Mario Lemieux, aka the GREATEST HOCKEY PLAYER EVER, made a great comeback and gave the Penguins a burst of energy during the early 2000s. But Father Time caught up to him, too, and ran out of steam before retiring again.

The closest WRESTLING example could be Bob Backlund. He was gone from full-time wrestling and the WWE from 1984 to 1991 before returning to the WWE during 1992. It was a rough start for Backlund, as he tried to replicate his traditional style that he once had during the early 1980s as WWF Champion. Then, he EVOLVED… He turned heel, started using the Cross Face Chickenwing as a legitimate finisher, and he became successful again. Say what you will, but that feud with Bret Hart was excellent and the matches turned out well. He even won the WWF Title again at Survivor Series 1994. That was short lived, however, as Diesel destroyed him within seconds on the Madison Square Garden houseshow just 3 days later. Who knows how much history would be different if WWE ran with Backlund as the maniac heel champion?

The point that I want to make about Backlund is that he struggled trying to act like his older self but then made himself worthwhile to the WWE by evolving his character and changing up his moveset to fit his age. By the way, Bob Backlund was 45 years old when he won that WWF Title at Survivor Series 1994. Think about that… CM Punk is 43 years old, which was about how old Bob Backlund was when he returned to the WWF during 1992.

You gotta “evolve or die”, as the catchphrase goes. If the next move for CM Punk’s character is to turn heel, then his in-ring work needs to radically change to not just fall in-line with that character change but to fit his age as well. The CM Punk that we’re seeing now looks like the older version of the 2012 babyface CM Punk that people weren’t that thrilled with but at least knew he could have good to great matches. Difference with the 2021 babyface Punk is that the match quality isn’t what it could be and doing things athletically at age 43 is difficult, history has shown. If you re-arrange the “CM” to become “MC” to rename him MC Punk, the MC could stand for “Midlife Crisis”. All CM Punk has to do is evolve his wrestling style to cater to his older age and he’ll be just fine.

If not, then do more creative things with your Promo cutting ability other than bringing up older WWE references.

To the many WWE marks who suddenly started hating on CM Punk when he joined AEW and declared that “he is too old”… Congrats on getting that prediction right, although you would be defending him like blind idiots if he returned to your precious WWE. Screw you.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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