Jon Moxley says AEW is “on the cutting edge of what the sport can be”

During an interview with Cincy 3:60 to promote this past Wednesday’s edition of AEW Dynamite in Cincinnati, OH, AEW world champion Jon Moxley said the following about the brand…

“Wrestling fans are incredibly passionate, and they follow you anywhere, and I would compare it to almost like comic conventions and stuff where the fans are really into it, and they’ll really go out of their way to follow it. And that’s what’s great about wrestling. And another thing we’re trying to do is build a new audience, and being on the ground floor of AEW has been really rewarding in that sense. And one of the things I wanted to do was really kind of push them that like we gotta go to Cincinnati and like, I’m telling you, there’s awesome fans there. We got a bunch of arenas. We can grow a big fan base in Cincinnati. So this will be our second time in, and hopefully, just build new fans. And if you haven’t seen wrestling in a long time, if you think of the 80s bodybuilder oiled up, fluffy hair and clubbing each other in the face. That ain’t this, man.”

“We’re on the cutting edge of what the sport can be; what the business can be. You’ll see athletes do stuff you don’t even see in the X Games. Guys like Fenix and Will Ospreay, guys that can do flips from the ceiling and tops of cages and things that you can’t even imagine, just jaw-dropping stuff. And it’s such a diverse array of athletes we have from all over the world who with all these different wrestling styles. It’s very not the cookie-cutter wrestling you think of from TV that you’ve seen over the last ten years. We’re definitely on the cutting edge of what the sport can be. And if you like sports competition, big fight feel, rock concert, X Games all rolled into one, you’re gonna find something that you love, and that can really drop your jaw that you’re gonna want to be there live to see so we’re excited to bring and for any wrestler. It’s a very satisfying thing when you make a new fan, and I think we’re going to make a lot of new fans tomorrow night.” (quotes courtesy of