Results of Damian Priest vs. Jey Uso at WWE Backlash 2024

Backstage before the Jey Uso vs. Damian Priest match, Jey Uso was getting ready when the expanded Bloodline and Paul Heyman walked by him…

Back to the ring, as we’re ready to see Damian Priest defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Jey Uso as the 3rd match of this WWE Backlash France event. Jey Uso comes through the crowd and the fans are going wild with their phone lights for the entrance.

* French fans are heavily behind Jey Uso, and Jey plays it up to frustrate the champion early on. Priest is totally disgusted by the fans and is methodically working on Jey after driving Jey into the barricade. Jey gets back on the offensive side and continues to heavily play up the “YEET!” chants. As the Germans love David Hasselhoff, it appears that the French love Jey Uso.

* J.D. McDonagh begins to interfere, and as Priest is highly upset at the interference attempt and yells at JD. This distracts him enough to allow Jey Uso to take advantage and almost defeat the champion from the top rope, 2 count only. Both guys are exhausted and are trading punches or kicks back and forth without any blocking, while the French fans are chanting for every punch and/or kick.

* Priest almost gets the win with the Razor’s Edge, and measures up for his finisher, but Jey escapes the attempt and hits a spear! Close 2 count. Finn Balor tries to interfere and Jey fends him off, but Priest hits Jey a clothesline and the hits the South of Heaven Chokeslam on Jey but only a 2 count. French fans were so appreciative of that close call and I think I hear “this is awesome” chanted in English from them.

* Priest hits some kicks and is sizing up Jey for another kick, but Jey has some kicks (superkicks, that is) of his own. Jey Uso hits the spear and then the Uso splash, but J.D. McDonagh puts Priest’s foot on the ropes for a 2 count. “A**hole” chants by the French fans in response. Jey Uso takes out McDonagh, but as he returns to the ring, Priest is ready. Priest wins eventually with the South of Heaven Chokeslam from the top rope.

* Balor and McDonagh attack Jey Uso afterward, but Priest pushes both buys off.

WINNER: Damian Priest and retains his title