Where things reportedly stand between WWE and CM Punk amidst rumors of him returning

As previously noted, AEW terminated the contract of CM Punk following his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at the All In PPV event. There are rumors of Punk making a return to WWE as soon as the 2023 Survivor Series PLE in his hometown of Chicago, IL.

Some fans believe that WWE has been subtly teasing the return of Punk on television and Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted the following regarding the speculation…

“There have been rumors that it’s happening, but those in WWE have only said that no deal is completed and those close to Punk have told us that it is his intention to return and the two sides are in talks. One would expect if such a deal is made that Survivor Series weekend in Chicago would be the time to do the surprise return.”

Steve Carrier of RingsideNews.com stated the following in regards to Punk and WWE…

“A lot of WWE fans are talking about CM Punk possibly coming back to the company, especially after that supposed Seth Rollins reference on WWE RAW. We are told that unless something ‘drastic’ happens, Punk’s return isn’t in the cards.”

On the other hand, Nick Hausman of HausOfWrestling.com wrote that ”one WWE source told me they feel it is a “safe bet’ he will be at Survivor Series.”