Details on what the fans were chanting in French at the 2024 WWE Backlash PLE

During the 2024 WWE Backlash PLE in Lyon, France, fans were engaged throughout the evening and they chanted numerous things in French. Reddit user RastaFox123 provided details on what the fans were chanting…

Hi ! I saw people asking for translation, I created an account just for this lol

I will try my best

“Un ! Deux ! Simplement deux” (When referee is counting)
“1 ! 2 ! Only twooooo”

Always followed by

“Simplement deux ! Simplement deux ! … ”
Only two ! Only two

(French people are going wild about this chant, because it was made famous by the french commentators. French commentators, Christophe Agius and Philippe Chereau are like superstars here.)

“C’est pas gentil !”
It’s not nice

“C’était méchant” (during Uso vs Priest)
It was nasty/bad/evil

“Tu t’es trompé”
You were mistaken or You fucked up (during kabuki warriors vs Jade Cargill & Bianca Bellair

“Dans le poteau”
Into the post (when a wrestler is sent into the post by an another one, im not sure about the translation I hope im doing it right)

“Oui ! Oui ! Oui ! … etc”
French version of the yes chant (you all probably understood it but … just in case xd, they use it a lot)

“Il est vraiment ! Il est vraiment ! Il est vraiment phénoménal la la lala la la” (When AJ styles is here)
“He is truly ! He is truly ! He is truly phenomenal ”

“Il passe par dessus la troisième corde !” (When a wreslter is sent over the top rope by another)
He goes over the top rope

“Agius Chereau !”
This is the name of the french commentators (during Cody Rhodes vs A.J. Styles)

“Ca comptait pas”
It didn’t count (during Cody Rhodes vs A.J. Styles)

They sang La marseillaise during Cody Rhodes vs A.J. Styles, the French anthem

They also sang The White stripes – Seven nation army during the same match

Alright, Backlash is over ! I tried my best, thank you everyone !!

(Someone made a similar post :

Maybe you can find more chants et better transflation in it)


I finally understood the chant during the triple threat match between Bayley, Naomi and Tiffany Stratton. And no, it was not “taco pizza” like said in the comment section lmao :

“Charles Robinson”
This is the name of the referee

I also forgot

“Aller les bleus ! Aller les bleus !”
Let’s go blues ! Let’s go blues ! (During smackdown’ Street profits match ) (Street profits were dressed with blue clothes like national french soccer team and this chant is very popular regarding soccer in France. So this chant came naturally here.)

“Ca doit faire mal”
It must hurt (during Rhodes vs Styles match)

French chants translation
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