Matt Hardy addresses his WWE return seemingly being teased in an Uncle Howdy video

During the April 30th 2024 edition of WWE NXT, a QR code flashed on the screen during Shawn Spears vs. Ridge Holland. When scanned, the QR code led to a cryptic video that featured messages including “They were broken.” While speaking on his podcast, former AEW star Matt Hardy commented on the Uncle Howdy return teases including the one from NXT that seemingly teased his own comeback in WWE…

“I did catch that. Interesting, very very interesting. I have a very long and storied history with Windham Rotunda, Bray Wyatt, so I think it’s cool how the word broken somehow slipped in there. Who knows, anything can happen in the extreme life of Matt Hardy.”

“I do gotta tell you, I love these vignettes and the Uncle Howdy stuff. Back to the white rabbit, this bonus, supplementary content that you can check out like you’re trying to figure out a mystery. This is something else too, my wife — let me think how to phrase this the right way. Being aware that these things were going to happen, I smartened my wife up to them a little bit and showed her the QR and she watched it and she’s like, ‘Oh my god this is so cool, it’s like trying to figure out a mystery almost like an escape room.’ It was cool and ironic how that happened to air on NXT.”