What is being said about Ari Emanuel’s “vision” for Vince McMahon in WWE

As previously noted, the belief within WWE is that Triple H is now making the majority of creative decisions in the company and not Vince McMahon. In regards to Vince being out of creative due to Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com wrote the following…

“One person close to the situation said that Emanuel has a vision for how he can use the worldwide notoriety of McMahon, and that vision doesn’t include him micro-managing the weekly television shows. This is all subject to change, and if there is a downturn in popularity, the idea of Vince being back in the spot isn’t inconceivable, but it’s not likely to happen now.”

It was also said that much of the talent spoken to believe that McMahon not being involved is a positive change as he won’t be interfering with the long-term vision of the creative team.