New details regarding what allegedly happened behind the scenes with Drew Gulak in WWE

As previously noted, Paul “Triple H” Levesque stated that Drew Gulak wasn’t released from WWE but rather a decision was made to not renew his contract.

In response to what Triple H said, Mike Johnson of noted that Gulak was removed from WWE’s internal roster on Friday along with other NXT releases. Johnson stated the following…

“WWE can state his contract expired (or will expire shortly) but whether they renewed Drew Gulak’s contract or they decided to cut him, it’s all the same – he is exiting the company and not at his own behest.”

According to Fightful Select, multiple sources have confirmed to Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan that Gulak is still technically with WWE but was informed that his contract won’t be renewed when it expires next month. It’s believed that Gulak’s public response to an accusation made by Ronda Rousey didn’t help his standing with WWE but was not the determining factor in the company’s decision.

Fightful also had new details about what allegedly happened behind the scenes with Gulak in WWE…

“In asking around with talent in NXT, several talent made claims to Brennan that Gulak was a ‘bully’ who would often target injuries during matches with talent that were recovering from minor injuries at the time. One talent claimed that during a match with Gulak, the former No Quarter Catch Crew member purposefully re-dislocated a previously dislocated finger, while another claimed that Gulak would intimidate talent into not reporting the incidents.”

There was reportedly an incident last year in NXT where Gulak was verbally reprimanded by Shawn Michaels and NXT coaches for intentionally spiking an opponent during a match. One NXT talent claimed that Gulak was “odd” in the sense that he would often “test” wrestlers to see if they would react to his bullying.