Chris Jericho likes viral tweet that criticizes CM Punk’s behavior in AEW

As previously noted, there could be a buyout of CM Punk’s AEW contract following his backstage altercation with The Elite.

Twitter account @Ibladedaily wrote the following tweets about the situation…

“Imagine that you’re CM Punk. You’ve had one of the most triumphant comebacks ever in the history of wrestling. You’ve been promoted as the star you never got to be in WWE. And within a year, you completely ostracize yourself, becoming so toxic that you’re not worth having around.”

“You cannot bring Punk back w/o ostracizing the rest of the locker room. He buried them all in public on a night he won the AEW World Championship and sucked the life out of a PPV that cost millions to produce. Let him go to WWE, he’s proven he’s not the man he says he is already.”

The first tweet went viral and drew more attention when it was liked by Chris Jericho’s account.