Results of North American title ladder match at WWE NXT Halloween Havoc 2022

Oro Mensah vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Wes Lee vs. Von Wagner vs. Nathan Frazer in a ladder match to crown a new WWE NXT North American champion took place at the 2022 WWE NXT Halloween Havoc PLE. Here are the highlights…

* Hayes tried to leave the ring for a ladder right away but was hit with a superkick from Lee. Mensah and Frazer sent Wagner out of the ring and then went after each other.

* Wagner gained control and powerbombed Frazer onto a ladder in the corner. Hayes sent Wagner out of the ring and tried to climb the ladder but Frazer knocked him off with a missile dropkick. Lee then crashed down onto Frazer with a ladder and the fans started a “this is awesome” chant. Frazer gave Hayes a springboard spanish fly onto a ladder and the crowd started a “holy shit” chant.

* Mensah tried to climb the ladder but Trick Williams pushed him off to the outside onto the other competitors. Robert Stone climbed up with Williams but both ended up being knocked off.

* The crowd chanted “no” as Wagner took control of the match. Wagner set up a ladder bridge on the outside of the ring. Wagner ended up being laid out on the ladder and Frazer put him through it with a frog splash from the top rope.

* Wagner recovered and back in the ring, Wagner threw Lee over the top rope onto the announce table. Wagner was sent to the outside with Frazer and Mensah working together to take him out of the equation.

* Hayes was on the verge of winning but Lee stopped him at the last second. Both ended up on a ladder bridge and traded blows. Lee hit Hayes with a meteora before climbing the ladder and capturing the title.