The reason why Nick Aldis turned down an opportunity to sign with AEW

During an interview with, Mickie James commented on her husband Nick Aldis becoming the new General Manager of WWE Smackdown….

“It’s really interesting when I was back at WWE there was an opportunity for Nick to go to AEW. He turned it down because it was too much on our family for him to be on the road full-time along with me. Our son Donovan was three or four. I think about it now, and it has shifted. Nick has deserved this opportunity for a long time. A lot of people don’t realize he has been at this for almost 20 years I’d say …The way our careers have gone.”

“It’s weird not really being in the same place for long, but I think it’s by design. We have to do our best for our son first. That means someone has to have a lighter schedule. Business picked up for the Aldis family. In the wrestling world, if people don’t know who Nick Aldis is, they will. He is an incredible talent.”