If I Were In Charge – Episode 3 (A Regal Return?)

The rumors are out there, you’ve heard or read them. Many of you tuned into last week’s Dynamite or watched the clips online. William Regal seems to be going, going, gone from AEW after what feels like a very short stint. Let me be clear, at this exact moment while I currently write, it’s only a rumor that William Regal’s contract with AEW is done. It’s a story we’ve heard many times before only to be fooled by false news. Hell, he could show up on Dynamite next week and prove us all wrong.

For this articles’ sake, let’s just say these rumors are true. The Real Man’s Man is free and clear of Tony Khan’s grasp and he can officially return to WWE. It definitely wouldn’t be a shock if this situation culminates. Triple H and William Regal have been close ever since tagging in WCW back in the early to mid 90s and only continued to grow closer and closer professionally. So close in fact, Triple H made William Regal his right hand man in NXT and trusted him with many important decisions. Hell, William Regal was even gifted with the horrible job of trying to get Ryback, who was Skip Sheffield at the time, over during the original NXT when it was more of a game show. Could you imagine having that responsibility? Heyman also had that horrible assignment. No one could get that meathead over.

With the scouting ability and natural gift that William Regal has at finding talented workers/performers, it would be a big miss if Triple H didn’t already have a contract in front of Regal’s eyes (if legally possible, that is!). If Tony Khan actually did let Regal walk away, shame on him. What a bad move!

NXT has now gone through yet another reboot. We’ve had to endure the horrible rainbow splattered NXT 2.0 that Vince McMahon and Bruce Pritchard dreamed up with the busy camera cuts of Kevin Dunn. We are somewhere in the middle of the original “black and gold” NXT and that colorful failure. What made NXT a success was the great wrestling with minimal storylines that actually made sense. It felt more real and rugged. The wrestlers were allowed to be enhanced versions of themselves instead of colorful carnies that Vince just seems to love. If Regal was a huge part of the original NXT’s success, shouldn’t he be planted right back where he was before in order to try and get back more of that original success? Not if I were in charge.

William Regal is not just a phenomenal hand behind the camera, he’s just as beneficial in front of the camera. The facial expressions. The promo ability. The tiny movements made just at the right time. Damn, the guy truly is a gem, right? So why not make the best of his return to the big stage!

Of course I’d put William Regal back to work with the scouting position. It’s a rare ability to be able to see who out there has “it” for the business. But is it the best idea to throw him back on NXT TV? Obviously that wouldn’t be the worst thing. Although realistically, at the moment, I don’t think NXT is really in need of any type of authority figure. If anything, Shawn Michaels has that roll filled perfectly. Shawn is neutral and doesn’t need to put on a show anymore. He’s done interviews explaining that he gets his jollies from seeing the new recruits put on a good match. After watching last week’s NXT, I thought the panel of “legends” (some of you will question that term being used) was done very well. It was a cool treat to see that amount of wrestling knowledge all together working with the next generation, and truly putting them over (even if it was just discussing them over video packages).

If NXT isn’t in need of an authority figure, William Regal could always manage his son, right? Wrong. I don’t think that’s necessary at all. In my heart of hearts, I think it would actually hinder “Charlie Dempsey” and diminish his persona. The more I see Charlie Dempsey on TV, the more I’m excited for his future and his own ability to build his personality. William Regal being side by side with his own son would almost look like he’s there to be a babysitter. Charlie Dempsey is currently being built as a badass, and I love it.

The response William Regal received when he made his AEW debut showed just how well he can resonate with fans. While I dislike RAW and SmackDown having over the top authority figures, I do like having someone in charge. An authority figure character allows things like certain match ups to be made or who’s deserving of a certain spot to be explained, just like how there’s always someone in charge in real life. For me though, I can’t help but to shake my head every time I see Adam Pearce on my TV. What the hell has he done to deserve the authority figure title? As far as I’m concerned, he was never important enough to deserve this title, even if it is just for on screen purposes. Get him out. He can continue producing backstage and do the good work he’s doing behind the scenes.

How about give me William Regal as the authority figure on RAW and SmackDown. We don’t need an authority figure who plays a mean old heel boss. Those days are past us (for now at least, and hopefully forever). Give me that down the center realism that Regal can dish out. He’s been the nastiest heel, so he knows what the dastardly bad guy is thinking and when they’re trying to manipulate him. He’s also been that workhorse face who knows when to tell the good guy to heal up, and knows when to hand out the “now’s not the time” type of judgement.

With William Regal, less is more. That’s why to me he’s the perfect choice to come in and actually be that on screen authority figure for RAW and SmackDown. He won’t be shoved down our throats like we’ve had with other authority figures. Remember those repetitive 20-30 minute opening promos? No thanks. Give me Regal in a quick backstage segment here and there to help further an important storyline, or to give a lower card performer a much needed rub. With Triple H running the show, William Regal fits into this particular role perfectly. If I were in charge, I’d be forking over the cash and a nice long term contract to keep this gem of a legend in the mix for a very long time.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate the kind words. How do you feel about William Regal returning to WWE? What position would you like to see him in? I’m all eyes and love to read what’s happening in other peoples minds, so please, leave a comment! Remember, positivity rules.

James Bones