Nia Jax addresses the “constant hate” that she receives from WWE fans online

During an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Nia Jax addressed the “constant hate” that she receives from WWE fans online…

“Well, I mean, I obviously can’t deny that I get a lot of hatred online. In the beginning, I was like, ‘Oh, this will be good. This would be good for, you know, like, the character will keep going on’, but at the end of the day, like, when you’re by yourself and you’re on your phone and you’re looking at the constant hate, hate hate, you’re like, okay, then you’re second guessing yourself. I’m second guessing everything I’ve done.

Like, I need to improve and I need to do this, and I need to impress them, like the internet is really hating what I’m doing right now, and it really, really messed me up. It got me into such a sad place of like, when I got released, I’m like, yeah, of course, why not? I suck. Everybody hates me. Like, there’s no need for me to be here anymore. When I got into my therapy, and I’ve said this before, I don’t think anybody who’s a happy person goes online and (bleeps) on other people. I had to put it into perspective, like okay, this is a character. When they see me in the street, people are like, ‘Nia, you suck, or whatever’, but Lena over here is actually a good person.” (quote courtesy of