Results of Kabuki Warriors vs. Bianca Belair/Jade Cargill at WWE Backlash 2024

A French announcer announced to the crowd that tonight’s WWE Backlash France event, following Smackdown’s record breaking gate on the previous day, has just set an all-time WWE event record gate for ARENA events.

Next, we have Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles against Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill. Warriors come out together, while Bianca and Jade come out to separate entrances but are both wearing matching red outfits.

* Former Women’s champs Asuka and Bianca start the match, and they go back and forth to start the match. Both tag out and it’s now Jade versus Kairi, and Jade’s power is on display with multiple swinging Rock Bottoms into Jade’s knee. They lifted Kairi Sane up together and she got some air. Both Bianca and Jade posed for the crowd. Bianca would soon get caught on the outside by Asuka when she wasn’t looking and then becomes the “face in peril” for the babyface tag team. Kabuki Warriors work over Bianca with multiple tags and double team moves, while always preventing Bianca from getting that hot tag.

* Hot tag made and Jade is on the offensive with a beautiful springboard cross body block on both Kabuki Warriors, and then delivers multiple clotheslines and splashes.

* Now it’s Jade versus Kairi Sane, but then the double teaming of the Kabuki Warriors lays into Jade while Bianca is still down on the outside following the hot tag. Bianca returns to the ring, and the Kabuki Warriors have both in armbars only for Bianca and Jade to overpower and slam both. Jade and Bianca try some unique tag team moves (close to botching) and gets a close 2 count only. Kabuki Warriors get the advantage back and hit the Insane Elbow on Bianca while Jade makes the save. Both Jade and Bianca overpower the Kabuki Warriors and hit their trademark finishers, including a KOD of Asuka on Sane. That finishes the Warriors and we have NEW TAG CHAMPS!!! Amazing display of power while great selling by the Warriors.

WINNER: NEW TAG CHAMPIONS! Bianca Belair and Jade Gargill