ASK TITO: Brock Lesnar Returning Next Week for WWE Smackdown, MJF vs. CM Punk Promo, Young Bucks, and More

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The greatest Pro Wrestling columnist in the world has returned to bring you more Excellence in Column Writing. Who else is going to give you at least 2 quality columns per week, let alone this week where I’ve pumped out 3 columns! Who else can give you those kind of quality reads on a consistent basis. The answer is nobody. Many have tried to follow in my footsteps but producing written content for a wide audience who can respond to your columns is difficult. You have to have the thick skin to withstand the trolling, hatred, and even death threats too.

I do want to say one thing before I start this week’s Ask Tito.

Prayers to Jim Ross, please.

Jim is set to undergo 22 radiation treatments to treat skin cancer and is now taking a leave of absence from AEW to undergo those treatments.

I’m just going to say this loudly and proudly: He’s the best thing to happen to modern wrestling.

Jim Ross was a trusted hand in Bill Watts’s territory, turned into the best play-by-play announcer ever, had a great eye for talent that kept WCW during the early 1990s from really falling apart (look at 1993-1994’s dumpster fires after he left), and then saved the WWE from ruin when he became the Talent Relations manager of the WWE during the mid 1990s. He brought in Steve Austin and Mick Foley while also installing a recruitment and training system that brought the Rock, Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian, Hardys, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Shelton Benjamin, and many more to the WWE. Ross was also the one who told the man behind the Undertaker to leave WCW and join WWE for a better opportunity because WCW booker was screwing “Mean” Mark Callous so bad.

The sad part is that the WWE took Jim Ross for granted. For 17 years now, the WWE has tried to replicate Jim Ross’s farm system and while it has had some results, the WWE struggles to create new Main Event stars. Ross didn’t have tryouts like Laurinaitis or Triple H held… He, along with Gerald Brisco, looked for athletes throughout the country that might convert well to a pro wrestler.

WWE would be in a graveyard if Jim Ross didn’t exist and reload the talent gun in the WWE. That’s a fact.

I’m praying for you, Jim, and I am hopeful for a speedy recovery. We need to not only hear you more often on commentary, but we need to see Tony Khan pick your brain on how to run a successful wrestling company.

On to your questions.

ASK TITO: Your Questions, My Answers

What will happen with Brock Lesnar on WWE Smackdown next week?

Brock Lesnar will do one of two things: (1) He’ll announce that he’s entering the Royal Rumble or (2) He’ll challenge Roman Reigns to headline the Royal Rumble.

It all depends on whether or not the Rock is going to appear at Wrestlemania 38. Now, there are rumors that the WWE wants him for Wrestlemania 39 which is at Los Angeles. That said, the Rock is 49 years old and will be just short of 50 once Wrestlemania 38 rolls around. You might as well catch Rocky while he’s younger. However, he’s probably utilizing that last amount of youthful energy on big movie projects.

If Brock announces that he’s entering the Rumble, then he shall win it and you’ll see Roman vs. Brock at Wrestlemania 38. Which is fine… But if they headline a Pay Per View before Wrestlemania, then the Rock is on the way…

I could see Brock Lesnar attending Smackdown next week and issuing a challenge to Roman Reigns. Roman refuses and that prompts Brock Lesnar to suggest that he’ll enter the Royal Rumble to get that title shot instead. That’s a likely scenario but again, it all depends on if the Rock is willing to wrestle this year or not. Many are suggesting that the WWE is planting seeds for this but again, Rock is still capitalizing on a very lucrative movie career. For example, Vin Diesel is ready to “bury the hatchet” to get Rock back on the Fast & the Furious film franchise again.


Did you enjoy CM Punk and MJF’s verbal segment on this past AEW Dynamite?

Of course I did… You had two great promo guys going at it, what’s not to love? My only issue is that both guys were dependent on making jokes about the WWE. AEW is not the WWE and WWE is the more successful company, by far, than AEW. They just seemed a little dependent on mentioning the WWE but otherwise, it was a great segment.

The problem remains with AEW is that great segments like this are surrounded by absolute crap thanks to the roster building and booking by AEW. Any longtime CM Punk fans have already tuned in and felt that watching 2 hours for just him isn’t worth it. This is where an inexperienced and immature Tony Khan hurts the company and why you shouldn’t have current wrestlers hired as Executive Vice Presidents. As I mentioned above, listen to a guy like Jim Ross more often or other experienced hands backstage at AEW.

Punk vs. MJF and Page vs. Danielson are great feuds… Problem is that they are in AEW and the rest of the show is a hot dumpster fire. It’s like getting a Roast Beef sandwich but there’s too much lettuce and barely any beef on the sandwich. You get tired of chomping on lettuce after a while and it’s not worth chewing through just to get a little bit of beef.


What do you think of the Young Bucks reportedly signing a 2 year deal?

I predict that those are just wrestler contracts. As EVPs, they are not under contract for a certain amount of years. As an Executive Vice President, you are one of the highest ranking officials in the company and usually have some form of company shares offered to you for that high honor. There are not expiring contracts for EVPs. There can be term limits, if stated in the company’s policies or charters for a high ranking official, but those would be known up front. What you’re seeing is the Bucks double-dipping as EVPs and as wrestler.

So that answers my question before on what they were getting paid… Thus, they are probably earning a good chunk of change as EVPs and can then not have a salary issue as wrestlers signing big name free agents such as CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

For the Bucks to exit as EVPs, it would have to be from Tony Khan terminating them (which involves a severance package) or the Bucks resigning. Get used to those guys, folks, as it will be quite expensive for Tony to let them go.


Would you buy WWE stock right now?

No and not for the reasons that you may think. Let me give you some sound advice… The Stock Market is a difficult gamble for an everyday human being. In the past, there were stock traders who could make a living by buying low and selling high. Now, with the injection of technology and computer algorithms, it’s a rigged game. Major financial institutions have built computer models with predictive varibles to advise them on when to buy or sell their securities. Take this past Friday when a new strain of COVID was found in South Africa. If you’ll notice, the stock market tanked and the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 900 points. Those big financial instiutions probably has a variable built in for news like this and their model probably strongly advised them to SELL stocks today.

As of 11/26/2021, the WWE Stock is at 51.37, which is at the lower end of the 52 week average. You may thing that is a good time to buy but I just don’t know on the WWE as a company, long-term. To me, if you want to invest in the stock market, invest in something that is going to last long-term. We’re always going to have certain restaurant chains, technology firms, drug companies, beverages, paints and hardware, etc. As a youngster, much of your money will go into your house to make payments or improvements, so you set a little aside from each paycheck to place into the markets and don’t touch the money… Let it just sit and grow. Then, in 15-20 years, look back on that stock and it should have a compounding rate of 3-5% growth each year.

What worries me about WWE is the TV Deals set to expire during September 2024 and where the WWE will go without Vince McMahon in charge. I do not believe that the WWE will get significantly better deals for 2024, as I predict that we might see WWE more fully invested in NBC/Universal and then moving away from FOX. Then, with Vince gone, I just don’t trust a post-Vince WWE with Nick Khan or the remaining McMahon family in charge.

I wouldn’t buy WWE stock and would argue that there are much better stocks out there to buy instead.


What do you think about Stephanie and Triple H’s oldest daughter beginning training to become a pro wrestler?

The oldest daughter of Stephanie and Triple H is 15 years old, by the way… I understand that you want to promote your child’s dreams, but is becoming a pro wrestler during 2021 really something of a dream? I don’t know and I wouldn’t want to subject my kids to bumping around in a ring. That’s just me.

Both Triple H and Stephanie are each worth millions and could send this daughter to any big college in the country… That’s where the focus should be. Let the wrestling thing be a hobby and something fun to do in order to keep in good physical shape. However, to focus only on becoming a pro wrestler especially when your grandfather’s company could be in limbo if/when he steps down, is somewhat of a bad idea. Why not do both? Attend college and keep working out, on the side… Get that college degree and if at age 22, you’re ready to become a Pro Wrestler for real, you have that college degree as a fallback plan.

That’s just my opinion and for all I know, this daughter is dead set serious on becoming a pro wrestler. More power to her if she’s serious and she’ll get over because she really does look like a younger Stephanie McMahon. No matter what, you have to teach her how to cut a promo. That is the most important skill to learn in modern wrestling.


Are you excited that Sami Zayn won the Battle Royal to get a shot at Roman Reigns?

He’ll probably get beat up by Brock Lesnar next week when he tries to cash in that won challenge. If Roman vs. Sami really does happen, got help us. Part of pro wrestling is the LOOK and PRESENTATION of wrestlers. Sami now looks like he just woke up off of a park bench.

Sami looks like a guy who just doesn’t care and he just struggles as a heel. He was best when he was that everyday underdog babyface who could give anyone good matches. Now, he looks like a guy boycotting the barbershop. How he has got away with that look in the WWE is beyond me but it has a sign of not being that excited to work for the WWE. Both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are close friends and think alike… My guess is that Sami wants out like Kevin does and will try to land in AEW with Kevin as well.

Again, it goes back to how THIN the WWE roster is with capable talents for Roman Reigns. The WWE just lost almost a decade on their Talent Developmental system not being able to product solid MALE Main Eventer options and now it is hurting them as Roman has nobody fresh to work with. Depushing the entire WWE roster from 2014-2018 to get Roman over and then overexposing them on 2-3 hours per week on each show has harmed things as well. Nobody is over and thus you settle for Sami Zayn. If this was a few years ago, we’d be excited, but Sami’s look now doesn’t create that same excitement for this opportunity to work with the champ. You never know, he could surprise us…

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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