French fans in attendance for WWE Smackdown received a warning about the noise level

In a video published to his Twitter/X account, Paul “Triple H” Levesque commented on the crowd for WWE Smackdown in Lyon, France. Triple H noted the following…

“We just needed to be in France and the fanbase here is just ravenous for it. It took us a little bit (of time) but here we are. Last night was an example at SmackDown of, you know, when you pack that many people into a building like this, you can tell it’s going to be loud. People are getting alerts on their phones and watches telling them that the decibel level is too high and that they risk permanent hearing damage. That’s a good sign for us and I would imagine if they were excited last night, tonight for Backlash should be just off the charts good.”

“I think they’re going to bring every bit of that excitement, they’re going to bring energy, they’re going to bring their chants, they’re going to bring their songs, they’re going to bring all of it. It’s going to be glorious.” (quotes courtesy of